In this episode of Office Hours with Lilliana Vazquez, learn about the importance of positive thinking and the impact Marcela Sapone, CEO and founder of Hello Alfred, believes it can have on your career.

July 10, 2017

Positivity is a powerful force and for Marcela Sapone it's a requirement for success. You spend at least one-third of your day in the workplace, so it is important to ensure your office hours are time well spent. Along with creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere, Marcela suggests keeping these terms top of mind.


Whether it's a quick meditation or a long walk, start your morning with time for yourself so your body and brain are as clear as possible and ready to take on the day.


Think of each interaction as a mutually beneficial experience that can leave both parties in a more positive place than they were before meeting. Not only will you both leave in a better place business-wise, but you'll also depart with a grateful mindset, happy that you took the time to communicate and cooperate.


Doing more does not always mean being more successful. Aim for one priority a day, write it down, and check in at the middle and end of the day to see how you're doing (and did) at that goal.

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