In Part 2 of entrepreneur Jen Rubio's discussion on Office Hours with Lilliana Vazquez, she shares her top piece of branding advice and discusses the importance of making smart, calculated risks.


As part of the Better Homes & Gardens original series Office Hours with Lilliana Vazquez, Away co-founder and president Jen Rubio shared some of her business advice to help other entrepreneurs find success. A few of her key takeaways? Don't feel like you need to be perfect. Taking calculated risks can lead you on the right path, even if you hear "no" a time or two along the way, she says. 

"I always think: 'What's the worst that can happen?' And if I can deal with that, then I go for it," she adds. 

Rather than viewing your career as a linear process, Rubio suggests focusing on following your passions and spending your time in a way that feels purposeful and inches you closer to your end goal.

Check out the interview above, and if you missed Part 1 of Jen's interview, watch it now!

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