20 Best Home Organization Tips for Every Room

Get every inch of your home in order with ease using these organization ideas.

pegboard wall with hanging storage and shelves
Photo: Adam Albright

Home organization isn’t just a current trend. It’s a lifelong way of living that has a slew of benefits. From saving time and money to easing stress and potential relationship issues, getting and staying organized in your home is something that’s worth striving for. It can seem difficult at times when you have obstacles, such as limited storage space or a busy schedule. But it’s certainly not impossible.

There are tips and tricks used by professional organizers (like myself!) that help maximize and make sense of each area of the house. Your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen all deserve to be easy to navigate so you can spend less time looking for stuff and more time enjoying your space. Implement the following home organization ideas to get every room as functional as possible.

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Embrace Empty Space

Organized closet with baskets
Jay Wilde

This is one of the most important steps to staying organized. Be sure to declutter on a regular basis, leaving drawers, cabinets, and closets at least one-third empty (or as close to that ratio as possible) to leave room for things in the future. You’ll inevitably need to add items over time, whether a few new outfits for work or some backstock pantry goods.

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Corral Your Cords

living room with fireplace and green sofa
David Tsay

Cord management is often an overlooked area of home organization. Tidy cables and cords can have a big impact on the organization of your home. Use zip ties, cord catchers, and bundlers to keep cables in check in any room. This is especially helpful for televisions and gaming systems.

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Utilize the Area Under Beds

under bed shoe storage
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Dealing with a small closet? Look to the area beneath your bed for additional storage space. Find shallow organizers that easily roll in and out, then store your off-season clothing and shoes or extra bed linens. Add some risers if the bed frame is too low to accommodate storage.

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Use Vertical Garage Storage

blue garage wall hanging storage bikes totes coolers helmets
Marty Baldwin

If storage is limited, consider garage systems to maximize vertical space. Install suspended racks from the ceiling to keep items off the floor and out of your way. Use the overhead compartments for seasonal decor or sports gear, such as skis, to keep them tucked away until needed. 

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Customize a Pegboard

pegboard wall with hanging storage and shelves
Adam Albright

Pegboards aren’t just for tools in the garage or shed, though they are one of the best solutions for screwdrivers and garden shears. You can also use a pegboard to hang your jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Or consider one for the craft room or office to hold scissors, gift wrap, or ribbon.

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Organize with Boxes and Bins

cubby storage bins in cabinet
Blaine Moats

Keeping items contained is one of the most effective ways to stay organized because it conceals clutter and limits the volume of what you can own. This is especially helpful for high-traffic areas you want to keep neat. For example, look for boxes and bins that are just the right size for holding folded blankets, magazines, and other living room odds and ends. Line them up under a low sofa table for a quick storage fix.

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Add an Island

kitchen with copper pots and pans and roll away island
Bryan McCay

Create bonus counter space and storage with a rolling cart in the kitchen. Built-in drawers and open shelving provide plenty of room for accessible kitchen storage. Add a pegboard to one side to hang baking essentials and hooks from the side for dish towels and oven mitts.

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Hang Floating Shelves

light green bathroom with wood and clear storage shelves
Jason Donnelly

In almost every room, adding a few shelves can give you an extra boost of organization. Plus, utilizing vertical space is always a good idea. Hang some floating shelves in the bathroom to hold everyday toiletries or in the pantry to sort your spices.

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Create an Organized Kitchen

organized pantry closet with blue doors and rug
Marty Baldwin

As the busiest room in the house, the kitchen needs careful organization to rein in the chaos. Start by utilizing the space you have. Employ a freestanding storage unit to stand in as a pantry, or hang shelves within your pantry to optimize wall space. Use storage bins, clear jars, and labels for more organized storage within your cabinets and pantry.

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Maximize a Small Bathroom

all tile bathroom with painted grey vanity
John Bessler

Give your small bath the star treatment with efficient organization. Add storage units, such as shelving, a vanity with plenty of drawers, or an over-the-toilet organizer, that maximize the space and make things easy to grab on busy mornings. Containers and labels go a long way in keeping items tidy within bathroom cabinets.

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Keep You Closet Clutter-Free

pink organized closet open doors
Marty Baldwin

One of the most personal spaces in your home—your bedroom closet—should be organized in a way that works best for you. Sliding drawers and storage baskets allow you to store foldable items and undergarments, while sufficient vertical space makes room for hanging clothes. A freestanding shelf at the base of the closet provides extra shoe storage.

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Employ Shelf Risers

blue theme pantry organization with shelves labels
Adam Albright

Shelf risers are great tools to use in almost any room, though you usually see them in kitchen cabinets. Place one in a cabinet, particularly if the height of the shelves is not adjustable, to double up as storage for plates, bowls, and mugs. Or add one under the bathroom sink to make more room for cleaning or beauty products.

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Put a Lazy Susan to Work

lazy susan kitchen shelf organization
Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Despite their name, lazy Susans are a genius invention. Use them to organize round items so that you get the most storage for the space. Similar to shelf risers, they’re often found in kitchens or pantries to corral oils, vinegar, and condiments. But you can also use them to organize hair or skin care products, craft supplies, or even laundry products.

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Divide Drawers

drawer dividers
Carson Downing

Use dividers to keep bathroom drawers from becoming messy. Compartments help small products, from cotton balls to contact lenses, stay separated. Look for individual containers that you can arrange to your liking or trays that fit the width and depth of the drawer. 

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Ease Paper Pileups

paper wall organizing kitchen
Laura Moss

Use file organizers to store bills, receipts, or miscellaneous notes, and arrange them in order of importance. Designating a place for random papers will prevent them from being scattered on your countertops. This also makes them easy to find in a pinch. Just be sure to go through the organizers on a regular basis so they don’t get overloaded.

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Organize a Laundry Room

organized corner of laundry room
Marty Baldwin

An organized and attractive laundry room can elevate a chore into a satisfying accomplishment. Start by corralling laundry products into containers, with the most often used within easy reach. Use as many divided or individual hampers as you need to prevent dirty items from littering the floor.

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Hang Hooks

backpacks and coats hanging from storage hooks
Blaine Moats

Try installing hooks on the wall in your closet to hang a variety of bags, including tote bags, reusable grocery bags, and more. No entryway in your home? No problem. Simply hang hooks above a narrow table to create your own drop zone.

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Don’t Forget About Doors

green cabinet command center
Jason Donnelly

Take advantage of the inside of cabinet doors. A cork-board insert turns an interior door panel into a handy storage system and message board to organize the whole family. Store keys, contact information, shopping lists, and more behind closed doors. Or utilize the space for favorite recipes, to-do lists, and cooking tips.

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Utilize Trays

delicate metal makeup tray with flowers
Laura Moss

Not all ideas for an organized home have to be complicated. Create a pretty and practical catchall by placing a serving tray atop a dresser, coffee table, or entryway console. Mix display pieces with everyday items such as perfume, the remote, or keys to maximize function. Using trays also makes cleaning surfaces significantly easier.

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Create a Command Center

paper storage on wall
Cameron Sadeghpour

Store magazines, takeout menus, and other important documents in wall-mount magazine files. Label each file with a family member's name to keep everyone's belongings in order. Consider using a communal area like the kitchen or mudroom as the command center.  

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