Compare the Best Nationwide Window Replacement Companies

Our top pick, Pella, offers energy-efficient windows and a lifetime warranty.

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best window replacement companies

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If your home is feeling drafty or your utility bill keeps climbing for seemingly no reason, it may be time to get some new windows. The best window replacement companies understand how big of an investment this type of project can be, so many offer free in-home or virtual consultations to give you a proper price estimate. From there, agents can make specific product recommendations based on your home, geographic location, and budget. Check out our guide to find a reliable service near you.

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Best Window Replacement Companies of 2023

Best Overall: Pella Windows & Doors

pella logo

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 47 states
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty for wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows; 10-year transferable limited warranty
  • Installation Services? No, connects you to a local dealer

Pros & Cons

  • Energy-efficient windows that come in 10 window styles

  • Financing available

  • Lifetime warranty for original owners

  • Energy Star certified

  • No showrooms in AK, MS, and NV

  • Limited color scheme for vinyl and fiberglass windows

Why It Made the List

A well-known name in the industry, Pella Windows & Doors has been helping Americans outfit their homes with durable and innovative windows since its founding nearly a century ago. The company offers 10 different window styles across eight product lines that can fit a wide range of budgets: single-hung, double-hung, bay, bow, vinyl, and fiberglass windows to name a few offerings. If the price doesn’t match your wallet but you’re set on its products, the company provides financing options with the backing of Wells Fargo. Compared to wood windows, fiberglass and vinyl designs have a limited color scheme. However, every product has pretty good Energy Star ratings and comes with a lifetime warranty for original owners. 

There are multiple ways to get your hands on Pella products. You can shop in person at the brand’s showroom, at Lowe’s, or through one of its local authorized dealers. For faster shipping, check the company website, though be warned there may be limited selections. 

Scheduling a free in-home consultation with the company is easy; click on the "Free Consultation" button on the site, provide your ZIP code or address, and you’ll see what appointments are available in your area. (Unfortunately, this service is not available in Alaska, Mississippi, or Nevada.) The rep will go through all the products with you and let you know what he or she thinks is the best option for your project and budget. If you need assistance with the installation, you can find a certified Pella contractor on the company’s website, or your sales agent can direct you to a qualified professional.

Best Budget: Simonton Windows & Doors

Simonton Windows & Doors

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Warranty: Double lifetime limited warranty (transferable to one other homeowner) for vinyl components, screens, and hardware; 10- to 20-year warranty for additional parts  
  • Installation Services? No, connects you to a local dealer

Pros & Cons 

  • Energy Star certified

  • Transferable lifetime warranty

  • Lists price range online

  • Select models available at The Home Depot

  • Only makes vinyl windows

  • Non-premium lines only have two exterior color options

Why It Made the List 

Good windows are rarely a bargain, and yet Simonton Windows & Doors manages to offer a great product for a reasonable price. The brand carries 10 different window styles to choose from, including casement, awning, single-hung, and double-hung. All Simonton products come with a double-lifetime warranty, meaning you can transfer the lifetime warranty once to the next homeowner if you sell your home. 

Because the brand only produces vinyl windows, its prices are relatively affordable. This of course means that other materials are not available. It's also important to note that non-premium window lines only have two exterior color options to choose from compared to the 10+ exterior colors offered for premium lines. Still, the windows have a good Energy Star rating, and you can find pricing information via The Home Depot, where Simonton products are sold, or on the company's website

The company doesn’t offer free consultations or installation services. However, if you go to its website, you will find a directory of local contractors and authorized dealers who will provide these services to you.

Best Warranty: Milgard Windows & Doors

Milgard Windows & Doors

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 16 states
  • Warranty: Full lifetime warranty for premium line; limited lifetime warranty for other lines
  • Installation Services? No, connects you to a local dealer

Pros & Cons 

  • Responsive customer service

  • Options include fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl windows

  • Online quiz to help you choose best product

  • Energy Star certified

  • Limited availability

  • No wood windows

Why It Made the List 

Milgard Windows & Doors is so confident in the quality of its products that it offers one of the most thorough warranties out there to help protect your investment. While many companies offer limited lifetime warranties, Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty for its premium line. The warranty covers all of the parts and labor required to fix its premium windows, in addition to broken glass (including tempered glass) caused by manufacturing defects. Most notably, Milgard will provide the skilled labor needed to repair its windows free of charge for 10 years, and this applies to its non-premium lines as well. All in all, the brand produces seven different types of windows across five product lines. There are fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl styles, but the company does not sell wood windows. 

When you’re ready to make a selection, you can head to the website and take a quick online quiz to determine which product is best for your project. The company does not do consultations itself, but you can book a free one through its website, and it will connect you to an authorized local dealer who can provide you with installation services as well.

Best Variety: Jeld-Wen

Jeld-Wen logo


Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty for vinyl and clad-vinyl windows; 20-year warranty for wood and clad-wood windows; 10-year warranty for composite windows
  • Installation Services? No, connects you to a local dealer

Pros & Cons 

  • 8 window styles, 12 different product lines

  • Options include clad-vinyl, clad-wood, wood, composite, vinyl

  • Select models available at The Home Depot

  • Price points for all budgets

  • Energy Star certified

  • Long lead times

  • Certain models have very low condensation resistance

Why It Made the List 

Whether you’re looking for a clad-wood awning window or a vinyl bay window, Jeld-Wen has you covered. The company has an extensive portfolio of 12 different product lines, providing options for every budget. Select models can also be found in The Home Depot stores. Depending on the model, you can choose from up to 27 exterior colors. However, most products have about four or five different exterior colors to choose from.  

While the company does not provide in-home consultation itself, it does maintain a nationwide directory of authorized Jeld-Wen dealers. Any of these dealers can offer you a free consultation and manage your installation process as well. Be advised that recent customer reports show that the company is currently experiencing long lead times, so talk to your local agent to find out exactly when your windows will arrive. Also, while its windows have the Energy Star certification, certain models rank very low in condensation resistance, which may impair their functionality. You may want to look up your desired window model in the certified product directory of the National Fenestration Rating Council to make sure everything is in order before you proceed.

Best Energy Efficiency: Marvin

Marvin Windows and Doors logo

Marvin Windows and Doors

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 49 states
  • Warranty: 10- to 20-year warranty for different components; labor costs are not covered
  • Installation Services? No, connects you to a local dealer

Pros & Cons 

  • Energy Star certified

  • Nine window styles, five different product lines

  • Responsive customer service

  • Custom exterior colors for aluminum windows

  • Available in fiberglass, aluminum, and wood

  • Not available in AK

  • Pricey

Why It Made the List 

Many windows have been certified by Energy Star for their efficiency, but Marvin windows have some of the best scores for preserving heat inside a room. They also test extremely well in condensation and unwanted heat gain resistance. Not only are they top-tier in energy efficiency, but they’re made efficiently as well using sustainable building methods. The company has extensive Passive building, LEED, and Net Zero building options for homeowners who are interested in creating (or modifying) Net Zero homes. 

Marvin windows are available in fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. For replacement windows, you can choose between four different product lines: Essential, Elevate, Ultimate, Modern, and Coastline. While the company doesn’t offer installation services or consultations, it maintains a directory of certified Marvin installers you can use. Any one of these authorized local dealers will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and give you a quote on the windows and the installation fees.

Best Design: Kolbe Windows & Doors

kolbe windows logo

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 41 states
  • Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty for aluminum, wood, and Glastra windows; 20-year warranty for insulated glass 
  • Installation Services? Depends on the location

Pros & Cons 

  • Sleek modern design

  • Historical wood design

  • Five product lines, five window styles to choose from

  • Products available in aluminum, aluminum-clad wood, wood, and Glastra

  • Energy Star certified

  • Not available in DE, HI, MS, NV, NH, ND, RI, VT, WY

  • Limited availability for in-house installation service

  • Customer complaints of rotting wood

Why It Made the List

Founded in 1946, Kolbe Windows & Doors is available in almost every state in the country and stands out due to its exceptional designs. It produces sleek modern windows for contemporary homes, and it also has a couple of product lines devoted to classic and historical wood designs — all are Energy Star certified. Its products come in a variety of materials including aluminum, aluminum-clad wood, wood, and Glastra, which is a type of hybrid fiberglass. Its windows are Energy Star certified as well. 

In some parts of llinois and Wisconsin, residents will be able to use an installation service called Kolbe ServicePro. But in other states, you will likely be directed to an authorized dealer near you for your free in-home consultation and installation services. That said, the brand is not yet available in Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Wyoming. A word of caution, customers have reported multiple instances of wood rotting within a few years of purchase, so you may want to bring this up with your sales representative during the initial pitch.

Best Customization: Renewal by Andersen

Renewal by Andersen, LLC

 Renewal by Andersen, LLC

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 46 states
  • Warranty: 20-year warranty for glass and Fibrex components; 10-year warranty for non-glass
  • Installation Services? Yes

Pros & Cons 

  • Virtual consultation available

  • Online window design tool

  • Financing available

  • Seven window styles with up to nine exterior colors

  • Energy Star certified

  • Not available in DE, MS, SC, WV

  • Only makes Fibrex windows

  • High-pressure sales tactics

  • Pricey

Why It Made the List

Renewal by Andersen sells and installs an exclusive line of replacement windows that maintains the same quality Andersen is known for. It also welcomes all types of customizations. You can design your window to your specifications on its website with up to nine exterior colors and up to six interior colors using an online window design tool. There are seven window styles to choose from, including casement, single- and double-hung, and sliding windows. And all windows are made from Fibrex, a strong and durable wood composite that mimics the look of wood but does not require the same level of care and maintenance. Plus, they are Energy Star certified and are built with the latest glass technology available.

While the company carries the Andersen name, a legacy in the window industry, it operates independently. A common misconception is that it carries the whole gamut of Andersen windows, but, unfortunately, it does not. Free consultations are available online but many customers report experiencing high-pressure sales tactics during this session, with sales agents pushing to close the deal that day.

Best DIY: The Home Depot

home depot logo

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Warranty: Installation warranty and manufacturer’s warranty for the specific window unit
  • Installation Services? Yes

Pros & Cons 

  • Instant pricing

  • Multiple brands to choose from

  • Nine window styles at a variety of price points

  • Virtual consultation

  • Good online search function

  • Install warranty

  • Doesn’t make the windows

  • Can’t enforce the manufacturer’s warranties

  • Installation experience varies per location

  • Window brands and models vary per location

Why It Made the List 

Homeowners with a flair for do-it-yourself projects will find everything they need at The Home Depot. The company works with several window manufacturers including Jeld-Wen, Andersen, and American Craftsman from Ply Jem (parent company of Simonton). With locations across the country, you can pop into a store to browse and buy the windows, or look online for products you like. The Home Depot website has a very granular search function that allows you to perform very detailed searches that cover everything from in-store availability and shipping to sizes and materials.

Shopping at The Home Depot offers a variety of price points, and you can get instant pricing that allows for quick comparisons. For example, a single-hung, high-quality vinyl window from Jeld-Wen can run you about $600 per unit. Meanwhile, a similarly sized Fibrex model from Andersen costs about $350 per unit. There are nine different types of window models you can choose from, including sliding, bay, and glass block windows. All units come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Window models and brands may vary per region. Keep in mind that because The Home Depot doesn’t make the windows itself, it may not be able to offer you the prices and deals a manufacturer could offer you directly. 

If you’d prefer to get help on the installation, The Home Depot offers free in-home or virtual consultations and installation services. Every installation comes with a warranty to back the work, however, customers’ reviews suggest that your installation experience may vary depending on your location.

Final Verdict

Choosing a high-quality and reliable window replacement company protects your investment and almost ensures you’ll get a good return on it. Our top pick, Pella, provides really great windows that come with a limited lifetime warranty. Customers can shop multiple collections—which offer a diverse selection of styles and materials at various price points—and have the option to apply for financing.  

Compare the Best Window Replacement Companies

Company Nationwide Availability Warranty Free Consultation? Materials Available Installation Services?
Pella Windows & Doors Best Overall 47 states Limited lifetime warranty for wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows; 10-year transferable limited warranty Yes Fiberglass, wood, and vinyl No, connects you to a local dealer
Simonton Windows & Doors Best Budget 50 states Double lifetime limited warranty for vinyl components, screens, and hardware; 10- to 20-year warranty for additional parts Yes, conducted by local dealer Vinyl  No, connects you to a local dealer
Milgard Windows & Doors Best Warranty 16 states Full lifetime warranty for premium line; limited lifetime warranty for other lines Yes, conducted by local dealer Fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl No, connects you to a local dealer
Jeld-Wen Best Variety 50 states Limited lifetime warranty for vinyl and clad-vinyl windows; 20-year warranty for wood and clad-wood windows; 10-year warranty for composite windows Yes, conducted by local dealer Clad-vinyl, clad-wood, wood, composite, and vinyl No, connects you to a local dealer
Marvin Best Energy Efficiency 49 states 10- to 20-year warranty for different components; labor costs are not covered Yes, conducted by local dealer Fiberglass, aluminum, and wood No, connects you to a local dealer
Kolbe Windows & Doors Best Design 41 states Limited 10-year warranty for aluminum, wood, and Glastra windows; 20-year warranty for insulated glass Yes, conducted by local dealer Aluminum, aluminum-clad wood, wood, and Glastra (fiberglass hybrid)  Depends on the location
Renewal by Andersen Best Customization 46 states 20-year warranty for glass and Fibrex components; 10-year warranty for non-glass Yes Fibrex (wood composite) Yes
The Home Depot Best DIY 50 states Installation warranty and manufacturer’s warranty for the specific window unit Yes Wood, vinyl, Fibrex, clad-wood, and aluminum Yes

Window Repair vs. Window Replacement

When windows start malfunctioning, replacing them might be the first thought to come to mind. However, between window frames and installation fees, a full replacement could cost you thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, a simple repair could cost you maybe a couple of hundred dollars, depending on what needs to be fixed. To know the difference between repairs and replacement, you have to look at the damage. A drafty window may need some caulking to return it to its original condition, but if the damage is structural, you would need to replace it. Similarly, a cracking or peeling exterior may be salvaged with a coat of paint, but rotting frames are usually a sign to get a new one. You can ask a trusted contractor to look at your window and give you her professional opinion, or you can do some research into the type of damage you’re seeing and figure out if you can repair it or if it needs to be replaced. 

How to Choose the Best Window Replacement Company for You

There are many companies that sell windows, but not all windows are created equally. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Higher quality windows may be a little pricier than others, but you shouldn’t need to break the bank. Always get at least three different quotes and ask your preferred manufacturer or company if they can price match and/or if there are financing options available. 


Choose a company that gives you options. You may want wood windows for the front of your home and vinyl ones for the attic. You also want a company that offers you a range of prices and has several product lines to match different budgets. 


A poorly made window will not only affect the aesthetics of your home, but it could also increase your energy bill and not last the two or three decades it’s supposed to. Work with manufacturers who stand by their products and check online reviews for the product and line that you’re interested in to make sure the craftsmanship is solid. 


Different brands offer different levels of warranty protection. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty, and some only offer 10 or 20 years maximum. Check the fine print and compare your options. Choose a company that is going to stand by its product and put customer satisfaction first. 

Lead times

Some manufacturers are still reeling from COVID disruptions to their supply chain. Before you sign any agreements, make sure you know exactly how long it’s going to take for your windows to arrive. A quick search online might expose any recent complaints about late deliveries. 

Energy Star rating

A lot of companies have the Energy Star sticker. However, that’s not the only thing you should be paying attention to. The actual ratings tell you if a window is good at keeping heat from escaping a room or how well it can light your home with daylight. You can look up these ratings online using the directory of the National Fenestration Rating Council.

Types of Replacement Windows

Single Hung

A classic look, this window is made up of two panels, but only the bottom one is operational. This means that you can open and close the lower panel to let the breeze in. It is usually more economical and lower maintenance than other types of windows.

Double Hung

Similar to the single hung, this window offers a classic look with two panels. In this case, however, both panels are retractable. This type of window also typically tilts in to facilitate cleaning the exterior glass.


This is a small window that is hinged at the top and swings open outwardly by turning a handle. Its small frame allows you to play with the window placement, for example, you can put it high up on a wall, above or below other windows, or even on top of doors. 

Picture or Fixed

Picture windows are static and do not open. Their function is to let natural light in and offer unobstructed views of the exterior. They are suited for areas where ventilation isn’t an issue. 

Sliding and Gliding

Sliding and gliding windows are similar to single- and double-hung windows, except they’re horizontal instead of vertical. They are made up of two panels, in which one slides open to the left or to the right, depending on your preference. You can also request that both panels slide open to allow for greater ventilation.

Bay and Bow 

Bay and bow windows are similar in that both of them arch outwardly and stretch beyond your home’s exterior wall. Bay windows are made up of three windows joined at an angle. The one in the middle is fixed but usually, you can open the ones on each side. On the other hand, bow windows are made up of four or more different windows that can each open in some way. The bow’s protruding structure is more curved than angular. 


Casement windows are also known as side-hinge windows. They have a side hinge and open outwardly by turning a handle. Some models may be pushed open instead of using a hand crank. 


Specialty windows is a catchall term to describe uniquely shaped windows. Each brand offers different options. You may find non-opening geometric-shaped windows from one provider and French-style casement windows from another. 

What Factors Impact the Cost of a Window Replacement?

The material you choose, for starters, will play a big role in the price. Wood and fiberglass windows are more expensive than vinyl and aluminum ones. Other things that can affect are the size of the window, and any special features like double or triple panes. Labor costs for installing the window may vary depending on your location and the time of the year you’re doing the installation. Summer months tend to be pricier than others. Brand recognition may also play a role in the pricing, with some brands being pricier than others even if they both offer comparable products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much value do new windows add to a house?

    On average, new windows yield a 68% return on investment. However, other sources estimate the ROI to be as high as 85% . The exact value will depend on your home, your location, the window material, and your cost. If you’re planning to sell your home your real estate agent will be able to provide more detailed information. 

  • What type of windows last the longest?

    Wood windows can last for multiple decades when properly maintained. However, if they are poorly maintained, windows will be at risk for rotting or insect activity, which would significantly reduce their lifespan. Fiberglass windows require minimal maintenance and can last multiple decades, but they tend to run a little pricier. High-quality vinyl windows can last between 20 to 30 years with minimal maintenance, and they typically have a lower price point than fiberglass and wood windows.  

  • What time of year is best to replace windows?

    Fall is usually a good time to replace your windows because companies tend to have more availability for installations. Spring and summer are usually busier seasons for the industry and increased demand could drive up prices. There are usually sales and discounts around wintertime, but you would have to deal with a cold house, and in some cases, you might have to move temporarily while the work is performed. 

  • Is it cheaper to replace all of your windows at once?

    Sales agents typically offer discounts when you’re ordering multiple windows. You could potentially get a better deal per window if you replace them all at once. However, it’s recommended that you only replace the windows you can afford to replace. If your other windows are still under warranty and work as expected, there’s really no need to switch them out if it’s outside your budget.   

  • How often should windows be replaced?

    Well-made windows last around 20 years or longer, so you should expect to replace new windows every two or three decades. However, if your windows are malfunctioning, for example, they’ve warped or the glass is compromised in some way, you should consider replacing them. Most companies cover any manufacturing defect for the first 10 years, whether or not you’re the original owner. 

  • Can windows be replaced without removing trim?

    Yes, this is what's referred to as a pocket installation or insert window installation. When the frame of your existing window is in great condition, you can request an insert window replacement that will be slightly smaller than your current window and fit within the frame. This method may cause you to lose some glass area.

  • Can you get a loan to replace windows?

    Yes, you can get a loan or qualify for some other type of financing aid when shopping for windows. Many big national brands offer financing options, with loans as low as 0% APR for the first two or more years. Before signing anything, though, make sure to read all the fine print and consult with a finance expert to clearly understand the terms, conditions, and obligations of the financing option you’re considering.  


To compile this list of the best window replacement companies, we reviewed over a dozen services, evaluating each one using the following criteria:

  • Nationwide availability
  • Types of windows offered
  • Energy Star ratings
  • Pricing
  • Warranties
  • Customer service
  • Customer satisfaction

We considered companies that manufacture their own products as well as dealers that provide installation services.

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