Clever Bonus Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Extra Space

Turn extra space in your home into a functional room the entire family can enjoy!

A two toned entryway with a desk and shelving tucked against one wall

Anne D. Schlechter

Transform a small bedroom, den, or even a room above your garage into a fun bonus room! Use these bonus room ideas to help inspire your dream home gym, craft room, TV nook, and more. Hobbies can also become a great theme, such as a dedicated sewing room, project room above a garage, music room, or private library for reading and storing books. No room is too small or too large to turn into a bonus room. A few styling tricks can make a tiny space feel cozy and airy, while clever furniture arrangements can make one large room feel more intimate. If you don’t have an entire room to upgrade, some of these ideas can also be adapted for a portion of an existing living room or bedroom.

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Stylish Bonus Room

a dark-walled dressing room with a salmon-pink robe on a mannequin. Jewelry and other accessories hang over a white vanity.

David A. Land

If your home has an extra large closet or small spare bedroom, use it to store extra clothes, jewelry, and even a vanity. Dark paint will make the space appear larger, and it can be a great backdrop for styling new outfits or applying makeup. Add personal touches such as favorite books and art pieces.

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Bonus Game Room

a blue felt pool table with a light blue chandelier about it and a dart board on the back white brick wall

Brie Williams 

An unused room on the first floor of your home can become a fun place to gather with family and friends. Consider placing a billiards table in the center as a focal point for the room, then hang racks for cues and balls on the wall. With enough space, you can also include a dart board or mount a TV for watching movies or sports. A vintage swag light fixture is a small touch that adds old-school pool hall charm to a modern bonus room.

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Home Gym Bonus Room

A bright home gym with blue accents, weights, and a TV in the corner

Michael Partenio

A home gym is a great way to dress up an extra room or a bonus room above a garage. Wood floors make exercising easy, while large windows provide plenty of natural light. Keep workout equipment against the walls so there’s plenty of space in the center to work out, and consider mounting a TV to follow along with exercise videos or play music.

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Bonus Room for Kids

a playroom with bright primary colors and comic book posters on the wall.

Werner Straube

Personalize a room for kids to play in with all of their favorite things. Dress up neutral white and beige walls with framed, brightly colored comics or art prints, and consider putting their name in lights with a custom sign. A large area rug creates a soft place to play on hardwood floors, and primary-color poufs and a red table adds vibrance to a room for kids.

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Bonus Sewing Room

a blue sewing room with white furniture, pendant lights, and colorful beads and folders on the shelves

Marty Baldwin

Set aside a space to create in a spare bedroom or unused den. Light blue paint relaxes the mind and inspires creativity, and coordinating small touches like a pale blue chair ties the room together. White cabinets and shelves provide plenty of room for storing crafting supplies while also bringing lightness to the space.

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Multipurpose Bonus Room

A child's craft room with blue walls and white shelves lined with colorful bins

Marty Baldwin

Some of the best bonus room ideas incorporate multiple hobbies into one extra room. This spare basement room doubles as a playroom for kids with built-in shelves for storing toys and games. It also includes a built-in desk for a sewing machine, writing space, or a computer. Blue wallpaper creates an accent wall and divides the room’s two purposes, while blue accents on the area rug and storage cubes create a cohesive look throughout the room.

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Office Bonus Room

A brightly lit office with a large window

Marty Baldwin

Even if you don’t have an entire room, you can create the feeling of a bonus room on just one wall. Embrace maximalist style for a home office and pair a small desk with wall shelves and a rolling storage cart. A TV mounted in the center allows the room to double as a gathering space for family, while arranging all of the office furniture just off the central area rug visually separates the home office from the rest of the room.

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Dual Purpose Bonus Room

a bright white home with a divider wall. a playroom on the left with a large sock monkey and a craft room on the right with a large bright painting and stools with a chalkboard painted wall

David A. Land

Create a kids’ playroom and a family room in one area by using a partial wall to divide the space. A built-in chalkboard and small wooden drawing table give kids a place to express their creativity. On the other side of the divider, place a TV, couch, and chairs, plus a vivid coffee table with storage space for board games. Though the two spaces are separated, monochromatic walls and floors with black and white area rugs serve to tie each area together.

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Bonus Study Room

a homey cluttered office with a large wood desk and some greenery

John Granen

Turn a small bonus room into a cozy office with rustic wood furniture. Place a second writing or drawing desk next to the window to take advantage of natural light, and create a secondary area for relaxing with a cream armchair and macrame-covered pouf. Three magnetic memory boards provide a place for notes, photos, and pictures.

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Built-In Bar Bonus Room

A neutral colored seating area with a colorful wall of spirits and liquors

Dane Tashima

Decorate a bonus room for sipping spirits or wine with friends. White shelves, walls, and a paneled ceiling brings light into a room without many windows. A straw-style area rug helps brighten floors while also bringing the feel of a vacation bungalow. Store spirits and glasses on shelves, and place a sleek, modern table and chairs in the center of the bar space.

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Music Bonus Room

turquoise music room with a bright red accent chair and a cello, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar on display

John Bessler

If you have a member of the family with an ear for music, give them a space of their own to practice and make music. Pale blue walls give the room an airy, open feel, while built-in shelves and cabinets provide a space to store records and other equipment. Include places to sit, such as a retro red chair accented with a daisy throw pillow, or even plush cushions on the floor. A space to make music could be a great use for a bonus room above a garage where there’s minimal need for sound-proofing.

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Walk-In Closet Bonus Room

A dark espresso dressing room with clothing carefully sorted and displayed

Edmund Barr

Always dreamed of having a luxurious walk-in closet or dressing room? Especially if clothes are spilling out of your current closet, a spare bedroom easily transforms into an opulent closet. Darker wood dressers and cabinets contrast with light wood floors and walls. To create an island in the center, place two dressers together and top with a granite slab for lots of drawer space and the look of an expensive island.

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Entryway Bonus Room

A two toned entryway with a desk and shelving tucked against one wall

Anne D. Schlechter

A long hallway or entryway can become a bonus area of your home with narrow furniture. Utilize a built-in desk and shelves, or place a long desk flush against the wall to create a study area in a small bonus room. Wood chairs placed on the opposite wall leave a walkway in the center while creating an area for putting on shoes. Two-tone dark blue and white walls help the space appear larger by creating the illusion of high ceilings.

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Bonus Dressing Room

a charcoal walled dressing room with a white lattice mirror and a pink chair

Anne D. Schlechter

A walk-in closet doesn’t have to just be for storing clothes and shoes. A slate blue desk with a mirror mounted above becomes a vanity for styling hair or applying makeup, with drawers for storing accessories or cosmetics. Place a cushioned chair in front of the desk to make the small bonus room feel like a luxurious private space.

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Bonus Reading Room

a bright and warm reading room with a large palm and patchwork rug. a shelf of rainbow-sorted books stands against the wall

Justin Coit

Bookworms in the family will love having a private library. Rather than traditional dark wood and heavy leather furniture, give this small bonus room a lighter, more modern feel with a large potted plant and low white couch. A brightly colored patchwork rug matches bright throw pillows, and organizing books by color creates another vibrant accent in the room.

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Guest Bedroom Bonus Room

wood paneled bedroom with a sliding barn door and minimal white decor

James Nathan Schroder

Build in your own bonus room by installing a sliding barn door to divide a room in two. If you frequently have guests staying over or just want to create a private escape to relax and read or watch TV, another bedroom can provide multiple uses. Light wood ceilings and white walls keep the space airy and bright, while matching area rugs connect two neighboring rooms. A divided spare bedroom could be a great way to transform a spare room above a garage into a place for multiple guests to stay.

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Bonus Room Closet

salmon pink dressing room with black and white accents and clothes on racks

Josh Grubbs

If you have a room that seems too tiny to turn into a family room or office, try using it for extra storage. This small bonus room idea uses rolling clothing racks and a tall, mirrored dresser to easily turn the space into a closet without installing any shelving. Light pink walls and a low settee add a touch of femininity.

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Bonus Workroom

home office craft room

Dana Gallagher

Whether you love crafting or working with power tools, a bonus room above a garage can be a great space to create. Cream cabinets provide storage space for materials, while an industrial-style metal and wood table allows plenty of space for any project. Metal stools for seating match the minimalist style of the table and cabinets while also pairing well with a gray tile floor.

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Small Bonus Room Gym

a color-blocked mini home gym with a treadmill

Basalat Siddique

Even a closet-size room can be turned into a small bonus room with a little creativity. Place a frequently-used exercise machine, such as treadmill, against one wall, and install floating shelves for additional storage. Painting a bold, graphic accent wall adds personality and interest to a small space.

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Basement Bonus Room

a white basement lined with cabinet doors and a neutral tan couch with some colorful accents

Werner Straube

A large, open basement is an opportunity to create multiple family areas in one bonus room. Use furniture to divide a wide open space into functional sections: A couch and chair facing a coffee table creates a seating area for spending time together or playing board games, while a table and chairs behind the couch adds additional seating for meals or puzzles. If your basement includes patterned carpet, keep furniture simple and in tones that blend well with the flooring for a cohesive design.

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Small Office Bonus Room

A small home office with a faux fur chair and pine desk and shelves

Dana Gallagher

Turn a narrow room into a cozy home office or work-from-home nook. This small bonus room is long and thin, great for sliding in a natural wood desk and mounting basic shelves for storage. Several potted plants add life to the room, while a fuzzy desk chair adds comfort and trendy personal style to this tiny office.

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