The 11 Best Teacups and Saucer Sets for 2023

Our favorite teacup for daily use is the dishwasher-safe Lenox Federal Gold Bone China Teacup. But for a posh tea party, we love the Wedgwood Wonderlust Emerald Forest Teacup and Saucer.

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Wedgwood Wonderlust Emerald Forest Teacup & Saucer

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There’s magic in a fresh-brewed cup of tea. It can energize you in the morning, calm you at night, soothe you when you’re sick, and comfort you on chilly days. The key to a great cup of tea starts with the best teacup. And, no, you can’t use your coffee mug.

“It's important not to have one vessel for both as coffee oils are very difficult to remove and can taint the flavor of your favorite cup of tea,” says Emeric Harney, marketing director and third generation Harney of Harney & Sons Tea. Tea deserves its own cup for the simple ritual and thousands-year practice that is making tea.

Like tea culture, there’s a certain pride that comes with having the best teacup for tea. And quality teacups—made with the right materials—will last for generations and become some of the most-cherished heirlooms.

However, for daily use and the best all-around teacup, the Lenox Federal Gold Bone China Teacup checks all the boxes. It’s made with strong bone china yet doesn’t come with the high price tag as other luxury bone china brands. Even better: It’s dishwasher safe. Read on to learn more about all of our best teacup picks.

Best Overall

Lenox Federal Gold Teacup

Lenox Federal Gold Teacup


Why You Should Get It: Score high-quality bone china without the European high-quality bone china price tag.

Keep in Mind: This is an Americanized portion as the cup capacity is nearly twice the size of a traditional teacup.

Lenox is one of the only fine china brands in America making bone china. It’s European quality at a much more affordable price. And if it’s good enough for the White House, it’s good enough for your kitchen. The Lenox Federal Gold Bone China Teacup has an Old World tulip silhouette with a modern 24K gold rim so you can dress it up for dinner parties, but it’s also not too flashy for your daily afternoon cup of tea. This is the best tea cup you can buy for both style, price, and practicality. It's traditional, elegant bone china that can also go in the dishwasher–because hand-washing a dozen teacups and saucers sounds like an absolute pain.

Unlike other fine china teacups, the Lenox Federal Gold Bone China Teacup and matching saucer are sold separately. However, if you bought both the teacup and the saucer on Amazon, it would still be less than $50 which is almost unheard of for luxury bone china. With prices like that, it wouldn't be the end of the world if you accidentally dropped one and needed to replace a piece versus replacing a European bone china cup. Though, Lenox bone china is highly rated for its chip resistance so if little hands accidentally drop a cup during a tea party, this cup should remain intact.

Price at time of publish: $28

Product Details: Material: Bone china | Capacity: 10 ounces | Cups in Set: One

Best Budget

Amazingware Royal Tea Cups and Saucers

Amazingware Royal Tea Cups and Saucers


Why You Should Get It: This is "Bridgerton" Regencycore on a beer budget.

Keep in Mind: The teacups are food-grade porcelain, not bone china.

For a British-inspired afternoon tea service—complete with all the finger sandwiches, scones, and Victoria sponges—you need these fluted teacups. Each porcelain cup features a gold crown à la the official sets used at the Historic Royal Palaces in the United Kingdom. Though, these are far less expensive at just $7 a cup. (With matching saucers included, it’s really $3.50 a piece.) With prices like that, you can stock up on a set of 12 or 18 to create the ultimate tea party service for a bridal shower, baby shower, or Mother’s Day brunch. And there are several colors to choose from including a classic white and deep evergreen that would be perfect for a Christmas tea party. The interior of each teacup is white so you can always monitor the color of your brew.

You can also find a matching teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl in each color to create a full tea service set so it’s a great gift idea for tea beginners. And, again, at prices like this, it makes a great tea party set for kids–especially since these are smaller, traditional cups with an 8-ounce capacity.

Price at time of publish: $42 for six

Product Details: Material: Porcelain | Capacity: 8 ounces | Cups in Set: Six

Best Splurge

Wedgwood Wonderlust Teacup & Saucer

Wedgwood Wonderlust Emerald Forest Teacup & Saucer


Why You Should Get It: This luxury set is like jewelry you can drink out of.

Keep in Mind: The cup capacity is slightly smaller than a traditional teacup at only 5 ounces.

In the bone china world, Wedgwood bone china is the end-all, be-all best teacup. But these beautiful pieces don’t come cheap. The nearly 300-year-old company is known for high quality and high prices. But, if taken care of properly, a Wedgewood piece will last a lifetime and beyond. These are the best teacups for heirloom tea sets, wedding gifts, and milestone celebrations because, like any Wedgwood piece, the teacups come in a signature Wedgwood blue gift box.

If you can splurge, the Wedgwood Wonderlust collection is so dreamy with whimsical motifs that mix traditional floral patterns with a modern flair. Each teacup and saucer set is purposefully, slightly mis-matched for a less stuffy look than other Wedgwood china. And the Emerald Forest Teacup and Saucer would be the perfect little luxury to treat yourself if you’re looking for a statement teacup to leave on the counter as decor and don’t necessarily need a full matching set. Despite the luxury status, this bone china is tough. You can actually put these in the dishwasher, though hand washing is still best.

Price at time of publish: $95

Product Details: Material: Bone china | Capacity: 5 ounces | Cups in Set: One

Best Gift Set

T2 Deco Darling Remix Tea for One Set

T2 Deco Darling Remix Tea for One Set


Why You Should Get It: The nesting teapot design is perfect for tea beginners or small apartments.

Keep in Mind: This duo is not dishwasher safe.

Searching for the perfect gift for a tea lover? The Deco Darling Remix Tea for One Set from T2 is the perfect pricepoint for a housewarming gift, graduation present, or tea lover who lives in a small space. The compact design means the teapot nests right on top of the teacup, using minimal storage or countertop space. And you’ll want to display this set because the hand-painted and hand-glazed Art Deco pattern is gorgeous—not to mention the 24K gold handles. Even better: This set comes with a removable infuser for loose leaf teas.

As pretty as it is, this might not be the best teacup for a tea pro or rule stickler. At 350 milliliters, this teacup can hold nearly 12 ounces which is definitely an Americanized interpretation of a teacup. And the interior glaze is a rich green that, though very pretty, makes it difficult to observe the brewed tea’s color and clarity. However, if you love tea for drinking and not analyzing, this pretty, oversized cup is perfect for afternoons when you really need a generous pour of caffeine.

Price at time of publish: $45

Product Details: Material: Stoneware, 24K Gold | Capacity: 350 milliliters | Cups in Set: One

Best Cup and Saucer Set

Poppy Angeloff Axl Teacup & Saucer

Poppy Angeloff Axl Teacup & Saucer


Why You Should Get It: Poppy Angeloff china is cruelty-free making it the perfect vegan alternative.

Keep in Mind: Colors for each design are not customizable.

Fashion designer turned homeware designer, Poppy Angeloff’s line of porcelain teaware is whimsical, campy, and all about fur babies. The Pup Cup and Cat’s Meow collections of teacups and saucers feature dozens of different dog and cat breeds, including a Maltese and a Maine Coon, in the most regal-looking, posh designs with gold flourishes and floral motifs. And each matching teacup and saucer set is less than $40, making it the perfect gift for new dog or cat parents or a holiday gift for a tea lover who’s also obsessed with their pet.

Novelty aside, these teacups are fairly traditional in construction with a 7-ounce cup and 24K gold handle. Though, unlike traditional bone china, this fine china porcelain is made without animal bone ash for a vegan-friendly tea time. Calcium oxide is used in place of cow bones to reinforce the porcelain and make it a stronger, more durable material.

Price at time of publish: $40

Product Details: Material: Porcelain | Capacity: 7 ounces | Cups in Set: One

Best Porcelain

Pillivuyt Coupe Porcelain Cup and Saucer

Pillivuyt Coupe Porcelain Cup and Saucer

William Sonoma

Why You Should Get It: This is the perfect, no-fuss everyday teacup.

Keep in Mind: The 10-ounce capacity is larger than a traditional teacup.

Bone china is an investment, but everyday porcelain is still a great, durable material for teacups–especially the Pillivuyt Coupe Porcelain Cup and Saucer which is exclusive to Williams Sonoma. This simple, minimal design screams casual-cool. It’s a teacup that you can use for breakfast, afternoon, and bedtime. And though it doesn’t have the gold detailing like a more traditional china, it’s still elegant to dress up for dinner parties and entertaining.

Don’t be deceived by its delicate appearance–this teacup is tough. The French company is known for its multi-blend of clays and high-fired porcelain which can withstand the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and even the oven–in case you needed to use teacups as makeshift creme brûlée pots. This porcelain is commercial grade and subjected to commercial testing; so, if you have kiddos in the kitchen, these teacups can handle a tumble.

These teacups aren’t dainty in size, either. At 10 ounces, it’s well beyond the traditional size of 6 ounces, which means the saucers take up more space on a table, too. Though the extra cup capacity is perfect for presenting tea bombs and blooming tea flowers.

Price at time of publish: $27

Product Details: Material: Porcelain | Capacity: 10 ounces | Cups in Set: One

Best Vintage

Spode Blue Italian Teacups and Saucers

Spode Blue Italian Teacups and Saucers


Why You Should Get It: This set has 18th century aesthetics without the vintage price tag.

Keep in Mind: Ceramic earthenware is not as durable or chip resistant as bone china.

For true vintage teacups, sites such as The Real Real and 1stDibs are great for scoring authentic antique teacups. But for a vintage-inspired look, this traditional blue and white teacup set from Spode will make you do a double-take. That’s because the English brand has been in the ceramic business for more than 250 years, and this Italian earthenware set riffs off the classics with a toile country landscape and signature pointed handles. Though, unlike true vintage, these teacups can go in the dishwasher.

These teacups and saucers are sold in sets of four so each piece is about $10. (Or each single teacup and saucer set is about $20.) This is the perfect starter pack for a tea beginner looking to build a complete tea set as you can also buy matching sugar bowls, creamers, and teapots in addition to dinner plates and serveware in the same signature Italian blue pattern. You can even buy matching pastry forks and teaspoons if you’re looking to host an afternoon tea and want a complete tea service set.

Price at time of publish: $82 for four

Product Details: Material: Earthenware | Capacity: 7 ounces | Cups in Set: Four

Best Glass

Pasabahce Turkish Tea Set

Pasabahce Turkish Tea Set


Why You Should Get It: This glass set has a more modern aesthetic if you prefer that to traditional style teacups.

Keep in Mind: As it’s not double-wall glass, it can be extremely hot to hold.

While double-walled glass mugs for tea and coffee have gained popularity, you can’t talk about glass teacups without mentioning Turkish tea culture. Unlike porcelain, stainless steel, or any other teacup material, glass is essentially the most pure material you can serve tea in because it doesn’t affect or alter the taste. So, when you drink tea from a glass teacup, you’re tasting brewed tea in its truest, best form. Glass teacups are the best teacups for the ultimate tea pro to admire the tea color as well.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers and tea drinkers say this teacup and saucer set from Pasabahce is the real deal and that you get a great quality glass for next to nothing. At just $20 for a set of six teacups and saucers, that’s less than $2 for each teacup. With a deal like that, this set is perfect for ordering in bulk if you’re looking for teacups for a large party such as an engagement party or bridal shower. If you’re looking for a wedding favor to give to guests, individual teacups, and saucers would make the perfect take-home gift.

Price at time of publish: $20 for six

Product Details: Material: Glass | Capacity: 4 ounces | Cups in Set: Six

Best Yunomi

The Tea Spot Satin Teacups

The Tea Spot Satin Teacups

The Tea Spot

Why You Should Get It: This set comes in several serene colors perfect for a calming brew.

Keep in Mind: Yunomi teacups heat up very quickly and stay hot.

Like Turkish glass teacups, Japanese yunomi teacups also have a signature vertical design without a handle. They’re traditionally held with both hands as the ceramic gets really, really hot. Unlike more elaborate ceramics used in Japanese tea ceremonies, yunomi teacups are intended for everyday use, and these sets from The Tea Spot have a casual-yet-elegant design perfect for the minimalist. The soft satin glaze feels super luxurious to the touch and comes in a matte navy, pale pink, white, and seaglass green. It matches The Tea Spot signature satin glaze teapots as well.

At just $15 for two teacups, this is a great starter set for learning about Japanese teas and Japanese tea culture—especially if your current tea setup is traditional European cups and teas. And unlike other yunomi teacups, these are dishwasher safe.

Price at time of publish: $15 for two

Product Details: Material: Ceramic | Capacity: 7.5 ounces | Cups in Set: Two

Best Hand Painted

Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Teacup and Saucer

Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Teacup and Saucer


Why You Should Get It: There’s nothing more gorgeous than hand-painted houndstooth gold.

Keep in Mind: These pretty wares are not dishwasher friendly.

From floral motifs to toile landscapes, traditional European teacups used to be hand-painted. It’s a lost art that many brands have left behind as it takes too much time, but Anna Weatherly is determined to preserve it with a lavish line of porcelain hand-painted in Portugal. Collections range from the maximalist avant-garde to the elegant, understated Simply Anna design with embossed whiteware and the brand’s signature hand-painted houndstooth 24K gold rim. This teacup was made to be displayed in a china cabinet or glass-door hutch. If you like buying china for special occasions and celebrations, this is the teacup and saucer for you.

However, all of that exquisite craftsmanship means these teacups aren’t as durable as others. These are not dishwasher safe and you should only handwash with a soft, non-abrasive sponge.

Price at time of publish: $65

Product Details: Material: Porcelain, 24K Gold | Capacity: 8 ounces | Cups in Set: One

Best for Travel

ARRADEN Tea Cup with Infuser

ARRADEN Tea Cup with Infuser


Why You Should Get It: Unlike other travel teacups with handles, this mug actually fits in a car cup holder.

Keep in Mind: The travel lid is plastic.

Making tea takes time. It’s a method with a strict process, from kettle to teapot to teacup. However, modern life means sometimes we don’t have the time for a multi-step process, and we need tea on-the-go. Enter the Arraden Travel Teacup. This nifty ceramic mug has a removable infuser so your cup becomes your teapot all-in-one when you’re short on time. We also think this is the best teacup for travel because it comes with two lids: A plastic tumbler-style lid for sipping while you commute and a ceramic lid that can double as a teacup saucer when you get to your destination. This is clutch for drinking tea at the office and creating a somewhat traditional tea experience even at a cubicle.

At just $20, this travel cup is budget-friendly and, unlike other ceramic travel mugs we’ve looked at, this ceramic option is lead-free and made from raw materials. But most importantly, the bottom of this ceramic mug is tailored to fit into a car cup holder. So, no more using stainless steel coffee mugs for your tea as that can seriously alter the taste.

Price at time of publish: $20

Product Details: Material: Ceramic, Plastic | Capacity: 18 ounces | Cups in Set: One

The Bottom Line

The Lenox Federal Gold Bone China Teacup is the best teacup you can buy because it’s the best quality for a reasonable price. But if budget is no matter, there’s never been a teacup and saucer set as dreamy as the Wedgwood Wonderlust collection.

What to Know About Teacups Before Shopping


A traditional teacup is much smaller than a standard coffee mug and only holds 6 to 8 ounces of liquid. With such a small amount of water, it’s tempting to just stick a teacup in the microwave instead of using a tea kettle. But, tea time takes time. Please, please, don’t ever microwave your tea.

While traditional fine china teacups are still around 6 to 8 ounces, more Americanized, oversized teacups can be found around 10 to 12 ounces. These teacups have larger saucers, too, and are often labeled as a cappuccino, latte, or teacup.


While most coffee mugs are ceramic stoneware, the best teacups often have specific labels in the description: Bone china, fine china, porcelain. So, which one is best? And does bone china really have bones in it? Yep. Bone china is in the ceramic family, but animal bone ash is added to strengthen stoneware.

“Bone china is the strongest material of the porcelain and china ceramics, meaning that it is likely to last through everyday use and the usual accidental slips of the hand or knocks off the table,” says Michelle Richards, head of public relations for Wedgwood. “Bone china teacups can also enhance the body of the tea and enrich the tannin, providing a full-on tea tasting experience. Bone china is a luxurious and precious material, so will last for decades and can have amazing sentimental value when passed down through generations.”

Though not as luxurious, porcelain and stoneware ceramics are just as popular for the sweet spot of durability and budget. And glass teacups are typically even more affordable than ceramics. Regardless of the material, Harney says the most important feature of a teacup is the interior color. “Having a white or clear cup allows you to not only appreciate the color of the tea, but also you can use this to assess the quality of the tea in your cup. Teas that brew a dull color are often of inferior quality or beyond optimal shelf life."

Your Questions, Answered

What are the benefits of using a saucer with a teacup?

If a teacup and saucer are sold individually, you may wonder why you need to buy the saucer. But it’s not just for show. Teacup saucers are as practical as they are pretty. A saucer protects a table or countertop from heat damage from a hot cup. It also prevents any spills or stains as it creates the perfect place to rest a teaspoon or bag of tea.

How can you display teacups?

A china cabinet or glass-door hutch is the most traditional storage option for teacups and saucers, but if you don’t have the space, a small tea tray is perfect for displaying a tea set on your countertop. Alternatively, you can hang teacups by the handle from under a cabinet or floating shelf or even on the wall as art. This is a great option if you have a mismatched vintage collection you’d like to display.

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