The 9 Best Kitchen Faucets of 2023 for Adding Style and Function to Your Kitchen

We love the touch-sensitive technology of the Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

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Kitchen faucets are both the workhorse and the crown jewel of the kitchen. They should be durable enough to endure repeated use, but also beautiful enough to blend in with your existing kitchen appliances and decor. With so many different materials, finishes, and styles on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out what kitchen faucet will fit best with your home and lifestyle.

“When [choosing the best kitchen faucets], make sure that the faucet not only fits the style of the kitchen but that it also functions for [your] needs,” said Jenny Slingerland, owner and principal designer at Black Ink Interiors. “Understanding how you need your kitchen to function for you is the best first step in selecting the perfect faucet. Do you live a fast-paced life and prefer a touch-activated faucet, or would you prefer a more traditional bridge faucet with two handles?”

To help guide your buying decisions, we have created a list of the best kitchen faucets based on material, finish, flow rate, ease of use, and more. After extensive research, we chose the Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet as our best overall pick because of its convenient touch-activated functionality and sleek modern design.

These are the best kitchen faucets.

Best Overall

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • Touch activated
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Option for battery or A/C power

Keep in Mind:

  • The touch feature can become glitchy

When it comes to combining style and functionality in the kitchen, it doesn’t get much better than the Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. Equipped with touch-sensitive technology, this kitchen faucet was designed to sense the difference between an intentional touch and an accidental bump, minimizing the chances of incorrect activation. A simple tap of the wrist or forearm anywhere on the spout or handle seamlessly starts up the flow of water at the handle’s preset temperature. This allows you to turn on the water easily even when your hands aren’t free.

For added convenience, there’s an LED light on the faucet that changes color to indicate water temperature, eliminating the chance of accidentally burning your hands. We also like that the touchless activation can be controlled by both the battery pack or AC power cord, giving you a backup in the event of a power outage. Like Delta’s entire suite of kitchen faucets, this pick features the brand’s patented Diamond Seal technology meant to reduce leaks. We also like that this kitchen faucet was designed to fit both single- and three-hole configurations, making it very easy to install.

The pull-down sprayer includes a concentrated jet to power away stubborn messes, and it has a built-in water shield to help control splatters. This means less time scrubbing, soaking, and getting wet as a result of spraying water. When you’re done tackling the dishes, a magnet pulls the sprayer back and holds it securely in place when not in use.

Keep in mind that, like most technology, the touch feature on this kitchen faucet isn’t completely flawless. Some users have reported that it takes a firm tap to get the water flowing. However, you can also control this faucet manually with its comfortable single handle.

Price at time of publish: $307

Product Details:

Materials: Zinc | Finishes: Chrome, Arctic stainless, spotshield stainless, and Venetian bronze | Number of Holes: One | Number of Handles: One | Faucet Height: 14.84 inches | Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

Best Budget

EZ-Flo High-Arc Kitchen Faucet

EZ-Flo High-Arc Kitchen Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • Easy to install
  • Two-handle design
  • 180-degree spout swivel that is great for larger sinks

Keep in Mind:

  • Not as durable as others
  • Sprayer is a bit weak

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen faucet without breaking the bank, the EZ-Flo Kitchen Faucet is an easy-to-install option. The high-arc spout gives you more workspace around the sink while also providing an attractive focal point in your kitchen. Its two-handle design makes it easy to switch between hot and cold water, and you’ll be able to choose between a chrome and brushed nickel finish to match your kitchen decor.

For kitchens with double sinks, we love that this pick offers a 180-degree spout swivel, making it easy to add water to either basin. You also get the added convenience of a matching side sprayer, which comes with an extended 48-inch hose for comfortable maneuvering. The sprayer features a retractable mechanism that helps set the hose back in place when not in use. And while not the strongest sprayer available, it’ll get the job done on slightly dirty dishes.

For easy installation, this faucet features four holes—three with a deck mount for the faucet and one for the side sprayer. As the most budget-friendly pick in our list, this kitchen faucet, while functional and stylish, isn’t the most durable. It might be a good option for a starter home or renters looking to spruce up their kitchen.

Price at time of publish: $49

Product Details:

Material: Chrome | Finishes: Brushed Nickel, chrome | Number of Holes: One | Number of Handles: Two | Faucet Height: 12 inches | Flow Rate: Two gallons per minute

Best Splurge

Moen STO Smart Touchless Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Moen S72308EVSRS STO Smart Touchless Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • Easy to install
  • Motion sensor and voice-activated
  • Companion app that lets you control a faucet with your mobile device

Keep in Mind:

  • Slower flow rate and sensors can sometimes activate the faucet when you don't mean to

Designed with both style and convenience in mind, the Moen STO Smart One-Handle Pull-Down model is what kitchen faucet dreams are made of. It features four different methods of control, including a wave sensor that starts and stops water flow with a simple hand movement—perfect for when your hands get dirty in the kitchen.

It’s also equipped with voice control, so you can turn the water on or off with a simple command using a connected smart home device. The faucet lets you enjoy hands-free control of the water flow and temperature with your voice—simply tell it to pour a cup of hot water, and it’ll dispense the right amount without you having to lift a finger.

You can even set up personalized presets to facilitate specific tasks like filling the baby bottle or coffee pot. We also love that you can see specific data—such as how much water you’re using on average—from within the app. If high-tech features aren’t your thing, you can still choose to turn on the water manually from the faucet’s handle.

Aside from all the fun technology, this kitchen faucet also delivers on performance. The pull-down sprayer helps you clean tough, caked-on debris from your kitchenware faster than a regular faucet, and its strong, retractable wand means you’ll never be fighting with your sprayer hose to get it back in place. We love that it comes in five different finishes to perfectly match your existing kitchen appliances, too.

Keep in mind that this faucet has a low flow rate (maximum 1.5 gallons per minute) compared to other picks on our list. This is a great option if you are looking for something that’s more energy efficient, but you may also find it’s not the most powerful when it comes to water flow.

Price at time of publish: $707

Product Details:

Material: Stainless steel | Finishes: Brushed gold, stainless steel, matte black, chrome, matte black/chrome | Number of Holes: One | Number of handles: One | Faucet Height: 14.63 inches | Flow Rate: 1.5 gallons per minute

Best Pull-Down

Moen Adler Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Moen Adler Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Two spray functions to remove tough grease

Keep in Mind:

  • Nozzle can be too narrow for some two-basin sinks

The best kitchen faucets make it easier to fill pots with water and scrub dishes clean with minimal elbow grease, and we like that the Moen Adler High-Arc kitchen faucet has a detachable nozzle for more flexible use in your kitchen. Both durable and easy to use, this faucet is equipped with a single-handle operation and two stream functions: an aerated stream for everyday cleaning, and a powerful rinse option to tackle tough grease and caked-on debris.

The detachable nozzle can be pulled down for added flexibility, making it easier to fill large pots and pans, scrub grimy dishes, or give your sink a thorough rinse at the end of the day. This feature also comes in handy if you have a two-basin sink since you can direct the flow of water into either basin.

We love that this pull-down kitchen faucet comes in four different finishes to compliment any kitchen design: chrome, matte black, Mediterranean bronze, and stainless steel. Keep in mind that the spout on the faucet itself is narrower than others on our list of the best kitchen faucets, so it may look too small when installed on larger sinks. It’s also got a slower flow-rate reaching a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute.

Price at time of publish: $169

Product Details:

Material: Zinc | Finishes: Chrome, matte black, Mediterranean bronze, spot-resistant stainless steel | Number of Holes: One | Number of Handles: One | Faucet Height: 14.6 inches | Flow Rate: 1.5 gallons per minute

Best High-Arc

Wewe Single-Handle High-Arc Pull-Out Faucet

WEWE Single-Handle High-Arc Brushed Nickel Pull


Why You Should Get It:

  • Spot-resistant
  • Three-way spray setting
  • Spout swivels 360 degrees

Keep in Mind:

  • Sometimes drips
  • Retractable hose can sometimes get stuck

If you often find yourself washing large pots and pans in your sink, a high-arc faucet like the Wewe Single-Handle High-Arc Kitchen Faucet might be the perfect solution. It features a single handle that changes water flow and temperature, and its 360-degree swiveling head allows you to scrub, fill, or rinse anything within its radius. This is a particularly great feature for sinks located on a kitchen island.

When it comes to installation, the Wewe faucet is super easy to set up in your home. The pull-down hose and water line hose come pre-installed in the kitchen faucet, saving you a lot of time under the sink. According to the brand, you’ll be able to install this high-arc faucet in less than 30 minutes. Plus, it comes in seven different finishes—the most color options on our list of the best kitchen faucets.

The pull-down sprayer provides a concentrated stream of water, perfect for tackling everything from burnt-on bits to stubborn sauce stains. It also has a retractable cord function to bring your sprayer back into its spout after each use. However, the cord is known to get stuck from time to time, so you may have to wrestle with it to get the nozzle back in place.

Price at time of publish: $53

Product Details:

Materials: Metal | Finishes: Brushed nickel, chrome and black, gold, matte black, matte gray, oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome | Number of Holes: One | Number of Handles: One | Faucet Height: 15.7 inches | Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

Best Dual-Handle

Delta Windemere Two-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • Neck and handles swivel 360 degrees
  • Easy to install in four-hole configurations

Keep in Mind:

  • Sprayer has lower water pressure than other models

There are plenty of reasons to love a dual handle kitchen faucet. In addition to its classic design, a dual handle faucet also offers better temperature and flow control than their single handle counterparts. With two separate knobs for hot and cold water, it’s easy to adjust the temperature to your precise liking, and it’s almost impossible to accidentally turn on hot water or bump the handle and change the temperature.

The Delta Windemere Two-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet gives you everything you need from a dual handle faucet, including a beautiful high arc design and convenient 360-degree spout swivel. This means you’ll be able to fit large pots and containers underneath for easy filling and scrubbing from all angles.

The handy side sprayer nozzle is great for cleaning tougher messes, and it can be installed on either side of the sink for added convenience. This faucet is also easy to install, designed to fit four-hole, 8-inch configurations. You’ll be able to choose between three different metal finishes to match your kitchen decor including chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and a classic stainless steel.

Just keep in mind that this faucet’s sprayer lacks the water pressure of other models on our list. If you want a powerful jet sprayer to help clean off grimy dishes, we recommend skipping this kitchen faucet.

Price at time of publish: $76

Product Details:

Material: Metal | Finishes: Chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and stainless steel | Number of Holes: Four | Number of Handles: Two | Faucet Height: 11.63 inches | Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

Best Farmhouse

Kingston Brass Heritage Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Kingston Brass Heritage Bridge Kitchen Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • Hot and cold handles are ADA compliant
  • Decorative construction

Keep in Mind:

  • Sprayer hose can become very hot when using hot water

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, the farmhouse-style sink is a charming and timeless trend that’ll give any space an elegantly rustic aesthetic. Farmhouse sinks are also ideal for washing larger items like pots, pans, and baking sheets since the deep basins provide extra space for sudsing up.

While farmhouse style sinks can theoretically work with most kitchen faucets, the Kingston Brass Heritage Bridge kitchen faucet provides a distinct, timeless style touch that’s also functional. It features a beautiful classic bridge design and solid brass construction, and a 360-degree spout swivel to make it easy to clean dishes or fill large containers with water. Its dual handles are ADA compliant, making them functional to use for those with disabilities, and the convenient side sprayer is perfect for cleaning particularly dirty spots.

Like other bridge faucets, this model may develop a drip when not in use, so you’ll want to make sure the handles are shut tight when you turn off the water. The side sprayer hose can also get very hot, so be extra careful when using it with hot water.

Price at time of publish: $251

Product Details:

Finishes: Antique brass, brushed nickel, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, polished chrome, polished nickel | Number of Holes: Four | Number of Handles: Two | Faucet Height: 13.13 inches | Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

Best Pot Filler

Delta Traditional Oil-Rubbed Bronze Pot Filler Faucet

Delta Traditional Oil Rubbed Bronze Pot Filler Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • High water volumes
  • Dual tap control

Keep in Mind:

  • Requires a water line behind the stove

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a pot filler faucet can make it easy to fill large pots right at your stovetop while keeping your kitchen sink free for food prep and cleaning. These wall-mounted kitchen features also help reduce the number of trips you’ll have to take to and from the sink, decreasing the chance for spills.

Our favorite pot filler faucet is the Delta Traditional Bronze Pot Filler Faucet. It features a wall-mounted, dual-swing design that’s convenient for filling large pots directly on the stovetop, making it quick and easy to boil water or fill a container. Its ADA-compliant handles are quite easy to use, allowing you increase or decrease the flow of water freely. The faucet’s jointed arm and can reach 24 inches when fully extended or pushed flush with the wall when not in use. This allows you to maximize kitchen space and keep things out of your way when cooking.

In addition to being stylish and functional, this pot filler also offers simple installation. It’s constructed to fit single-hole, wall-mount configurations using cold water only, so you’ll be able to set it up in no time. We also love that it comes with a lifetime warranty, so your purchase is protected for years to come.

Keep in mind that, in order to install this pot filler faucet, you’ll need to have an available water line in the wall behind your stove or have a line added in. Since this task can be tricky, we recommend hiring a professional to install the new water line and hook up your faucet.

Price at time of publish: $596

Product Details:

Material: Brass | Finishes: Arctic stainless, champagne bronze, chrome, nickel, stainless, Venetian bronze | Number of Holes: One | Number of Handles: Two | Faucet Height: 24 inches | Flow Rate: 4 gallons per minute

Best Touchless

Pfister Stellan Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Pfister Stellan Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet


Why You Should Get It:

  • Motion activated
  • Sleek, minimal design

Keep in Mind:

  • Sprayer head sometimes doesn't fully retract

If you love a modern kitchen with the latest technology, this touchless sink from Pfister could be the perfect option. It’s motion-activated, allowing you to turn the water on and off when you are with a wave of your hand near the sensor. You won’t have to worry about accidentally flooding your kitchen thanks to the handy smart-stop feature, which automatically shuts off the faucet after three minutes of inactivity. There’s also hands-free temperature control.

To use the sink in manual mode, simply leave the handle pushed in or use the manual override button. This touchless kitchen faucet also includes a sleek-looking pull-down sprayer with three convenient functions: spray, stream, and pause. You can seamlessly switch between functions with the tap of a button, so there’s no need to hold down the button to keep your desired spray mode. Other things to love include the 360-degree spout swivel, three metal finishes, and a detachable nozzle for more flexible use.

There is a battery pack available for this faucet, which is a great option to keep your sink working in the event of an unexpected power outage. However, it is sold separately, so you’ll need to buy that on top of the cost of the faucet. It’s also important to note that the nozzle hose on this faucet sometimes gets caught when retracting, so you may have to wiggle it to get it back into place.

Price at time of publish: $212

Product Details:

Material: Metal | Finishes: Matte black, polished chrome, stainless steel | Number of Holes: Three | Number of Handles: One | Faucet Height: 8.44 inches | Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

The Bottom Line

We chose the Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet as the best kitchen faucet because of its convenient touch feature, powerful sprayer, and easy installation into your home. Plus, it comes in four different metal finishes to perfectly match your existing kitchen appliances.

What to Know About Kitchen Faucets Before Shopping


The best kitchen faucets are usually constructed from one of three materials: brass, stainless steel, or zinc. The best material for your kitchen faucet really depends on your preference, though each has their own pros and cons. Gerald Carpenter, a plumber based in Chicago, Illinois, is partial to brass.

“Brass is currently the best faucet material in terms of longevity,” Carpenter says. “You can select a combination of brass body and controls with a brushed nickel finish and/or a titanium coating that will protect against scratches and tarnishing.”

Brushed nickel is also one of the easiest materials to clean and conceals water spots the most, making it among the most popular options for kitchen faucets. Some homeowners may prefer stainless steel for its sleek, classic appearance, though it can look dirty easily. However, many manufacturers offer a spot-resistant stainless steel finish, which keeps your kitchen looking spotless.


With a wide range of options to choose from including copper, bronze, chrome, and more, there are plenty of kitchen faucet finishes available to fit any aesthetic. According to Carpenter, you have the freedom to choose whichever finish strikes your fancy the most.

“Faucet finishes have little to do with functionality but you should pay attention to them in order to make the right visual accent in the kitchen,” Carpenter says.

The easiest way to decide on the right finish is to consider your other kitchen appliances, light fixtures, and cabinet accents. Then, choose something that will complement the finish on these other features in your space.

Mounting Type and Number of Holes

When shopping for a new kitchen faucet, you’ll want to keep the mounting type in mind while also paying attention to the number of holes it’ll require. While most of the best kitchen faucets will mount right on your countertop, pot-filler faucets are often wall-mounted and will require some special modifications. This will likely include installing a water line that goes behind your oven.

“It’s also important to consider the number of holes in the counter to match the faucet and the counter,” Carpenter says. “While most faucets require a single hole, some models may require up to three to four holes.”

Sprayer Function

The best kitchen faucets will provide a variety of helpful features that make it easier to wash dishes, fill pots with water, and target dried-on gunk. For a faucet that optimizes functionality, Carpenter suggests choosing one with a built-in sprayer.

“With such a wide range of faucets with sprayers on the market, it would be wise to choose [a faucet with a sprayer function] as it boosts kitchen functionality a lot,” Carpenter says. “You can choose from pull-down, pull-out, and side sprayers. The first two let you pull down a flexible spout, while the last includes a separately-installed spout.”

Just keep in mind when shopping for the best kitchen faucets that those with side sprayers will require an extra hole in your countertop compared to models that have a spray feature built into the nozzle.

One-Handle vs. Two-Handle Faucets

Another feature to consider when looking for the best kitchen faucets is its handle. The placement and number of handles can impact how easy the faucet is to use in your daily life. “We all use our faucet multiple times a day for washing hands, cooking, and cleaning up,” Singerland says. “Your time at the sink should be as enjoyable as possible.”

One-handle faucets usually require a single mounting hold, which makes them easier to install. They can also be operated with just one hand. According to Singerland, “this can be a life-saver if you have a hot pan in one hand or a child on one hip.”

A two-handle faucet requires you to use both hands to get your desired temperature, but they might offer better temperature control.

“The two-handle construction lets you control the flow of hot and cold water separately,” Carpenter says. “Besides, the temperature won’t change too much if you accidentally bump one of the handles.”

Keep in mind that a two-handle kitchen faucet also requires three holes to be drilled into your countertop. Because these types of faucets have more nooks for grime and standing water to accumulate, they take a little more elbow grease to clean. “If you don’t like cleaning in tight spaces, [two-handle faucets] might not be a good fit for you,” Singerland says.

Flow Rate

Flow rate indicates how much water flows through your faucet’s spout every minute. While this may seem like an arbitrary number, it’s important to consider if you’re interested in energy efficiency or purchasing a faucet with a powerful stream of water. In general, you’ll find that the average kitchen faucets have a flow rate between 1.0 and 2.2 gallons per minute. The higher the GPM, the more water it’ll use up—resulting in a higher water bill, but a stronger stream of water.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you install a kitchen faucet?

Installing a new kitchen faucet is a pretty easy project in your home. To start, check under your sink to see how many holes the sink has. You’ll need to make sure that your sink has enough holes for the type of faucet you want to install. Then, shut off the water supply valves by turning them clockwise.

When you’re ready to install a new faucet, Carpenter recommends starting with the deckplate.

“Installing the deck plate is required if you want to install a one-hole faucet into a sink or counter with three holes,” Carpenter says. “Look for deck plates with built-in seals to avoid dealing with silicone or putty.”

Next, Carpenter recommends feeding the faucet tubes through the holes, ensuring that the metal bracket is installed vertically. Secure the faucet to the sink according to the manufacturer directions (this will differ depending on the type of faucet you chose).

Once the faucet is attached to the sink, you’ll need to connect faucet supply lines so that water can flow to your sink. Do this by connecting the valve on the faucet to your water line, wrapping the threads of each valve with Teflon tape, then screwing the valve into place and securing it with a wrench. After it’s securely fastened, turn the water supply back on and check to make sure there are no leaks underneath your sink.

What kitchen faucets are in style now?

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen to a more modern style, there are plenty of faucets to choose from. These metal fixtures in your home come in single-handle and two-handle varieties, but you can further customize the appearance by selecting different finishes.

Modern farmhouse sinks are a timeless favorite kitchen trend, and we love that they’re extremely functional thanks to the oversized basin and high-arc faucet. You can choose a sleek, minimalist faucet or add a more decorative model like the Kingston Heritage Bridge model, which made our list of the best kitchen faucets.

You can also shop the best touchless kitchen faucets, which are designed to start the flow of water with a wave of your hand. This makes it super easy to fill large pots with water, rinse dishes, and clean off dirty hands without touching any of the hardware. Our favorite touchless kitchen faucet is the Pfister Touch-Free Electronic Pull-Down faucet, which prevents accidental flooding by automatically shutting off after three minutes of inactivity.

Are there specific state water flow requirements for kitchen faucets?

The water flow rate for the best kitchen faucets is between 1.0 and 2.2 gallons per minute. Maximum flow rate in the U.S. is 2.2 gpm at 60 psi, though it might be further restricted in more environmentally regulated areas.

Who We Are

This article was written by Adria Greenhauff, who has been writing about food and lifestyle topics for over a decade. To come up with this list, she interviewed Jenny Slingerland, owner and principal designer at Black Ink Interiors, and Gerald Carpenter, plumber and creator of Sanitary Review.

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