8 Solar Companies We Recommend to Anyone Living in Texas

Tesla Solar has a sleek line of products and an unbeatable price-matching offer.

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best solar companies in texas

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Thinking of taking the plunge into the world of solar energy? The sheer number of solar companies available in sunny Texas can make the decision seem a little daunting. That is why we’ve looked into the top companies to assess each one’s overall quality and specialties.

There are many general benefits to solar energy across the board, namely a reduction in energy bills and the use of a renewable resource. But there are possible impediments, too, that companies are working hard to overcome. When it comes to buying solar panels, they do tend to be expensive upfront, but the good news is that you will likely save money in the long term. Once panels are installed on your home, you’ll begin to see your monthly energy bills decrease. The installation of solar panels also increases home values. Solar companies also offer other products like solar batteries and solar pool heaters, to help you further incorporate clean energy throughout your home.

Texas solar product providers tend to specialize in addressing local weather issues, such as heat and humidity. They also know how to mitigate long-term damage and increase the productivity of solar panels due to their many years of experience installing the products in homes and businesses across the state. Nationwide companies with a presence in the Lone Star State, by contrast, usually have a greater array of products available and can provide some of the most energy-efficient panels on the market. Larger solar companies, though, can also provide more flexibility and payment options, as well as keep costs down in general. But overall, the federal government provides tax incentives to make purchasing solar products even more tempting. 

The choice of which solar company to select can often depend on your specific wants and needs, which is why we’ve selected the best solar companies in a variety of categories—and named the best overall. With all of these factors to consider, it’s helpful to consult a list like the one below, which hopefully will guide you in the right direction.

Best Solar Companies in Texas in 2023

Best Overall: Tesla Solar

Tesla Logo


Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, solar battery, solar roof
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2006

Pros & Cons

  • Price matching keeps costs down

  • Has both panel and roof installation options

  • Offers a convenient app

  • Service is not available in all parts of Texas

  • Only offers four panel sizes

Why It Made the List

Tesla is a well-known brand, and not for just electric vehicles. Its solar division ranks as the best of all solar companies in Texas (and, in fact, nationwide) for a variety of reasons. Its 25-year warranty meets the industry standard, but its mobile app is better than the rest. It allows users to both manage and monitor their solar panel productivity remotely. Tesla also offers both solar panels, which are attached to the roof, and entire solar roofs that replace every shingle with a small solar device. 

The panels are also notably well-designed, with a minimalist and futuristic look that surpasses the sometimes clunky, unsightly designs of other brands. Customers can also install the Powerwall, Tesla’s solar battery, to store solar energy to be used when it’s needed, such as during power outages. In addition to its excellent hard products, Tesla Solar has a price-matching program that ensures you’re never paying above the market rate. On top of all that, it allows anyone to quickly fill out an online form for a free quote.  

Of course, no company is perfect, and Tesla Solar does have a couple of downsides. Although the company services every single U.S. state, including Texas, it may not necessarily provide service to every part of Texas. An easy way to tell if service is offered in your area is to check the website or call customer service. In terms of its solar panels, Tesla only offers four panel sizes. While these panels are all more aesthetically pleasing than the competition’s panels, it would nonetheless be beneficial to have more options for customers. Still, all things considered, Tesla reigns supreme as the best solar company in the state of Texas.

Best Protection: NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power Logo

NRG Clean Power

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, solar batteries, electric vehicle chargers
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 1987

Pros & Cons

  • Offers all-inclusive warranties

  • Customizes its services for Texas

  • Is family-owned

  • Does not offer leasing options

  • Only has three office locations in Texas

Why It Made the List

While there can be many advantages to selecting a solar company that specializes in installing panels in Texas (especially companies that take your local climate into consideration), NRG Clean Power stands out most for its comprehensive warranty. Like most solar companies, NRG has a 25-year warranty, but the company goes above and beyond by ensuring that all aspects of the solar panel installation process are covered, including the equipment, labor, racking, and performance. Extensive warranties like this essentially indicate a vote of confidence in the company’s ability to safely and effectively bring solar energy into your home.

The primary issue with any local company is its service area. While nationwide companies typically try to maintain a robust coverage area, regional companies tend to be more limited. In NRG's case, it has only three office locations in Texas. You’ll need to be sure to check with the company’s website or a customer service representative to ensure service is available at your address. Also, NRG prides itself on not leasing solar panels, which can be a win for some customers, but it may be a downside for others who do not want to buy their solar panels outright.

Best Local: Solartime

Solartime USA Logo

Solartime USA

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, solar batteries, solar generators, solar carports, solar pool heaters
  • Warranty: From 12 to 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2009

Pros & Cons

  • Offers a wide array of solar products

  • Expertise includes customizing products for Texas

  • Is family-owned and -operated

  • Primarily services the Dallas area

  • Warranties vary depending on the products

Why It Made the List

There are two big reasons why Solartime USA stands out among the many solar companies that do business in Texas. First, it specializes in customizing products specific to Texas, taking into consideration factors like dry and humid conditions unique to areas within the state. And come summertime, it can get far more than a little hot, while in the winter, deep freezes can wreak havoc on communities. Such conditions can affect the efficiency and longevity of solar panels, so using a solar company that has done business exclusively in Texas and knows how to work with its climate is a huge benefit. We also love that Solartime offers such a wide variety of solar products, including carports and pool heaters.  

That said, local in this instance means very local, as Solartime USA tends to focus primarily on the Dallas area. Be sure to contact the company directly to see if services might be offered at your address. Although warranties may differ depending on the exact solar product, Solartime doesn’t always offer the standard 25-year protection.

Best Budget: Blue Raven Solar

blue raven solar logo

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2014

Pros & Cons

  • First payment can be delayed for 18 months

  • Offers free online estimates

  • Also offers a five-year discount program

  • Has limited product offerings

  • Does not have leasing options

Why It Made the List

Blue Raven Solar has no frills, solid products, and a cost-friendly business model, all of which are contributing to the company’s rapid nationwide expansion and growth. As price is often the greatest entry barrier for people considering solar energy, Blue Raven’s ability to keep costs down is good not just for the company but for the industry as a whole. So how does Blue Raven do it? The company offers a loan called BluePower Plus that includes 18 free months of solar panels with no upfront costs, allowing homeowners to put their energy savings toward the final bill for their solar panels. (After 18 months, you’ll have to start paying off your solar panels.) Blue Raven also offers a promotion called SmartStart that provides up to 60 months—yes, five years—of discounts on your monthly bill. Once you’ve finished paying off the panels, you’ll own them forever, which will likely increase the value of your home.

As of now, the company does not offer any leasing options; for maximum flexibility, we’d prefer it did. Blue Raven is also limited in its product offerings, so if you’re looking for solar batteries, pool heaters, or other products, you’ll have to do business elsewhere.

Best Customer Service: Longhorn Solar

Longhorn Solar Logo

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, solar batteries
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2009

Pros & Cons 

  • Is exclusive to Texas

  • Does not use any subcontractors

  • Customer reviews praise communication and service

  • Does not offer leases

  • Mostly services urban areas

Why It Made the List

Longhorn Solar customers throughout Texas report excellent communication and service, which goes a long way for a local business. There are probably a few reasons why Longhorn excels in this sector, where many other companies fail—the primary one might be that Longhorn never uses subcontractors. From initial estimates to monitoring a panel’s productivity, every step of the process is done by a Longhorn employee with expertise in servicing Texas specifically.

With offices in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, the company has extensive coverage in Texas’s most populated areas. That said, good statewide coverage is not the same as exhaustive statewide coverage. Some parts of the state might be a bit too far from an office location, so be sure to check with Longhorn to see if your address is covered.

Best Energy Efficiency: SunPower

SunPower logo


Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, solar batteries, electric vehicle chargers
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 1985

Pros & Cons

  • Offers leasing options

  • Is the most experienced company on this list

  • Sleek panel designs

  • Energy-efficient panels tend to be more expensive

  • May not service all areas of Texas

Why It Made the List

SunPower has long been known as a solar industry innovator with nearly four decades of experience—much more than all of its competitors on this list. With all that accrued experience, SunPower has designed the most energy-efficient panels currently available. The M-series panels can hit as high as 22.8% efficiency, above the average efficiency of 15% to 20%. More efficient panels mean more energy production, and that translates to more savings on your monthly electric bills. Ultimately, a home with these highly efficient SunPower panels installed will likely be even more valuable than a home with average panels. The only flaw in these panels is that they are more expensive, so you’ll be paying more upfront before the savings begin to accumulate.

SunPower also has a special talent for tailoring its products to suit your home, meaning the company has already taken weather and design into consideration for maximum efficiency and durability. SunPower’s sleek panels are also a welcome attribute in the marketplace. Once your panels are installed, you can monitor their energy productivity with the company’s Hub+ technology. While the company doesn’t offer a huge array of solar products, it does carry batteries and electric vehicle chargers as well. As with all companies on this list, be sure to contact SunPower directly to ensure the company services your address.

Best for Batteries: Sunrun

SunRun logo


Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, solar batteries
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2007

Pros & Cons

  • Has varied and flexible payment options

  • Offers free battery maintenance

  • Insurance policy covers damage and theft

  • Some customers report long wait times for repairs

  • Upfront costs are higher than most competitors

Why It Made the List

Sunrun is not the only solar company on this list to offer batteries in addition to solar panels, but it features a few bells and whistles that help put it above its competitors by selling both the Tesla Powerwall and the LG Brightbox batteries. The Powerwall, as the name implies, has enough power to run your entire home during an outage. The Brightbox, by contrast, only partially powers your home. Regardless of which battery you prefer based on capability and price, we like that Sunrun gives you more than one option. The company also offers free maintenance on its batteries, as well as theft protection on its solar panels. These small but notable features help put Sunrun above the competition when it comes to selling and leasing solar batteries. Speaking of leasing, Sunrun also specializes in offering a variety of flexible payment options, including loans, leases, and power purchase agreements. 

It should be noted that some customers reported long wait times for repairs, although these reports seemed to vary by location. On average, Sunrun products cost a bit more than most companies, but the company’s flexibility in payment methods helps mitigate this.

Best Environmentally Conscious: Palmetto

Palmetto solar panel company logo

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, solar batteries
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2009

Pros & Cons

  • Donates a portion of proceeds to charity

  • Offers three forms of customer support

  • Gives free online estimates

  • Does not have many financing options

  • Charges extra to monitor energy efficiency

Why It Made the List

Palmetto has made saving the environment a primary reason for its existence. Not only does the company aim to provide reasonably priced solar products, but it also donates a portion of its profits to nonprofit groups. Solar Sister, the primary nongovernmental organization that Palmetto supports, trains women from developing nations to use solar products in their communities. By definition, every solar company aims to provide more sustainable means of energy production, but we appreciate that Palmetto goes above and beyond—putting its money where its mouth is. The company also features a robust customer service department, with representatives available via online chat, phone, or email. Palmetto also offers free online estimates, always a welcome feature of any solar company.

The details of Palmetto’s loan financing options are not made clear online and will need to be discussed with someone from the company. It would also be helpful if more financing options were available beyond loans.

Final Verdict

Although there is much to consider when researching solar companies, we do believe it’s possible to land on one overall best company. Texas-based solar product providers offer a degree of expertise in local climates that can’t be ignored. But frequently these companies do not offer service coverage zones that rival larger competitors. Despite efforts to keep upfront costs as low as possible, some solar providers remain pricey, which gives companies that maintain competitive pricing programs an edge. A diverse range of products is also valuable, as some customers may want to extend their solar products beyond just panels. Finally, design considerations cannot be ignored. Although solar energy is more about practicality than aesthetics, there’s no reason why a house needs to be rendered less attractive as a "punishment" for going green.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we ultimately landed on Tesla Solar as the best overall solar company in Texas as it services the same areas as the local and regional companies. The company’s programs are designed to keep products from ever getting too expensive, all without compromising the aesthetic designs of panels too. Its Powerwall battery might be even more desirable and popular than its panels, and its solar roof is a unique product that most companies do not offer. Although SunPower’s highly efficient panels offer some tough competition, we ultimately decided this strength was not enough to beat out all the great qualities of Tesla Solar. 

Compare the Best Solar Companies in Texas

Company Service Area Products Offered Warranty Years in Business Finance Options
Tesla Solar
Best Overall
Throughout Texas Solar panels, solar battery, solar roof 25 years Since 2006 Purchase, loan
NRG Clean Power
Best Protection
Austin, Houston, and San Antonio areas Solar panels, solar batteries, electric vehicle chargers 25 years Since 1987 N/A
Solartime USA
Best Local
Dallas area Solar panels, solar batteries, solar generators, solar carports, solar pool heaters 12 to 25 years Since 2009 Purchase, loan, lease
Blue Raven Solar
Best Budget
Throughout Texas Solar panels 25 years Since 2014 Purchase, loan
Longhorn Solar
Best Customer Service
Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio areas Solar panels, solar batteries  25 years Since 2009 Purchase, loan
Best Energy Efficiency
Throughout Texas Solar panels, solar batteries, electric vehicle chargers 25 years Since 1985 Purchase, loan
Best for Batteries
Throughout Texas Solar panels, solar batteries 25 years Since 2007 Purchase, loan, lease
Best Environmentally Conscious
Throughout Texas Solar panels, solar batteries 25 years Since 2009 Loan

How to Choose the Best Solar Company in Texas

Sifting through all the information and research to find a Texas solar company that works best for you can be exhausting, so we’re breaking down the important factors to consider before making any decisions. These factors include both general things to be aware of when selecting a solar company in addition to specific issues that can affect Texans.

Service Areas

Every solar company on this list has a presence in Texas, of course, but precise coverage areas vary. One local company only services the Dallas area, for example, while another covers several major cities but not smaller ones or rural areas in the state. Nationwide companies can also limit coverage areas if demand is not high enough. Always check with any solar company you’re considering to ensure they can provide service to your address.

Cost Estimates

Many companies provide free online quotes. Simply fill out the required information, and you can get a ballpark cost estimate within minutes. Other companies may require a phone call or even an in-person consultation. Free estimates are a great way to compare and contrast different companies with ease. While more time-consuming quotes can be more accurate, they also tend to come with more sales pressure; and if you’re just dipping your toes into the water of solar companies, that is not ideal. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of contenders based on service areas, see if you can get more specific quotes from all of them.

Climate Issues

We’re not referring here to long-term, global climate issues, although that’s certainly a major reason many people are interested in solar energy. Rather, we’re talking about local climate conditions that can potentially affect solar product performance and longevity. Heat and humidity—as well as temperature swings—can slowly wear away solar panels, making them less efficient over time. Depending on where you live in Texas, your home may also be susceptible to storms and other severe weather conditions. As a result, it’s important to talk with your solar provider about how your climate and weather can affect your solar products. Texas-based companies will likely have these concerns at the forefront of their minds, whereas nationwide companies may not consider local climate as much.

Products Offered

Consider exactly what types of solar energy products you may be interested in acquiring. Solar panels are certainly the most common solar energy product, but solar batteries can also be helpful for houses that are more likely to experience outages. Some solar companies additionally offer solar pool heaters and EV chargers. As you’re considering to what extent you’d like to solarize your home, take a look at which companies offer the range of products you want. Aside from the convenience of dealing with only one company, you might also save money by bundling products together.

Customer Service

Customer complaints about lack of communication or long wait times are an important indicator of how a solar company is likely to treat you. If there’s a history of bad customer reviews online, that’s certainly a red flag. Although, it may not necessarily be a deal breaker as customer experiences can vary from place to place, from representative to representative. If you’re phone averse or can’t take calls easily, some companies also have helpful online chat functions, while others do not. 

Solar Panel Design

While the most important feature of solar panels is their functionality, we don’t believe they need to be an eyesore. Fortunately, some companies have developed solar panel designs that, far from being unsightly, might actually make your home look more futuristic—if that’s something you’re into. Be sure to look at panel photos on a company’s website and social media to get a sense of how they look when they’re installed.

Warranty Protection Plans

Most solar companies, though not all, tend to offer 25-year warranties that protect the solar products themselves. Solar panels tend to decrease in efficiency after a couple of decades, hence the industry standard of 25 years. But some warranties go above and beyond this baseline, also covering labor and productivity. Be sure to discuss the details of the warranties with a customer service representative at the solar companies you’re considering. And make note of what the company will actually do should its services fall short of expectations—how will it solve the problem at hand?

Average Cost of Solar Products in Texas

Solar Panels

In Texas, the average installation cost of solar panels ranges from around $11,000 to $16,000. Keep in mind that the exact costs will vary depending on the exact model of solar panel you’re having installed, as well as the number of panels. Solar panels designed to be more energy-efficient will be on the higher end of this range. The more energy-efficient the panel, the more money you’ll save on electric bills. Please note, this price range does not include any federal or state tax incentives. 

Solar Roofs

Solar roofs, which replace your entire roof as opposed to adding panels on top of it, are considerably more expensive than just panels. The average price range is somewhere in the territory of $40,000 to $60,000. The range is substantial as the price will depend entirely on the square footage of your roof. Again, this cost does not have any tax breaks factored in. 

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters typically cost between $2,500 and $4,000. Like solar panels and solar roofs, they can help reduce monthly electric bills and may be eligible for tax breaks as well.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and some are more powerful than others. And that’s why the price range is extreme: $300 to $20,000, with an average of $10,000. The pricier the battery, the more likely it will be able to power your entire home during an outage. Lower-cost solar batteries usually are only capable of partially powering a home during an outage.

Are There Tax Incentives for Going Solar in Texas?

There are no statewide tax incentives for installing solar products in Texas, but there are a couple of possibilities for local savings. The city of Austin offers solar users a rebate of $2,500 in addition to a payment of $0.097 per kilowatt-hour generated by your solar panels. And as with residents of all states, Texas solar users can qualify for a solar tax credit that can be claimed on their federal income taxes. Solar panels installed in 2020 and 2021 are also eligible for a 26% credit, while panels installed from 2022 until 2032 receive a 30% credit.

Does Solar Energy Impact the Value of a Home in Texas?

Solar panel installation does usually increase home value. One estimate claims that every dollar saved on energy bills adds $20 to your home’s value. Real estate website Zillow also estimates that homes with solar panels tend to sell for about 4% more than homes without solar panels. Given there are so many factors at play in the real estate market, precise figures will be difficult (if not impossible) to know in advance. But as a general rule, solar panels do increase a home’s value in Texas and elsewhere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take solar to pay for itself in Texas?

    The typical payback period, in which the cost of installing solar panels is paid off by savings in monthly electric bills, is about 11 years in Texas. Of course, this period will depend on the efficiency of your panels and the number of panels installed, as well as other factors such as local climate and weather.

  • Can I get free solar panels in Texas?

    It would be great if solar panels were provided for free in Texas, but alas, that is not the case. Solar companies often offer a variety of payment options, including some that can delay upfront costs for as long as 18 months. But regardless of the payment plan, you will need to pay for solar panel installation. 

  • How long do solar panels last in Texas?

    On average, solar panels tend to last around 25 to 30 years, though they can last much longer. This is why so many solar companies offer 25-year warranties. Eventually, solar panels will no longer effectively produce enough energy. The durability of solar panels is determined by a number of factors, including the model of the panel, how often the panels are cleaned, and whether or not the panels are regularly exposed to extreme conditions.

  • Do solar panels take a lot of maintenance?

    Not usually, no. Solar panel maintenance generally requires that panels be cleaned at least once or twice per year. If your solar panels are subject to environmental factors such as humidity or tropical storms, it’s recommended that the panels be cleaned more frequently. Frequent cleanings also tend to help the panels maintain higher rates of productivity over the decades. Other than keeping an eye on panels to assess when they might need cleaning, there’s not much to do in terms of maintenance.

  • Where does Texas stand in solar energy usage compared to other states?

    According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas is the number one state in the country in terms of renewable energy production. But this top status has more to do with the state’s robust wind energy programs than solar. When it comes to solar energy specifically, Texas ranks number two (behind California), with nearly 2 million homes being solar-powered. This is great news for both solar companies and potential customers, as it proves that solar energy can be highly effective in Texas. 


We determined the best solar companies in Texas by collecting data points based on an extensive set of criteria, ranging from financing options to warranties. Our team reviewed more than a dozen companies, rating them in the following categories:

  • Financing options
  • Installation costs
  • Customer service
  • Solar panel design
  • Company reputation
  • Online quote system
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • Service area

Solar companies that offer a variety of financing options, excel in customer service, and provide a range of quality products were awarded extra points during the scoring phase. Companies that do not have a presence in Texas were not evaluated.

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