The 7 Best Grill Brushes of 2023

These grill brushes will keep your grill clean and your food delicious.

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Best Grill Brushes of 2023

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If you’re the grillmaster of your family or friend group, you’re going to need a high-quality grill brush to make sure that summer cookouts go off without a hitch.

While a clean grill seems like something that may only be important from an aesthetic point of view, it turns out that it is much more vital than that. We spoke with an expert who clued us into the potential damage that you could be doing by not cleaning your grill regularly.

According to Paul Sidoriak, barbecue expert and founder of Grilling Montana, “Every time you grill, your food leaves some kind of residue on the grill’s grates. It doesn’t take long for fat, oils, and bits of food to turn rancid which will produce acrid smoke. Everything this smoke comes into contact with becomes tainted and unpleasant to eat and can make you sick.”

We researched the best grill brushes for a variety of needs, accounting for features like materials, safety, effectiveness, handle length, and price. We also considered the types of grills they would work best with, and we used Sidoriak’s insight to guide us in making our picks.

Best Bristle

GrillGrate Commercial Grade Grill Brush

GrillGrate Commercial Grade Grill Brush


Why You Should Get It: With a high heat capacity, this option is durable and built to last.

Keep in Mind: If you use a charcoal grill, this won’t be the best option for you.

GrillGrate’s 15-inch Commercial Grade Grill Brush comes highly recommended by Sidoriak. He has used it for over a decade and tells us that it is highly durable and repels oils. It is made with PEEK (Polyether ether ketone), a strong plastic that is known for resisting harsh chemicals and holding its form at high temperatures, which allows this brush to handle up to 600°F of heat.

The bristles used in this brush are made specifically for people who want to avoid having metal bristles in their kitchen or near their grill. They are also designed for cleaning grease and getting between the valleys of the grill for deeper cleaning. Additionally, the head can be removed and replaced. It is also entirely dishwasher safe, so you can keep this option sanitary between grill cleanings. 

One thing to be aware of with this brush is that it is not a good match for most charcoal grills as they tend to exceed 600°F in temperature. Overall, though, with a 15-inch handle to keep your hands safe, we highly recommend this bristle brush that’s built to last.

Price at time of publish: $60

Product Details: Materials: PEEK plastic | Dimensions: 15 inches

Best Non-Bristle

Grill Rescue Grill Brush with Scraper

Grill Rescue Grill Brush with Scraper


Why You Should Get It: It’s made with aramid fiber to ensure that heat doesn’t damage the head.

Keep in Mind: Grime can cling to the head, which can be difficult to fully clean.

Unlike other grill brushes on our list, Grill Rescue’s Grill Brush With Scraper actually requires that the grill be hot for it to work as it operates by using steam to clean the grill, not abrasion from bristles. The absorbent foam head is made of aramid fiber, which is a material that is used in firefighters’ gear to protect the head from heat. Its design also features a scraper to remove the more stubborn caked-on food from the grill.

This 15-inch-long brush is durable and made to last. In addition to the heat-protected head, the stainless-steel scraper is rust-resistant. According to the manufacturer, the polypropylene handle is strong enough to survive being run over by a truck. 

Another added benefit of this brush is that Grill Rescue does sell replacement heads should you need one. And without any metal bristles, you won’t need to worry about a bristle sticking to the grill and then ending up in your food.

Be aware that because grime tends to stick to the foam head, the head may not last as long as other options.

Price at time of publish: $45

Product Details: Materials: Aramid fiber, stainless steel, polypropylene | Dimensions: 15 x 5.5 x 1 inches

Best Wooden

Great Scrape The Woody Shovel

Great Scrape The Woody Shovel


Why You Should Get It: With a flat edge that shapes to your particular grill, this option is highly customizable.

Keep in Mind: If you need a brush that fits in between the grooves of your grill, this one isn’t as effective as other brushes.

Great Scrape’s The Woody Shovel is an excellent option for someone who prefers wood to steel or bristles. At 20 inches long, it’s longer than most of the other options on our list to help keep your hands protected while grilling and cleaning. The longer profile also means that you can use both hands for added leverage and deeper cleaning with a grill cleaner. It’s made from solid red oak and beech hardwoods, and it has a food-safe mineral oil coating to keep it protected. 

What makes this option particularly special is that it will become customized to your grill. When it arrives, it has a flat edge, but as it comes into contact with heat and your grill, grooves will form in the exact spot as the grates on your grill for more specialized cleaning. Unlike wire options, this 20-inch long wooden brush is designed to last; it doesn’t become smashed down when used, which also prevents the grill from being damaged during cleaning. 

Sidoriak tells us that wooden scrapers are a good option, but they can fall short when it comes to reaching every part of the grill. This option specifically is less effective than other brushes at cleaning the small spaces between the grates of the grill. 

Price at time of publish: $35

Product Details: Materials: Solid red oak, beech hardwoods | Dimensions: 20 x 4.75 x 0.75 inches 

Best Nylon

Char-Broil Safer Replaceable Head Grill Brush

Char-Broil Safer Replaceable Head Grill Brush


Why You Should Get It: It cleans your grill without damaging or scratching it.

Keep in Mind: You’ll need to wait until the grill is cool to use the brush.

For a grill brush that won’t damage your grill, nylon is a great option. The 7-inch Char-Broil Safer Replaceable Head Grill Brush, in particular, is highly durable and designed to work well on porcelain and chrome wire grids as well as cast iron grates. The nylon bristles are grit-infused and are also angled to help reach every part of the grill when cleaning. It is also tested to handle 15,000 cycles with no breakage.

In addition to the nylon scrubber, the back features a multi-blade scraper for the harder-to-remove parts on the grill. This option also features an ergonomic anti-slip handle that allows you to use elbow grease without it breaking as well as a hook so that you can hang it on the side of your grill when not in use.

Like other options on our list, you won’t need to worry about any part of this brush ending up in your food. However, note that nylon may require more effort than a stainless steel brush to truly clean the grill. Also, this option is intended to only be used on cool surfaces, so wait until the grill is cool to scrub it. Don’t store it too close to a hot surface, or you’ll risk melting it.

Price at time of publish: $15

Product Details: Materials: Nylon | Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.1 x 2.9 inches

Best Stainless Steel

GrillGrate The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush

GrillGrate The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush

Ace Hardware

Why You Should Get It: It’s durable, long-lasting, and provides more leverage than other cleaning brushes.

Keep in Mind: You won’t want to store this brush outdoors since it will rust in the elements.

For a stainless steel option that will outlast other brushes, Sidoriak recommends GrillGrate’s The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush. He likes it for the bristle-free design and tells us that “the curved cleaning surface is sturdy and allows me to leverage a little elbow grease on stubborn bits that don’t easily want to release. The 9.5-inch handle and 4-inch brush heads fit into crevices other brushes can’t reach.” Additionally, dual heads enable the user to clean two separate valleys at the same time.

An added benefit of purchasing this option is that GrillGrate offers a no questions asked warranty with a 90-day return window for a refund. However, do be aware that normal wear and tear are not covered within this warranty. 

One other thing to note is that this option is a bit narrower than other choices, meaning you’ll need to spend more time cleaning individual sections of your grill. Overall, though, its price is lower than many alternatives, and the stainless steel material tends to hold up longer than other products, making it a good investment. Just be sure not to leave it outside in the elements between uses, as this will limit the lifespan since it can rust over time.

Price at time of publish: $29

Product Details: Materials: Stainless steel | Dimensions: 9.5-inch handle, 4-inch brush heads

Best Block

Kelfuoya Elaziy Grill Griddle Cleaning Brick

Kelfuoya Elaziy Grill Griddle Cleaning Brick


Why You Should Get It: This is an eco-friendly option that does just as good a job of cleaning as metal brushes.

Keep in Mind: Because it's made with a pumice stone, it will wear away and need to be replaced more frequently than actual brushes.

An eco-friendly alternative to the traditional grill brush is Kelfuoya Elaziy’s Grill Griddle Cleaning Brick Block. It is made entirely with pumice stone that is both non-toxic and odorless. It is non-absorbent and is also safe for use on ceramic and metal. It features an anti-slip grip to make using it easier, and its size is specifically designed to promote cleaning without straining your hands. 

Pumice is naturally and subtly abrasive, which makes it a great option for cleaning without damaging the grill. Like our option for the best wooden brush, grooves will form with this block around your particular grill’s grates for more specific cleaning. 

Be aware that dust will be left behind after using this block, so you will need to take the extra step of either blowing the dust off or wiping the grill down with a wet rag afterward. Also, while these blocks are more affordable than other options and come in a pack of four, they will not last you as long as a traditional brush, so you’ll need more frequent replacements.

Price at time of publish: $10

Product Details: Materials: Pumice stone | Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.5 x 3.9 inches

Best with Scraper

OXO Good Grips Nylon Grill Brush for Cold Cleaning

OXO Good Grips Nylon Grill Brush for Cold Cleaning


Why You Should Get It: It’s designed to fit the harder-to-reach corners of your grill.

Keep in Mind: Nylon cannot handle extreme heat, so you can only use this on a cold grill.

The OXO Good Grips Nylon Grill Brush offers the deep cleaning power of nylon with the added help of a scraper for removing the more hard-to-clean stuck bits on your grill. Unlike other brushes, this one’s stainless steel scraper has cut-outs that are specifically engineered to help you target the burnt bits leftover from your favorite grilled foods. Additionally, the design features first-row bristles that are angled to help them fit into the harder-to-reach corners of your grill.

The heads on this brush are replaceable to help it last longer while also doing its part to prevent waste. The 18.4-inch plastic handle is angled, and it features a soft grip to aid in its effectiveness and ease of use. It is also dishwasher safe to make sure that it stays fresh for longer. 

This brush is versatile and can even be used to clean coated ceramic. However, as is the case with other nylon brushes, you will want to be cautious to keep it away from heat as the heat will melt the nylon. As a result, you should only use this option on a cold grill.

Price at time of publish: $22

Product Details: Materials: Nylon, stainless steel, plastic | Dimensions: 18.4 x 3.07 inches

The Bottom Line

For a bristle grill brush that is safe and effective, we recommend the GrillGrate Commercial Grade Grill Brush for its non-metal bristles and its heat capacity of 600°F. If you prefer a wooden brush, Great Scrape’s The Woody Shovel is a great choice for its 20-inch handle and customizable groove.

What to Know About Grill Brushes Before Shopping


Grill brushes come in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on the size, material, and demands of your grill, and whether it's an indoor grill or outdoor one, any number of brushes may be right for you. Some options feature bristles that can either be made of metal or synthetic materials, and the abrasion of these options makes them particularly adept at removing caked-on food. However, Sidoriak does warn that metal bristles can become stuck to the grill and cause health issues. These bristles can make their way into the next meal and potentially become lodged in someone’s throat. Be sure to look into the specific materials of your brush to see if it's intended to be used on a hot or cold grill.

Other styles of brushes that don’t feature bristles include blocks made from materials like pumice stone and fiber heads that are heat resistant. If you are trying to avoid bristles, a wooden brush is another viable choice. 

Other features that are worth looking into, according to Sidoriak, are brushes with scrapers, as well as brushes that feature holes at the end so that you can hang them on your grill when you aren’t using them.


Accounting for the size of your grill brush is also important. If you are using a grill brush that is intended to be put on a hot grill, you’ll want to make sure that the handle is long enough to accommodate keeping your hands a safe distance from the hot surface. Also, you’ll want to make sure that the handle is durable and can provide leverage so that you can use some elbow grease to clean your grill when needed. Some extra-long brushes can even accommodate fitting two hands for added force exertion. If portability is your goal, something like a block is a great option, as is a grill brush with a removable head. 

Your Questions, Answered

Why should I use a grill brush?

A grill brush offers multiple benefits, including maintaining your grill and keeping you safe. According to Sidoriak, “Using a grill brush is a quick and simple way to lessen the chances of your steak being tainted by some bits from last week’s pork chops.” He adds that there’s no reason for your grilling to be subpar. “You wouldn’t cook eggs and bacon in last night’s dirty spaghetti saucepan, so there’s no excuse for cooking on a dirty grill.” 

Sidoriak recommends cleaning the grill every time you use it. “Even a quick brush of the grill grates before you fire the grill, and again after the grates heat a bit and release some of the oils, will do wonders.” 

What type of grill brush is best?

Finding the best grill brush will come down to your individual preferences and demands. Some people prefer the abrasiveness of metal bristles, but Sidoriak does warn that they “stick to cast iron grill grates like Velcro” and can be dangerous if someone should accidentally ingest part of one. He likes options that either contain synthetic bristles or no bristles at all, and he also advocates looking for something “with a sturdy, if not overbuilt handle and an ergonomic angle,” which makes cleaning the grill much easier.

Who We Are

This article was written by Jack Byram, a freelance writer who writes about all things home-related. For this best grill brush article, he spoke with Paul Sidoriak, a barbecue expert, cookbook author, and founder of Grilling Montana. Using Sidoriak’s insight, Jack researched numerous grill brushes to find the best ones based on things like durability, effectiveness, materials, and cost.

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