5 Easy Ways to Organize Board Games

Make cleaning up from family game night a breeze with these smart storage ideas.

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Organizing a game night with family or friends is a fun event until you realize you can’t find the board game you want to play or some pieces have disappeared. Luckily, with the help of a simple system for storing games, you can enjoy the night without stressing about a mess or missing cards. Use one of the following board game organization ideas so that you have everything you need in one place and can put the pieces away faster than you can say “I win!”

1. Place Them in Bags

If you frequently browse social media, you might have already witnessed this genius storage idea. It’s often found in playrooms to make it easier for kiddos to clean up their games and puzzles, but it can absolutely work for adults, too. Collect nylon zippered pouches in a variety of sizes and put the contents of each game into its own bag, using larger ones for bulkier pieces, such as a folded-down game board. 

Include the instruction pamphlet or, if it’s on the back of the box, cut it out of the cardboard and tuck it inside the pouch. If you’re using this method for a puzzle, don’t forget to include the photo so you can recreate it. Crop the name of the game out and tape it to the front of the bag or use a label maker to mark it. Once all of the games are organized, line them up in a basket or two and place them on a shelf. If you’re short on space, this will help since it drastically reduces the volume of the boxes. Be sure to recycle the boxes once your organizing project is complete.

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2. Stack Them in Containers

This is a similar concept to the zippered pouches but with a little more structure. Follow the same process mentioned above, but instead of bags, use 8.5x11-inch latching containers. These flat organizers, often used to hold hobby and craft supplies, work wonders for board games and will fit most contents, including the board. If you still need more space, look for a slightly larger container. Add a label to the front of the bin and stack it on a shelf so everyone can see where their favorite game is stored.

3. Use a Sweater Organizer

If you’re not in the mood for a DIY project, try this easy method for organizing board games, especially if you have an extra hanging sweater cubby handy. Yes, the item you can use to organize your sweaters or even shorts, hats, or bags, can also be used for your board games. Leaving the contents of each game inside their original box, pile one, two, or even three boxes onto each fabric shelf. Games are generally lightweight so they won’t drag down the organizer. Hang it in a nearby closet, whether in a living room, basement, or wherever you like to play games, so they’re within reach.

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4. Organize Board Games in Drawers

Do you have a console or TV stand in the family room with deep drawers? Maximize them by placing board games inside vertically as opposed to horizontally. To prevent boxes from spilling open, consider adding drawer dividers or even wide lid organizers, like the kind used for pot and pan lids, to keep them upright. This allows you to identify all of your games as soon as you open the drawer. You can also use the zippered bag or container methods to accomplish this, so long as they fit the depth of the drawers.

As a twist on this method, you can use freestanding drawer organizers if you don’t have access to furniture drawers. These stacked units come in a variety of sizes; choose one that has sliding drawers deep and wide enough for your games. Empty the contents of each game into its own drawer and place a clear label on the outside. Then, hide it away in a nearby closet where you still have easy access.

5. Lean Them on a Ladder

If you don’t mind seeing them out in the open, a ladder shelf could be the perfect place to store your games. Just like a blanket ladder is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, a ladder shelf with your favorite board games can serve as both storage and decor. For an extra dose of organization, stack the boxes in order of the colors of the rainbow. Your space will look like you took effortless inspiration from The Home Edit. An added benefit of using the ROYGBIV method is that you’ll get used to where each game is located on the ladder by associating the color of the box with its position in the pile.

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