The 9 Best Grow Tents of 2023 to Perfect Your Indoor Gardening Game

Take your plant growth to new heights with the Vivosun Grow Tent, which is versatile and easy to set up.

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Grow tents can solve a lot of common problems for gardeners, including a lack of space or less-than-ideal plant hardiness zones. Whether used inside or outside, they act as the foundation of your perfect growing environment—all you have to do is build it with the right lights, vents, and more.

According to Rebecca Sears, the chief marketing officer and resident green thumb of Ferry-Morse Home Gardening, a grow tent can be a great way to help suffering plants thrive. “When using a grow tent, you have much more control over the environment in which your plants are growing,” Sears says.

To put together a complete list of the best grow tents, we considered factors like the materials used, durability, size, and more.

Best Overall

Vivosun Grow Tent

 Vivosun Grow Tent


Why You Should Get It: It comes with extra durable steel poles and joints and is available in two colors and 10 sizes.

Keep in Mind: The instructions may be hard to understand.

Beginner and senior gardeners alike will appreciate all the features of the Vivosun Grow Tent because of its sturdy and well-constructed design. Each frame has 16 millimeter steel poles and steel joints to match, which hold it together securely, and it’s covered in a flexible, reflective tent. The tent material is made from a polyester weave canvas with PVC backing and 100% reflective Mylar—a stretchy polyester film that heats, insulates, and reduces odors.

Depending on the size you choose to buy, it can hold 100, 150, or even 165 pounds and has either one or two doors that allow you to check in without interrupting the plants while they’re busy growing. It also comes with a removable floor tray to make cleaning a breeze and a tool bag to ensure all your supplies are always close by. Heavy duty zippers help keep the light inside the grow tent and hanging straps allow you to install accessories like a carbon filter inside the tent.

In addition to the wide range of sizes offered with the Vivosun Grow Tent we love that it comes in two different color options. Once it’s fully assembled, it’s quite effective at helping your plants thrive, but beware that the instructions aren’t as clear as they could be. Plan to spend extra time putting this grow tent together. The good news is, no tools are needed for assembly.

Price at time of publish: $90

Product Details: Height: 36 to 80 inches | Frame: 16 millimeter steel |  Weight Capacity: 100 to 165 pounds | Material and Density: 600D canvas and 100% reflective Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Not listed | Doors and Windows: One or two doors; one window

Best Budget

iPower Grow Tent

iPower Grow Tent


Why You Should Get It: It has a sturdy steel construction that requires no tools to assemble. 

Keep in Mind: These tents are relatively small, and you may experience stubborn zippers or minor light leaks.

Whether you’re just trying out indoor gardening or operating on a budget, this is the best budget-friendly grow tent to get you started. It has both steel poles and joints to provide extra stability to your tent, 98% reflective Mylar on the inside to reflect heat, and thick oxford canvas on the outside that adds to the solid construction. Additionally, this grow tent has a removable floor tray for easy cleanup and an exterior side pocket for convenient storage.

The tool-free assembly is another nice perk, allowing you to set up and lock the pieces into place with ease. It allows for easy transport and storage, too. The grow tent has a substantial door that makes it simple to add and remove plants, and all sizes, except the 24 x 24 x 36-inch grow tent, have an observation window to check on your greenery. 

Though solid, use extra caution when zipping and unzipping your tent. It also isn’t the largest option on our list, so you won’t be able to fit a ton of plants in them. However, if you only have a few plants and you don’t mind the flimsy zipper, we highly recommend this budget-friendly option.

Price at time of publish: From $51

Product Details: Height: 36 to 63 inches | Frame Material: Steel | Weight Capacity: 110 pounds | Material and Density: Oxford canvas and 98% reflective Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Not listed | Doors and Windows: One door; one window

Best Splurge

AC Infinity Advance Grow System

AC Infinity Advance Grow System


Why You Should Get It: You can remotely control the tent via bluetooth connection.

Keep in Mind: The biggest size is 36 inches by 36 inches, which is still small if you want to grow more than three plants.

If you’re an expert gardener who wants detailed information about your plants and their growth, you’ll love this splurge-worthy grow tent. The coolest part about this grow tent is its smart climate control system. When you download the AC Infinity app, you’ll be able to schedule fan speed, adjust brightness, monitor your plant’s growth cycles, and set climate triggers. It will even send you alerts so you can change the settings as needed.

With this grow tent, you’ll also get a carbon filter, fabric pots, pruning snips, and a lot more. This adds convenience, since you’ll receive everything you need to get started. The tent itself is crafted from 2000D Mylar, and the frame is alloy steel, which makes it quite stable. There’s also one door and one window to make checking on and caring for your plants easier.

Depending on the size of tent you get, you can grow anywhere between one and four plants inside Unfortunately, there are only four size options, so shoppers with a lot of plants may want to skip this option in favor of a larger grow tent. If you’re looking for something smaller, however, you can’t go wrong with this.

Price at time of publish: From $399

Product Details: Height: 48 to 80 inches | Frame Material: Steel | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Material and Density: 2000D Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Not listed | Doors and Windows: One door; one window

Best Large

UltraYield 10’ x 10’ Grow Tent

UltraYield 10’ x 10’ Grow Tent


Why You Should Get It: The 250 pound weight capacity, 1-foot extension kit, and trio of doors all make growing a lot of plants so much easier.

Keep in Mind: It’s quite expensive and takes up a lot of space.

Transform your indoor garden with this large grow tent. The UltraYield Large Grow Tent has a lot of bells and whistles that come in handy when you’re growing so many plants in a small space.

With a 22 millimeter steel frame and a 250 pound weight capacity, this grow tent can successfully nurture just about any plant you place inside it. The 1680D canvas exterior and 1680D 98% reflective Mylar interior are two more durable details, making the tent itself professional quality and seriously thick.

An attractive perk is the 1-foot extension kit that can take it from 84 inches high to 96 inches high for your taller plants. Even better, it’s already installed on the tent when you get it, so you won’t need to go through any tricky installation. It also has three doors: one at the front of the tent that opens 180 degrees for easy care and cleanup, and another two at the back to reach plants on the far side of the tent. Two windows at the front of the tent make it easy to peek in without disturbing the growing conditions.

It’s important to point out that with all of these perks, especially at this size, it comes a high price tag that may not be feasible for some. If the 10-foot option is too big or too costly for you, there are several smaller sizes from the same manufacturer that start at just $160. 

Price at time of publish: $750

Product Details: Height: 96 inches | Frame Material: 22 millimeter steel | Weight Capacity: 250 pounds | Material and Density: 1680D canvas | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Eight 11-inch air ports, two 13-inch electrical ports, and six 3-inch irrigation ports | Doors and Windows: Three doors; two windows

Best for Small Spaces

TopoGrow Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow Indoor Grow Tent


Why You Should Get It: This tent starts at 16 inches by 16 inches, which is ideal for smaller plants or homes with limited space.

Keep in Mind: There’s no observation window.

When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, every inch counts. That’s why this tent, which comes in a compact 16 x 16-inch size, is such a find. We love that it takes advantage of the vertical space—a well-known interior design hack to maximize a room—starting at 48 inches tall. Dimensions like these would fit perfectly in most closets or an alcove, making it easy to store.

Despite the accessible price, you don’t have to worry about low quality. The exterior is made with 600D oxford canvas while the interior is made with 96% reflective Mylar, with sturdy and thick 16 millimeter rods that hold the tent up. On the smallest size, you’ll get three ducting ports, one wire hole, and one mesh ventilation port. According to the manufacturer, the tent is 99% light-proof with a removable floor for easy cleaning, and it comes with nylon belts that are ideal for hydroponic gardeners.

The one bummer is that while this is definitely one of the best grow tents, it doesn’t come with an observation window. This means you have to unzip the door and interrupt the plants during the growing process because you can’t open a flap and peek in. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything, but nice to know if you like to do frequent check-ins.

Price at time of publish: From $60

Product Details: Height: 48 to 72 inches | Frame Material: 16 millimeter metal | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Material and Density: 600D oxford canvas and 96% reflective diamond Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Three to five ducting ports; one to two wire holes; one to three ventilation ports | Doors and Windows: One door

Best for Beginners

Mars Hydro Grow Plant Kit

Mars Hydro Grow Plant Kit


Why You Should Get It: This growing kit comes with all the tools, parts, and accessories you need to get started.

Keep in Mind: The light doesn’t come with a dimmer.

This beginner-friendly grow tent comes with everything a rookie could hope for, including a trio of grow bags, a humidity thermometer, a ventilation kit with an inline fan, a timer, and so much more. You don’t have to go down a rabbit hole of research to figure out what you need or go overboard with fancy gadgets—just open the box and get started. 

Durability is another one of its impressive qualities with a metal frame, thick 1680D canvas tent, and a 99% reflective Mylar interior for superior light reflection. There’s three sizes to choose from—all appropriate for beginners—in order to prevent overwhelm and make growing your plants indoors more intuitive. While each size comes with a door, only the two larger sizes have a window so you can check on plants without disturbing them.

It’s also important to note that the included grow light doesn’t have a dimmer. This means your plants will be exposed to either full or zero light at all times. You should plan to get a voltage regulator to prevent a potential fire hazard (or, alternatively, pick up a new light with a dimmer).

Price at time of publish: From $340

Product Details: Height: 55 to 80 inches | Frame Material: Metal | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Material and Density: 1680D canvas and 99% reflective Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Four vents | Doors and Windows: One door, one window

Best for Starting Plants

Gorilla Clone Tent

 Gorilla Clone Tent


Why You Should Get It: It’s designed to perfectly fit standard seedling trays.

Keep in Mind: It’s ideally sized for seedling trays, but may not be convenient once your plants become full-grown.

Your plants’ early growth stages are some of the most crucial times to cultivate a healthy, thriving plant. To give your seedlings and clones every opportunity for success, we recommend considering the Gorilla Clone Tent. Perfectly designed to fit standard seedling trays, it’s shorter than other grow tents at 25 inches tall, making it easy to store in tight spaces.

With 16 millimeter steel poles and corners, plus industrial strength zippers, it’s impressively durable, true to the Gorilla excellence senior gardeners have come to expect. The 210D canvas exterior is more lightweight than other grow tents, but that’s not a concern for this size and it’s still very strong.

Inside the tent, you’ll first notice the diamond reflective Mylar, which provides amazing light distribution. There’s also a built-in compartment for an optional fan and filter, which can help optimize the environment for the healthiest and fastest growth. The door, window, micro-mesh pre-filter, and two 3-inch double-cinching ducts help accomplish this as well.

While Gorilla has developed a top notch reputation for creating some of the very best grow tents out there, it’s important to note that this grow tent is specifically made for seedlings. This one may not have the most convenient dimensions for growing your houseplants long-term. 

Price at time of publish: $110

Product Details: Height: 25 inches | Frame Material: 16 millimeter steel | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Material and Density: 210D canvas and diamond reflective Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Two 3-inch double cinching ports; micro-mesh pre-filter | Doors and Windows: One door; one window

Best Heavy Duty

Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent


Why You Should Get It: These grow tents hold the highest amount of weight of any on the market.

Keep in Mind: The stitching on this tent isn’t as high-quality as we’d like, given the price.

If you’re an experienced gardener who frequently uses the best grow tents, the Gorilla Grow Tent is the perfect option for you. Made from extra thick 1680D canvas and adjustable steel poles and corners, the brand’s grow tents can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. We love its 300-pound weight capacity, which is 50 pounds more than any other on our list.

A standout feature of these grow tents is the height extension option. Each one comes with a 1-foot extension kit, and you can also purchase an additional 2-foot extension kit if needed. Other features include a diamond reflective lining to maximize light distribution, industrial-strength zippers with velcro seam covers to keep light from getting out, and oversized ports that are double cinched for the perfect fit.

The amount of doors and windows depends on which of the 12 sizes you choose, which allows you to find a heavy-duty option tailored to your specific needs. Regardless, you’ll be able to reach inside and access your plants on all sides, and it has a deep spill tray to make cleanup simple.

Keep in mind that the stitching on this otherwise-durable grow tent is not as impressive as we’d like for the price. There are some small gaps that allow light to leak out; however, if you can overlook this flaw, it’s still a great heavy-duty option.  

Price at time of publish: From $206

Product Details: Height: 71 or 119 inches | Frame Material: Steel | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Material and Density: 1680D canvas and diamond reflective Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Five to 16 ducting ports; two to 10 electrical ports | Doors and Windows: One to six doors, two windows

Best Multi-Chamber

Vivosun Two-in-One Grow Tent

Vivosun Two-in-One Grow Tent


Why You Should Get It: This tent comes with two small interior chambers and one large chamber, and you can choose from four distinct tent sizes.

Keep in Mind: The shelves aren’t adjustable.

Multi-chamber grow tents can be a great way for the versatile gardener to make the most of their space, and the best option on the market in our opinion is the Vivosun Two-in-One Grow Tent. It comes in four sizes and is made up of two interior chambers and one large chamber. You can easily separate plants that are in different stages, since seedlings, propagated plants, and flowering plants all have different needs.

The inside of the tent is 100% reflective Mylar, which ensures the very best light and heat distribution for your plants. Six hundred D oxford canvas makes up the exterior—a thickness that perfectly balances durability with cost efficiency. A metal frame adds to this durability. Two doors allow you access to both sides, while windows allow you to do quick check-ins whenever you want. You also get a removable floor tray that helps contain water and runoff, an inner tool organizer to efficiently store your gardening supplies, and light blocking details such as large, heavy duty zippers, and a black lining.

The removable shelves are a great feature because you can take them out and use the tent as one big grow room instead of a divided one. That said, the shelves aren’t adjustable, so you’ll have to make sure that the shelf slots provide sufficient space for your plants when using it as a multi-chamber tent.

Price at time of publish: From $130

Product Details: Height: 53 to 80 inches | Frame and Weight Capacity: Metal; not listed | Material and Density: 600D oxford canvas and 100% reflective Mylar | Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports: Not listed | Doors and Windows: Two doors; not listed

What to Know About Grow Tents Before Shopping

Frame and Weight Capacity

When shopping fo the best grow tents, you’ll want to ensure that you’re buying a durable and long-lasting device. One way to check on the quality of your grow tent before purchasing is to look at the frame material and its weight capacity. 

“The framework of poles creates the structure of a tent and supports the weight of lights, the ventilation system, and any other hanging elements,”  Sears says. She recommends opting for wood or steel frames, since they’re stronger and won’t warp under the heat of grow lights, which can happen with plastic frames. 


The materials your grow tent is made from makes a huge difference in its ability to insulate your plants. On the outside, you’ll want something durable like nylon or polyester that can stand up to wear and tear, and on the inside you want a reflective material. 

“A reflective interior material, like Mylar, helps increase light efficiency so your plants are getting the necessary amount of ‘sunlight’ to grow,” Sears says.

Air, Electrical, and Irrigation Ports

When comparing the best grow tents, look for the ones with more ports for grow lights and ventilation systems. This allows you to tailor the amount of light, air, and water your plant gets without restricting you. Our list of the best grow tents includes a variety of options, with some models offering as many as 16 ports.

Your Questions, Answered

Why do you need a grow tent?

If you’re a fan of fresh produce and flowers year-round, you might enjoy a grow tent. So much of gardening is dependent on the ideal growing conditions, and with a grow tent, you’ll be able to better control the amount of air, light, and water your greenery receives. 

“When properly maintained, plants can grow faster and stronger in a grow tent, allowing you to produce much more throughout the year,” Sears says. “Gardeners who live in apartments or don’t have sufficient yard space might also opt for a grow tent to create an indoor garden.”

How big of a grow tent do you need?

“The size of your grow tent will ultimately depend on how much you’re looking to grow,” Sears says. “If you’re only planning on growing one or two potted plants, you can use a smaller tent that’s 2 feet by 2 feet or 2 feet by 4 feet. Large grow tents can be as big as 10 feet by 10 feet and can hold dozens of plants.” 

As you’re shopping for the best grow tents, you’ll also want to consider how much space you have to work with. If you only have a few plants in your home, we recommend starting with a small grow tent to save space and money. If you’re an experienced gardener with lots of greenery, you may benefit from a bigger grow tent—but be prepared to sacrifice a lot of square footage. 

When’s the best time to set up a grow tent?

For the most part, because it’s an indoor growing system, you can set up and use your grow tent all year round. However, if you’re planning to transition your plants from the grow tent to outdoors, Sears recommends carefully planning out when you start using it. 

“If you live in a growing zone with colder winters and want ‘long-season’ vegetables, I’d recommend timing the setup of your grow tent so that your seedlings are about halfway to maturity by the time the growing conditions improve,” Sears says. 

Leeks and celery, Sears says, take more than four months to mature, “so consider setting up your grow tent earlier in the year so that your indoor seedlings are hardy enough to transplant to an outdoor garden by spring.”

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