The 12 Best Glass Cleaners of 2023

We found 12 of the best glass cleaners of 2023 to clean various glass-centric items in your home.

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With just one look around your home, you’ll probably notice all types of glass. You're going to need one of the best glass cleaners. Whether it's mirrors, windows, tabletops, or your television (to name a few items), there is tons of glass to clean. But unlike other surfaces, cleaning glass can be challenging.

“Glass smudges easily and splatters, dirt, and dust are easily visible. When these start to appear on glass surfaces, it is a good indicator that it needs to be cleaned,” says Alexandra Wojenski, Sustainable Cleaning Expert and Grove Guide at Grove Collaborative.

If glass streaks are your nemesis, the problem may be rooted in how you're cleaning your glass. "Using a microfiber cloth is the best way to get a streak-free shine. If you are worried about streaking, another way to avoid this is to spray directly onto the cloth and not the glass surface," Wojenski says.

There are various types of glass cleaners on the market, including foams, sprays, wipes, and more. We've narrowed down the search, and these are the best glass cleaners.

Best Overall

Invisible Glass Glass Cleaner Spray

Invisible Glass Cleaner and Window Spray


Why You Should Get It: It's ammonia-free, scent-free, and streak-free.

Keep in Mind: It's made with synthetic chemical-based ingredients.

The Invisible Glass Cleaner comes in as our top pick and truly lives up to its name, thanks to its versatility and effectiveness. Suitable to safely use on windows, mirrors, glass tabletops, tinted windows, glass cooktops, and even stainless steel appliances. Besides targeting everyday dirt and dust often found on glass surfaces, this cleaner is tough enough to handle food residue, toothpaste splatters on mirrors, or other grime that some glass cleaners can’t target.

The common complaint about glass cleaners is the streaks that are left behind. This cleaner is streak-free, so your glass surface will be left sparkling clean. Many glass cleaners are also too strong in scent. Not Invisible Glass. It’s scent-free, dye-free, and ammonia-free, meaning you won’t smell (or feel) those intense vapors. While free of all those ingredients, the formulation is made with some synthetic chemical-based products. If you’re searching for a cleaner with all-natural ingredients, this might not be the one for you.

Affordable and readily available, Invisible Glass checks all the boxes for one of the best glass cleaners.

Price at the time of publish: $5

Product Details:

Type: Spray cleaner | Recommended product application: Versatile cleaner | Size: 32 ounces

Best for Windows

Biokleen Glass Cleaner



Why You Should Get It: It's made with vinegar and listed as scent-free so may be a good choice for those with sensitivities to other cleaners.

Keep in Mind: It's more expensive than other options and may have a vinegar scent.

While it’s a versatile cleaner for any glass surface, we recommend Biokleen for specifically cleaning windows. The product is all-natural, made with plant-based ingredients, and ammonia-free. There’s no harsh scent, but the cleaner does have a natural vinegar smell, which for some people presents a “clean" smell. Since it’s all-natural, you can feel good about this being used all over your house and won’t mind if the scent lingers and gets blown in by fresh air near your clean windows.

Since this choice is more expensive than other cleaners, this is perfect for windows. You might need to clean some glass surfaces like tabletops or mirrors on a regular basis. For most people, windows are cleaned less frequently, so over time, it is more economical to use this effective cleaner. When you clean your windows with Biokleen, you’ll notice a difference. It leaves behind no streaks or residue and is good at removing dust, pollen, or other build-ups on your windows.

Price at the time of publish: $15

Product Details:

Type: Spray Cleaner | Recommended product application: Versatile cleaner | Size: 32 ounces

Best for Showers

Rejuvenate No Scrub Soap Scum Remover

Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover


Why You Should Get It: It cleans soap scum and is safe on glass or tile.

Keep in Mind: It needs to get rinsed off with water which may be a challenge without a handheld showerhead.

If soap scum plagues your shower walls, you should try this effective cleaner. We like that Rejuvenate is a versatile cleaner and works effectively on glass, tile, chrome, and plastic. If like most homes, your shower walls feature a combination of these materials, this cleaner can be used on all surfaces.

To apply, spray the cleaner on all the shower walls. Wait about three minutes, and then rinse the product off with water. If you have a handheld showerhead, this will be a cinch. For showers without that feature, you may need to tilt the shower head around your shower (and try not to get soaked!) or find another method to rinse it off.

The 24-ounce bottle is smaller than other cleaners and is on the expensive side, given the volume, but hopefully, you won’t need it constantly.

Price at the time of publish: $10

Product Details:

Type: Spray cleaner | Recommended product application: Safe for glass, tile, chrome, and plastic | Size: 24 ounces

Best for Stove Tops

Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Polish Kit

Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner & Polish Kit


Why You Should Get It: This three-piece set is affordable, and the razor blade is great for stuck-on debris.

Keep in Mind: Safe storage is required for the razor. It's more expensive than other options.

If you cook, your cooktop will get dirty, and there’s really no two ways about it. Whether your cooktop has some sauce splatter, bacon grease, or stubborn caked-on food residue, this cleaner kit will be able to tackle the mess. We like that the three-piece set provides all you need for a wide range of messes.

For simple splatters, just wet the stovetop and use the scrubber, made with a built-in handle, to wipe up the mess. If a deeper clean is needed, apply a few drops of the cleaner and then scrub using the scrubber to remove residue. Wipe the cooktop down, with a wet cloth, and it should be sparkling clean. If you’ve got caked-on messes, cover the residue with the cleaning solution, wait a few minutes, and then use the razor blade (at a 45-degree angle) to remove the most stubborn residue.

We like that the three-piece set can tackle any level of debris. The scrubbing tool has a handle, so it’s easy to hold and rinses with water when you’re done. Our only drawback is finding a safe space to store the cleaner, scrubber, and razor, especially since it needs to be away from little hands.

Price at time of publish: $15

Product Details:

Type: Cleaning solution, scrubber, and razor | Recommended product application: Glass or ceramic cooktops | Size: 10 ounces

Best for Mirrors

Method Glass Cleaner



Why You Should Get It: It's ammonia-free and streak-free.

Keep in Mind: There are two scents available but no scent-free option.

Tough enough to tackle icky toothpaste splatter, this plant-based cleaner is ammonia-free. To apply, spray the glass cleaner on your surface and wipe it with a cloth.

We like the affordability, effectiveness, and availability of this ammonia-free cleaner. It’s available in one nature-inspired scent, mint. If you’re looking for scent-free, this isn’t the cleaner for you. 

Price at time of publish: $8

Product Details:

Type: Liquid spray | Recommended product application: Windows, mirrors, other glass surfaces | Size: 28 ounces

Best for Cars

Stoner Invisible Glass Premium



Why You Should Get It: It's safe for the inside and outside of car windows as well as for tinted windows.

Keep in Mind: It only cleans the glass on cars. It's more expensive than other options.

The challenge with cleaning the glass on a car is that you need to clean the interior and exterior for the most effective deep clean. Car windows can also be sensitive, especially since they interact with the elements outdoors and heating and cooling functions indoors. Any residue can be annoying and, in the worst case, dangerous.

Stoner’s Invisible Glass Premium is ammonia-free, so it’s safe on tinted and non-tinted windows. The formula will not leave any residue behind but is certainly strong enough to tackle anything from sticky fingerprints on the inside of windows to flattened bugs or bird droppings caked on the outside of the window. Highly rated, this affordable and readily available cleaner may make you rethink going to the car wash.

Price at time of publish: $5

Product Details:

Type: Spray cleaner | Recommended product application: Windows, mirrors, glass, etc | Size: 22 ounces

Best for Fireplaces

Rutland Fireplace Glass Cleaner

Rutland Fireplace Glass Cleaner


Why You Should Get It: Made especially for fireplace glass, it's long-lasting and will remove soot.

Keep in Mind: It's expensive and has limited use.

The glass found on most fireplaces is not like the glass around your home. In most cases, this glass is ceramic or tempered and designed to handle the high temperatures of the fire. Both types will likely get dirty, and it’s important to follow all safety instructions when cleaning this type of glass. If you decide to remove the glass, always follow the owner’s manual and use a glass cleaner made just for fireplaces. As a reminder, never scrape the glass on a fireplace. Some fireplace glass has a microscopic coating for safety reasons, and scraping can cause this layer to peel or chip, impacting the strength of the glass. 

Rutland’s fireplace cleaner is ammonia-free and made specifically to clean soot and residue from fireplace doors. In most situations, spray the cleaner and then wipe it off. For very heavily soiled or stained glass, you can spray this cleaner on and leave it for a few minutes. We like that it’s affordable, easy to use, and made by a company known for fireplace maintenance products. The company has been around for more than 130 years. 

Product at time of publish: $17

Product Details:

Type: Spray cleaner | Recommended product application: Spray onto glass doors | Size: 32 ounces

Best Foam

Sprayway World's Best Glass Cleaner

Sprayway World's Best Glass Cleaner


Why You Should Get It: It's a good option for windows because the foam stays in place and a little goes a long way.

Keep in Mind: It's expensive and has an overpowering odor.

There’s a lot we like about Sprayway’s glass cleaner. If you’ve never cleaned the glass with foam, you’ll appreciate that it stays in place. So unlike drippy liquid sprays, this ammonia-free foam will stay where you spray it, making it easy to see if you’ve missed any spots while spraying or wiping up. While prices vary widely, Sprayway does tend to be a bit more expensive than other cleaning products on the market.

The good news is a little goes a long way. Even though a 15-ounce bottle may seem small, the foam lasts long. The foam is safe and suitable for all types of glass, including mirrors, car windows, and tabletops. Although it is ammonia-free, it does have a scent. The odor is billed as a “clean fresh scent” on the bottle, but it may be overpowering for those with a sensitive nose.

Price at the time of publish: $10

Product Details:

Type: Foam | Recommended product application: Glass windows, surfaces, mirrors, etc | Size: 15 ounces

Best Spray

Windex Original Glass Cleaner

Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray


Why You Should Get It: It's affordable, readily available, and effective.

Keep in Mind: Standard Windex has ammonia and other chemical detergents and solvents, but an ammonia-free option is available.

Affordable, readily available, and the star of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Windex glass cleaner is a household brand that is beloved for its effectiveness. The trusted standby will work well on windows, mirrors, glass surfaces, and more. Sensitive cleaners should know that the classic formulation has ammonia and other chemical detergents.

The smell may overpower some. If that’s the case, look beyond the classic Windex. The company has expanded its product line to include ammonia-free, vinegar-based, foam cleaners, and more.

Price at the time of publish: $3

Product Details:

Type: Spray cleaner | Recommended product application: Windows, mirror, glass, and more | Size: 23 ounces

Best Wipes

MiracleWipes for Glass Clean & Refresh

MiracleWipes for Glass


Why You Should Get It: These are useful for on-the-go or small areas and come pre-moistened.

Keep in Mind: They're not environmentally friendly. You will still need to wipe areas down after using.

Enlisting the help of a handful of the best glass cleaners around your house is crucial when living your life on-the-go, or cleaning small jobs on the spot. These Miracle Wipes come pre-moistened in a 30-pack, so while that seems like a lot, it’s probably not enough to clean all the windows in your house. A good option for occasional use, wipes should probably not be your go-to option for deep cleanings. Keep in mind, they’re not cost-effective or environmentally friendly.

We like that they come pre-moistened, but to use them, you'll need to use a cloth to dry the wipe’s cleaning power. These are lightly scented, so those with nose sensitivity to odors may find them overpowering.

Price at the time of publish: $10

Product Details:

Type: Wipes | Recommended product application: Mirrors, windows, glass, cars, etc | Size: 30 wipes

Best Ammonia-Free

Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner

Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner


Why You Should Get It: It's safe for screens, useful for other glass, and ammonia-free.

Keep in Mind: Price varies widely and it's not always readily available.

An award-winning product, we appreciate that this ammonia-free glass cleaner is suitable on all glass surfaces, including tinted windows and screened devices. If using on a screen, it’s recommended that you spray the cloth, then wipe the screen rather than spray the screen and then wipe. Streak-free, Hope’s claims to require significantly less wiping than other spray cleaners, and reviews seem to live up to those claims.

Prices for this ammonia-free option vary widely. While it may not be readily available in grocery stores, it's best to keep an eye out online and be sure to compare it with major retailers.

Price at the time of publish: $13

Product Details:

Type: Spray cleaner | Recommended product application: Windows, glass tables, mirrors, screens, cooktops, and more | Size: 32 ounce

Best Eco-Friendly

Grove Co. Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Grove Co. Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Grove Co.

Why You Should Get It: The two-pack of concentrate comes in four scents and scent-free and is easily recycled.

Keep in Mind: It requires a 16-ounce spray bottle.

Eco-friendly in more ways than one, this glass cleaner concentrate from Grove Co. is an effective and environmentally friendly option. Included in your purchase are two one-ounce glass cleaner concentrates. To use: pour the concentrate into a 16-ounce spray bottle and add water. Grove Co. sells reusable glass bottles or recycles one from your own home. Shake the mixture and use it on any glass surface.

The formula is made in the USA with 95% plant-based ingredients, so there are no ammonia, bleach, dyes, or other synthetic elements. Beyond the concentrate being eco-friendly, the packaging is 100 percent recyclable glass and 100 percent recycled paper packaging. Choose from four natural scents and one scent-free option. Your house and the planet will thank you.

Price at time of publish: From $5

Product Details:

Type: Glass Cleaner Concentrate (add water to create spray) | Recommended product application: N/A | Size: Two pack of one ounce concentrate

The Bottom Line

All homes have some glass elements in them, which means at some point they will need to be cleaned. Whether you clean a glass-covered table top on a daily basis or clean your windows seasonally, the best glass cleaner is key to a clean home (and clear view of the outside world).

We chose Invisible Glass as the best overall cleaner because it’s effective, affordable, and readily available. The ammonia-free formula is tough enough to handle residue and grime but scent-free and streak-free. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, the Grove Co. Glass Cleaner Concentrate is an innovative solution but does require the use of a spray bottle.

What to Know About Glass Cleaner Before Shopping


There are many formulations of glass cleaners on the market, each serving a specific need. 

Foam: Foam cleaners can be a suitable option for cleaning windows since you can easily see them and it does not drip. “The main appeal of a foam glass cleaner is that it stays where it is sprayed and does not run, but it also comes with some downsides. The aerosol can that's also available is hard to recycle in most municipalities and is often not accepted. It is also often an indicator that there are harmful ingredients in the cleaner, such as formaldehyde," says Wojenski. 

Wipes: For occasional use, wipes can be great for a spot-cleaning situation. They are easy but result in unnecessary waste.  

Spray: Glass cleaning sprays are the most common, affordable, and easy to use. As a cleaning expert, Wojenski advised us on a little-known tip to avoid streaks, “Spraying glass cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and then wiping glass surfaces will yield a streak-free shine.” 

Homemade: If you don't think these are the best glass cleaners, there's yet another solution: make your glass cleaner at home with some pantry ingredients. It's easy and effective, and even affordable.

Recommended Product Application

Finding the right formula isn’t tricky and is a personal preference based on what’s available and affordable. There is one area in the house that will require a different type of cleaner. “Most glass cleaners can be used interchangeably, however, when it comes to cleaning a shower, the needs change slightly as the surfaces often have soap on them or hard water build-up and require a more acidic cleaning solution, such as a vinegar-based glass cleaner or cleaner specially formulated for showers to tackle the grime that can be found within showers,” says Wojenski.

Your Questions, Answered

How often should you use glass cleaner? 

Figure out a cleaning routine that works for you and your lifestyle. The types of glass surfaces in your home will dictate your needs. Marilee Nelson, Co-founder of Branch Basics, says, “There is no specific rule when it comes to cleaning windows, mirrors, or screens. A good rule of thumb to follow is whenever you notice fingerprints or marks, give it a wipe down to prevent the area from needing a deep clean down the line.” Parents will agree with Wojenski’s sentiments: “A home with little children will likely see fingerprints on windows and glass doors much faster, requiring more frequent cleaning.”

Can you use glass cleaner on a television screen? 

Err on the side of caution and avoid glass cleaner on a television or other electronic item’s screen. This doesn’t mean it needs to stay dirty. Wojenski shares why not and how to clean screens, “The type of glass used on electronic screens is not the same as what is used for windows or mirrors, and they need to be cleaned accordingly. Using a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen clean and wipe away dust is typically all that is needed. If a little more cleaning power is needed, the cloth can be dampened.” You'll want to use the best glass cleaners gently to ensure you do not damage sensitive and expensive screens.

Who We Are

When looking for the best glass cleaners, we aimed for sites that offered options in various formulations, affordable prices, and effective products. We added expert insight by reaching out to not one but two experts in the field.

Maya Polton is a homeowner with three active kids and a glass-topped kitchen table; she relies on the best glass cleaner every day. After researching cleaners for this article, she may change the type of cleaner she uses and will definitely change how she cleans the glass.

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