Amazon Shoppers Are ‘Shocked’ at How Well This Bissell SteamShot Blasts Stuck-On Messes

Cut through the toughest messes to deep clean your home.

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Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner


Dust, debris, and grime can become deeply embedded in our homes over time. When it comes to eliminating persistent, sticky buildup on kitchen appliances or dealing with dingy grout that no amount of scrubbing can remove, consider utilizing the power of steam to achieve a deep clean. In a household with young children or pets, it's the best natural alternative to annihilate stains on hard surfaces and in tough-to-reach areas. You need a powerful steam method, and the Bissell SteamShot has become Amazon shoppers' go-to cleaning solution.

The SteamShot is a chemical-free handheld device that uses 100 watts of power to pressurize high-heat steam that breaks down grime and gunk with targeting nozzles and eliminates 99.9% of germs—no harsh cleansers necessary, just water. The trigger gives you control over the amount of steam released to cut through stuck-on messes. The best-selling handheld steam cleaner includes three bristle brushes, a jet nozzle, a grout tool, a flat scraper for hard surfaces, and an angle concentrator to direct steam in tight spaces.

Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner


Buy It: Bissell SteamShot Handheld Steam Cleaner, ($36, Amazon)

While shoppers reported that the handheld device performed effectively against moldy tiles, shower soap scum, stained bathroom sinks, and burned-on oven residue, some also used it to clean upholstery and sanitize stuffed toys and pillows. Thanks to its compact size, it’s even easy to tote with you outdoors to obliterate muddy car rims and revive patio furniture.

Reviewers were “shocked” by how well the small but mighty SteamShot worked. One reviewer chose the device to tackle leftover caked-on messes on their windows and sliding doors from Hurricane Ian. “This steam cleaner worked extremely well and blasted the dirt and debris away,” they noted.

A second customer used the handheld steam cleaner all over their home after it successfully nixed “four years of dirt from the grout” in their kitchen and living room. The amazing workhorse never disappointed, from cutting through stove top messes to sanitizing and cleaning trash cans, dust pans, and vacuums.

Blast away stubborn stains all over your home with the help of the Bissell SteamShot. Grab it for $36 at Amazon.

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