Need to do a quick refresh in your home? Swap out old throw pillows for a couple of new ones to give any room an instant lift. Shop our top finds that are all budget-friendly!

By Ashley Van Dyke

Patterned pillows are always fun to incorporate at home, so why not add elephants to the mix? We're crazy about this Pottery Barn pick!

Elephant Print Pillow Cover

Price: $29.50


Moroccan Madness

Expand the culture in your home by adding some Moroccan-inspired throw pillows. Whether you choose the bold orange or the muted navy, your home is sure to feel festive with this pick.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow Covers

Price: $49.50 

Teal & Treasured

This pick is one of our faves! The rich teal color, simple pattern, and pop of gold thread really make us want to pile on the pillows.

Harpur Knit 18" Pillow

Price: $19.99

Don't Knock Neutrals

This pillow is the perfect staple for your couch decor. Neutral colors allow it to seamlessly mix with other pattered and colored pillows, giving you the versatility we all want!  

Cotton-Blend Cushion Cover

Price: $9.99

A Dash of Color

This pillow could be an essential element that helps tie the look of your home together. Sometimes all you need is a splash of color and the right print to make a room complete.

Kenno Pillow

Price: $28

To the Point

Perfectly combine a modern look with a creative twist. This pillow has beautiful shades of navy, cream, gray, and gold and incorporates a bit of geometric pattern. We think this will make a great statement piece!

Roar + Rabbit Angle Pillow Cover

Price: $49

Optical Illusion

The mix of black and white, lines and rectangles, really makes this an intriguing design. Add some asymmetry to your home with this chic pillow.

Prim 18" Pillow

Price: $34.95 

Nice & Knit

Cozy up on the couch with this cable-knit pillow. The soft material and creamy color make for one cute, comfy find!  

Cable-Knit Pillow

Price: $49

Jungle Vibes

This fun find has us dreaming about palm trees and sunshine! Get a little reminder every day and prepare for warmer days with this greenery-printed pillow.

Assembly Home Printed Palms Pillow

Price: $39

A Hint of Gold

Let's face it, everyone is still loving on the gold trend. That's what made us pick this elegant pillow that has a metallic touch and subtle shine.

Threshold Metallic Diamond Decorative Square Pillow

Price: $22.50

A Touch of Tassel

The tassel trend is everywhere. From to pillows to blankets, even in fashion! You can't go wrong by adding this find to the mix.

Malton Velvet Pillow

Price: $19.98

Dreaming of Herringbone

Can we be honest?  We love a simple pillow with a little herringbone texture. That's why we've thrown this find in the mix. This pillow adds just the right amount of contrast to your assortment.

Herringbone Chenille Pillow

Price: $34.95

Fabulous Fur

This furry find will go great with the rest of your pillow collection. Whether mixed in on the couch or thrown in somewhere else, it's sure to boost the luxury factor in your home.

Fur Pillow

Price: $19.90

Perfectly Plaid

An oversize pillow ups the comfort level with any piece of furniture. Add a plaid print, and now you've gone from simple to sophisticated.

Threshold Oversized Pillow Plaid

Price: $29.99

Around the World

London, Paris, Sydney! Pick a place and make a statement with this destination-printed pillow. Whether you've been there or dream of going, this pillow can be a subtle reminder in your home.

Around the World Pillow Cover

Price: $39





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