In this episode of Office Hours with Lilliana Vazquez, Payal Kadakia, founder of ClassPass, discusses the importance of product-market fit and her strategies for setting goals.

July 10, 2017

Getting paid to do what you love is a dream everyone can relate to. It's seemingly effortless to dedicate time and energy to something you enjoy. Payal Kadakia was able to turn her passions into a career, here are a few of her top tips for how you can, too.

Find Time For Your Passions

You have to make room to do the things in life you enjoy the most. Pursuing something you're passionate about naturally lends itself to dedication. It will in turn build confidence and amplify your chances of success.

Take a Leap of Faith

There is no real reward without a little risk. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it's also where growth happens. Plus, trying something new and learning from your mistakes can help you create a brand with staying power.

Set Yourself Up to Succeed

A big part of success is accepting failure, and more importantly learning from it. When you fail, it's about learning what didn't work and being open to constructive criticism on how the problem can be fixed.

ClassPass provides people of all fitness levels access to boutique fitness classes and gyms without getting locked into binding contracts. Since its launch in 2011, ClassPass has facilitated over 25 million reservations across 8,000 studios in 39 cities worldwide.

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