9 Christmas Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Deck your walls with holiday signs, wreaths, and garlands.

Have a Merry Little Christmas overlapping hanging pictures
Photo: Adam Albright

Holiday decorations aren't limited to Christmas trees and traditional wreaths. Christmas wall decor is an easy way to add holiday cheer to your space without adding clutter. Create a focal point on a blank wall or simply use your wall decor to continue your holiday color scheme throughout the house.

From cheery garlands to bright wall signs, we're sharing our favorite Christmas wall decorations to inspire your seasonal decorating. With a large-scale art print or a Christmas wreath hung in an unexpected place, you can quickly transform a blank wall into a stunning holiday display. Elevate your seasonal decor with these inspiring Christmas wall decor ideas.

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A Warm Welcome

wooden bench decorated with antique picnic basket and thermoses
Jay Wilde

Your outdoor walls deserve some Christmas cheer, too! Give your friends, family, and holiday guests a heartfelt Christmas welcome with festive porch decor. Play up the holiday spirit with a green garland, a traditional wreath, and a Christmas banner hung on a porch wall. Keep a cute vintage picnic box and a few thermoses on hand, ready to enjoy warm hot cocoa on a crisp winter’s day.

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DIY Advent Calendar

rustic bucket advent calendar
Adam Albright

Count down to Christmas with an Advent calendar hung on the wall. This DIY Advent calendar fits the farmhouse Christmas vibe perfectly, but you can match it to any aesthetic. To replicate this look, choose a framed wood Christmas sign and use hot glue to attach miniature buckets, cups, or jars. Add numbers and fill each bucket with Christmas treats for your family to enjoy as you count down the days to Santa's arrival.

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Elegant Wreath Wall Decor

Wreath with poinsettias hanging on wall
Marty Baldwin

Wreaths aren’t just for doors anymore. This double hoop wreath is an elegant take on a classic Christmas tradition and makes a gorgeous focal point above a desk or mantel. Instead of decorating the entire hoop with foliage, focus on the bottom half for a modern holiday look. Red poinsettias are an all-time Christmas classic, but you can mix things up with on-trend pink tones instead.

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Headboard Hoop Wreath Decor

bedroom nightstand with embroidery-hoop Christmas wall decor
Adam Albright

Typically the bedroom isn't the first room you fill with holiday decor, but that’s not to say you should skimp on Christmas cheer. Add a festive touch to your room with a series of hoop wreaths artfully hung with invisible thread to frame the headboard. Decorate them with small sprigs of winter greens and red berries for a refined look. Line the headboard with twinkly fairy lights, light a Christmas-scented candle, and settle in for a cozy, enchanted evening.

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Linen Wall Art

Have a Merry Little Christmas overlapping hanging pictures
Adam Albright

No one will ever guess this gorgeous Christmas wall art is made from old tea towels. To make your own, smooth out vintage tea towels or scraps of striped linen and place them in upcycled picture frames. A variety of shapes and sizes make an eye-catching display above a fireplace or on a kitchen wall. If you're looking for a smaller-scale decor idea, you can create the same look with old Christmas cards for a collage of festive frames.

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Budget-Friendly Balloon Garland

oversized ornament banner hanging above chest with holiday décor
Andy Johnson

Cutting costs on holiday decorations doesn’t have to mean bare walls. There’s no need to splurge on decor when dollar-store Christmas crafts can be this pretty. This budget-friendly ornament garland only requires three materials: A pack of colorful balloons, mirrored paper (to create the ornament tops), and a piece of string. Hang it on an empty entryway wall, or display it over a mantel or sideboard before your next holiday party.

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Non-Traditional Christmas Wall Art

Christmas wall art and bench

Tria Giovan

Let no corner go undecorated this season—not even the awkward nook under the stairs. Add cheer to a small space without making it feel cluttered by adding a simple framed sign in a size that fits the space. Not only is art easier to store than bulky garlands and figurines, but you might even be able to leave it up year-round by swapping out the art in the frame to fit the season.

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Christmas Wreaths in Unexpected Places

Christmas wreath hanging from a canvas

Better Homes & Gardens

If your walls are already occupied, consider adding a few festive additions to your existing decor instead. A Christmas wreath tied with red ribbon makes a pretty addition to this monochrome buffalo check artwork. You can do this to any mirrors, windows, or frames in your house, or simply drape some greenery over the top of the frame if you don't want to remove it to secure the ribbon.

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Rustic Pinecone Garland

white cabinet cranberry strings with pinecones
Kritsada Panichgul

Simple garlands are an easy, low-cost way to add instant color to a space. String together cranberries and pine cones for a festive garland, then add holly and mistletoe for a final flourish. You can take this garland from rustic to glamorous by giving the pinecones a quick coat of metallic paint. Simple garlands look stunning hung on the wall, framing a doorway, or draped across built-in shelves.

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