Covered in embroidery and beading, this little Christmas stocking can be used to adorn a gift, or trim a Christmas tree.

Cream-colored mini stocking
  • Tracing paper
  • Water-soluble marking pen
  • 8x10-inch piece of white wool felt
  • DMC embroidery floss (see Color Key in Pattern Pack)
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Needles: embroidery and beading
  • Decorative beads: four 3/8-inch flower-like beads in coordinating colors, six 1/4-inch pale yellow flattened circles, two 1/4-inch teal flattened circles, and one 1/8-inch pearl
  • Assorted seed beads: teal and yellow
  • Decorative-edge scissors
  • Ribbons: 3/8-inch-wide grosgrain dot and 5/8-inch-wide satin dot
  • Fabrics glue
Download the Stocking Pattern

How to Make It:

  1. Prepare the pattern: Trace the pattern onto tracing paper; cut out. Using the water-soluble marking pen, trace the pattern outline for a stocking front and a stocking back onto the white felt, leaving 1 inch between the shapes. Do not cut out. Tape the pattern to a sunny window or light box; place the traced stocking front on top. Transfer the embroidery design with the marking pen.
  2. Embroider the design: Use three strands of floss for all stitching unless noted otherwise. Referring to the pattern in the Pattern Pack, stitch the design using the colors and stitches indicated, except do not backstitch the stocking outline. To attach a flower-like bead, thread the beading needle with floss; bring it up through the felt, referring to the diagram for placement. Add a small teal seed bead (or the pearl), referring to the diagram for placement. Bring the needle back down through the flower-like bead to the wrong side of the felt, and secure the thread. Attach all other beads in the same way. When all stitching and beading is finished, cut out the stocking front and the stocking back, cutting at least 1/2 inch from the sides and bottom and directly across the top edge.
  3. Assemble the ornament: Place the stocking front and back together with wrong sides together. Using six strands of floss, backstitch along the outline, leaving the top edge open. Use decorative-edge scissors to trim the edge of the stocking.
  4. Form a hanging loop with 3/8-inch dot ribbon, gluing the ends on the outside of the stocking. Glue the 5/8-inch dot ribbon around the top of the stocking for a cuff, covering the ends of the narrower ribbon. Let the glue dry.


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