Christmas Tree Marshmallow Treats

Pretty and tasty, these marshmallow treats are dressed to party!

The gooey goodness of marshmallow treats is a celebration any time of year. When you supersize them and dress them up with chocolate, sprinkles, peanut butter, and caramel, they become a surprise party of flavor.

Arrange an assortment of jumbo treats in the shape of a tree for a centerpiece that will bring a fanciful spotlight to your dessert table. Just make sure you have plenty of extra treats so your tree doesn't disappear faster than St. Nick!

To duplicate this clever Christmas tree:

  1. Make a batch of Jumbo Marshmallow Treats. (Get our free recipe below.) Follow the instructions to create treats in all four flavor variations. 
  2. Use a large star-shape cookie cutter to cut one Jumbo Marshmallow Treat into a star. Grease or butter the cutter to make removing the cutout treat easier. Dip one side of the star into melted chocolate. (See the Chocolate-Dipped Treat variation.) Sprinkle the chocolate with yellow sprinkles or sugar. Let stand until set.
  3. Cut foam-core board into three descending-size rectangles. Three Jumbo Marshmallow Treats should comfortably fit on the largest rectangle, two on the middle size, and one on the smallest. Use the photo and the size of your treats as a guide. Wrap the foam-core rectangles with green paper. 
  4. Build your tree starting with a Chocolate-Dipped Treat as the trunk. Place the treat on a tray or other base. For extra support, place two treats back-to-back. Top the trunk with the largest piece of foam-core board. While you are building your tree, support the foam-core ends with glasses or boxes to steady the structure. Remove them when you're finished or, if you're worried about stability, decorate a few empty boxes to look like packages and use them as supports.
  5. Arrange three jimmies-topped Jumbo Marshmallow Treats on the first piece of foam-core board. Use the three treats as the base for the middle-size piece of foam-core. Stack two Peanut Butter-Chocolate Treats on the middle piece. Add the smallest piece of foam-core. Top it with a Caramel Pretzel Treat and the chocolate-dipped star.

Get the Jumbo Marshmallow Treats recipe and variations.



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