Easy Holiday Baking

Apple-Maple Snack Cake
If you're behind on your holiday baking, fear not. Christmas treats are a must-have, but they don't have to demand too much time when you've got these easy Christmas baking recipes. Each dessert recipe has been simplified in its own way, including recipes that can be made ahead, start with purchased dough, have short prep time, or require only a handful of ingredients.

Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars

Speckle the tops of these 6-ingredient bars with crushed peppermint candy or chopped minty kisses for a pretty finish and voila, Christmas treats for a crowd!

Why it's easy... 
No need to pull out your mixer! These decadent bars start with store-bought sugar cookie dough.

Holiday Cookie Pizza

Here's some easy Christmas baking even the kids can help with. Top purchased cookie dough with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and festive candies. That's it!

Why it's easy... 
5 ingredients and 15 minutes prep.

Soft S'more Cookies

A blissful combination of chewy, fluffy, and chocolaty, these 4-ingredient cookies are a perfect treat for anyone on your nice list. Bonus: They'll never have to know you used one of our easy Christmas baking recipes, because they look and taste so special.

Why it's easy... 
Decorating these adorable cookies is a breeze -- just stack, bake and sprinkle.

Mint-Chocolate Cookies

Christmas baking ideas don't come much easier than this. Purchased dough gets some candy and mint extract stirred in and topped with a simple candy melt in a festive hue.

Why it's easy... 
No making dough required; start with purchased cookie dough and add a few stir-ins.

Easy Lemon Sugar Snaps

Cornmeal gives these citrusy cookies their crackly exterior, while pudding-in-the-mix cake batter keeps the snaps' centers meltingly tender. They may not be traditional Christmas cookies, but they're about to become a must-have in your house. 

Why it's easy... 
How does 25 minutes of prep time and 9 minutes of bake time sound?

Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies

Traditional cinnamony snickerdoodles take a turn for the festive as speedy sandwich cookies that prep in just half an hour for easy holiday baking.

Why it's easy... 
Honey-sweetened cream cheese forms a luscious two-ingredient filling.

Chocolate-Peppermint Waffle Cookies

Finish off our easy chocolate Christmas cookies with a peppermint-cocoa glaze.

Why it's easy...
Each unique Christmas cookie is baked in a hot waffle iron instead of the oven, cutting bake time down to just one minute!

Quadruple Chocolate Blossoms

Four out of five ingredients in these decadent, holiday-party-worthy cookies feature chocolate. Enough said.

Why it's easy... 
You can freeze these intensely-chocolaty cookies up to 3 months before serving.

Easy Spritz

It's just not the holidays without crispy spritz cookies (especially at just 10 minutes of prep per batch).

Why it's easy...
You'll need just six ingredients to make these Christmas classics.

Cashew-Brickle Cookies

Set your cookie scoop aside! These crunchy toffee-nut cookies are cut after baking for extra ease, making them a cross between holiday bars and holiday cookies.

Why it's easy... 
These 3-ingredient cookies require just 10 minutes of bake time.

Easy Red Velvet Slices

A half-dunk in melted frosting gives these chocolate-studded cookies red-and-white pizzazz. Play up the "Christmas" of this easy Christmas baking idea by swapping the brown sprinkles pictured for green ones!

Why it's easy... 
Shh, don't tell: Refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough and food coloring create speedy red velvet dough.

Holiday Cobbler with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Our holiday cobbler is packed full of cranberries, plums, and cherries.

Why it's easy...
No rolling or cutting dough is necessary -- simply pinch off portions of dough and pat into rounds before laying them on top of the fruit filling.

Brownie Pudding Cake

Combine two of your favorite desserts -- brownies and cake -- to make this rich and fudgy holiday treat.

Why it's easy...
This to-die-for chocolaty cake looks best messy, so days of picture-perfect cake decorating are in your past.

Chocomint Blossoms

Candy-cane chocolate kisses add distinct holiday color and flavor to traditional blossom cookies.

Why it's easy...
No intensive decorating required; one prettily striped kiss per cookie is all you need!

Almond Breton Biscuits

A quick roll in colored sugar before slicing gives these cookie biscuits holiday-worthy sparkle.

Why it's easy...
Our buttery almond cookies are a slice-and-bake version, perfect as an easy addition to your Christmas cookie tray.

Chocolate Crinkles

Not only are they a Christmas cookie staple, but our powdery treats are so good you'll need an oversize yield to keep up with demand.

Why it's easy...
A whopping 70 servings come from just one batch of our chocolate crinkle cookies.

Bacon Chocolate Bark

Both chocolate and caramelized bacon star in our delicious candy bark -- what more could you want?

Why it's easy...
With just three ingredients, our chocolate bark is the perfect gift or treat for the holiday season.

Star Anise Crescents

We love how the delicate tang of star anise gives these nutty crescent cookies an intriguing edge.

Why it's easy...
The dough of our crescent cookies can be frozen for up to 3 months, giving you a head start on your holiday baking.

Oatmeal Jam Bars

Only 15 minutes of prep time for sweet holiday bars made with sticky-sweet raspberry jam and a buttery, cream-cheese-infused crust? Count us in.

Why it's easy...
The pretty topping is made from a reserved portion of the crumbly crust mixture.

Red Velvet Cake Roll

Decadent enough to be the star dessert, this rich red velvet cake takes only a half-hour of prep time, but no one will know!

Why it's easy...
Frozen whipped dessert topping makes easy work of the sweet, creamy filling.

Berry-Cherry Slab Pie

Christmas cookie cutters make easy work of the star shapes atop our Christmas pie recipe.

Why it's easy...
Store-bought frozen puff pastry and a mix of frozen raspberries and cherries mean this delicious holiday pie is ready-to-make year-round.

Chocolate Rosettes

Deep-fried and made with cocoa powder, each of our Christmas rosettes tastes like a chocolaty version of yummy funnel cake.

Why it's easy...
In just 20 minutes, you'll get an entire batch of light and airy chocolate rosettes.

Apple-Maple Snack Cake

In 35 minutes you've got a cake that feeds 16! This apple-filled treat dirties only two bowls and a pan, making it one of our quicker-to-clean-after Christmas treats.

Why it's easy... 
20 minute prep and quick cleanup!

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