Our favorite entrepreneurs use Instagram as their secret marketing weapon. Here's how you can, too.

By Courtney Fishman
December 29, 2015
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  1. Share your Story: Mix-and-match your favorite products and playful shots to illustrate the richness behind your company. Striking a balance between the two gives followers an inside look at your company culture while also helping you set the tone for your brand.
  2. Double Duty: Use your clout to dominate on other channels. Linking your Instagram to other accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, will expand your reach without any extra work.
  3. Stay on Track: Picking and choosing which photos to post can be overwhelming and time-consuming. For maximum efficiency, create a schedule and then use a programmer, like HootSuite or Sprout, to take care of the actual send off. Then, check your Instagram's analytics to know when your followers are plugged in and scrolling for maximum engagement.
  4. Hash It Out: The once loved pound sign has come a long way, and now it means business. Try using a common hashtag that fits your brand's focus to expand beyond your normal reach. Then, shake it up with a customized brand hashtag to see how your best customers are using and loving your product.
  5. Sneak a Peek: When you share prelaunched products to your followers, they'll feel like they're in on a secret. Posts new products exclusively on your feed to keep customers on their toes and in the know. The early bird look also hypes up your product before it hits shelves. Win-win? We think yes.
  6. Show Some Lovin': Pay-it-forward to your followers by giving them the recognition they deserve. "Liking," "Sharing," and "Commenting" are easy ways to stay engaged while also staying on your followers' radars.
  7. Winner Strategy: Entice your followers with freebies by holding frequent community contests, like photo of the week, to leverage authentic user-generated content.
  8. Good Timing/ Right on Time: Show off your holiday cheer by incorporating your products with the seasons. But first, make sure that the post fits your brand messaging.
  9. Link-in: Make it easy for your followers to find products you post in your feed by adding a link to the post. Now, customers are only a click away from ordering your must-have design.
  10. Partner Up: Collaborate with like-minded companies to double your exposure on both channels. Trying something new and staying fresh with your posts will give your followers a reason to keep coming back. Having another pal in the business never hurts either.


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