8 Merry and Bright Christmas Staircase Decorations

Create a stunning holiday focal point with these festive ideas.

decorate Christmas staircase

The tree and mantel get a lot of attention when it comes to Christmas decorating, but there's another potential focal point you might be overlooking. Depending on the layout of your house, the stairs could be the first thing you see when you walk inside, and dressing your staircase up for the holidays is a simple way to give your home a dose of holiday cheer.

Instead of hanging Christmas stockings from your holiday mantel, showcase them cascading down your staircase instead— just be sure to use sticky hooks or stocking hangers so you don’t damage the bannister. Keep the look understated with a voluminous, simple Christmas garland on your staircase railing, or decorate simple greenery with lights, ornaments, and bows for gorgeous display.

We've rounded up our favorite Christmas staircase decorations to help inspire your own holiday decorating this season. To recreate these looks at home, you won't need much more than garland or greenery (faux works just fine) and a few festive accessories.

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Green and Gold Christmas Garland

Christmas staircase decor, gold and green

You might not immediately think to add twinkle lights to greenery outside of the tree, but it's an easy way to add some holiday magic to your Christmas staircase decor. Here, lush garlands are dusted with faux snow and adorned with white florals, ribbons and glowing lights. Using faux greenery means your decorations will last until the new year, and you'll be able to reuse the same pieces next season.

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Embrace the Pink Christmas Trend

staircase decorated in pink

One of this seasons hottest—and most unexpected—trends is pink Christmas decor. Embrace the look by attaching ornaments in shades of blush to your staircase greens. Frosted pine cones and pops of eucalyptus give the garland a classic holiday feel, and a combination of pink and ornaments blends seamlessly with any existing Christmas decor you have. To keep live garlands fresh until Santa arrives, mist them regularly with water.

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Decorate the Bannister

pinecone bannister decor

If decorating the entire staircase seems too ambitious or isn't quite your style, a simple bannister decoration at the bottom of the staircase adds a festive touch without going overboard. Snow-dusted greenery, pinecones, and a satin bow create a gorgeous holiday swag wreath that's understated and chic.

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Keep It Simple

colorful stocking with greens on staircase

Even the simplest of Christmas decorations can make a big statement. This Christmas staircase decor has a traditional-meets-modern quality thanks to the fair isle stockings, oversized pom-poms and unadorned greenery draping the railing. When using simple garlands, focus on scale rather than accessorizing. Here, part of the drama comes from the voluminous garland that stretches all the way to the ground.

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Decorate with Silver Ornaments

decorate Christmas staircase

Too many ornaments to fit on the tree? Add them to your holiday staircase decor instead. Add silver ornaments and a simple felt ball garland to any long piece of greenery for a simple wintry look. Use wire or a command hook to secure the greenery to the railing without any damage.

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Use Lush Greenery

christmas staircase decor with greenery

When working with a neutral color palette for your Christmas staircase decor, embrace texture and dimension rather than bright colors. In this farmhouse Christmas look, white stockings pop against boughs of greenery. Individual alphabet ornaments give each stocking a personal touch without distracting from the simplicity. Beautifully wrapped presents, festive pillows, and a pop of fur add luxe texture and shape without adding bold colors.

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Accessorize with Red Bows

christmas staircase decor with red bows

Dress up boughs of holly—or any other simple greenery—with classic red bows for a pop of color against a dramatic garland. The oversized ribbons add a festive touch that’s elegant without being too serious. For an unexpected approach, add greenery to the balusters of your staircase instead of alongside the handrail. (This also keeps the railing accessible for holiday guests!)

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Decorate with Unexpected Hues

light green and white christmas stockings

You don't have to deck the halls with the traditional red and green this season. Instead, turn to unexpected hues like creamy white and sage that look right at home against these light green walls. Use a bow to affix the unexpected Christmas stockings to your staircase to add an understated festive touch.

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