Make the Most of West Coast Sunshine With These California Solar Companies

ADT Solar offers a comprehensive installation package and additional solar products from major brands.

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Long days of sunshine and perfect weather make living in California sometimes feel like a Hollywood dream—that is, until you consider the rising costs of energy in cities like Los Angeles. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, energy consumers in L.A. paid over 50% more for energy compared to the rest of the nation. If you’re a California homeowner who wants to turn near-endless sunshine into saved costs on your energy bill, looking at solar companies in California is a good place to start. 

Finding a reputable solar company with a strong warranty, a good range of products offered, and a variety of financing options can be tricky. However, the best solar companies in California are upfront and offer extensive and comprehensive additional services—all while being affordable and accessible to homeowners. To help you easily transition to this cleaner form of energy, we researched the best solar companies that service California, rating them based on criteria such as cost, warranties, and more.

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Best Solar Companies in California in 2023

Best Overall: ADT Solar

adt solar logo

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, microinverters, backup batteries
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2008

Pros & Cons

  • In-house roofing division to handle potential roof damage

  • Tesla Powerwall energy storage available

  • 25-year warranty and extensive guarantee

  • Pricing information not available online

  • Not upfront about leasing and loan information

Why It Made the List

We chose ADT Solar as the best overall solar company in California due to its comprehensive approach to solar panels, which includes surveying, designing, installing, and maintaining these devices. The company offers some of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry, including 25-year warranties on power, product, performance, and workmanship.

In addition to its top-notch installation services, ADT Solar also offers added value to its customers by allowing them to choose the brand of battery backup and solar panels, such as the Tesla Powerwall. While this feature allows homeowners to customize their energy needs, pricing information for these offerings isn’t readily available. Furthermore, the company’s leasing and loan policies are also under wraps, but a customer service call will likely get you the details you need.

To make sure you’re kept in the loop, ADT Solar goes the extra mile by offering 24/7 monitoring of the solar panel systems and by integrating solar education into every phase of the installation. This includes publishing resources such as helpful FAQs, articles, and other educational materials on its website—making it easy for California homeowners to understand and make the most of their solar panel investment.

Most Experienced: SunPower

SunPower logo


Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar roof, solar panels, battery storage, EV chargers
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 1985

Pros & Cons

  • Several decades of experience under its belt

  • Panels are sleek and come with built-in microinverters

  • Customers can preview solar panel designs in an app

  • Customer service only available by phone

Why It Made the List

As the only solar company on our list that predates the millennium, SunPower’s nearly 40 years of experience in the solar power industry has made it a widely recognized name when it comes to residential and commercial solar panels. With its proprietary monocrystalline solar panels, SunPower offers a one-stop solution for homeowners seeking to go solar. These panels boast an industry-leading 22.8% efficiency rating, a low-profile design, and integrated microinverters to maintain a home’s aesthetic.

SunPower is the only company to offer a comprehensive virtual design studio, allowing potential clients to preview a solar system’s appearance on their home before making a commitment. While this feature is certainly convenient, do note that any questions or concerns you may have about your panels can only be expressed via phone. Despite this slight drawback, the company strives to be environmentally friendly by boasting Cradle to Cradle certification for sustainable production on all its equipment.

Best for Price-Matching: Tesla Solar

Tesla Solar logo

Tesla Solar

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar roof, solar panels, Powerwall, EV chargers
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2016

Pros & Cons

  • Guaranteed price match with other solar panel providers

  • Can easily monitor and control panels with an app

  • Tesla solar purchases include a branded Powerwall

  • Vague warranty and guarantee terms

Why It Made the List

Tesla Solar is a well-recognized provider of advanced solar panels and installation services. Its solar products—including the Tesla Powerwall, solar shingles, and panels—are designed by in-house technicians and are known for efficiency, sleek design, and high quality. However, one of the standout features of Tesla Solar is its guaranteed price match with other solar panel providers. This makes it a competitive option for those looking for a reliable, high-quality solar panel system on a budget. 

Additionally, purchasing a Tesla solar system automatically includes a Tesla Powerwall, offering backup power during power outages and low sunlight hours. Whether you’re looking to install solar panels or a solar roof, Tesla Energy offers a fully integrated, custom solution that provides a low-stress experience and energy independence. The company’s solar products also come with a well-designed monitoring and control app that allows users to monitor their system from anywhere in the world. Just be sure to get a full rundown of warranty and guarantee terms before committing to installation, as this information is presented vaguely online.

Best for Easy Set-Up: Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar logo

Momentum Solar

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, microinverters, battery storage
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2009

Pros & Cons

  • Will handle all permit and financing paperwork

  • Offers seven different brands of solar panels

  • ​In-house solar battery option is available in California

  • Provides no online quotes or pricing

Why It Made the List

Momentum Solar focuses on creating an easy and seamless transition to renewable energy for its customers. The company boasts a comprehensive approach to solar energy systems by handling every aspect of the process in-house—from design to financing—in order to provide an optimal level of convenience for clients. All you need to do is stay in contact with the rep who’s handling your project.

Momentum Solar prides itself on offering a variety of solar panel options from a range of manufacturers, allowing the company to cater to clients’ diverse energy needs and further personalize solar energy systems. Momentum Solar also offers all-inclusive protection and monitoring services and in-house battery options in California. Although the company provides truly comprehensive services, online quotes and prices aren’t available. Be sure to go over all costs associated with panel installation with your Momentum Solar rep should you choose this solar company.

Best Protection Plans: Palmetto Solar

Palmetto solar panel company logo

Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panels, microinverters, battery storage
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2010

Pros & Cons

  • 25-year warranty covers any dips in performance

  • Contributes to nonprofits that fight climate change

  • Can estimate solar savings with an online calculato

  • Extra protection requires an additional $8 monthly fee

Why It Made the List

Palmetto Solar earned our recognition as one of the top solar companies thanks to its excellent coverage plans. The company provides a standard 25-year output warranty that covers any deficiencies in performance. Moreover, Palmetto Solar offers a distinctive and optional Essentials Protection Plan for an additional monthly fee of $8. 

The Essentials Protection Plans include active professional monitoring 24/7, a monthly system review, personalized recommendations to help you save energy and money, and prioritized support and troubleshooting. While we wish this service was complimentary, the extra coverage may appeal to those who want complete solar panel protection for an arguably small fee. Aside from its offerings, the company also contributes to nonprofit organizations that combat climate change, making it one of the most eco-conscious solar companies on our list.

Best Warranty: Sunlux

 Sunlux logo


Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panel, inverter, battery backup, EV charging and racking repairs
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2015

Pros & Cons

  • Warranty covers parts, shipping, labor, and performance

  • EV charger and smart-home installations available

  • Offers solar equipment from other brands like Tesla, LG, and more

  • Customer service only available by phone

  • Not suitable for small roofs

Why It Made the List

Many solar panel companies often come with decent warranty periods and coverage, but Sunlux solar panel installations are covered at an impressive level that sets it apart from its competitors. In addition to its lengthy 25-year period, the company’s comprehensive warranty covers hardware components, labor and shipping costs, degradation, physical wear and tear, and performance. 

The company installs equipment from reputable manufacturers, including solar panels from Panasonic, LG, and Q Cells, and battery backups from Tesla, LG, and Enphase. Sunlux also offers smart-home systems and EV charging-station installations for customers seeking an energy-efficient home upgrade. While the company’s customer service is available via phone, Sunlux’s commitment to offering high-quality solar products and generous warranties make it a trusted choice for customers seeking to upgrade their homes.

Best Leasing Options: Sunrun

SunRun logo


Key Specs

  • Products Offered: Solar panel, inverter, battery storage
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Years in Business: Since 2007

Pros & Cons

  • Both leasing options come with generous warranties

  • Panels are insured against theft and damage

  • Will customize solar panel installation to fit most roofs

  • Pricing information for leases and installation isn’t readily available

  • Online product information is limited

Why It Made the List

Leasing solar panels is ideal for those who don't have a large lumpsum of cash to splurge on owning these devices. Sunrun offers two leasing options that each come with their own stipulations. The first option allows you to pay your full lease upfront without worrying about monthly payments for 25 years. Alternatively, you can opt for a monthly leasing plan that locks in low rates for 25 years with $0 down. While these options may have different terms and limited pricing information, both come with free monitoring and maintenance.

Sunrun endeavors to make the process of solar installation a personal one by customizing each of its solar energy systems to the customer’s home. To achieve this, the company evaluates aspects of your home, such as size, sunlight exposure, and the roof area and slope. Based on this analysis, Sunrun calculates the cost and energy usage of the system and provides a clear explanation of any available government incentives to help you come to a decision.

Final Verdict

An extensive list of solar company options in California may be confusing or even overwhelming for the average homeowner seeking to gain some form of energy independence. Although options may feel numerous, we found ADT Solar to be the best solar company for those looking to transition to green energy in California. The company’s extensive experience in the solar panel installation field, its wide range of services, and its workmanship guarantees all make for a comprehensive package. While pricing and leasing information isn’t clear, interested clients will likely find answers to these questions with a quick customer service call.

Compare the Best Solar Companies in California

Company Products Offered Warranty Years in Business Finance Options
ADT Solar
Best Overall
Solar panels, microinverters, backup batteries 25 years Since 2008 Loans and PPAs
Most Experienced
Solar roof, solar panels, battery storage, EV chargers 25 years Since 1985 Loans and PPAs
Best for Price-Matching
Solar roof, solar panels, Powerwall, EV chargers 25 years Since 2016 Loans
Momentum Solar
Best for Easy Set-Up
Solar panels, microinverters, battery storage 25 years Since 2009 Loans and PPAs
Palmetto Solar
Best Protection Plans
Solar panels, microinverters, battery storage 25 years Since 2010 Loans
Best Warranty
Solar panel, inverter, battery backup, EV charging and racking repairs 25 years Since 2015 Loans, lease, and prepaid lease
Best Leasing Options
Solar panel, inverter, battery storage 10 years Since 2007 Loans, lease, and prepaid lease

How to Choose the Best Solar Company in California

Numerous factors are worth considering when selecting a solar company, including the quality of equipment, installation process, offered warranties, and more. To make the process easier, we’ve put together a list of important factors to consider when choosing a solar panel company for your California residence.

Equipment Quality

It’s important to ensure that a solar company uses high-quality equipment in its installations. Brands such as LG, Panasonic, Maxeon, and Q Cells are well-known for producing quality solar panels that perform well and are durable. A good solar company will use these types of panels in its installations to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Installation Process

Make sure to ask any solar companies you’re considering about their installation process. An ideal company should handle every aspect of the installation, including custom designing the system for your home, securing permits, and ensuring that the installation is safely completed within the agreed-upon time frame.


Warranties are crucial to ensuring your investment in solar energy is protected. Most solar companies will offer warranties to cover the hardware components, parts, labor, shipping costs, and performance of the system. Keep in mind some solar companies depend on manufacturer warranties, while others offer additional warranties of their own.

Customer Service

Make sure to read customer reviews about any solar company you consider. Solar installers will need to be on top of and around your home for an extended period of time, so reading local reviews for the company you are considering is paramount to protecting your privacy and security. A good solar company should also be accessible by phone and email, as well as capable of timely assistance when resolving any issues you may have.

Financing Options

Most solar installers offer multiple forms of financing options. Unless you can afford the cost of a solar energy system outright, you will want to consider which financing options—be it loans, solar power purchasing agreements (PPAs), or prepaid leases—are best for you. Companies that offer these alternative methods will give you more than one way to pay for your solar panel installation.

Government Incentives

For many people, the main reasons behind going solar involve saving on energy costs and reducing carbon footprints. California and the federal government both offer special incentives for homeowners who go solar. A good solar company will make sure to educate its customers about available government incentives and even help consumers access these savings and tax breaks.


Since solar panels mount on the exterior of a home, they are subject to whatever weather passes through. While Southern California generally does not see extreme weather like blizzards, serious rainfall and even wind can damage solar panels. Make sure any solar company you consider offers maintenance services to keep your system in top condition or can connect you with reliable maintenance personnel. Companies you consider should be able to provide you with regular checkups and assist with any necessary repairs.

Average Cost of Solar Products in California

While different types of solar products and solar panels can incur a wide variety of costs, it’s easiest to estimate solar costs per watt. Homeowners can analyze average energy usage from existing power bills to determine how many watts or kilowatts they need. The average cost per watt for solar panels in California is $3 to $4 per watt. This calculates to between $12,000 and $24,000 total, as most homes need between 4kW (4,000 watts) and 6kW (6,000 watts). 

Additional costs can rise quickly if you consider battery backups such as the Tesla Powerwall, which costs $11,500 per unit and provides 5.8 kW of continuous power and 10 kW of peak power. Enphase’s IQ batteries are more affordable but still cost around $3,000 to $6,000 per unit depending on the model you choose.

Finally, one of the biggest costs when it comes to solar is installation and labor, which can add anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. With all of these costs in mind, it’s no wonder that most homeowners opt to take out solar loans, or lease their solar through a PPA instead of paying outright. Unfortunately, many who lease or enter a PPA with a solar leasing company eventually feel trapped by the agreement’s terms. Be sure to carefully review all of this information before committing to a solar panel company.

Do You Need Approval to Install Solar Panels in California?

California requires homeowners to obtain a building permit for the installation of solar panels on a property. In some cases, approval from the local utility company and the Homeowner's Association may also be necessary. It’s important to check local regulations and requirements before installing solar panels in California in nearly any region.

Are There Tax Incentives for Going Solar in California?

The state of California offers several incentives to encourage residents to adopt solar energy. One of the most popular incentives is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows homeowners to claim a federal tax credit of 26% of the cost of a solar panel system. California also offers a state tax credit and a property tax exclusion for solar panels. These incentives help make solar energy more affordable for and accessible to California residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do solar panels last in California?

    If properly maintained, a solar panel system should continue to produce electricity for 30 to 35 years. The performance of the panels may decrease slightly over time, but most panels are designed to maintain at least 80% of their original efficiency for their entire life span.

  • Is there a limit to how many solar panels you can have in California?

    There is no specific limit to the number of solar panels a homeowner can have in California. Some cities and communities may have local regulations and restrictions regarding the size of solar panel systems, so it’s best to check with your local government to see if there are any limitations in your area. Typically, you’ll be limited to how many panels you can fit on your roof or in your yard.

  • Do solar panels increase property taxes in California?

    Installing solar panels in California generally does not increase your property taxes. In fact, under California law, the assessed value of your property cannot be increased because of the installation of solar panels. This means that your property taxes will not be impacted by your solar panel system, even if it increases the value of your home.

  • How do I qualify for free solar in California?

    There is no such thing as free solar panels in California, as the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a solar panel system is significant. There are various incentives and financing options available that can help make solar more affordable, such as state rebates, federal tax credits, and solar power purchase agreements. To determine if you are eligible for any of these programs, you can contact a solar panel installation company for a consultation.

  • Do solar panels need servicing?

    Solar panels need to be serviced periodically to ensure they function at an optimal level. Some basic maintenance tasks include cleaning the panels and checking for any loose or damaged parts. It’s also a good idea to have a professional inspect your solar panel system once a year to make sure everything is working as it should. Regular maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your panels and ensure you receive the most out of your investment in solar energy.


We determined the best solar companies in California by collecting several data points based on an extensive set of criteria ranging from product offerings to financing options. Our team reviewed more than a dozen companies, rating them based on the following categories:

  • Financing options
  • Installation cost
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • Additional product offerings
  • Customer service
  • Solar panel design
  • Company reputation
  • Online quote system

Any solar companies that provided a variety of financing options, excelled in customer service, and offered generous warranty periods and policies were awarded extra points during the scoring phase. Any services that excelled in a specific category such as price matching or protection plan coverage were also awarded their respective superlatives on this list.

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