The 10 Best Wallpapers of 2023 to Add Visual Flair to Any Room, According to Our Testing

We chose the Serena & Lily Priano wallpaper as our best overall pick because it has a whimsical design and adhered during application without bubbling.

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Best Wallpaper

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If you’re itching to create a refreshing new look in your home, installing wallpaper can be a timeless way to add new textures, colors, and patterns to your space. The best wallpapers allow you to upgrade the appearance of an entire room without swapping out all the furniture and decor you already love. Plus, there are a variety of wallpaper styles, designs, and textures to choose from, allowing you to truly personalize your space. 

However, not all wallpaper is created equally. Some styles look cheap when applied to the wall, others are prone to wrinkling, making them look warped, and still others may start to peel off the wall soon after application. We put 30 of the best wallpapers to the test in our lab to figure out which brands and styles are the longest-lasting, easiest to apply, and most attractive when installed in your home. 

“Think of wallpaper as more of an environment than decoration,” says Caron Woolsey, founder and principal designer at CW Interiors. “How do you want to feel in the space? Use your desired emotion to conduct your research online, and refine from there.”

Our team of experts spent an entire day in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa, applying different types of wallpaper to drywall and evaluating each type based on its ease of installation, design, texture, value for the price, and more. We took copious notes on which wallpapers wrinkled easily, were difficult to apply on the wall, or appeared cheap. 

After testing the best wallpapers in our lab, we waited three months before reexamining the wallpaper application to see which types were peeling or bubbling and which remained intact.

Best Overall

Serena & Lily Priano Wallpaper

Serena and Lily Priano Wallpaper

Serena and Lily

Why You Should Get It: The texture and thickness of this wallpaper makes it look extremely high-quality when installed. 
Keep in Mind: At this price point, it will be more expensive to install in a large room compared to a budget-friendly pick. 

Easily achieve the coastal grandmother design trend in your own home with this whimsical wallpaper that earned near-perfect scores in our tests. The Priano wallpaper features an intricate watercolor design and comes in five different shades to match your room decor, making it a simple yet elegant way to upgrade your space. Our testers were extremely impressed with this wallpaper’s quality, saying its thick, woven texture made it look even more stunning when applied to the wall. 

The application process itself was pretty simple, too. According to testers, the paper was easy to cut despite its thickness, so it was seamless to create clean lines and match up the pattern on the wall without jagged edges. When applying the paste to the back of the paper with a roller, we were relieved to find that it didn’t cause the ink to bleed, which can be a common issue in low-quality wallpapers.

Applying the paper to the wall was just as effortless, and our testers were able to adjust it on the wall without accidentally tearing it. Any small bubbles that appeared in the paper were easy to smooth out using a straightedge. Our testers also liked that this wallpaper can be wiped clean without creating damage or causing the pattern to bleed, so you’ll be able to remove any excess glue or stains that occur. 

When we examined the wallpaper application after three months, our testers found that it still “looked brand new,” with zero bubbles, tears, or peeling at any of the edges.

This paper is on the more expensive side, and while we found it to be absolutely worth the price, it will naturally cost more to use it in a large room than other papers. If you’re on a budget, consider using the Priano wallpaper to create an accent wall, or install it in a smaller room, such as the bathroom. 

Price at time of publish: $128

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 27 feet x 27 inches, 60.75 square feet | Panel Repeat: Straight | Pre-Pasted: No | Cost per Square Foot: $2.11

Priano Wallpaper at Serena and Lily

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best Budget

Graham & Brown Crocodile Black Wallpaper

Graham & Brown Crocodile Black Wallpaper

Graham & Brown

Why You Should Get It: The wallpaper is thick enough to cover bumps and imperfections in your wall for a more seamless finish. 
Keep in Mind: A couple of the panels had peeled slightly at the corners after three months.

Purchasing the best wallpaper for your home can be an expensive endeavor, which is why we loved both the price and quality of the Graham & Brown Crocodile Black Vinyl wallpaper. This sleek wallpaper can become a bold accent wall or add a modern, maximalist touch to your home’s interior. It features a crocodile-print design with a thick, rubbery texture that our testers raved over, which make it mask imperfections on a wall. 

Despite its unconventional texture, our testers found that this wallpaper was super easy to apply to the walls (though it was a little tricky to cut—use extra caution). It arrives unpasted, so you’ll need to use a paint roller to apply paste before positioning it. Our testers were able to maneuver it around on the wall even after applying, allowing them to smooth out any wrinkles and ensure a perfect match between panels. 

The Graham & Brown vinyl wallpaper features a straight repeating pattern, which is the easiest pattern type to match up when applying multiple panels to your wall. This means that the pattern matches up horizontally rather than at an angle, so you can simply line up each panel at the ceiling to create one large design on your wall instead of individual strips. 

If you’re purchasing the black version of this wallpaper, we recommend painting the wall behind it a darker hue, since this can help mask the seams between the wallpaper panels better than a white wall will. You’ll also want to be particularly careful when applying paste to the back of the wallpaper since we found that it is tricky to remove if it gets on the front side. However, other stains we tested on this wallpaper—including crayons, barbecue sauce, and coffee—could be removed with a sponge and a little effort. 

After three months, we found that there were no bubbles in the wallpaper, though a couple of the panels had peeled a bit at the corners. The peeling wasn’t super noticeable and many of the panels were fine, but be prepared to touch up this wallpaper with a bit more adhesive in the corners occasionally.

Price at time of publish: $85

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 33 feet x 20.5 inches, 56.38 square feet | Panel Repeat: Straight | Pre-Pasted: No | Cost per Square Foot: $1.19

Graham and Brown Crocodile Black Wallpaper

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best Splurge

West Elm Labyrinth Wallpaper

West Elm Labyrinth Wallpaper

West Elm

Why You Should Get It: The wallpaper is pre-glued, so you need only to spray it with water before applying it onto the wall. 
Keep in Mind: The glue dries faster than regular wallpaper paste, so you’ll need to work more quickly.

Add a modern flair to your bedroom or living room with an abstract wallpaper pattern. Our testers found that the Labyrinth wallpaper was super easy to apply and even easier to clean off when stained with coffee, crayons, and more. With three different colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect accent color for your walls. 

This spray-and-stick wallpaper comes pre-glued, so all you have to do is lightly spray the back with water before tacking it onto the wall. We found that the glue dries more quickly than the wallpapers we tested that weren't pre-pasted, so you’ll need to work fast to properly align the panels and press out any wrinkles. 

When our long-term testers examined the wallpaper application three months later, we found that none of the panels had peeled, but there were one or two spots with tiny air bubbles in them. These air bubbles were small and unnoticeable unless you were looking for them, but we don’t recommend installing this wallpaper in high-humidity areas like your bathroom or kitchen since that may accelerate the bubbling. 

When removing coffee stains, crayon marks, and barbecue sauce, our testers gave the Labyrinth wallpaper a near-perfect score. It was easy to wipe the marks off of the paper without causing damage, and despite the dark stains, we were able to lift them out easily. 

The manufacturer recommends measuring your walls carefully before purchasing the Labyrinth wallpaper, then factoring an additional 15% to make sure you have enough to properly align the pattern. 

Price at time of publish: $150

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 11 feet x 26 inches, 23.83 square feet | Panel Repeat: Straight | Pre-Pasted: Yes | Cost per Square Foot: $6.25

Labyrinth Wallpaper at West Elm

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best Pattern

Mind The Gap Yuyuan Wallpaper

Mind The Gap Yuyuan Wallpaper


Why You Should Get It: The panels of this wallpaper are marked A, B, and C for super easy installation without messing up the pattern. 
Keep in Mind: According to the directions, you should apply the glue directly to the wall instead of the back of the wallpaper.

The vibrant hues, luxe texture, and nearly effortless installation of the Mind the Gap wallpaper make it more than worth the steep price tag, which is why we chose it as the best wallpaper pattern. 

Because of its straight repeating pattern and clearly marked panels labeled A to C, this seemingly complex paper was one of the easiest to install, according to our testers. Simply line up each panel at the ceiling and work from left to right, installing the paper in alphabetical order. Our testers noted that the directions required rolling the glue directly onto the wall instead of the back of the paper, which was different compared to other wallpaper we tested. 

While we expected this to make it more difficult to evenly apply the wallpaper to the wall, the process was actually quite easy. Our expert found that it went up without creating too many bubbles, and any imperfections she did find were simple to smooth out. When making cutouts for outlets or light switches in the wall, she mentioned that the paper was super easy to cut through without anything ripping or leaving jagged edges. 

We also like that this wallpaper is washable, meaning you’ll be able to wipe stains and smudges off with water and a mild cleaner (though the manufacturer recommends using vertical strokes to do so). Because of its thick texture, our testers anticipate that it’d be durable over long periods of time, even in high-traffic areas of your home. 

Keep in mind that this wallpaper may need the occasional touch-up with more adhesive—our long-term testers reported that a few corners had started to peel slightly after three months. However, there were no bubbles in the material and the rest of the panel remained smooth, so it won’t take much effort to get it looking brand-new again. 

If the stunning Chinese garden design on this wallpaper doesn’t match your interior design aesthetic, you can shop plenty of other vibrant patterns, including geometric wallpaper, floral wallpaper, botanical wallpaper, and more. 

Price at time of publish: $220

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 9.8 feet x 20.5 inches, 50.4 square feet | Panel Repeat: Straight | Pre-Pasted: No | Cost per Square Foot: $4.37

MIND THE GAP Yuyuan Wallpaper

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best for Florals

Rifle Paper Co. Dark Green Peacock Wallpaper Roll

Rifle Paper Co. Dark Green Peacock Wallpaper Roll


Why You Should Get It: Rifle Paper Co.’s vibrant patterns look and feel far more expensive than they really are. 
Keep in Mind: We found that this paper stained more easily than others we tested.

While the idea of floral wallpaper may initially make you think of faded hues and cottage core decor styles, Rifle Paper Co.’s floral wallpapers offer a bright, modern take on this classic interior trend. Our experts loved the quality and rich colors of this wallpaper, saying it rivaled some of the most expensive options on our list. 

Applying wallpaper to the wall after adding paste to the back can be tricky since lightweight paper will tend to get stuck together at the bottom if you aren’t careful. However, the Dark Green Peacock wallpaper earned perfect scores for ease of application since it didn’t fold in on itself when applying and had zero bubbles or wrinkles to smooth out. 

Our tester attributed this to the paper’s thickness, which made it slightly more difficult to cut than other wallpaper but allowed it to be applied easily and hold up well over time. It’s also tear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about ripping it during the application process. 

It has a drop pattern repeat, which requires you to match up the panels both vertically and horizontally, making it slightly more complicated to apply than a straight-matching repeat. Our testers didn’t have any trouble figuring it out, though. After three months, this wallpaper remained almost 100% intact—only one corner had peeled a little bit. We found that adding a little more adhesive to the corner restored the paper to its former condition. 

We also found that this paper was tougher to remove stains from than other wallpapers we tested. After applying barbecue sauce, crayons, and coffee to the wall and wiping it off, the substances left light stains that couldn’t be removed with dish soap solution. Because of this, we recommend installing it in rooms with a lesser chance of exposure to food and dirt. 

Price at time of publish: $113

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 27 feet x 27 inches, 60.75 square feet | Panel Repeat: Drop | Pre-Pasted: No | Cost per Square Foot: $1.32

Rifle Paper Co. Peacock Wallpaper

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best Botanical

A-Street Prints Alfresco Palm Leaf Wallpaper

A-Street Prints Alfresco Palm Leaf Wallpaper


Why You Should Get It: It’s easy to remove stains from this washable wallpaper. 
Keep in Mind: This wallpaper comes in smaller quantities than other options, so you may need to purchase more rolls to complete your project. 

Botanical prints incorporate greenery into your home without the pressure of trying to keep a ton of houseplants alive. We love the tropical palm leaf pattern of the A-Street Prints Alfresco wallpaper, which comes in seven different colors to match your room design. 

According to our testers, this wallpaper was easy to apply without anything sticking together, tearing, or bubbling. It has a somewhat complex pattern with a drop repeat that requires you to match up each panel both horizontally and vertically, but we found that it was quite easy to do so. The seams between each panel are nearly imperceptible when properly aligned, leaving no gaps for the wall underneath to show through.

When testing this wallpaper’s durability, we were surprised to find that stains like coffee, crayons, and barbecue sauce were easy to remove. Our expert noted that stains near the seams of two panels were a bit more difficult to scrub out, so keep this in mind when choosing where to install your wallpaper. 

You also may need to touch up the corners of this wallpaper a couple times a year. When our long-term testers reexamined it three months later, they found that one corner had peeled. However, since the rest of the wallpaper remained flawless, they were able to easily fix the problem by adding some more adhesive to the peeling corner.

One roll of the Alfresco palm leaf wallpaper will be large enough to cover 56.4 square feet, but we recommend purchasing a little extra if the surface area of your wall is larger than 48 square feet, since lining up the pattern will use up a lot of paper quickly.

The manufacturer doesn’t say if this wallpaper is safe to clean (though it didn’t show signs of fading during our tests), so we recommend using a duster and a damp rag to remove debris instead of a cleaning solution. 

Price at time of publish: $140

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 33 feet x 20.5 inches, 56.38 square feet | Panel Repeat: Drop | Pre-Pasted: No | Cost per Square Foot: $2.48

Alfresco Palm Leaf Wallpaper

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best Vintage Style

Ballard Designs Juliet Floral Wallpaper

Ballard Designs Juliet Floral Wallpaper

Ballard Designs

Why You Should Get It: Despite the wallpaper’s thickness, it’s easy to cut if you need to make holes for windows, outlets, or light switches. 
Keep in Mind: Stains are difficult to remove from this wallpaper. 

While the idea of updating your house by adding a vintage-style wallpaper might seem counterintuitive, it’s actually one of our favorite ways to keep our homes looking timeless yet trendy. By carefully combining classic wall treatments and decor with modern touches, you’ll be able to stay on top of the latest interior design trends without completely remodeling your home every few months. 

We loved the muted hues and whimsical design of the Juliet Floral wallpaper, which looks luxe when applied. Our testers were shocked by the price point, saying they would’ve paid much more for this wallpaper based on its ease of application, eye-catching design, and thick texture. 

When installing this paper, we found that it was easy to work with, allowing our testers to roll paste onto the back and apply it to the wall without anything sticking together. We had no trouble smoothing wrinkles and bubbles out of the paper. Each seam lined up effortlessly without leaving any gaps, and despite its complex-looking pattern, our tester had no trouble figuring out how to match up the panels. 

Be careful not to use too much adhesive in the center of the paper when you apply it; after three months, our long-term testers found that one spot on the wallpaper had creased due to excess glue in that area. Contrarily, the corner had also peeled a tiny bit, so you may need to add a little more adhesive after a few months to fix this.

The only downside our testers noticed with this wallpaper was how easily it stained. While it’s super easy to wipe down with a cloth to remove dust, we had a hard time scrubbing colored stains (like food and crayons) with just dish soap and a rag. We had to use a Magic Eraser to fully remove these types of stains, which also caused the wallpaper to fade. For this reason, we recommend installing it in low-traffic areas where it’s less likely to get dirty. 

Price at time of publish: $126

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 33 feet x 20.5 inches, 56.38 | Panel Repeat: Straight | Pre-Pasted: No | Cost per Square Foot: $2.24

Juliet Floral Wallpaper at Ballard Designs

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best Farmhouse Style

Printfresh Antelope Garden Wallpaper

Antelope Garden Wallpaper


Why You Should Get It: It’s quite thick, allowing it to conceal bumps and other imperfections on your wall. 
Keep in Mind: This paper creases easily, so we recommend being extra careful when applying paste and tacking it onto the wall. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your modern farmhouse with wallpaper, we recommend shopping Printfresh’s chic wallpapers, which perfectly blend classic floral patterns with modern motifs. After testing the Antelope Garden wallpaper in our lab, we were impressed by its quality, thickness, and vibrant colors. 

Testers found that it was super easy to apply the glue and align each panel evenly on the wall before everything dried. Any bubbles or wrinkles in the material were simple to smooth out with a straightedge, allowing for a seamless finish. This means you won’t have to rush while applying it to the wall, ensuring perfect alignment from one panel to the next. 

Removing stains and dirt from the Antelope Garden wallpaper took just a few swipes with a damp cloth to get rid of the gunk, making it one of the easiest wallpapers to clean. We saw no signs of fading or peeling after wiping it down, either. After three months, our testers were surprised to see that there were no creases or bubbles anywhere. One corner had slightly peeled, but it was easy to fix with a little more adhesive.

Our testers described the texture and finish of this wallpaper as “crisp” and “expensive-looking” after applying it, saying it’s worth the price tag. This is partially because the paper is quite thick, allowing it to conceal bumps, nail holes, or imperfections in your wall for a flawless application. Less-expensive wallpapers tend to be thinner, making it more difficult to use on a textured wall. 

We did find that, once wet, this wallpaper creases more easily than others we tested, so be extra careful when pasting it to the wall so as not to wrinkle it. 

Price at time of publish: $148

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 27 feet x 27 inches, 60.75 square feet | Panel Repeat: Straight | Pre-Pasted: No | Cost per Square Foot: $2.44

Printfresh Antelope Garden Wallpaper

BHG / Henry Wortock

Best Texture

York Wallcoverings Nautical Living Wallpaper

York Wallcoverings Nautical Living


Why You Should Get It: This wallpaper has a random match, meaning you won’t have to align individual patterns in a specific way. 
Keep in Mind: The thickness makes it more difficult to cut than other wallpaper. 

Refresh your home while adding a fun textured appearance to your walls thanks to the Nautical Living wallpaper, which earned near-perfect scores in every category during our tests. This beach-inspired wallpaper is the easiest to apply out of all of the wallpapers we tested because of its spray-and-stick design and random pattern match. 

Our experts loved the mess-free application this wallpaper offered; simply spray the back with water, and then paste it onto your wall without ever having to deal with messy glue. Since the panels have a random match, you don’t even have to worry about aligning the panels in a certain way to create a pattern. 

We found that the wallpaper is a little tougher to cut due to its thickness, so be extra careful when making holes for outlets and light switches. However, this textured appearance also allows you to easily conceal nail holes and other imperfections on your wall.  After three months, our long-term testers noted that it had no bubbles or creases anywhere. One corner had peeled slightly, so be prepared to touch up the edges every few months with additional adhesive.

It was super easy for our testers to remove stains from this wallpaper using just a damp sponge, and the pattern didn’t fade or bleed even when we scrubbed at it. This made us confident that it could hold up against regular wear and tear for long periods of time, despite the shorter lifespan of spray-and-stick wallpaper. 

Price at time of publish: $100

Product Details:

Dimensions Per Roll: 33 feet x 20.5 inches, 56.38 square feet | Panel Repeat: None | Pre-Pasted: Yes | Cost per Square Foot: $1.78

Nautical Living Wallpaper at Joss and Main

BHG / Henry Wortock

The Bottom Line

After testing 29 of the best wallpapers on the market, we chose the Serena & Lily Priano wallpaper as our favorite because of its thick, durable design and wrinkle-free application. If you have the budget to spend a little more for a truly high-quality product, we also loved the West Elm Labyrinth wallpaper, which is super easy to install. 

Our Testing Process

Our team of home experts spent an entire day in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa, applying different wallpaper brands and patterns to drywall in order to determine which was the best wallpaper. We applied them according to manufacturer instructions, paying close attention to how easy it was to cut the wallpaper, apply paste without the paper bleeding, and affix it to the wall without creating bubbles or wrinkles. 

Three months after applying the wallpaper, we reexamined the application to see which ones had started peeling or creasing and which remained intact.

Our testers applied common household stains to the wallpaper, such as barbecue sauce, crayon marks, and coffee, to see how easy the paper was to clean. Finally, we assigned an overall score to each wallpaper based on its durability, texture, and overall value, and we used these scores to create our list of the best wallpapers.  

What to Know About Wallpaper Before Shopping


When shopping for the best wallpapers for your home, the most important things to keep in mind are the pattern size, color, and style. We tested a variety of different wallpaper patterns, including floral, geometric, and neutral options, to see how easy it was to match up each panel on the wall. Since different wallpaper patterns will lend themselves better to different interior design styles, you’ll want to look for a wallpaper that coordinates with your existing furniture and decor.


Most wallpapers have a repeat, which can help you figure out where to align the individual panels to create a larger design. The easiest wallpapers to apply are those with a straight repeat pattern, where the design matches up horizontally, so you can align the wallpaper at the ceiling every time. 

Other wallpaper patterns include a drop match pattern, which means you’ll need to ensure that the design lines up both horizontally and vertically when applying it to the wall. While these are the most complicated types of wallpaper to put up, they look stunning when installed correctly.

Cost per Square Foot

Knowing the cost per square foot of the best wallpapers can help you figure out how many rolls you’ll need (and how much it’ll cost) to cover your entire space. You can usually find the dimensions of each roll in the product description, then multiply the length of the paper by the width (in feet) to get the total square footage. Divide the price by the square footage to find the cost per square foot. This can help you compare the cost differences between two types of wallpaper with different dimensions.   

“Paying a bit more for a better product means that it will be easier to install and will wear better than less expensive options,” Woolsey says. “Durability, washability, and fade resistance are all considerations to ensure that your paper looks as good in a few years as it does the day it is installed.”   

Application Type

While the best wallpapers usually arrive unpasted, meaning you’ll need to roll the paste onto the back before applying, we also tested spray-and-stick wallpapers for this story. These are printed on paper with an adhesive backing. Simply spray the back with water before sticking it on the wall. We have also tested the best peel-and-stick wallpapers in our lab, which are an option for people who rent their home or want a temporary decor solution.

Other Wallpapers We Tested

CB2 Venation Navy Wallpaper

While we loved the color and thickness of the Venation Navy wallpaper, it was more difficult to install than other types we tested, and we wouldn’t recommend it to beginners. Our tester had trouble getting the pattern aligned seamlessly to conceal panel edges, and it stuck to the wall almost immediately, making it hard to adjust and smooth out any bubbles. 

Hygge and West Bloom Wallpaper

The Hygge and West Bloom wallpaper proved flimsy and difficult to apply to the wall, according to our testers. It creased easily, leaving permanent wrinkles in the paper even when installed, and we found that the paper created bubbles that were impossible to completely remove once tacked onto the wall. This created a less high-quality appearance than we were expecting, given the price, so we’d recommend this wallpaper only to experts. 

Cheng Light Brown Grasscloth Wallpaper

The Cheng Light Brown Grasscloth wallpaper was the most expensive wallpaper we tested in our lab, but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to its hefty price tag, in our opinion. While our testers loved the quality and appearance of the individual panels, when installed on the wall, the seams between each panel were more visible than we would have liked. We also found that it stained easily, so we wouldn’t recommend using it in high-traffic areas of the house like kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms. 

Your Questions, Answered

How do you properly apply wallpaper?

To apply permanent wallpaper to your home’s interior, follow several important steps for the best results. First, you should measure and mark out exactly where the individual wallpaper panels are going to sit on your wall, using a level to create exact vertical lines. If you’re wallpapering an entire room, plan to start your project in a spot that isn’t immediately visible when entering to help make the seams less noticeable. Add a coat of wall primer to the walls, which will help the wallpaper adhere to it more easily. 

Using a paint roller, evenly apply paste to the back of an individual wallpaper strip. Wallpaper is easier to manage if you fold it before applying it to the wall, so we recommend folding the end of each panel inward toward the panel’s midpoint, being careful not to crease the end sections. This is called “booking.” After letting the booked panels sit for 10 minutes with the paste to allow for any expansion of the paper when wet, apply the pasted side of the wallpaper to the wall, lining it up with the vertical markings you made earlier and being careful to tack it on straight. 

Immediately after applying the wallpaper, use a straightedge to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles that have formed. Then, use a warm sponge to gently wipe down the entire panel, as this helps to remove any excess glue that may have seeped out during the hanging process. Repeat these steps (being careful to apply the panels according to the pattern repeat type) until you’ve completed the entire project, and refer to our wallpaper installation guide for more in-depth tips. 

How long does wallpaper last?

The best wallpapers can last up to 15 years if installed correctly. However, other factors such as the wallpaper’s quality and the humidity of the room can impact how long it lasts. For the best and longest-lasting results, we recommend installing wallpaper in bedrooms, living or dining rooms, and areas of your house that won’t have as much humidity or foot traffic. 

Wallpaper in bathrooms and kitchens doesn’t tend to last as long since the frequent exposure to moisture can cause it to peel away from the wall. These rooms are also some of the most-used spaces in your home, which means the wallpaper could get scuffed or dirty more quickly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wallpaper in these rooms.

“It is absolutely OK to install wallpaper in high-humidity spaces,” Woolsey says. “Do your due diligence and select a product that can withstand that kind of environment. Vinyl is the best choice, while uncoated papers and peel-and-stick papers are the worst choices.”

How do I clean my wallpaper?

No matter how clean your home is, your wallpaper will probably get some stains or dirt smudges over time. Start by lightly dusting off the entire surface of the walls with a rag or a duster to remove loose debris. Then, mix a small amount of dish soap with warm water and spot-clean any stains using gentle, round circles. 

Avoid using harsh cleaners or bleach, since this can damage the wallpaper. If you’re dealing with particularly stubborn stains, try a diluted vinegar solution. 

Who We Are

Samantha Jones is an associate commerce editor at Better Homes & Gardens, where she writes about topics like the best wallpapers, home decor, patio furniture, and more. For this story, she spent several hours researching important considerations when shopping for the right wallpaper for your home, then compared her findings to insights gathered from our lab tests in Des Moines, Iowa. Samantha also interviewed Caron Woolsey, founder and principal designer at CW Interiors. 

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