24 DIY Christmas Card Display Ideas

pink string art display with christmas cards
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Christmas card displays are a clever way to store holiday greetings from friends and family throughout the holiday season. Our DIY ideas include creative Christmas wreaths, unique garlands, or even Christmas trees—all incorporating holiday cards. Transform those festive seasonal cards into very merry Christmas decorating ideas with our easy ideas.

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Christmas Card Display Tree

string art christmas tree decor

This DIY Christmas card display is small on space but big on impact. Create a colorful tree with hooks and yarn. Attach hooks to your wall in a triangle shape and thread yarn through randomly. Use small clothespins or clips to attach holiday cards. Customize your Christmas card holder with your favorite color. Display greeting cards on the wall year round by making your string art any shape like a square or circle.

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Christmas Card Garland

Greeting Card Display

This DIY holiday card display makes a festive holiday garland. To create, simply hang cards on string and cover with greenery. Keep this hanging Christmas card holder fresh by switching out the cards as you get them throughout the season.

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Hanging Christmas Card Display

DIY card holder, cards, felt hearts

Want to know how to display greeting cards on the wall? Turn to your backyard! A branch is the perfect base for displaying holiday cards. Simply glue cards to string and tie to the branch. Add festive accents like pinecones and felt hearts tied with bright ribbon.

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Evergreen Christmas Card Display

Evergreen Christmas Card Display

This Christmas card display mixes classic Christmas decorations with vintage Christmas cards, and it's oh-so-simple. To create this display, place evergreen branches with pinecones still intact in a metallic pot — you can use fresh ones from the Christmas tree or timeless faux branches from a craft store. If the Christmas branches don't have pinecones, use floral wire to attach them for a holiday flourish. Arrange the holiday cards within the branches to finish off this Christmas card display. Set the pot on a metal serving dish embellished with a large pinecone and bright holly. This gorgeous Christmas card display makes an ideal centerpiece or entryway display during the season.

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String Art Holiday Card Display

String Tree craft

Transform your holiday cards into a stunning piece of string art. Create a Christmas card display tree using inexpensive yarn and a blank canvas. As you receive cards, tuck them into your tree. This card display also makes a pretty DIY Christmas gift.

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Ladder Christmas Card Display

Card holder ladder

Our favorite Christmas card display ideas blend holiday cards with everyday functionality. Use a brightly painted ladder to display Christmas cards against any wall. Simply tuck the cards over or between bungee cords screwed in place in an X pattern. Add hooks to the sides to hang stockings or candy-filled cones. The best part of this Christmas card display is that after the season is over, you can continue to use it for storage.

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Ribbon Christmas Card Wall Hanging

Ribbon Christmas Card Wall Hanging

This sophisticated Christmas card display is actually a cinch to make. If you love showing off pretty, color-coordinated Christmas cards, this festive ribbon display is perfect. To create a ribbon Christmas card hanger, simply stitch ribbon in flaps and attach a bold bow at one end with a few stitches. Add a picture hanger to the back of the bow and hang on the wall. Tuck a card under each flap and adhere with double-stick tape.

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Christmas Card Display Garland


For Christmas cards with a gorgeous exterior, use it to your advantage! Recycle the best holiday cards with this clever Christmas card garland idea. Trace a cookie-cutter shape around the most visually interesting part of the card, then cut out the shape, punch a hole, and tie it to pine garland with narrow red ribbon or yarn. Use this Christmas card display to add dimension and color to any Christmas garland, wreath, or tree.

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Creative Christmas Card Wreath

Warm Wreath

Effortlessly showcase Christmas cards with a timeless Christmas wreath. This upholstered wreath is an easy platform to add Christmas cards as they arrive throughout the season. To try this fresh way to show off holiday cards, wrap a straw wreath form with upholstery webbing (available at fabrics stores), securing it in place with small, concealed sewing pins. Tie a matching bow at the top and loop a length of it through the back to hang. Attach Christmas cards with binder clips.

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Christmas Card Tree Display

Christmas Card Pitcher Display

Display your Christmas cards on an easy-to-assemble tabletop holiday tree. Fill a tall, neutral pitcher with sturdy twigs and light branches trimmed to size. Festoon twigs with ribbon and use binder clips to attach the Christmas cards. This display makes a festive centerpiece for holiday dinners with the whole family.

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Merry Berry Christmas Card Hanger

Berry Cute

This Christmas card display adds rustic charm to your holiday decor with outdoor materials. To create this clever card showcase, tie a bundle of berried twigs (use florist's picks if you don't have real ones) with twine, nail the Christmas card display to the wall, and arrange cards in the branches.

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Christmas Card Display Ornaments

Christmas Card Ornaments

Turn plain Christmas cards into festive ornaments. Choose Christmas cards with a simple design, then cut off the front of the card. Cover the back of the card in foil, folding the foil over the sides so they form a thin border along the front edges. Stamp a seasonal greeting if the card doesn't already have one. Punch a hole in the card and hang with a ribbon. For an extra touch on this Christmas card display, string beads or jewels onto the ribbon.

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Wire Tree Christmas Card Holder

Wire Tree Christmas Card Holder

This twisty Christmas tree is part art, part Christmas card catch-all. To make this holiday display, shape wire into a funky tree form with small triangles to hold the cards and a star tree topper. Spray-paint the tree white. Stand the Christmas card display against a bare wall and hold in place with small nails. As the holiday season arrives, slip cards into the tree's wires to add bright Christmas ornaments.

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Christmas Card Display Centerpiece

Christmas Card Centerpiece

This Christmas card display provides a stunning centerpiece and a creative way to display your favorite holiday cards. To create a makeshift card holder, stick a green sedum ball into a clear vase. Push large forks into the ball and place cards between the tines. To finish, tie the vase with a large, seasonal velvet bow.

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Vintage Christmas Card Display

Photo-Ready Lamp

Transform a clear glass lamp base into a festive Christmas card display. This makeshift snow globe uses sea salt for the snow, then add small ornaments or Christmas trinkets, trimmed pine branches, and a black-and-white vintage Christmas card.

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Christmas Card Canister

Christmas Card Canister

This Christmas card display could not be easier--slip those just-arrived holiday cards inside a clear glass canister for a bright and colorful way to showcase Christmas greetings. Place the container on a side table, along a Christmas mantel, or for a surprising decoration that will make you smile, onto a kitchen shelf next to cooking supplies.

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Christmas Card Wreath Display

Round wreath made of pieces of greeting cards

Turn your favorite Christmas cards into a whimsical wreath. Cut the holiday cards into different-size circles, then arrange the circles into a wreath shape. Remember to overlap the Christmas cards and secure them in pieces with crafts glue. Use mod-podge or stitch along the front if you're worried about the security of your cards. To hang this Christmas card display, attach a ribbon to the top with a colored paper clip and hang.

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Christmas Card Door Display

Holiday Gridlock

Take holiday cards off the mantel and display them in style. Tape a variety of ribbons to the front of an armoire or door. Create a random grid pattern to give your display a fun, modern feel. Use double-stick tape to attach new or vintage cards to the ribbons.

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Framed Santa Card Display

Santa Christmas card display

Everyone knows that old Saint Nick is a holiday fixture — so give his cards a special Christmas display. Gather a collection of Santa Claus cards together in a vintage frame. The cards are mounted on the ribbons with tape, then draped and taped (or tacked) around the back of the frame. We promise this clever display will put you on the "Nice" list.

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Basket Christmas Card Display

cards in basket

This Christmas card basket works wonders for an anywhere-you-need holiday decoration. Take a woven basket and add pinecones to make a Christmas display for your favorite greeting cards. Our recommendation? Pinecones make natural card stands, and add to the natural Christmas decoration—just clip a few, if necessary. Accent the Christmas card basket with sprigs of pine or berries.

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Santa Claus Card Display

Christmas chair back decoration
Punch holes in each card and string through pretty ribbon.

Santa slides down the chimney, but he also makes for some creative chair back decor. To complete this dining room decoration, punch holes in each Christmas card and string pretty ribbon through. Add the makeshift card garlands to a chair back or over a doorway.

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Jingle Bell Display

christmas ornament box

Jingle bells aren't just for reindeer anymore. Tip those metallic Christmas bells upside down for a creative Christmas card display. These Christmas card perches go perfectly with pine strands, red berries, and we love using them to accent a holiday mantel.

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Christmas Card Memo Board

Christmas Greetings

Christmas cards easily slip behind ribbons on this snowflake memo board. To make this Christmas card decoration, staple batting and fabric over a corkboard. Use thumbtacks to adhere ribbon in the shape of a snowflake to the board. Hot-glue decorative buttons to cover the thumbtack for a winter wonderland card display.

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Mirrored Christmas Card Display

Mirrored Christmas Card Display

Drape long pieces of ribbon over a mirror on a Christmas mantel, using tape to secure the ribbon to the back of the mirror. Tape or pin Christmas cards to the ribbon for an easy and decorative way to share Christmas greetings. For a more elegant look, use cards with the same theme, such as the poinsettia cards shown, or pick bright and bold cards for festive cheer on your Christmas card display.

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