Garden Review Board

Meet our Review Board members and learn more about our editorial process.

When looking online for answers to your plant and gardening questions, it's important to find sources that have the expertise and authoritativeness to deliver factually correct content. The Better Homes & Gardens garden review board ensures that you’re receiving accurate information you can trust. Our garden review board is composed of experts with decades of gardening experience and deep academic plant knowledge. Our goal is to provide you with well-researched, trustworthy, and factual information vetted by subject matter experts.

We want to empower our readers to create successful, beautiful gardens and enhance their lives with plants by providing research-based plant information, tested techniques, and actionable growing advice.

Which topics are reviewed?

Our editors work closely with our review board to fact-check our library of garden-related articles that cover topics like plant recommendations, garden plans, growing techniques, and troubleshooting tips. Our review board assesses topics that affect your health and the environment so you can be confident the information you’re receiving is factual and unbiased.

Who is on the review board?

The Better Homes & Gardens garden review board is made up of degreed horticultural experts. These professionals boast a wide variety of experience and have been hand-picked based on their impressive backgrounds, extensive gardening knowledge, and familiarity with communicating complex horticultural topics to a broad audience.

Meet the BHG Garden Review Board

sylvia duax garden review board head shot

Sylvia Duax

Garden Review Board Member

Sylvia Duax has over 15 years of experience as a professional Horticulturist with expertise in: sustainable garden maintenance techniques; Southeastern U.S., especially in the mid-Atlantic regional gardening; native plants; wildlife gardening; small space, urban and container gardening, and community engagement. 

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david mckinney head shot

David McKinney

Garden Review Board Member

David McKinney is an experienced plantsman sharing his expertise in horticulture. His knowledge spans landscape management, growing plants indoors and in the greenhouse, ecological plant selection, and much more. With nearly 15 years in the industry, he is well versed in both herbaceous and woody plants with additional interest in entomology.

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joseph tychonievich head shot

Joseph Tychonievich

Garden Review Board Member

Joseph Tychonievich is a gardening expert with two decades of work in horticulture, the author of three gardening books, and known for his deep knowledge of the science behind techniques for successful gardening.

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