Our Holiday Collection Just Dropped—Here Are 6 Trends to Copy From It

The Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Collection at Walmart is available in stores and online now—and it’s packed with copyable trends and decorating inspiration.

Tablescape with Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart items on green overlay

Walmart; Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Come the holiday season, there are endless ways to decorate. You can decorate the way you always have, with the holiday decorations you’ve kept carefully stored from year to year; you can lean into retro Christmas trends, which are always making some sort of comeback; or you can shift with the decorating trends and reuse (or replace) your holiday decorations as needed.

We love to stay up to date on the latest holiday decorating trends, and while the trends you actually try at home will vary based on your tastes and your space, there’s nothing wrong on studying up on what trends are appearing in various holiday collections. (Who knows—you might just be inspired to buy your new favorite piece of festive decor.) This year, we saw an emphasis on folklore and handicraft (among other things) from IKEA’s 2022 holiday collection, while some of Target’s holiday lines celebrate classic motifs and colorways.

Now, a new collection—one we’re admittedly a little biased toward—is here: the Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Collection at Walmart. Stocked with seasonal must-haves and holiday accessories sure to boost the festive factor in your home, these holiday offerings have more than a little decorating inspiration for the season ahead. Read on for our favorite trends from the new collection, plus the products that inspired them.

Knit table runner on table


1. Thick Textures for Tables

The iconic chunky knit sweater gets a tabletop counterpart with the release of the Better Homes & Gardens Cable Knit Cotton Table Runner, which has a gorgeous knit weave that will bring a feeling of coziness and comfort to any tablescape. Along with the matching placemat set, these table linens prove that texture works as well as color does to warm up any table setting.

Metallic stoneware with golden detailing


2. Metallic Detailing

Silver and gold, anybody? There’s always a time and place for a good metallic, and the Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Collection at Walmart takes the glimmering detailing we often see in tinsel and ornaments to the table. Between a set of matte gold flatware and subtle gold handles on an acacia serving tray, this line proves that gold works as well as silver in any dining setting. For additional proof, take a look at the adorable stoneware collection, which includes a serving platter and other dishes with subtle gold accents for a festive boost that doesn’t go overboard.

Throw pillow with sewn imagery


3. Craftsman-Inspired Details

Like so many other collections, this line celebrates the delicate, homey look of woven or handmade decor. The handmade-inspired look of items like the latchhook village or embroidered reindeer throw pillows showcase the delicacy of these production techniques while conveying a classic holiday feel.

Candle in tree vessel


4. Retro Silhouettes

While we love spindly, colorful bottlebrush trees as much as anyone, there’s something charming about fuller, softer silhouettes, like some of those showcased in this holiday collection. With a nostalgia-infused candle housed inside a ceramic tree vessel and a fragrance warmer shaped like a traditional green tree ornament, there are plenty of classic shapes that can play up the retro look of your decor or even temper the edginess of your more modern decorations.

Buffalo plaid throw blanket on chair


5. Classic Plaids

Speaking of retro: Old-school plaids are all over this collection. There will always be a place for snowflakes and snowmen patterns in holiday decor, but there’s also plenty to appreciate about a good blocky pattern (which boasts the added bonus of being in-season even after the holidays have ended). We love this buffalo plaid throw blanket, which boasts an elevated black and white check pattern, and the red, green, and white tartan print of the wax melt advent calendar. If you weren’t sure whether you should go modern or classic with patterns this year, err on the side of classic—this collection proves that these traditional prints are going to be everywhere.

Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart candles


6. Playing Up Holiday Scents

The holidays have never been solely a visual experience. Between festive music, holiday treats, the textures of snow and trees, and the smell of those holiday treats baking, there’s something for every sense during this time of year. Still, the Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Collection at Walmart makes it clear that scent is going to be bigger than ever this year. Now’s the time to load up on festive candles or wax melts, if you haven’t already. The collection is packed with dozens of scents in various sizes and gorgeous vessels (even some duo scented options) so you can bask in the lovely scents of the holidays all day long.

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