This New Brightland Pizza Oil is About to Become Your Go-To Topping

Step aside pepperoni. The newest innovation in pizza is this hot, herbaceous drizzling oil from Brightland.

Brightland Pizza Oil in drizzling bottle


It's been said there's no such thing as bad pizza, and a new release from the Instagram-darling olive oil company Brightland might just make that true. Launched in 2018, Brightland made a name for itself with a series of custom-blended extra virgin olive oils in elegant packaging. Two years later, the company added fruit-forward vinegars to its product line, followed by floral honeys. Their newest product, Pizza Oil ($32, Brightland), is an innovative addition that's intended to elevate everything from takeout pies and blasé breadsticks to handcrafted focaccia and homemade deep dish.

Brightland’s Pizza Oil is produced by a third-generation California olive oil family and made from cold-pressed Arbosana, arbequina, and mission olives using the traditional Italian Agrumato style. This small-batch technique involves crushing the olives alongside other fresh ingredients—raw jalapeños, garlic, oregano, and basil. The resulting flavor is herbaceous, slightly spicy, and (as the no-nonsense name implies) perfect for drizzling on pizza. Putting it on a pie isn't the only option though; try it on avocado toast, roasted potatoes, homemade ravioli, and an elegant summer burrata board.

Founder Aishwarya Iyer wanted the signature, Insta-worthy bottles to feature Matisse-influenced designs with playful, colorful motifs emblazoned on opaque white bottles. Made from powder-coated, UV-protected glass, they keep the taste of the oil from being altered by light and air. Brightland’s Pizza Oil is uniquely packaged in a sturdy squeezable bottle so you can drizzle generous drips of it over anything and everything you want.

Brightland's appeal doesn't just come from the packaging, though. The stuff inside the bottles has also caught the attention of food magazines, celebrities, and chefs, in part because all of Brightland's products are made from ingredients (like olives, grapes, herbs, and fruit) grown in the California sunshine or sourced from nearby. The oils were created with a focus on freshness (you can check the harvest date on the bottle) that's not falsified, spoiled, or adulterated with other oils (such as soybean, corn, safflower, and sesame oil).

Iyer was also inspired by her ancestors—who were salt farmers in South India—to create clean, elevated oils that showcase and honor the land they come from. Since she launched her first two oils, she has developed a dedicated following of loyal fans (including Oprah who picked Brightland’s Artist Capsule ($150, Brightland) as one of her 2022 Favorite Things).

If the online enthusiasm is any indication, Brightland's Pizza Oil is likely to sell out fast (nearly all of their newly launched products have) but is available now exclusively at In the meantime, while waiting for your order to arrive, satisfy your Italian cravings with a loaf of crusty bread and a bottle of Brightland’s garlic-infused oil, Rosette (which makes an excellent placeholder).

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