This Adorable “Book Nook” Is the Perfect Bibliophile Aesthetic DIY

If you or a loved one lives on #booktok, this craft was made for you.

Colorful bookshelf

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It could be argued that TikTok is the go-to online creative hub for crafty types right now. Along with the new decor aesthetics and viral recipes that pop up constantly, you can find nearly 281 billion videos featuring DIY projects—and this “book nook” might just be the most ingenious (and cutest) of them all. 

Posted by creator solsticereads, part one of the video tutorial currently has over 13 million views and 2.1 million likes. The creator made it as a birthday present for their best friend, and if you’re looking for a thoughtful, personalized gift idea for the book lover in your life, your search is over. 

A book nook is essentially a mini version of your bookshelf that you can put on your actual, life-sized bookshelf. To replicate the TikTok, you’ll need a plain box (about the size of a shoe box), a few popsicle sticks to use as the shelves, printed images of the front and back of 80 to 100 book covers, small pieces of cardboard to glue the covers onto, and quite a bit of patience. To figure out which books to include, see if the recipient has a Goodreads account or “to be read” list. For the details, the creator found a tiny table and chair and painted a cardboard record player. They also printed out some of their friend’s favorite vinyl covers and wood stained the popsicle sticks.

In the second part of the tutorial, which has more than half a million likes, the video shows how to put everything together—basically, just play around with different placements to see what you think looks the best. You can arrange the books by color, author, and add a few stacks. Bottom line: Have fun with it.

Other TikTok users expressed their obsession for the DIY project in the comment section. Creator Madelineaford wrote, “You did such a good job and this is the most thoughtful gift ever. I cannot imagine someone doing something like this for me. My heart would explode.” Other comments include suggestions on incorporating more personal touches, like mini plants, fairy lights, and even a smaller book nook within the book nook. 

This craft reflects the bibliophile aesthetic that’s become one of the most trendy decor styles of the year, which involves innovative ways for book lovers to display their collection in their interior design. Whether it’s a coffee table book station, reading corner, full-on library room, or a mini shelf, it’s a cozy, unique way to show off your personality and favorite hobby. If it’s your friend who’s the bookworm, all you need is a few supplies and their reading list to make them something they’ll treasure forever. 

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