The 7 Best Grill Thermometers of 2023 for Perfectly Cooked Meat Every Time

Prevent an overcooked-steak disaster with our favorite meat and grill thermometers.

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Best Grill Thermometers

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If you use a grill to cook meat, you should also be using a grill thermometer to check on the temperature of your food. There are plenty of benefits to purchasing this essential kitchen tool–the primary one being that you won’t have to guess if your steak or burger has turned medium-well instead of medium-rare. You also won’t have to worry that proteins like chicken or pork are dangerously undercooked.

The best grilling thermometer is simple to use and easy-to-read at any time of day or night, and won’t require you to keep your hand too close to the grill or have you prematurely cutting into your tenderloin. If using a good model, the accuracy can be within a few degrees, which ensures perfectly done food every single time.

The biggest decision to make when purchasing a grill thermometer is determining what type will work best for you. We recommend a digital instant read thermometer for most people because it's easy to use and delivers quick and accurate readings, but there are wireless and Bluetooth options for the more technologically inclined.

Whatever type you choose, according to grill masters, Maddie and Kiki Longo, using a thermometer is non-negotiable: “Our main tip on how to use a meat thermometer, is [to] actually use it! Do not assume you can identify what’s going on on the inside of a piece of meat based on the external appearance.”

To use a grill thermometer, Maddie and Kiki write to “always make sure to insert it into the [center] of whatever you’re cooking because sometimes you can end up poking right through and getting an inaccurate reading.” Besides that, it’s fairly intuitive to use a grill thermometer and will help your cooking exponentially. After researching many different options, we listed the best meat thermometers below.

Best Overall

ThermoPro TP620 Instant Read Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP620 Instant Read Meat Thermometer


Why You Should Get It: With a two-second read time, a probe that’s longer than 4 inches, and smart features like auto-lock and a magnetic backing, this meat thermometer is the best option on the market.

Keep in Mind: While there are many quality ThermoPro models to choose from (and some that are more affordable), we think the benefits to this particular model make it worth the extra cost.

ThermoPro appears on our list multiple times for its sturdy, reliable thermometers, but their TP620 is our top pick for many reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it has one of the fastest instant reads of all the ThermoPro models–between two and three seconds–which is critical when your hand is hovering over a hot grill. It also has a slightly longer probe (around 0.25 inches longer than other similar models), but again, these small numbers matter when it comes to exposing yourself to high temps or when trying to correctly read an extra-thick cut of meat.

It has an accuracy of around 0.09ºF, ensuring that you’re getting perfectly cooked meat and features a bright and clear digital display. (There are even standard temp recommendations printed on the back.) But it’s the extra features that easily bring this thermometer up to the top spot and make it worth the higher price point.

The 180-degree probe rotation allows for both left- and right-handed people to use it, and it automatically calibrates for accurate readings every time. A magnetic backing and a hook hole keep it accessible whenever you need it. The digital display is large, clear, and fog-free, which makes it easy to see even around smoke–and it even automatically rotates the numbers on the display so you can clearly read the temperature at whatever angle you insert the probe.

But perhaps the Thermopro grilling thermometer’s best feature is its locking capability: Click the button to lock in the temperature reading so that you don’t lose the measurement when you remove the probe from the meat.

Additionally, its features add an elevated level of convenience not seen in other models: It’s waterproof for easy cleaning, automatically turns on when the probe is pulled out, and automatically turns off when not in use after 90 seconds, keeping its battery life longer. A final note about the Thermocouple (and ThermoPro models in particular): All of them come with a small screwdriver and the required batteries, which adds to its ease of use.

Price at time of publish: $50

Product Details: Probe Length: 4.25 inches | Maximum Temperature: 572℉ | Wireless: No | App Enabled: No | Battery: One AAA included

Best Budget

ThermoPro TP03 Digital Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP03 Digital Meat Thermometer


Why You Should Get It: It has some of the ThermoPro brand’s best features but costs less money than our top pick.

Keep in Mind: Because of that more affordable price point, it’s slightly less accurate and takes more time to get an accurate read.

If you’re interested in some of the helpful features of the ThermoPro brand’s thermometer–and don’t mind sacrificing a few of the higher priced models’ more sophisticated ones–then this ThermoPro digital model is a great budget pick. While the ThermoPro digital thermometer has the same maximum temp of 572ºF and accuracy reading of around 0.9ºF as the Thermocouple, it has a shorter probe (less than 4 inches), a longer reading time of three to five seconds, and a smaller digital display that doesn’t rotate with use. It’s not waterproof, either. However, there are lots of good qualities of this model as well: it has small magnets, a hook, a temperature guide on the back, and a button to pop out the probe instantly. The screen is backlit and easy to read. It will turn off after 10 minutes, so while it saves battery life, it won’t be as instant as the Thermocouple. Still, with all of things considered, it’s a great option that comes in well under $20.

Price at time of publish: $14

Product Details: Probe Length: 3.9 inches | Maximum Temperature: 572℉ | Wireless: Yes | App Enabled: No | Battery: One AAA included

Best Splurge

Traeger Meater Plus with Bluetooth

Meater Plus With Bluetooth Repeater


Why You Should Get It: If you love grilling and want a gadget to play with, this Bluetooth-enabled model  is one of the best grilling thermometers you can buy.

Keep in Mind: You don’t need all of the fancy features of this thermometer, so opt for this only if the extra features sound exciting to you.

This wireless smart thermometer makes grilling an experience and provides incredible accuracy with tech-forward features. The 5.1-inch probe has two sensors that measure both ambient temperature (which is the temperature around the grill) and the internal temperature of the meat, so you can get a full read of your cooking environment with around 0.7ºF of accuracy. It’s wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, and can be used up to 165 feet away, which can be a useful feature when grilling while traveling or tailgating.

Additionally, it pairs with an app that you can download onto a phone or tablet. This app allows you to track your cooking time and even estimates how long it will take for the food to cook, which is one of the benefits of using a wireless probe that can be left in the food you’re monitoring. The Meater probe comes with a magnetic charger and can provide up to 100+ charges on one battery (which is included). If you’re interested in getting multiple probes, there is an option that includes four individual ones

Price at time of publish: $100

Product Details: Probe Length: Not listed | Maximum Temperature: 527℉ | Wireless: Yes | App Enabled: Yes | Battery: One AAA included

Best Oven-Safe

CDN ProAccurate Oven Thermometer

CDN ProAccurate Oven Thermometer


Why You Should Get It: Generally, only wireless grilling thermometers are oven-safe, so if you’re looking to only keep one thermometer in the house, this will do the job. 

Keep in Mind: While it’s preferable to buy a digital, wireless, or infrared option, this is a simple model that’s even dishwasher-safe.

Oven-safe thermometers are not typically considered one of the best grilling thermometer options for an important reason: It doesn’t give as precise of a reading as a digital option because you’ll have to estimate by eye, which isn’t ideal when you’re looking for something like a perfect medium-rare to the degree. Still, they do record temperatures up to 200ºF and are made with stainless steel and laboratory-safe glass, so it’s a durable and waterproof option that you can use in the oven as well.

This CDN ProAccurate thermometer is a great option if you do want to use it to grill because it’s easy to read; it has a 2-inch dial, glow-in-the-dark numbers, and a temperature guide for meats inside the dial. The best way to use this one would be to remove the meat from the grill and check its temp on a plate, so keep that in mind as well.

Price at time of publish: $12

Product Details: Probe Length: 5 inches | Maximum Temperature: 200℉ | Wireless: No | App Enabled: No | Battery: None needed

Best Dual-Probe

ThermoPro TP28 Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP28 Meat Thermometer


Why You Should Get It: A wireless option that allows you to monitor two different cuts of meat at once, this is great for families or when cooking a variety of foods.

Keep in Mind: It’s wireless, but it’s not Bluetooth-enabled or connected by an app.

A dual probe thermometer can come in handy for two different reasons: It’s great if you’re grilling two different types of meat in one go, or if you’re grilling steaks to two different temperatures. This option from ThermoPro is defined as wireless–which in this case, means that it comes with a receiver and two probes connected to a transmitter. You can carry the receiver up to 500 feet away, so while the probes and transmitter remain at the grill, you can step away with the receiver while still monitoring meat on the grill. You will also be able to set alarms for both probes separately. It has an accuracy of around 1.8ºF and records an accurate reading in one to four seconds. There are five levels of doneness you can set for steak, and there’s also presets for 10 different types of meat if you don’t know the exact temperature you want.

This also has a unique feature where you can measure the ambient temperature of the grill as well, and you’ll get a notification if your grill is becoming too hot or too cold. Another helpful feature is the ability to choose what type of alarm that goes off when the meat has reached temp; there’s a beep, vibration, a combo of the two, and a silent option. Additionally, the large LCD screen is backlit in the dark, and it has magnets, a kickstand, and a low battery indicator.

Price at time of publish: $70

Product Details: Probe Length: 8 inches | Maximum Temperature: 572℉ | Wireless: Yes, but with a transmitter | App Enabled: No | Battery: Four AAA included

Best Infrared

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 1080

default image

Why You Should Get It: An infrared thermometer can be helpful to ensure accuracy and even cooking with the grill you’re using.

Keep in Mind: This won’t measure the temperature of your meat, but it will measure the temperature of your grill.

An infrared thermometer is a temperature gun that does not measure the temperature of your meat, but it does accurately measure the temperature of any kind of grill. You could be looking to measure the ambient temperature of your grill for a few reasons, although it should be noted that your grill most likely has a temperature gauge on it as well. However, if your grill doesn’t have that option, if you aren’t certain that your particular grill gauge is calibrated and producing accurate results, or if you suspect your grill has certain “cold spots” that skew cooking results, this infrared thermometer is a great option. It’s also great for charcoal grills to see when and if you need to add more fuel, as well as grills with griddle attachments to check the surface temperature.

Some foods like smash burgers, hot dogs, and vegetables don’t necessarily need a temperature measurement to determine doneness, but you would still want to ensure that the grill is even or that the meat is on the hottest parts of the grill. There’s an average of a 1ºF accuracy, it measures up to 1130ºF, and it works from a distance around 14.7 inches so you don’t need to get too close to hot surfaces. It also has a five-second response time and holds the temperature for 15 seconds. There’s a digital backlit display and a low battery indicator as well. Additionally, this option performs a litany of household functions as well–use it to read the temperature of your air conditioner, the oven, frying oil, and your car engine–making it one of the best grilling thermometers for multiple uses.

Price at time of publish: $25

Product Details: Probe Length: N/A | Maximum Temperature: 1130℉ | Wireless: No | App Enabled: No | Battery: Two AAA included

Best Infrared and Digital

ThermoPro TP420 2-in-1 Instant Read Thermometer

ThermoPro TP420 2-in-1 Instant Read Thermometer


Why You Should Get It: If you have concerns about the accuracy of your grill temperatures but still need a way to measure the meat temps, this is a great grill thermometer.

Keep in Mind: The accuracy of this two-in-one option is around 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is slightly less reliable than some of the other digital read options on this list.

This two-in-one grill thermometer functions as an infrared thermometer and a digital instant read thermometer. The infrared capability measures temps up to 1022ºF, while the instant read measures temps up to 572ºF, and both produce results in two to three seconds. It also comes with the functionalities of the other ThermoPro thermometers including 90-second shut-off, a magnet and hook attachment, a temperature chart on the back, automatic power when the probe is pulled out, and a large backlit digital screen.

The infrared option can also be used for the same household functions the other infrared grill thermometer on this list can, including oven temps and air conditioners. Again, this thermometer has around a 1.8ºF of accuracy, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something more precise.

Price at time of publish: $33

Product Details: Probe Length: 4.25 inches | Maximum Temperature: 572ºF for probe; 1022℉ for infrared | Wireless: No | App Enabled: No | Battery: Two AAA included

The Bottom Line

For the functionality and accuracy, ThermoPro TP620 is the best and easiest choice. It has an incredibly quick read, a locking function so you don’t have to hover over the grill for a reading, and a rotating LCD screen.

A grill thermometer is an essential tool to have in your household. As grill masters Maddie and Kiki Longo note: “Every time you fire up your grill, you should have your tongs, grill brush, grill gloves, and meat thermometer on hand at all times. To us, it is an imperative part of the grilling process.”

What to Know About Grill Thermometers Before Shopping

Maximum Temperature

While many grill thermometers have a high temperature reading of more than 500ºF, the temperature of your meat will never reach that. Still, since you’re keeping it around a hot grill, that’s likely a safety measure to ensure longevity with its heat-proof elements. Most meats don’t and won’t go past 200ºF (and even that usually means it’ll be pretty tough), so make sure the thermometer at least measures up to that temperature.

Bluetooth or Wireless Features

A wireless probe means you don’t have to hover over the grill–it ensures that you can leave the meat alone for direct-heat grilling and receive an alert when your meat has gone up to temp. This is a pricier option, and is generally good for people who entertain or want to do other things while the grill is on. However, a few things about what denotes wireless in the world of grill thermometers: Some, like our best dual probe option, are defined as wireless because they come with a transmitter you can leave by the grill and a receiver that will alert you when your meat is done. Wireless mostly means that you don’t need to be close to the grill to monitor meat temperature, but it does have probes that are connected to the transmitter by wires. However, completely wireless options do exist, such as the splurge option on our list.

A wireless option also does not mean it’s app-enabled or has Bluetooth capabilities. While those are also wireless, it means the results are sent to your phone or tablet. While Bluetooth thermometers are cool gadgets and make great gifts, they’re not the best options if you’re looking to save money. Truthfully, while they are fun to play with and make things incredibly easy, Bluetooth or Wireless capabilities are not a necessary feature of a grill thermometer. Maddie and Kiki from Grill Masters sum it up best: “A meat thermometer’s main job is to make sure you do not over or under cook food on a grill; anything over and above that feature is just there to make the grilling process a little more convenient.”

Temperature Display

Some digital thermometers take less than three seconds, and some take more than three seconds–but most options will produce results in less than five seconds. The biggest difference in these is the length of time you may need to have your hand over a hot grill, which can be uncomfortable, so the quicker the better. However, the exception is the oven-safe option, which is not digital and takes longer to get a reading. This is an option that can work well, but if you’re looking for very precise results (and quickly), this isn’t the best pick.

Your Questions, Answered

Is there a difference between a meat thermometer and a grill thermometer? 

Technically, yes–a meat thermometer measures the temperature of the meat that is cooking, while a grill thermometer measures the surface of the grill itself (or the air around it). However, the terms are used interchangeably in the colloquial sense, with most consumers associating the term with the reading of the food they’re grilling. With that in mind, we were comfortable putting both types on this list—and chose meat thermometers that were safe to use around grilling conditions like an open flame or exceptionally high heat. 

Can you use an oven thermometer on a grill? 

You can indeed, and we put one on the list with the caveat that while it is possible, you’re not going to get the most accurate read from a model that’s meant for the oven. With grilling, most of the time you’re looking for a temperature read down to a degree or two. That’s harder to do with an oven thermometer that has degree lines that you have to read by eye, and it’s why it’s better to purchase a digital read thermometer instead. The exception, of course, is if your thermometer is wireless–in that case, it’s most likely oven-safe.

Can you use a meat thermometer to measure grill temperature?

Again, it depends on the model. An infrared model measures the air around the grill, so it will give you an accurate reading of the grill temperature. And, in the case of our best splurge pick, the Meater thermometer, it also measures the ambient temperature around the grill. But in the case of our top and budget picks, which are both instant read digital thermometers, you won’t be able to measure the temperature of your grill.

Can you leave a meat thermometer in your grill? 

Generally, if they’re wireless it’s fine, but any other thermometer that doesn’t allow you to remove the probe from the measuring device should not be left in the grill. That’s why many thermometers have a magnet or hook on it–so you can keep it nearby and easy to access.

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