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This Insta-Famous DIYer Flips Houses with Gorgeous Modern Rustic Style

Read about her road to renovating 100-year-old houses and her top tips for developing your own decorating style. (Hint: It’s not on the Internet!)

This Artist’s Embroidery Looks Like Paintings

The detail in Danielle Clough's embroidery projects is impressive. Learn where this Insta-famous artist finds everyday inspiration to craft her stunning embroidery on unusual materials.

Meet this Maker of Ultra-Cozy, Hand-Dyed Yarn

Ali Ford of Explorer Knits + Fibers takes inspo from nature back to her yarn-dyeing studio (aka her kitchen). Curl up with a knitting project and read about her craft.

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See how Ann Wood creates stunning paper flowers that look like the real thing. We sat down with the artist to talk about her inspiration, technique, and road to Insta fame. 

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Modern Makers: Meet Amenda Tate Corso

Originally thinking she wanted to go into mechanical engineering, Amenda Tate Corso realized along the way that she was more interested in seeing how scientific principles could apply to the arts. Her curiosity led her to seek out more aesthetically creative pursuits, and she discovered metalwork and jewelry. More recently, Tate Corso's innovative spirit led her to a unique intersection of technology, performance, and art: working with a robot, which uses Bluetooth sensors worn by a ballet dancer, to record movement and then digitally translate that motion into paintings.