The 27 Best Gifts for Gardeners in 2022 for Any Level of Expertise

The 27 best gifts for gardeners include a self-watering can, a Mosaic bird feed with a solar lantern, and more, all available at retailers such as Amazon.

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Best Gifts for Gardeners


Are you shopping for a gardener (or two) this holiday season? You will need one of the best gifts for gardeners. Fortunately, we found 28 gift ideas suitable for all levels. Keep in mind: You want to invest in an item relevant to your recipient's current level of expertise. 

"Consider if they’re a beginner and you’re introducing them to the hobby or if they’re an expert and you want to give them something as unique as their hobby,” says Katie Dubow, QVC plant expert and trendspotter. 

A beginning gardener may appreciate a gardening how-to book, a garden journal, or a good starter kit of tools. We like the Garden starter tools and tote bag bundle because it combines a basic set of garden tools and a tote you can continue using in the garden. Experienced gardeners probably already have their favorite tools, so choose something that complements their specific gardening passions (such as houseplants or birdwatching). They might also enjoy a garden-inspired decorative item to share their hobby with others. Or consider giving them a unique gift like the Tertill weeding robot (since they likely already know how much they hate weeding!).  

For ideas of your own, continue reading to see the 28 best gifts for gardeners below.

Indoor Garden: Rise Gardens Personal Garden and Starter Kit

Rise Gardens Personal Garden and Starter Kit


Why You Should Get It:

  • This garden helps anyone grow produce at home
  • An app provides step-by-step instructions 
  • Extends the gardening season
  • Easy to set up

Keep in Mind:

  • This small garden will grow a limited amount of produce; bigger models can accommodate families
  • You’ll need to purchase additional seeds and nutrients if you want to keep using it
  • Some users have reported problems with the water pump

Got someone on your list who loves gardening and cooking? This hydroponic indoor smart garden helps anyone grow fresh produce at home, any time of year. Measuring in at just 18 inches long, it can even sit right on the kitchen countertop. Additionally, the LED lights mimic sunlight, so you can use this even in locations where natural light is scarce. An app will help you take care of the plants and give you step-by-step care instructions. And the self-watering feature means you can leave home for a few days without worrying about your plants. The starter kit comes with eight starter seed pods (an herb mix and a salad mix) and six weeks of hydroponic growing system nutrients.

Price at time of publication: $349

Weeder: Tertill Weeding Robot

Tertill Weeding Robot


Why You Should Get It:

  • Takes weeding off your to-do list
  • It’s a fun tool to show off to other gardeners

Keep in Mind:

  • It needs a relatively flat and smooth surface and a 4-inch or taller border
  • Requires a foot between plants or rows
  • Won’t work in beds where you are starting seeds

One of the best gifts for gardeners is anything tool that can streamline weeding. The Tertill weeding robot is the gift that does just that. It sits out in the garden (using the sun to recharge itself) and does the weeding for you! When you want it to start weeding, you press a button to wake it up and then press it again to make it move. Tertill, from the makers of the Roomba vacuum, uses height to discern garden plants from weeds; if a plant is tall enough to touch its front sensor, the Tertill weeder will consider it a plant rather than a weed. This weeding robot can maintain areas up to 200 square feet, but it won’t work in every garden—you need a border that’s 4 inches or taller, a foot between plants or rows of plants, and a relatively flat and smooth surface.

Price at time of publish: $349

Sun Hat: Solbari Everyday Sun Hat UPF50+

Solbari Everyday Sun Hat UPF50+


Why You Should Get It:

  • Offers excellent sun protection
  • Adjustable fit

Keep in Mind:

  • It’s a little big, but it covers your neck and the top of your head well
  • There are cuter hats on the market if you’re going for style

They’ve pretty much thought of everything with this sun hat. Designed for women, this sunhat is perfect for protecting you for long periods on extremely sunny days. It’s UPF 50+ and blocks more than 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays. The brim in the front is four inches, and the neck protector at the back is six inches, offering maximum sun protection. It’s one-size-fits-all, but a drawstring at the back adjusts sizing to fit your head. A removable chin strap attaches with clips on the side, and the back has an opening for a ponytail. The hat is lightweight and foldable, so you easily pack it and take it with you on trips to the beach too.

Price at time of publish: $45

Garden Tool: Rotoshovel 22 Inch Handheld Battery Powered Shovel

Rotoshovel 22 Inch Handheld Battery Powered Shovel


Why You Should Get It:

  • Helps you dig holes faster
  • Makes gardening chores easier

Keep in Mind:

  • It loses power quickly so you may want to buy a backup battery
  • It doesn’t work as well in hard, compact soil

Make gardening easier for someone on your list by buying them an automatic shovel to help them dig holes for new plants. The Rotoshovel digs hole up to 10x3 inches in diameter (perfect for planting bulbs) and automatically stops if it hits a rock or root. It can be used for planting, edging, trenching, and tiling—or you can even use it to set up a tent when camping or an umbrella at the beach. At only 5lbs, it’s easy to hold and use; it can run for 2 hours on each battery charge and works in various soil types.

Price at time of publish: $160

Planter: Eezy Gro Self-Watering Planter

Eezy Gro Self-Watering Planter


Why You Should Get It:

  • Good for any level of gardener
  • Keeps soil consistently moist

Keep in Mind:

  • It’s not the most elegant gift, but it’s practical

These self-watering planters help make container gardens easy and fun. A water reservoir at the base of the pot helps keep plants hydrated and sponge-like wicks help deliver that water to the plant’s roots. Now even people too busy to remember to water their plants can find success with gardening. The polypropylene planters are available in multiple sizes and a handful of colors, so you can stick with a neutral palette or opt for a more colorful style. Bonus: these planters are cheap enough that you could mix and match a few different colors to jump-start someone’s patio garden.

Price at time of publish: From $17

Gift Basket: Ferry Morse Garden Starter Tools & Tote Bag Bundle

Ferry Morse Garden Starter Tools & Tote Bag Bundle

Ferry Morse

Why You Should Get It:

  • A good set for beginning gardeners
  • The garden tote is built to last and keeps tools and supplies handy

Keep in Mind:

  • It may not be the prettiest gift, but it will be useful
  • It doesn’t include all the hand tools a gardener will need

If you know someone new to gardening, this tote bag with garden tools might be the perfect gift to guide them into digging into their first project. The sturdy garden tool bag features a handful of items beginning gardeners will love, including a trowel, garden-snipping scissors, twistable plant ties, reusable plant markers, and an at-home soil test kit. The bag features eight deep outer pockets (with elastic to keep items in place) that can hold additional gardening gear later. Reinforced stitching will help it last through multiple gardening seasons.

Price at time of publication: $60

Personalized: Uncommon Goods Family Tree Chime

Uncommon Goods Family Tree Chime

Uncommon Goods

Why You Should Get It:

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind item
  • It’s a fun gift for family or friends who live far away

Keep in Mind:

  • You can’t request a specific placement of names. The artist will select how to arrange the leaves

If you have a loved one far away, you can send them this wind chime personalized with the names of special people in their lives. They’ll think of you when the wind blows. Plus, it's a fun twist on the family tree concept. 

Designed by artist Gina DeSantis, these wind chimes showcase hand-cut stamps paired with ceramic leaves (which can be personalized upon request). Add anywhere from 1-10 names, or leave them blank. Handmade in Ohio, these wind chimes are suitable inside or outside; but best to bring them inside on those cold, chilly winter days.

Price at time of publish: $95

Gloves: Uncommon Goods Floral-Printed Weeder Glove Spa Gift Set

Uncommon Goods Floral-Printed Weeder Glove Spa Gift Set

Uncommon Goods

Why You Should Get It:

  • The combination of gloves and soap makes a cute gift set
  • Design is fun and colorful
  • Palms on gloves have a waterproof coating

Keep in Mind:

  • You’ll need to know what size hands your recipient has

These pretty floral-printed gloves promise to brighten any gardener’s day—even those days spent pulling endless weeds. The polyester gloves are machine washable and will let your hands breathe on hot days. They have a waterproof nitrile coating on the palms to help keep hands dry when working in damp soil. The gloves come in three sizes for the best fit. Take this best gift for gardeners further and pair these gloves with a matching floral-wrapped bar of hand soap so gardeners can get their hands clean (and moisturized) when their garden chores are complete. Bonus: reviewers have noted that the soap smells good, too.

Price at time of publish: $24

Vase: Etu Home Limited Edition Black Vase

Etu Home Limited Edition Black Vase

Etu Home

Why You Should Get It:

  • It’s a unique artisan piece
  • Classic look that won’t go out of style

Keep in Mind:

  • Imperfections may exist since each vase is handcrafted
  • These were created in a limited quantity, so they’ll be gone once they sell out

If you’re looking for a special piece for the gardener who seems to have everything, this decorative vase is a great choice. Not only is it a vessel for fresh flowers, but it’s also a piece of art. Created from terracotta clay, these vases were thrown by a European artisan on a potter’s wheel. Since each vase is unique, the color will vary from smoky gray to black, and imperfections may exist. With only 300 vases available, this limited-edition gift has the artist's initials and the number it is carved on the bottom.

Price at time of publish: $25

Gnome: Beneficial Bugs Garden Gnome Statuary

Beneficial Bugs Garden Gnome Statuary

Plow & Hearth

Why You Should Get It:

  • Fun garden accents that add a touch of whimsy
  • Durable and weather-resistant

Keep in Mind:

  • It might be hard to choose only one

Who can resist a cute garden gnome (or two)? You can help your gardener friend add a whimsical touch to their garden and a pop of color with Plow & Hearth's Beneficial Bugs Garden Gnomes. You can choose the gnome with the red hat with ladybug-style polka dots or the one with the yellow hat that features stripes of the bumblebee. You won't go wrong with either one; they are made of weather-resistant polyresin, meaning they can stand up to the element. Plus, since these gnomes are 24 ¼-inches tall, their hats are sure to peek out among the flowers. 

Price at time of publish: $60

Watering Can: Ansel & Ivy Sierra Watering Can

Ansel & Ivy Sierra Watering Can

Ansel & Ivy

Why You Should Get It:

  • Great for the houseplant lover
  • Sleek, modern design looks stylish sitting out

Keep in Mind:

  • It may be too small if you have a large houseplant collection
  • Not the best choice for outdoor gardeners

Ansel & Ivy's watering can is a stylish and practical option for anyone who tends to houseplants. At 15 x 4 x 7.5 inches, it fits nicely on shelves and holds up to 1 liter of water. For those with a larger collection, there is a second choice; that holds up to 1.5 liters. Both versions are made from stainless steel and can clean easily. If you’re looking for one of the best gardener gifts that's both practical and stylish, you've found it here.

Price at time of publish: $24

Indoor Compost Bin: Exfoil Kitchen Compost Bin with lid

Exfoil Kitchen Compost Bin with lid


Why You Should Get It:

  • Looks stylish sitting on the kitchen counter
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean

Keep in Mind:

  • Some reviewers have complained that the lid does not fit tightly enough
  • You’ll likely need to empty the bin frequently if you use it for most food scraps

Many gardeners like to compost food scraps, but it can be hard to find a kitchen scrap collector that you want to sit out on your kitchen countertop. This bamboo compost bin has a streamlined, modern look that will complement any style of kitchen. It holds an impressive 1.6 gallons of materials, but at 13x7.75x6 inches, it doesn’t take up too much counter space. A stainless steel bin can be easily removed to take scraps to an outdoor compost pile and washed out by hand or in the dishwasher. The stainless steel lid keeps out fruit flies and ants and blocks odors.

Price at time of publish: $37

Garden Stool: Terrain Foldable Canvas Garden Stool

Terrain Foldable Canvas Garden Stool


Why You Should Get It:

  • Easy to carry
  • Removable bag keeps garden tools handy

Keep in Mind:

  • It might not be sturdy enough for all gardeners

Sometimes it’s hard to find a comfortable spot to sit while gardening. If you give this foldable canvas garden stool to your favorite gardener, they’ll always have a convenient place to rest. The stool is lightweight and easy to carry throughout your garden. It can be quickly set up wherever you need it and it comes with a removable bag with side compartments that can hold hand-held garden tools, seed packets, and more. When you’re finished working, you can wipe the stool clean with a damp cloth and fold it up for easy storage in a garage or shed.

Price at time of publish: $48

Gardening Apron: Milcil Garden Apron

Milcil Garden Apron


Why You Should Get It:

  • Cute design with floral fabric at the bottom
  • Lots of pockets

Keep in Mind:

  • It’s only a half apron, so storage space is somewhat limited
  • Pockets aren’t large enough to hold multiple items of produce from your garden

This gardening apron for women is both cute and practical! A floral jacquard strip along the bottom ups the style quotient, but it fits a lot of function into a half apron too. It includes eight pockets and six fabric hangers/loops for garden tools and gloves. The pockets are arranged in two rows and range in size so they can accommodate a variety of items, including pencils, plant tags, garden tools, cell phones, and gloves. For a few extra dollars, you can choose to add a set of garden tools (which includes a trowel, cultivator, transplanter, and hand rake) in various fun colors to round out the gift.

Price at time of publish: $31

Wheelbarrow: Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart GOR4PS

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart GOR4PS


Why You Should Get It:

  • Rugged design and construction that will hold up over time
  • Easy to maneuver and unload

Keep in Mind:

  • Must be assembled
  • Not as “pretty” as many other gifts

It might not be the first gift that pops into your mind when shopping, but one of the best gifts for gardeners might be a wheelbarrow. After all, what gardener doesn’t need one? This version is tough and durable, with a rust-proof body and 10-inch tires to help you maneuver over any terrain. It can pull up to 600 pounds and has a padded handle to make pulling more comfortable. As good as those features are, we think the best feature is the quick-release technology that makes it easy to empty each load. This is one of the best gifts for gardeners that will get a lot of use in the garden.

Price at time of publish: $140

Bird Bath: Hanizi Deck-Mounted Bird Bath

Hanizi Deck-Mounted Bird Bath


Why You Should Get It:

  • Easier to gift than other heavier bird baths
  • Unique and practical design
  • Good for gardeners without much of a yard

Keep in Mind:

  • Squirrels are likely to visit this bird bath too
  • It’s a little deep in the center for small birds, but you can remedy this by placing a small rock or two inside

Are you shopping for someone who loves birds? Unite them by adding this birdbath to your shopping carts. This easy-to-install bird bath clamps onto the deck railing so birdwatchers can easily see visiting birds from their house. (It fits deck railings up to 2-inches thick.) Thanks to the adjustable clamp, this bird bath is easy to install and remove. Furthermore, the durable plastic bowl detaches from the steel ring, so it can easily be removed and cleaned (or emptied at night when temperatures dip). It’s made from weather-resistant materials to ensure it will stand up to the elements wherever you live. With one gift, you can make a gardener and the birds happy!

Price at time of publish: $19

Bird Feeder: XDW-GIFTS Mosaic Bird Feeder with Solar Lantern

XDW-GIFTS Mosaic Bird Feeder with Solar Lantern


Why You Should Get It:

  • You get a bird feeder and decorative light in one
  • Colorful addition to the yard

Keep in Mind:

  • Birdseed blocks the light when the feeder is full

With this bird feeder, you can watch the visiting birds during the day and enjoy a decorative light at night. Waterproof and weather-resistant, the bird feeder is made of bronze metal and mosaic glass pieces that reflect sunlight during the day. An extra-large solar cell panel will illuminate for 8–12 hours at night. An inclined roof on the feeder helps shade the birds from sun and rain, and three metal perches accommodate good-sized birds. A metal hook makes it easy to hang from a tree, porch, or a larger shepherd’s hook. When the feeder is ful, the bird seed will block the solar light, so I guess you have a great excuse to forget to fill the feeder.

Price at time of publish: $50

Garden Stakes: Gardener's Suppley Chicken Friends Garden Stakes Set

Gardener's Suppley Chicken Friends Garden Stakes Set


Why You Should Get It:

  • Playful addition to any garden
  • Made of a durable and long-lasting material

Keep in Mind:

  • Some people love chickens more than others—so gift this to someone who will appreciate them

Do you have a gardener on your list who also keeps chickens? They might adore this set of garden stakes shaped like chickens who will gladly hang out in their garden without eating any plants! Made out of powder-coated metal, these garden stakes can stand up to the elements during all sorts of weather and will last a long time. They’ve affectionately been dubbed Bubbles, Stripey, and Doodles after their playful designs—but we’re sure your recipient can rename them if they’d like. Each is 17 ¾-inch tall (including the 4-inch stake). These stakes are sold individually, but we think the set makes a great gift.

Price at time of publish: $65

Potting Bench: Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

Outdoor Garden Potting Bench


Why You Should Get It:

  • Lots of storage
  • Features a sliding workspace that can help hide in-progress projects

Keep in Mind:

  • Some reviewers have expressed concern about its durability; you may want to stain it to improve durability if using outdoors
  • Natural color may look unfinished to some
  • Needs to be assembled

This potting bench packs a lot of storage and function into a limited amount of space. It includes a food-grade dry sink for mixing soils and potting plants. A sliding tabletop extends the workspace on either side of the sink or slides shut to hide any mess in the sink if needed—or when you’ve cleaned up. A two-tier upper shelf can hold plants, while a bottom shelf is tall enough for bags of potting mix. Hooks on the front of the potting bench’s legs can keep favorite garden tools within reach. The potting bench is 39.5 x 18 x 55.25 inches tall; reviewers have said it’s easy to assemble.

Price at time of publish: $130

Garden Book: Gardening For Everyone: Growing Vegetables, Herbs, and More at Home

Gardening For Everyone: Growing Vegetables, Herbs, and More at Home


Why You Should Get It:

  • Great coffee table book with color photos
  • Lots of practical information for beginning gardeners

Keep in Mind:

  • Expert gardeners may already know a lot of the information covered in the book

One of the best gifts for gardeners is giving inspiration. A good read for beginning gardeners and beyond, Julia Watkins’ book Gardening for Everyone: Growing Vegetables, Herbs, and More at Home is full of tips about gardening in a sustainable and nourishing way. It offers extensive advice on every stage of gardening: planning, planting, tending, and harvesting. It also includes plant profiles on common plants you might want to grow in your garden and explains the difference between annuals and perennials and warm and cool season vegetables. In addition, the book features some fun hands-on activities that both kids and adults can enjoy. Beautiful color photos make it a great coffee table book as well.

Price at time of publish: From $10

Harvest Basket: Gardener’s Supply Mod Hod

Gardener's Supply Mod Hod

Gardener's Supply

Why You Should Get It:

  • Practical garden helper
  • Cuts down on mess in the kitchen
  • Stackable design

Keep in Mind:

  • May be too big for small gardens; you might want to choose the mini version instead
  • Some reviewers have noted some trouble with the legs staying in the closed position

This updated version of a traditional harvest basket lets you gather, wash, and store fresh produce in one container. Made of polypropylene, it’s lightweight and easy to carry throughout the garden. When you’ve gathered your harvest, you can unfold the legs and wash the produce outside. (Holes in the basket let the water drain directly out of it and allows your produce to drip dry outside mess-free.) Once inside, you can stack up to three baskets to store produce in minimal space. At 17 inches long and 10½ inches wide, these baskets offer plenty of room for fresh produce—or you can use them for other items like hats and mittens. We recommend filling the Mod Hod with a few other garden items to make a better gift for vegetable gardeners.

Price at time of publish: $30

Garden Journal: The Gardener's Logbook

The Gardener's Logbook


Why You Should Get It:

  • Fun, floral cover
  • Lots of pages to jot down plant information
  • Affordable gift

Keep in Mind:

  • No easy way to organize/alphabetize plants if you add more throughout the year
  • Not much space for detailed notes
  • Garden planning tips are too common to be useful for expert gardeners

Give a beginning gardener a garden journal to help them track the plants they selected and how well they did in their garden. This 144-page journal has a cute, floral-inspired cover that helps make it a fun gift. Plant log pages let you keep track of each plant you chose, where you got it, where you planted it, and how well it did throughout the season. The journal also includes some planting tips and information about hardiness zones that might be helpful for new gardeners. There are also dot-matrix grid pages so you can draw out your garden designs before you start planting. A pocket at the back can hold inspiration photos, seed packets, or receipts. 

Price at time of publish: $10

Seed Starting Kit: Park Seed Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit

Park Seed Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit


Why You Should Get It:

  • Makes seed starting easy and mess-free
  • Saves time because you can grow your seedlings in the Bio Dome and move them right into the garden

Keep in Mind:

  • Despite its smart design, it still can’t guarantee a 100% germination rate
  • More expensive than many other seed-starting kits

If you’re new to seed starting—or a seasoned pro—the Bio Dome makes the process easier. This kit includes a tray, humidity dome, planting block, 60 bio sponges (a growing medium for your seeds), and seedling food. Just place the soil plug into the planting block and add your seeds. The bio sponges offer an ideal blend of aeration and moisture and encourage the roots to grow down and out. You can transplant your seedlings right from your Bio Dome into your chosen garden container or bed rather than worrying about transplanting it into a bigger pot first. Adjustable vents at the top of the dome ensure good air circulation and help maintain an ideal moisture level.

Price at time of publish: $93

Plant Stand: Desheng Bamboo Plant Stand Bamboo Plant Stand

Desheng Bamboo Plant Stand


Why You Should Get It:

  • Can fit up to seven flowerpots
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reviewers have noted that it’s sturdy enough for heavy pots

Keep in Mind:

  • Shelves are positioned on both sides of the frame so you need to pay careful attention to assembly directions
  • This might encourage people to buy more plants

If you know someone struggling with where to put all their houseplants, this plant stand might be just the solution they need. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, the plant stand includes six levels of display space for plants and family photos or other decorative items. At only 15.7 x 8.3 inches wide, it fits a lot of display space into a small amount of floor space. The plant stand is 48.6 inches tall, and each shelf is big enough for a four-to-six-inch pot. A wide base, which holds two plants, helps ensure it is sturdy.

Price at time of publish: $30

Self-Watering Globes: Blazin Indoor Plant Watering Globes

Blazin Indoor Plant Watering Globes


Why You Should Get It:

  • Works for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Decorative and functional
  • Helps keep plants hydrated when you’re away

Keep in Mind:

  • You will likely need more than one bulb for large pots
  • Largest bulbs might be too big for small containers

These handy self-watering globes are both decorative and functional and are handy items for both indoor and outdoor gardeners. You fill the watering globes with water, flip them over and insert them into the soil of one of your potted plants. As the soil dries, the globes release water into the soil to keep the plant hydrated—even while you’re on vacation. They can provide water for up to 2 weeks. Each hand-blown glass orb is unique, and colors may vary slightly, but the colors in the set include translucent navy, green, turquoise, and red. At 12-inches tall, these globes are taller than some other brands and will add a pop of color to plantings.

Price at time of publish: $35

Grow Kit: Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Grow Kit

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Grow Kit


Why You Should Get It:

  • Unique gift for the hard-to-buy-for gardener
  • Good for gardeners who are also food lovers
  • May appeal to families with kids

Keep in Mind:

  • Will only appeal to people who like mushrooms

This organic mushroom grow kit is a unique gift for the hard-to-buy-for gardener. This two-pack kit lets you grow both pink and pearl oyster mushrooms. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert gardener to see success. You open the package, spray daily with the mister included in the kit, and in 10 days, you can harvest your mushrooms out of the box. The kit also includes a booklet with growing and harvesting instructions and recipes. Additionally, there is a free downloadable curriculum for kids to learn about the science behind growing mushrooms—so it’s a good choice for gardeners with kids (or kid gardeners).

Price at time of publish: $19

Garden Experience: Alice’s Table Floral Arranging Classes

Alice's Table Floral Arranging Classes

Alice's Table

Why You Should Get It:

  • You can give friends and family a fun experience to enjoy
  • All materials for each project are sent directly to your door 

Keep in Mind:

  • Workshop prices vary, so you’ll want to make sure your gift card covers the cost of most experiences
  • Classes are live-streamed, so your recipient should be comfortable with using technology

Sometimes the best gifts for gardeners aren’t products, but experiences. If you’re unsure what to buy for the gardener who seems to have everything, we suggest an online floral-arranging class by Alice’s Table. You can choose from a handful of classes that include seasonal floral arrangements, wreaths, and tablescapes. A day or two before the live-streamed event, you’ll receive a kit with all the materials you’ll need to create the featured project. During the workshop, a host will provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the project and wow all your friends with the finished masterpiece. Gift cards (available in various amounts) are available, so your recipient can choose the class or classes that interest them most.

Price at time of publish: Varies

The Bottom Line

The best gifts for gardeners will keep their interests and gardening level in mind. For beginner gardeners, a set of garden tools, such as the Garden starter tools and tote bag bundle, might help them get started with their new hobby. Many gifts, such as the Solbari UPF 50+ everyday sun hat, will work equally well for beginners and experienced gardeners. If you’ve got an expert gardener on your list who seems to have everything, why not buy them something novel like the Tertill weeding robot?

What to Know About Gifts for Gardeners Before Shopping

Level of Gardening

The best gifts for gardeners will always take into account the skill level of the gardener who is the recipient. Some products, such as a basic garden tool set or a gardening book, are best for beginning gardeners. An unusual plant that might be trickier to care for might be best left to an expert gardener. But many other gifts can be enjoyed by gardeners of all skill levels. Decorative garden stakes, bird feeders, harvest baskets, or garden experiences are good bets for gardeners of any skill level. 


When shopping for a gift for your favorite gardener, make sure to consider the size of the product and how easy it will be to get it to the intended recipient. A wheelbarrow might be one of the best gifts for gardeners, but it will be more expensive to ship than a pair of gardening gloves, for example. Similarly, some items like gloves or sun hats come in multiple sizes, so they might be harder to gift unless you know your recipient’s size. Be sure to send along a gift receipt if you’re unsure what size to purchase. 

Intended Use

As you’re shopping, consider whether the gardener on your list is passionate about indoor gardening, outdoor gardening, or both. Some smaller watering cans, for example, are better for watering houseplants, while large watering cans are a better fit for someone with a large outside garden. If you’re purchasing gloves, be aware that some are designed for roses and other thorny plants, while other gloves work well for less-prickly plants. Make sure any decorative items are weatherproof if they’ll be placed outside in the garden.

Your Questions, Answered

How much should you spend on gifts for gardeners? 

The best gifts for gardeners are available at all different price points. Small decorative items and vases are often budget-friendly options, while larger-scale items, like potting benches, wheelbarrows, and large garden tools may be pricey. Some categories of items, such as small garden tools or planters, are available in a wide range of price points depending on the quality of materials used to make the product. 

What are some items gardeners need multiples of? 

While gardeners might not need more than one garden trowel (especially if you buy a good quality one), there are several items that gardeners can use multiples. “Gardeners can never have too many gloves, seeds, plants—and well, more plants,” Dubow says. Of course, most gardeners are interested in the latest gardening book and probably need plenty of planters and vases to display their favorite plants.

Who We Are

Renee Freemon Mulvihill is a freelance writer specializing in home and garden topics. To write this gift roundup, she researched online, read product reviews, and checked with various gardening trend experts, including Katie Dubow, QVC plant expert and trendspotter.

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