Figuring out how to get started in your new business venture is often daunting; Loomia founder Madison Maxy shares her tips for how to get started right in this episode of Office Hours with Lilliana Vazquez.


Figuring out how to get started is often the hardest part of beginning anything new. Madison Maxy secured some impressive internships at top-named brands, and has worked with the likes Google, North Face, and Calvin Klein. Here are a few tips on how you can break through, too.

1. Be Resourceful

Whether it's an internship, first job, or networking meeting, be sure to do your research. Take a look at businesses and the people who work there, and find out all the information you can. Sometimes things take more effort than expected. For Madison, finding a list of corporate emails and reaching out to a hundred contacts led to an internship at Tommy Hilfiger.

2. Listen and Learn

Constructive criticism is meant to be just that: constructive. It's important to learn from your mistakes and accept feedback from others. A lot of things in life are iterative, it's not always about the destination but instead what it took to get there.

3. Adaptability is Key

Honing your craft can be a delicate balance, but having flexibility in doing so can make all the difference – especially when it comes to solving problems. Opportunities become endless when you're open to possibility. When you have a "toolbox" of options at your disposal, it allows you to face adversity with confidence.

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