You Can Now Live In the Restored 'Brady Bunch' House—for $5.5 Million

The nostalgic home is back on the market after a full renovation from HGTV.

After a full update and remodel completed by HGTV, including a major second-floor addition, the original Brady Bunch house can now be yours for a cool $5.5 million. The home was listed by the network on May 24, and it's been restored to the full glory of its television days—with a few new features and a lot more square footage.

Renovated Brady Bunch house exterior

Anthony Barcelo

Located at 11222 Dilling Street in North Hollywood, the house was used on the classic show mainly for exterior shots. In 2018, HGTV bought the 2,500-square foot ranch house for $3.5 million—double the original listing price. Another $2 million was spent on the remodeling project, which was documented in the four-part series A Very Brady Renovation. Now a 5,500-square-foot McMansion with five bedrooms and bathrooms, the original front facade was maintained to appease nostalgic fans. Redfin shows similar-sized homes in the same zip code ranging from $2.2 million to $7.8 million, so if a completely updated, state-of-the-art look combined with '70s design are what you’re into, the price isn’t too bad.

HGTV stars, like Drew and Jonathan Scott of The Property Brothers, took part in completing the flipping of the home. All six original Brady kids also made appearances on the show—their first time reuniting in years—to lend a hand (and knowledgable eye) to the redesign.

Renovated Brady Bunch house interior featuring credenza and floating stairs

Anthony Barcelo

Extreme care and attention to detail were employed to replicate the original decor, down to the avocado green appliances and the groovy floral wallpaper in the girls’ bedroom. In addition, artisans were hired to recreate outdated items, and the floating stairs were built to be the focal point of the midcentury modern open floor plan.

While it's possible that the next owner would modernize the interior, it’s more likely (we hope!) the home will be kept in all its blue-tiled, retro, shag-carpeted glory—perhaps as a vacation rental for those longing for simpler times, with whispers of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” echoing throughout the hallways.

HGTV will use a portion of the proceeds from the sale for 250,000 meals for Turn Up! Fight Hunger, an initiative that helps kids living with hunger in the U.S. through No Kid Hungry. Items from the restored home, including customized pieces like the green floral living room couch and the credenza with a 3D printed horse sculpture, will be available for purchase.

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