The 9 Best Reclining Sofas of 2023 That Will Make You Want to Lounge All Day

The Ultra Lounge Reclining Sofa by Pottery Barn is cozy, customizable, and moderately priced.

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Best Reclining Sofas

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No living room is complete without a comfy place to relax. Most people will turn to a traditional sofa when shopping, but this limits how many people can lay down at once. So, what’s the solution?

Reclining sofas come in a variety of colors, upholstery materials, and dimensions just like traditional sofas. You may think reclining sofas are bulky, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are hundreds of modern options out there that are discreet recliners and look like traditional sofas.

The main difference is some reclining sofas need to be placed away from the wall to enjoy their full capabilities, and many are powered options, meaning they need to be plugged in to recline.

To find the best reclining sofas, we researched various products and spoke with Todd Richesin, owner of Todd Richesin Interiors, to learn more about what qualities you should look for when shopping for a reclining sofa.

After reviewing hundreds of options, our pick for the overall best reclining sofa is the Ultra Lounge Reclining Sofa by Pottery Barn. It is moderately priced, has 28 colors to choose from, and has a sleek design. Read on for our full list of the best reclining sofas.

Best Overall

Pottery Barn Ultra Lounge Square Arm Upholstered Reclining Sofa

Pottery Barn Ultra Lounge Square Arm Upholstered Reclining Sofa

Pottery Barn

Why You Should Get It: It’s the most customizable moderate-priced sofa on our list with 28 colors and six fabric choices.

Keep In Mind: There isn’t a leather option.

The Ultra Lounge Reclining Sofa by Pottery Barn is our top pick for the best reclining sofa. It comes in 28 colors and six fabric choices, so there is an option to match any style or aesthetic. If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your favorites, Pottery Barn offers free swatches to help you find your perfect match.

This sleek power reclining sofa seats three people, and each seat has its own individually reclining footrest and headrest. Some power reclining sofas require a large wall clearance, but that isn’t the case with the Ultra Lounge Reclining Sofa.

As you tilt back in the chair, the seat moves forward to save you floor space. This means you can place this sofa close to the wall and still be able to fully recline and relax.

Proper care is important to keep this sofa looking good as new. The textured fabric choices may show wear faster than the other options, so make sure to have a fabric shaver handy. It’s also important to keep in mind that there is not a leather option available for this pick, only fabric.

If you like the sofa’s style but are in need of something bigger, Pottery Barn also sells a 4-piece sectional and 5-piece sectional from the same collection.

Price at time of publish: From $4,297

Product Details: Fabric: Basketweave, chenille, linen, plain weave, tweed, or velvet | Color: 30+ colors | Dimensions: 110.5 x 43 x 31 inches | Seat Depth: 23 inches

Best Budget

Red Barrel Studio Westport 85" Lay Flat Reclining Upholstered Sofa

Red Barrel Studio Westport Reclining Sofa


Why You Should Get It: It’s available in both power and manual to fit your preference.

Keep In Mind: You need 10 inches of clearance from the wall to fully recline.

For those on a budget, the Catnapper’s Westport Reclining Sofa is the best affordable reclining sofa. It features a traditional design and is available in either gray or beige. It even comes with five throw pillows that match your color selection.

The key to a budget sofa is avoiding elements that make it look inexpensive. The Westport Reclining Sofa features discrete upgrades, including a gel-infused seat topper to keep you cool and individually-wrapped coil seating to keep the sofa’s shape over time. You may think you’re getting your money’s worth out of a reclining sofa with bells and whistles, but too many details can make budget picks look like a budget pick.

In addition to the memory foam topper, this farmhouse recliner is polyester, making it a family-friendly choice. For an additional $230, you can upgrade to a power recliner for the ultimate level of comfort. Manual recliners have one locked position, but with a power option, you get to select your desired angle to recline and relax.

This pick requires a wall clearance of 10 inches, which can take up valuable floor space in small rooms. It’s also important to keep in mind that this sofa reaches a width of 67 inches with the footrest and back completely reclined. Make sure to place surrounding furniture far enough away so it doesn’t get bumped with each recline.

Price at time of publish: From $1,150

Product Details: Fabric: Polyester | Color: Beige or gray | Dimensions: 85 x 34 x 42 inches | Seat Depth: 22.5 inches

Best Splurge

Arhaus Coburn Five Piece Motion Corner Sectional

Arhaus Coburn Five Piece Motion Corner Sectional


Why You Should Get It: The upholstery fabric is Crypton, which is known for withstanding every day wear-and-tear.

Keep In Mind: This sofa requires 12 inches of wall clearance on all sides to fully recline.

In most cases, splurging on a sofa can only be justified if it’s made from high quality materials. There are thousands of reclining sofas on the market that are comfy, feature technology including USB ports, and have a moderate price tag. So, what makes the Coburn Sectional by Arhaus worth it?

At first glance, it looks like a normal sofa because of its sleek design. However, the sectional features a total of four reclining seats (two on both ends) and a corner seat with adjustable headrests. With the touch of a button, the whole family can recline and relax together.

Some people may shy away from fabric sofas, but there are great options out there. Richesin recommends Crypton for an easy-to-clean option that is meant to withstand everyday living.

While the Coburn Sectional is made from Crypton, it’s important to note that it only comes in the ivory shade. If you like to enjoy meals on your sofa, you may find peace of mind splurging on a piece that comes in a dark shade.

Sectionals are great for seating a large group, but make sure to think about future plans before purchasing. “If you are planning on moving any time soon, don’t buy a sectional,” Richesin advises. “They generally only fit in the room they were [purchased] to fit in.”

It’s also important to consider your available floor space. You’ll need 12 inches of wall clearance on all sides to fully recline in this pick, which can limit the types of rooms the sofa will work in. However, this sectional will work great in large rooms with space to fill.

Price at time of publish: $9,999

Product Details: Fabric: Crypton Performance Fabric | Color: Ivory | Dimensions: 127 x 127 x 31 inches | Seat Depth: Not listed

Best Modern

Lazzoni Mony Loveseat Adjustable Sofa

Lazzoni Mony Loveseat Adjustable Sofa


Why You Should Get It: You can also use this sofa as a daytime lounger and guest bed.

Keep In Mind: It lacks traditional footrests.

The Mony Loveseat Adjustable Sofa by Lazzoni is the best reclining sofa for those looking for a couch with a minimalist design. The modern look also comes with modern functionality; you can use it as you would a regular couch, plus it serves as a daytime lounger or as a sleeper sofa with an extra guest bed.

The backrests manually push back to create a lounger for daytime TV watching, and the armrests also slide out to create a bed that’s between the sizes of a twin and full, which will comfortably sleep anyone under 6’5". Once the sofa is fully extended, the seat depth reaches 43.3 inches. This gives you just over 3.5 feet of room for your lower body, so tall buyers beware. 

This pick only comes in one shade, but luckily, gray sofas are versatile and can be styled in many different ways. The polyester blend upholstery is known for being soft and easy to clean. Plus, the Mony Sofa also offers durability—it’s water, stain, UV/fade, scratch, and tear resistant. As the cherry on top, the Lazzoni brand features a lifetime warranty on the metal frame and two years for the upholstery, mechanical parts, and coverings.

While its modern look is visually interesting, the design might not be for everyone—this sofa does not feature footrests like traditional reclining sofas. Also keep in mind that partial assembly is required.

Price at time of publish: $3,945

Product Details: Fabric: Polyester blend | Color: Gray or beige | Dimensions: 78.3 x 42.5 x 31.9 inches | Seat Depth: 21.6 inches

Best Leather

West Elm Enzo Leather Reclining Sofa

West Elm Enzo Leather Reclining Sofa

West Elm

Why You Should Get It: It’s made from 100% top-grain leather.

Keep In Mind: This sofa seats two people.

The West Elm Enzo Leather Reclining Sofa is a great option for those of you who like leather’s warm, organic modern look but aren’t looking to spend a ton of money on top-of-the-line leather options. It’s made from 100% top-grain leather and comes in four neutral colors to match any living room.

When it comes to leather options, full-grain is the highest quality available, typically making it a splurge purchase. For those who still want a high-quality leather piece but a lower price tag, top-grain leather is the next best thing.

This power recliner has both headrests and footrests that adjust to multiple positions for ultimate comfort. For an additional $38, you can upgrade to include two storage arms with hidden storage space and a discreet USB port. Make sure to measure your available space before purchasing; the storage arms option adds 16-inches to the length of the sofa.

On a scale of one to five, West Elm rates this sofa as a four in firmness. This medium firm sofa features semi-attached seat and back cushions and is a contract-grade item, meaning it’s manufactured to meet the demands of commercial use.

Though this pick hits the mark in several categories, it’s not ideal for large families. This sofa can only seat two people comfortably, but for those wanting to add to your furniture collection, West Elm sells a 3-piece and 5-piece reclining sectional in the Enzo Leather Collection.

Price at time of publish: From $5,958

Product Details: Fabric: Genuine, top-grain leather | Color: Black, Brown, Gray, Navy | Dimensions: 93 x 41.5 x 31 inches | Seat Depth: 22 inches

Best for Small Spaces

Wade Logan Donley 61'' Upholstered Loveseat

Wade Logan Donley Loveseat


Why You Should Get It: This sofa hugs the wall to give you maximum floor space.

Keep In Mind: There are only fabric options available.

It’s important to make the most of the room you have when you live in a small space. Sofas can double as a place to nap, eat a quick bite, or even a guest bed. The Donley Loveseat by Wade Logan is an incline sofa, meaning you can place it against a wall and still be able to lounge fully reclined.

Incliners feature a footrest that moves forward while the backrest stays in place. They’re a great option for people who don’t have the room for reclining sofas that require tons of wall clearance.

This power recliner comes in 55 colors and seven upholstery materials to best fit your style. Those numbers may seem overwhelming at first, but Wayfair allows you to filter by your needs when shopping—child/pet friendly, pill resistant, stain resistant, and more.

Unfortunately, leather lovers are out of luck as this pick only comes in fabric options, but there are several color choices that resemble that classic leather look.

Take into consideration what you use your sofa for before purchasing a loveseat. The Donley Loveseat comes in at 61 inches long, making it the shortest on our list of best reclining sofas. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a loveseat for small spaces, so there may be other two-seater sofas out there that can work for your space.

Price at time of publish: From $1,150

Product Details: Fabric: Cotton, cotton blend, polyester, polyester blend, polypropylene, performance fabrics | Color: 55 colors | Dimensions: 61 x 40 x 29 inches | Seat Depth: 23 inches

Best Electric

Living Spaces Serena Power Reclining Sofa

Living Spaces Serena Power Reclining Sofa

Living Spaces

Why You Should Get It: It features heating and massaging seats, and the dropdown center console has an overhead light for reading, USB ports, AC outlets, and cup holders.

Keep In Mind: It’s not offered in a wide variety of colors, unlike other options.

The Serena Power Reclining Sofa is a multi-purpose piece of furniture with many technological features. There are attached remote controls that conveniently recline the backrests and footrests. They also turn on the massager and heated seats, both of which feature multiple settings to fit your preference.

The seats also offer lumbar support to relieve your back muscles after a long day of sitting in an office chair. Additionally, the middle seat has a discreet dropdown console with an overhead light for reading, USB ports, AC outlets, and cup holders.

This power reclining sofa comes in two color options: taupe and dark grey. Smaller families or those with a smaller living room may enjoy the Serena Power Reclining Loveseat, which features the same power reclining, heat, and massage with two chairs and a middle console with cupholders.

Price at time of publish: $2,595

Product Details: Fabric: Leather | Color: Taupe, gray | Dimensions: 87 x 39.4 x 41.3 inches | Seat Depth: 22 inches

Best Sectional

Z Gallerie Frankie Reclining Sectional

Z Gallerie Frankie Reclining Sectional

Z Gallerie

Why You Should Get It: It’s available in a four- and five-piece option.

Keep In Mind: It only comes in one shade and may require more upkeep.

Sectionals are the best reclining sofas for large families and living rooms with a lot of space to fill. The Frankie Reclining Sectional by ZGallerie comes in a four- and five-piece option to fit your entire crew.

There is both a power and a non-power option, but keep in mind that only the power option will recline; the non-power option only has an adjustable headrest. The four-seater power option features two reclining seats, and the five-seater features three recliners. The cushions are connected to prevent the sectional pieces from shifting.

Sectionals offer the most seating of any sofa and typically come in a variety of shapes to best fit your room. With the Frankie Reclining Sectional, you can select between left arm facing or right arm facing depending on the room you’re working with.

The polyester fabric only comes in a light neutral shade, so it’s important to know how to keep this piece clean. Consider vacuuming frequently and keeping the sectional out of direct sunlight to protect the upholstery. It’s also recommended that you rotate the cushions often to prevent uneven wear.

The kiln-dried hardwood is made to resist splitting and warping, and it also comes with a two-year warranty. You can also purchase a two-, three-, or five-year warranty for the entire sofa. 

Price at time of publish: From $2,715

Product Details: Fabric: Polyester | Color: Neutral | Dimensions: 142.52 x 142.52 x 41.34 inches | Seat Depth: 19 inches

Best Set

The Twillery Co Malta Reclining Living Room Set

The Twillery Co Malta Reclining Living Room Set


Why You Should Get It: You can customize what pieces of the set you want before purchasing.

Keep In Mind: The set is only available in the dark brown color.

The Red Bluff Reclining Set by Wildon Home is made from top-grain leather, meaning this leather choice is second best only to expensive full-grain leather. All of the pieces in this set manually recline, so you won’t have to worry about plugging in three separate cords.

When searching for the best reclining sofa set, we knew it was important to select a material that’s stain-resistant. Afterall, the last thing you need to worry about is how to clean multiple new pieces of furniture. Leather is an easy upholstery choice for the busy family or those who like furniture with minimal upkeep.

In addition to the reclining sofa, you have the option to purchase a reclining loveseat and/or a reclining chair to complete your set. The option to customize your set allows you to only buy pieces that you need and ones that work with your living room. However, this set is only available in a dark brown shade and may not go with every aesthetic.

Keep in mind, you need to allow for at least 12 inches in front and 3 inches in the back of each piece so they can fully recline. Partial assembly is required for each piece; however, Wayfair offers several shipping options to fit your needs. The White Glove Delivery & Assembly option means your pieces will be assembled in your room of choice after delivery for a stress-free experience.

Price at time of publish: $4,520 for the set

Product Details: Fabric: Genuine, top-grain leather | Color: Dark brown | Dimensions: Sofa: 83.5 x 40 x 37 inches; Loveseat: 66 x 40 x 39 inches; Recliner: 44 x 39 x 38 inches | Seat Depth: Sofa and Loveseat: 21.5 inches; Recliner: 23 inches

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Ultra Lounge Reclining Sofa by Pottery Barn is the best reclining sofa because it’s sleek, customizable, and moderately priced. Also, it’s sold as part of a collection, so you have the option to add matching pieces to your furniture collection.

What To Know About Reclining Sofas Before Shopping


It’s important to think about your family’s habits before picking sofa upholstery. If your crew spends a lot of time on the couch (and likes to snack or eat meals here), consider easy-to-clean materials.

Fabric upholstery has a reputation of staining easily, but many fabrics are known to be kid- and pet-friendly options. For these households, Crypton and microfiber sofas are easy to keep clean.

Classic leather sofas are oftentimes considered a splurge purchase. Top-of-the-line, genuine leather sofas typically push the $20,000 mark. So, what’s the compromise to having a high-quality leather sofa that won’t break the bank?

Top-grain leather is the second highest quality of leather after full-grain. It offers strength, durability, and longevity similar to its more expensive counterpart and is common in residential furniture. There are plenty of faux leather options out there, but keep in mind that most of these options will start to peel off over time.

Richesin recommends staying away from fabric sofas with a lot of texture. “That tends to cause friction and wear where the fabric rubs against each other while reclining,” he says. If your heart is set on a textured fabric, a fabric shaver can come in handy to keep your sofa looking its best.


There are a few general statements we know to be true about sofa colors–dark colors are better at concealing stains than light colors; neutrals blend in with your living room’s already-existing style; and bold, bright colors make a statement.

There are hundreds of shades for you to choose from to fit your style. Budget sofas typically come in a limited, neutral color selection, so moderate-priced sofas are a great place to look if your heart is set on a specific shade. For example, the Pottery Barn Ultra Lounge Reclining Sofa comes in 28 colors to go with every living room.


It’s important to measure and scale your room for sectional recliner sofas. These sofas usually come in several shapes and configurations, so measure multiple ways to get your ideal dimensions.

Once you find a sofa within your needed/desired dimensions, Richesin recommends you tape out the sofa’s measurements on the floor before purchasing. This will show you what the sofa will look like in your living room.

It’s also important to consider how long the sofa will be when fully reclined to give you a better idea of the true space needed (and how far away you’ll need to place it from the wall and the coffee table.)

Seat Depth

“A 21-inch seat depth is good for most people,” Richesin says. “That is deep enough to lay down on and not too deep for shorter people. But [reclining sofas] are available in a myriad of depths.”

Deeper options can be great for those of you who want to lay horizontally to take naps, while shallow options take up less floor space but will be more comfortable for sitting up than laying down. Keep in mind that seat depth is a personal preference, and the ideal size will vary from person to person.

Your Questions, Answered

Can you put a reclining sofa against a wall?

As a general rule of thumb, reclining sofas need to be placed anywhere from a few inches to over one foot away from the wall to enjoy their fully-reclined state. However, there are a few exceptions.

“You can [put a reclining sofa against a wall] if it is an incliner, which is specifically designed to be used against a wall,” Richesin says. The back portion of an incliner stays in place while the footrest moves up. Incliners are ideal for small spaces that require the sofa to be against the wall.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that an incliner’s footrest slides out further into the room than a traditional reclining sofa. This can affect coffee table placement or even your TV stand for smaller spaces.

Do power reclining sofas need to be plugged in?

In most cases, power reclining sofas need to be plugged in. It’s not recommended to use an extension cord with power reclining sofas, so it’s important to consider your space’s available outlets before purchasing.

If you want a power reclining sofa but don’t have convenient outlets, Richesin says there are many power reclining sofas that can operate with a rechargeable battery unit.

“The [battery] pack is smaller than a shoe box and generally tucks under the sofa so you don’t see it, making it easy to pull out and recharge,” he says. “Generally, on a quality sofa, a battery will last a year before having to be recharged.”

Some reclining sofas have the option to upgrade to a battery pack before purchasing. For those that don’t have the upgrade option, rechargeable battery packs can be purchased online. Just make sure the sofa and battery are compatible before purchasing.

How much do reclining sofas cost?

“Pricing depends on quality, brand, and materials used,” Richesin says. “You can expect to pay at least $7,000 on the low end for something of decent quality to over $30,000 for a really well-made product.”

The picks on our list of best reclining sofas range in price from $1,400-$10,000. Sofas on the lower end of the scale may be initially appealing, but they may not last as long as a more expensive sofa. 

Sofas made from high quality materials are investment pieces, and when cared for properly, they’ll outlast cheaper picks. However, if you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to get a few years out of a more affordable sofa.

Before shopping, start by asking yourself if you want a manual or power recliner. Next, consider your upholstery choices. When it comes to your budget, splurging may be worth it if you’re looking for a permanent piece to your furniture collection.

Finally, consider all of the “extras'' you may enjoy, including built-in storage, USB ports, cup holders, reading lights, seat heaters and massagers.

Use your answers to filter your search when shopping for sofas online. Fine-tuning your wants can help you reach your desired price point.

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