11 Christmas Yard Decorations for the Jolliest House on the Block

greenery gnomes diy
Photo: Carson Downing

When you’re decking the halls this holiday season, don’t forget to bring the cheer outside the home too. A handful of Christmas yard decorations will make your outdoor space feel just as festive as the inside of your home. Keep it simple with wintery door decor, or go all out with a big holiday light display. After all, how else will Santa and his reindeer find your house without some Christmas yard decor to guide the way?

These Christmas yard decoration ideas will be the envy of the neighborhood this season. Coordinate your outdoor Christmas decor with your inside pieces so it feels like a continuation of your style, or use this opportunity to try out a whole new look.

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Display a Miniature Tree

mini Christmas tree on box
Jacob Fox

You may not be able to get flowers to bloom in the snow, but you can still create a gorgeous winter planter. Here a miniature evergreen tree looks lovely planted in a wood planter box that gives a feel of rustic charm. Decorate your outdoor tree with classic ornaments, a garland, or even a string of twinkly lights to make your outdoor winter decor glow at night.

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Decorate with Lanterns

red lanterns in snow

Frances Janisch 

Light the way for holiday guests with festive red lanterns. The white pillar candles inside blend seamlessly with the snow in the daylight, and when you light them at night it'll look like the snow itself is glowing inside the lantern. These crimson-hued lanterns aren't strictly Christmas, so they can be used in your outdoor decor year-round.

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Outdoor Gnome Decorations

greenery gnomes diy
Carson Downing

For a rustic Christmas vibe, think beyond Santa figures and snowflakes. These DIY gnome figures will give your front yard a holiday feel that’s cheerful and fun. Match the greenery of the gnome beards to the wreath on your front door for a cohesive look.

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Decorate Your Fence

Tree Branch Christmas Wreath

For a twist on the classic circular wreath, try a six-pointed star shape. Recreate this at home with loose greenery (you can even use tree clippings) and floral wire. Red winter berries add a pop of color. You could play around with different shapes, but a star is super easy; just make a sideways X, secure with wire, then place one bough vertically across the center. Mix up your look even more by displaying it on your front fence rather than a door.

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Farmhouse Christmas Sled

snowy vintage sleigh decorated with garland
Kathryn Gamble

Your front yard might be used for sledding this year, but don’t limit the iconic winter symbol to kids’ activities. Decorate a rustic sled with fresh greenery, pinecones, and ornaments for a gorgeous outdoor Christmas piece you can display on the front porch or nestle in your front garden. It pairs well with other farmhouse Christmas decorations and can easily be decorated with leftover greenery or decor for a budget-friendly look.

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Decorate the Mailbox

snowy mailbox decorated with holiday garland
Michael Partenio Productions

Why settle for one evergreen wreath when you can put up two? This pretty outdoor Christmas display is made by hanging a swag wreath over the back of a mailbox. The swag is decorated simply with pinecones and red berries but what really steals the show here is the dusting of snow over the whole display. Create matching Christmas swag wreaths and hang one on the mailbox and the other on your front door.

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Decorate with Holiday Planters

front porch with Christmas decor and dog
Carson Downing

Welcome winter guests with a set of gorgeous holiday planters. Filling a pot or planter with evergreen sprigs and large birch branches adds color and brings a cheerful tone to your front yard. If you live somewhere that has a warm winter season, embrace the tropical holiday vibe with brighter colors, green topiaries, or citrus accents.

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Cozy Winter Display

daybed with black and white winter linens underneath wreath with ice skates
Kip Dawkins

Your front porch is a continuation of your outdoor space, so turn the space into a cozy place to sit and admire your Christmas yard decor. This cozy screened-in porch uses a black and white color scheme to create a cozy farmhouse feel. Greenery on the chairs, a pitcher of flowers, and a wreath styled with ice skates gives this space an unmistakable winter vibe. It will be impossible not to curl up with a morning coffee or evening hot chocolate on the covered porch that’ll keep you shielded from the snow.

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Outdoor Christmas Candles

outdoor red holiday candle votive display
Michael Partenio

Light up your yard with red pillar candles styled in wide glass vases. These simple yet impactful Christmas yard decorations are both merry and bright, styled with fresh greenery and a handful of holiday ornaments. If you won’t be outside to keep an eye on the candles, consider LED or battery-powered candles instead.

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Non-Traditional Christmas Lights

winter light display for christmas decor

Peter Krumhardt

If your holiday lights are still tangled from last season, don't sweat it. Style an outdoor Christmas light display by placing a ball of string lights into a glass dome or cloche. Surround the area with cut greenery (it’s a great use for tree clippings) and pine cones for a gorgeous winter look that comes together quickly.

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Decorate with Holiday Lights

colorful christmas lights strung around blue vintage bicycle
Greg Scheidemann

Looks like Santa lost his sleigh and improvised. You can turn almost anything into outdoor Christmas decor with a little creativity. Here, a vintage blue bike is decked with big colorful lights that look great whether they’re turned off or shining bright. You can get the same look with almost any everyday item you have in your yard. Decorate a wheelbarrow, an Adirondack chair, or a mailbox for the season with a simple strand of lights.

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