Blue Apron’s Valentine’s Day Kit Is the Secret to a Romantic, At-Home Dinner

Even if you don’t shine in the kitchen, Blue Apron is making it easy to impress your significant other—from the initial glass of wine through dessert.

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Blue Apron seared scallops meal kit

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Securing a dinner reservation for Valentine’s Day can often prove to be the most stressful part of the holiday. It’s shaping up to be even more difficult to do so this year, as recent data from OpenTable shows a trend toward dining out exceeding pre-pandemic levels. If you and your partner prefer a nice home-cooked meal and a hands-on date night, good news: Blue Apron is offering a meal kit designed for an evening of romance (or a fancy Galentine’s celebration), complete with seared scallops, garlic bread, and a list of potential add-ons. Whether you’re a trained chef or usually stick to frozen meals, you don’t have to worry about the effort involved—the box has everything you need. 

Buy it: Seared Scallops in a Creamy Tomato Sauce, $12/serving,

In addition to the scallops kit, Blue Apron’s Valentine’s Day offerings extend from bottles of sparkling wine to an indulgent dessert and more. If you decide to solely go with the scallops, the cost comes out to just $12 per serving—much more affordable (and intimate) than a night out. 

Not only is the meal restaurant quality, it’s also reportedly very appropriate for the season of love, with 18% of the OpenTable survey respondents agreeing that they associate seafood with romance (second only to steakhouse fare, at 19%). To complement the delicate flavor of the seared scallops, the kit comes with ingredients for a rich, creamy tomato sauce. You’ll also get a side of asparagus and toasted garlic herb bread for dipping.

If you’re looking to make it a multi-course meal, Blue Apron also has additional offerings for every course this holiday: from charcuterie with a rosemary nut mix and assorted cheeses to caramel macchiato pie and a fresh salad to cheesy dinner rolls.

Buy it: Caramel Macchiato Pie, $22,; Charcuterie Board, $29,

“The Add-ons menu, in particular the dinner rolls, arugula and feta salad, caramel macchiato pies, and charcuterie board are all there to help you mix and match to round out your Valentine's Day meal,” said John Adler, Blue Apron’s senior vice president of physical product, via email. “Maybe you want to skip dinner all together and just enjoy a charcuterie board alongside a bottle of Brut. Or maybe you want to surprise your partner with a 3-course meal, and you decide to start with an arugula salad, followed by the scallops, and then finish the night off with a decadent and delicious caramel macchiato pie. No matter the experience you are looking for, this lineup is built to help you create it.”

Order the meal kit and add-ons by February 8 to receive them by Valentine’s Day, or celebrate the following weekend if you’re a bit behind schedule. Whether you enjoy a few bottles of wine and a charcuterie board with your besties or an elaborate (yet easy) dinner with your significant other, make sure to toast to a stress-free, delicious night you’ll remember.

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