Heart-Healthy Baking Recipes

If you're following a heart-healthy meal plan you can still enjoy yummy baked sweets. We'll help you make healthy baking recipes so you can indulge without worry. Healthy cookie recipes and other healthy baked goods are easier than you may think and still taste great! Feed these treats to guests and see if they can even tell you made them healthier.

Black Bean Chocolate Cake

Healthy baked goods don't come any more luscious than this! Black beans (you'll never taste them, promise) add heart-healthy fiber while keeping this healthy cake moist and tender. Top with a sprinkling of espresso powder for coffee lovers, powdered sugar for those with a sweet tooth, fresh berries for the health-conscious, or our sweet cashew cream for the ultimate indulgence.

Cream Cheese-Berry Coffee Cake

With a sweet, fruity swirl of jam, there's no need for frosting or a streusel topping. This low-sodium, healthy coffee cake is so buttery and moist you'd never guess it only has 150 calories.


Apple-Maple Snack Cake

Use this fall-flavor cake as a healthy coffee cake or, as the name implies, a sweet healthy snack. We amped up the nutrition of a usual cake with whole wheat flour, fresh apples, and almonds. Each slice is only 101 calories and offers a bit of protein and fiber while keeping the sugar at a low 9 grams.

Sweet Potato Brownies

Don't let the name fool you, these brownies taste all chocolate! If only all healthy baked good recipes turned out so great. It works here thanks to deep chocolate flavors from unsweetened cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, and a tiny bit of natural sweetness from the sweet potatoes and honey.

Apple-Cranberry Crisp

When you want down-home comfort using the finest ingredients, whip up our heart-healthy crisp and enjoy it any time of the day. Fruits, oats, and yogurt keep this classic dessert in the realm of healthy baked goods.

Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthy cookie recipes can be hit or miss, but this one is all hit! Made heart healthier with vegetable oil instead of butter, whole wheat flour, wheat bran, oat bran, and heart-smart oats, these sweet treats still let you get your dose of chocolate and sugar.

Bananas Foster Mini Pies

A potassium-rich banana and monounsaturated fat-rich pecans, combined with caramel sauce, bourbon, and cinnamon, pack these handheld pies with lots of flavor. A light sprinkling of powdered sugar adds a fat-free garnish to these healthy baking snacks.

Strawberry-Banana Donuts

That's right: You CAN add donuts to your list of healthy baking recipes. The simple act of baking instead of frying is step one, then we included fresh fruit for natural sweetness. Add a chocolate or cream cheese drizzle depending on your mood.

Apricot-Cherry Tart

Tired of the traditional? Deck the table with summer preserves in a colorful, heartwarming pastry. Apricots, cherries, and apples meet in the middle of this homemade crust.

Zucchini-Banana Squares

Need a quick fix for an overzealous sweet tooth? This nontraditional combination of ingredients is low in calories, high in flavor, and perfect for snacking. 

Sour Cream Apple Pie with Gingerbread Crust

With a gingerbread crust and a creamy apple texture, this nontraditional apple pie is bound to become a new favorite. After the first bite, you'll wonder why you never thought to combine these harmonious flavors before.

Citrus Angel Cake

Infuse your day with the nostalgia of citrus in this delightfully airy dessert. Fat-free, cholesterol-free, and high in vitamin C, you can dress up this healthier cake with citrus slices or peels.

Oatmeal-Banana Bread Pudding

Based on oatmeal bread, banana, and walnuts, this scrumptious dessert is full of heart-healthy ingredients. Be sure to use miniature chocolate chips so they disperse evenly throughout for an extra-tasty, but healthy bread pudding.

Baked Pumpkin Pie

Enjoy a slice of flavorful, creamy pumpkin pie topped with a homemade topper made from baked apples, pecans, and pure maple syrup. Keeping it crustless means it's only 143 calories per serving and perfect for healthy holiday baking.

Holiday Biscotti

Add some Italian flair to your dinner or healthy holiday baking with this biscotti recipe. Experiment with these extra-crunchy, low-fat (1 gram per serving) treats by substituting your favorite dried fruits and nuts in this recipe.

Favorite Gingerbread Cookies

Made with whole wheat flour, natural sweeteners, and egg substitute, these low-calorie gingerbread cookies will please even the pickiest eaters. Cut them into shapes (like these hearts) to go with any theme.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

This heart-healthy version of the classic crisp is low in fat and calories. If you're feeling creative, try switching out the fruit for peaches or nectarines for a new combination of flavors.

Cherry Bars

Better than brownies! These moist dessert bars are chock-full of heart-healthy fiber and antioxidant-rich fruit preserves. They're low in calories, too, and are a perfect reward after a long day.

Mocha Meringue Kisses

With these kisses, you can forget about feeling guilty. These rich, chocolaty morsels defy their low-fat (1 gram per cookie), low-calorie (32 calories per serving) label with decadence.

Tip: Piped cookies can be made in various shapes, so get creative: Form stars, hearts, letters, and more with just a twist of your wrist.

Cardamom Tea Cookies

Fill the house with an exotic aroma: These classic baked sugar cookies get a twist with cardamom spice. Rich and buttery, cardamom tea cookies look like glistening snowballs rolled in sugar.

Date-Ginger Cake

Serve this tantalizing, date-studded delicacy at brunch or as a dessert (we classify it as a healthy coffee cake, so whenever you'd serve that). Figs contain high levels of magnesium and calcium and help keep blood pressure low.

Tip: Store fresh dates in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container.

Mocha Souffles

Our fudgy, dense cake warms both body and soul. Top your serving with walnuts to add a healthy dose of omega-3s, which help lower cholesterol and chase away the winter blues.

Double-Thumbprint Cookies

Show a little love with heart-healthy (and heart-shape) goodies. These easy-to-make treats feature tangy cherry or raspberry preserves in the center.

Tip: Make the dough ahead of time and freeze. When you're ready to bake a batch, simply thaw the dough for 30 minutes, then press into shape. You'll be ready to serve drop-by guests in a snap.

Chocolate Accordion Bread

Bread and chocolate, the ultimate comfort foods, marry in this classic recipe to enjoy during the winter season. Prunes are cleverly tucked into the loaf, providing a hint of flavor and an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber.

Tip: Don't have time to make fresh bread when you have guests? Make a few batches ahead of time; cool, slice, and freeze. Pop individual pieces in the toaster before serving for a made-fresh-that-day taste.

Brown Sugar Almond Stars

Almonds are incorporated into the celebrations of nearly every world culture. An excellent source of magnesium, this popular tree nut helps reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. Enjoy these cookies with abundant good health in mind.

Chocolate-Chunk Cookies

Sneaking soft tofu into this classic recipe adds protein, which helps control hunger throughout the day. Indulge in one after lunch and forget about those midafternoon munchies.

Easy Blueberry Tarts

These baked pastries are almost too pretty to eat, but they're also too delicious not to bite into. Using fresh berries makes these tarts low in fat (1 gram per serving) and high in vitamin C.

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