How to Become a Stylemaker

If you’re interested in becoming a Stylemaker or want to nominate someone, here’s exactly how to get in the running.

Creative. Adventurous. Inspiring. Confident. Innovative. Bold. That's how we describe our Stylemakers—those individuals we've been spotlighting over the past decade for their influence on how we live at home.

Stylemakers are more than the people featured on the cover of each Stylemaker issue of Better Homes & Gardens. They fill the pages of the magazine. They sit on panels, lead demonstrations, and bring their enthusiasm as attendees at the annual Stylemaker event. They are always learning, meeting new people, and sharing their experiences.

Above all, they're authentic. Their personal style, the stories they tell, and the things they create spark genuine connections. And even when their style doesn't fit in our home or our budget, or their experiences feel far different than ours, we still find ideas that resonate and takeaways that can apply to our own lives. Their fresh perspectives have shaped the way we decorate, cook, garden, and spend our free time.

Stylemakers have us eagerly looking forward to what's next, so that style is always evolving.

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Are you a Stylemaker? Do you know someone who is?

"We are always looking for new writers, photographers, stylists, designers, and content creators to collaborate with, and the new names we add to the Stylemaker invite list are usually the ones we'd like to see in print and on site," says Katy Kiick Condon, Senior Editor Home Design for Better Homes & Gardens. Katy has two simple tips to help you get noticed.

Make great content and share it.

Create beautiful things and get them on your blog, your Instagram—any place you can! Stylemakers are Stylemakers because they're inspiring others (and us) with their ideas and style. Find others and connect, and be an active part of the online community making new things and sharing their ideas.

Get in front of editors.

Make sure you're on our radar, too, sharing the great content you've made with us.

  • Tag us on social and use those hashtags (#bhghome #bhgfood #bhggarden #bhgstylemaker) to make sure we can find what you’re putting out there.
  • Submit pitches for ideas you’d like to work with us on.

Send highlights and clips from your blog, Instagram, and other platforms to Tell us why you want to be a Stylemaker (or why someone you know should be)—and be sure to keep in mind those qualities above.

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