The 11 Best Gift Baskets of 2023, According to Our Taste Tests

Last-minute gifts stressing you out? Send one of these 11 best gift baskets for your next holiday occasion.

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Best Gift Baskets of 2023, According to Our Taste Tests

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Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries can be a stressful time when you’re scrambling to find a gift for your loved ones. Gift baskets are the perfect gift-giving solution for even the pickiest of people on your list, whether you’re choosing a gift for a family member, friend, or coworker. But with all the options available for gift baskets, it can be difficult to decide the best one for your giftee. 

“Consumers are looking for something that is unique and special. Most consumers today want to see items that they rarely, if ever, see in a retail store,” says Shirley George Frazier, a gift basket expert and owner of Gift Basket Business in New York City. 

In addition to including high-quality items, the best gift baskets will have policies in place to ensure the basket arrives intact.

“You want to know about delivery; you want to know about freshness; you want to know about any package breakages and what the company is going to do to handle that problem,” Frazier says. “If there are no terms and conditions, there is going to be a problem.” 

Our team of experts spent four weeks testing 25 different gift baskets from top brands. To select the best gift baskets for your money, we considered the convenience of the ordering process as well as the quality and variety of products included in each basket.

Whether you’re looking for a classic option like a cheese-and-crackers basket or something more unique like a tropical fruits basket, we have you covered with the best gift basket picks, backed by our testing.

Best Cookies

Cheryl's Cookies Classic Assortment Bow Gift Box

Cheryl's Cookies Classic Assortment Bow Gift Box


Why You Should Get It: The gift box offers an assortment of soft, fresh-tasting cookies.

Keep in Mind: The flavors are not customizable.

The Cheryl’s Cookies gift box is a crowd-pleaser for both large and small groups. We loved the variety of cookie flavors and range of box sizes. 

The gift box comes with an assortment of cookies, including five classic flavors. In the 72-count gift box, there are 16 chocolate chip, 16 oatmeal raisin, 16 frosted cut-out, 12 sugar, and 12 chocolate obsession cookies. However, we received 12 frosted cut-out cookies instead of 16 and 16 sugar cookies instead of 12. 

The gift basket comes in several sizes ranging from 12 to 200 cookies. However, the type of cookies cannot be customized. The cookies are individually wrapped, so they are easy to share with family and friends. Each cookie was clearly labeled with its flavor and ingredients on the package. 

We thought all of the cookies were flavorful, soft, and tasted fresh, even after we froze and thawed them. The company recommends enjoying the cookies within three to four days of arrival or freezing them immediately for up to six months. Since they are individually wrapped, they can stay frozen until you are ready to eat them.

When ordering the gift box, we could select a delivery window but not a specific delivery date. None of the cookies were crumbled or damaged when the box arrived. 

The large-quantity options make this the best gift basket for a large group or gathering like an office party. For the quality and quantity of items included in the gift basket, we thought the price was very reasonable. 

Price at time of publish: From $35

Cheryl's Cookies Classic Assortment Bow Gift Box

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best Cheese

Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits

Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits

Murray's Cheese

Why You Should Get It: The cheeses are high-quality and pair well with the speciality jam.

Keep in Mind: It doesn’t include any meat or fruit.

The Murray’s Cheese Greatest Hits gift box is a dream come true for the cheese-lovers in your life. It includes a generous portion of four different cheeses: gruyère, manchego, brie, and cheddar.

The cheese varieties were flavorful and distinct from one another, ranging from hard to soft cheeses. All of the products tasted fresh, and we thought the cheese was very high quality. With 1.5 pounds of cheese, the basket can easily serve six to 10 people. 

The basket also included a full-size jar of spiced cherry preserves, almonds, and sea salt and olive oil crackers. We thought the speciality jam was a fun addition to the box since it isn’t a flavor you can find in a grocery store. The preserves had a delicious flavor that complemented the other food items in the basket, especially the crackers. We enjoyed eating the crackers alone or with the cheese and jam.

The basket was packaged well to prevent damage to the items during shipping. Since it included perishable items, it was packaged in a thermal-lined box with ice packs inside the cooler to keep the food fresh. 

The pre-packaged items were labeled with nutritional information. The cheeses are cut fresh from a deli, so they do not include nutritional information on the package. 

We did not have any products substituted in our order, but the order process includes the option to select your preferred substitutions if an item is unavailable. We liked the variety of items included in the gift basket, but we wished there was an option to add meat or fruit to balance out the heaviness of the cheese. 

Price at time of publish: $108

Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best Fruit

Melissa's Deluxe Exotic and Tropical Fruit Basket

Melissa's Deluxe Exotic and Tropical Fruit Basket


Why You Should Get It: It includes a decorative woven basket and a variety of unique fruits based on the season. 

Keep in Mind: The shipping fee raises the price of the box.

With a variety of exotic fruits, we think Melissa's fruit basket is the best option for a flavorful gift. This basket is perfect for the adventurous giftee to try fruits that are only available in tropical climates. 

The box includes a random assortment of tropical fruits from around the world, depending on what fruits are in season. You cannot select specific fruits to include in your basket, but the brand lists all of the varieties that may be available. Some of the fruits included in our gift basket were cherimoya, kumquats, Asian pear, dragon fruit, passion fruit, mini bananas, feijoas, baby pineapples, papaya, and guava. The box includes 7 to 8 pounds of fruit in total. 

Since the fruits are perishable, the box must be shipped via second-day air. However, the shipping fee is not included in the price, and you can only see the shipping fee when you check out.

All of the fruits arrived intact except for one small piece of fruit that was cracked. Some of the fruit was not ripe when it arrived; however, the box includes a guide to identify each fruit and determine when it is ripe. The pamphlet also explains how to eat the fruit and provides ideas on how to cook it. Once the fruit ripened, it was very fresh and high quality.

The fruit comes in a decorative woven basket that can be reused and repurposed after the fruit is eaten. The decorative basket and the fruit were well protected with bubble wrap inside the shipping box. Although we couldn’t select an exact delivery date for the box, the brand can estimate your delivery date based on when you order and the selected shipping method. 

Price at time of publish: $85

Melissa's Deluxe Exotic and Tropical Fruit Basket

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best Charcuterie

Olive & Cocoa Italian Market Snacks

Olive & Cocoa Italian Market Snacks

Olive & Cocoa

Why You Should Get It: The flavorful spreads serve as a perfect complement to the savory meats, cheeses, and crackers.

Keep in Mind: It has more crackers and salami than cheese.

The Italian Market Snacks Tote includes a variety of flavorful items that make it the best gift basket for a charcuterie board. The meats, cheeses, and crackers were savory, and each item in the basket complements the others to create a cohesive snacking experience.

We thought the gift basket had a mix of salty and sweet items during our taste test. It included mixed nuts, artisanal salami, farmhouse cheese, crackers, two types of spreads, and sea salt caramels. 

During our taste tests, the artisanal crackers were crispy, thin, and flavorful. The gift basket comes with two jars of spreads to try on the crackers. The spread flavors listed on the website were basil pesto and sun-dried tomato bruschetta, but the jar of basil pesto was substituted for an artichoke lemon pesto in our gift basket. Although we weren’t informed of the substitution before the basket arrived, the brand says substitutions may occasionally occur. 

The sea salt caramels were decadent, creamy, and flavorful, and we loved the sweet option to balance out the savory flavors in the basket. The mixed nuts were also very fresh and crunchy, complementing the saltiness of the caramels. The sun-dried tomato spread was mild and smoky with a slight hint of tang. The salami was hearty and had hints of garlic and fennel flavors. While we enjoyed each of the products individually, we thought there should be more farmhouse cheese to balance out the crackers and salami.

The gift basket was carefully packaged for shipping, especially the glass jars, which were wrapped in plastic to prevent breakage. The gift basket was well-arranged, and the presentation was elegant inside the reusable container. Additionally, you can choose between a canvas and burlap tote bag or a hand crafted wood crate as the container for the gift basket. 

Overall, we liked the quantity and assortment of items included in the basket. With seven different food items, the basket could serve four to six people. 

Price at time of publish: $98

Olive & Cocoa Italian Market Snacks

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best with Wine

Wicked Good Cupcakes 6-Pack & Rosé + Moscato Gift Set

Wicked Good Cupcakes 6-Pack & Rosé + Moscato Gift Set

Wicked Good Cupcakes 

Why You Should Get It: The cupcakes are moist, flavorful, and pair perfectly with the wine.

Keep in Mind: The wines are on the dry side.

This wine-and-cupcakes set is a fun and delicious gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. The gift set includes six large cupcake jars in two different flavors: red velvet and chocolate ganache. Two full-size bottles of wine, a California moscato sparkling wine and a California rosé wine, pair nicely with the cupcake flavors.

In our taste test, we thought the cupcakes were decadent, but not sickeningly sweet. Both flavors were very moist with a rich flavor and creamy frosting. We thought the cupcakes tasted fresh, like they were just baked. The wine was just dry enough to balance out the sweetness of the cupcakes, so they paired perfectly. However, the wine was not as sweet as we expected, particularly the moscato.

We were impressed by the quality and balance of flavors in each cupcake jar. The cupcakes are large enough to share since each jar contains the equivalent of two regular-sized cupcakes. The jars are reusable, and the box even comes with spoons to enjoy the cupcakes. 

Our gift basket arrived just as advertised on the website in terms of both the packaging and the appearance of the cupcakes. The cupcakes can be enjoyed up to seven days after delivery or frozen for up to six months, so they can be savored over time without going bad.

We thought the gift basket was affordable for the quality and amount of items included, especially since the brand offers free shipping on certain days. However, delivery is not available on Saturdays or Sundays.

Price at time of publish: $100

Wicked Good Cupcakes 6-Pack & Rosé + Moscato Gift Set

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best Chocolate

Vosges Haut-Chocolate Grande Gift Tower

Vosges Haut-Chocolate Grande Gift Tower

Vosges Haut-Chocolate  

Why You Should Get It: The box offers 18 flavors of truffles, caramels, and toffee that will satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Keep in Mind: The gift note was not included in our box.

This gift box from Vosges Haut-Chocolat is an elegant choice for chocolate lovers, and it includes a variety of flavors of truffles, caramels, and toffees. The box contains a half-pound of toffee with nuts, two six-piece packages of caramels, and an “exotic collection” of truffles and chocolates in fun flavors like ambrosia and dulce de leche. 

During our tests, each of the chocolates tasted smooth, rich, and fresh. The caramels were a perfect balance between chewy and soft. We especially enjoyed the unconventional flavors like the blood orange caramels. 

The box included a wide variety of chocolates with an equal balance of milk and dark chocolate. However, we would have liked some salty flavors or a few more white chocolate varieties. Overall, the chocolates are of excellent quality, and the gift box offers a variety of flavors ranging from classic to exotic. 

The gift box was beautifully crafted, providing a luxurious presentation for the chocolates. Each chocolate was clearly labeled, and the box included an in-depth guide that described each item. We loved the guide that identified each of the chocolates so we knew what we were eating. 

There were no additional or hidden fees when we ordered the gift box, and we received free shipping on the order. The chocolates arrived without any melting or other quality issues. When we ordered the gift box, we included a note to add to the package. However, the note was not included when we received the gift box. 

Price at time of publish: $100

Best Snack

Pearl River Mart Snack Attack Friendship Box: Surprise Edition



Why You Should Get It: It includes snacks for every taste from sweet to spicy.

Keep in Mind: The box is randomized, so you can’t guarantee the products it includes.

The Pearl River Snack Attack is the best gift basket for people who like to try new foods from around the world. The gift box offers Asian snacks with a range of flavors from sweet to savory. 

During our taste tests, we loved the contrast between the fruity candies and spicy or salty snacks. Some of the items included in our gift box were tropical-flavored marshmallows, wasabi peas, prawn chips, and rice candy. 

The wide variety of foods makes the gift box perfect for kids and adults alike. With more than 10 items, the box includes enough snacks to share with family or friends. The individual treats were also small enough to enjoy in one sitting, so they didn’t go stale. Additionally, most of the snacks can be enjoyed long after the delivery date since they are pre-packaged and nonperishable. 

We liked the surprise element of the gift box, which made it interesting to unpack and see the products that were included. Each of the items included nutritional information on the package, and the brand added a label in English for products that had a different language on the original packaging. 

We thought the box was a great value for the quality, quantity, and variety of items it included. While we loved the variety of products, the box is not customizable since the items are randomly selected. 

Price at time of publish: $40

Pearl River Mart Snack Attack Friendship Box: Surprise Edition

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best Ice Cream

Mochidoki Signature Box Set

Mochidoki Signature Box Set


Why You Should Get It: The bite-sized treats stay fresh and frozen for hours after delivery. 

Keep in Mind: In some states, the only shipping option is two-day express shipping, which costs $30.

This Mochidoki gift set combines tasty ice cream flavors with a bite-sized serving that is perfect for sampling. Mochi is a Japanese ice cream dessert wrapped in rice dough.

The gift set features eight of the brand’s most popular flavors. It includes four pieces of each flavor and 32 pieces of mochi in total. The gift basket we tested had a mix of both classic flavors like vanilla chip and unique flavors like matcha. The other flavors in the box were strawberry, cake batter, black sesame, purple sweet potato, mango, and passion fruit. 

We loved the variety of flavors in the gift basket and the fresh taste. During our tasting, we thought the ice cream flavors were pleasantly subtle rather than overly sweet. We especially enjoyed the matcha and other fun flavors, which all tasted natural and fresh. The outer shell and ice cream filling were creamy and soft in each flavor, and the mochi had a pleasant texture.

Our gift box was shipped in an insulated cooler with dry ice, and the ice cream was still very cold when it arrived. The brand says the mochi should remain frozen for at least five hours after delivery, so you don’t have to worry about the ice cream melting before it gets to the freezer.

The mochi lasted through shipping, retained its freshness without melting, and was very fresh and tasty when eaten directly from the freezer. However, mochi will melt if they are left to sit out for too long, just like any other ice cream. The mochi are bite sized, so they can easily be served as individual portions. The ice cream can also be frozen until ready to eat, so you can sample each flavor over time. 

The ice cream was colorful and complemented the fun packaging. The package included a guide that described and identified each flavor so we knew which flavor to eat as well as nutritional and allergen information. 

Keep in mind that, in some states, the less-expensive ground shipping option is not available. Two-day express shipping costs $30 unless your order is $200 or more, which is when free shipping kicks in.

Price at time of publish: $100

Mochidoki Signature Box Set

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best Fruit and Nut

Bonnie & Pop Snack Attack Tray & Basket

Bonnie & Pop Snack Attack Tray & Basket


Why You Should Get It: It ships fast and free, and it includes a reusable basket.

Keep in Mind: Some of the candied fruit tasted lackluster.

The Bonnie and Pop gift basket includes more than 3 pounds of dried fruit and nuts on a wooden keepsake tray that can also be used as a basket. The basket contains mango slices, apricots, yellow peaches, pears, apple wedges, kiwi slices, dates, plums, and prunes. In addition to the wide variety of fruits, the basket also has two types of nuts: tamari almonds and cashews.

The gift basket appeared identical to the photos online. The dried fruit looked appetizing and bountiful, and the items were beautifully arranged on the tray. We loved the flavor of the nuts and most of the dried fruit. The nuts added saltiness to balance the sweet fruits, and the dried fruit was very flavorful. The fruits were fresh, sweet, and left us wanting more. However, we thought the dried apricots tasted somewhat lackluster and weren't as flavorful as the other options. 

We were very impressed with the variety of items and presentation of the gift basket, as it had a mix of colors, sizes, and textures, especially for the affordable price. The snacks are all kosher, gluten free, and vegan, so they are suitable for a variety of dietary needs. The basket also included a resealable bag to keep the dried fruit and nuts fresh.

The large size can serve up to 10 people, so it makes a great option for a gathering or large family. The basket itself is stylish and collapsible, which makes the already affordable price an exceptional value for any gift. The gift basket ships for free on Amazon and arrived just two days after we placed the order, so it’s a great option for a last-minute gift. 

Price at time of publish: $60

Bonnie & Pop Snack Attack Tray & Basket

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best for Birthdays

Magnolia Bakery Best of Magnolia Bakery Baked Fresh Sampler Pack

Best of Magnolia Bakery Baked Fresh Sampler Pack

Magnolia Bakery

Why You Should Get It: The banana pudding is extremely fresh and flavorful, and the basket could easily serve 10 people. 

Keep in Mind: The chocolate brownies are slightly dry.

The Magnolia Bakery Sampler Pack includes enough treats to serve an entire party for a birthday or other event. The gift basket had a great variety and selection of items, so there is something that everyone can enjoy. With six tubs of pudding and eight dessert bars, the gift basket could easily serve eight to 10 people.

The gift box is not customizable, but you can choose between a classic banana pudding pack or a variety banana pudding pack with different flavors. The variety pack includes three flavors of pudding, four chocolate brownies, and four buttery blondies. The regular banana pudding was our favorite, but the red velvet flavor also stole the show with the layers of cake mixed in. 

During our taste tests, the brownies were rich and sweet, and the pudding had a light, creamy texture. The pudding was the stand-out item of the basket. We thought each flavor tasted fresh and gourmet due to the pleasant texture and rich flavor. The treats looked just as appetizing as they appear in the photos, especially the pudding.

Although we loved the flavor and texture of the pudding, some of the brownies were slightly dry, especially compared to the quality of the blondies. Overall, the price is spot on for the quality and quantity of food included in the basket. The products were well-packaged in a cooler, and everything arrived intact. The gift box even included a card with details on each item, how to store them, and best-by dates. 

Price at time of publish: $83

Magnolia Bakery Best of Magnolia Bakery Baked Fresh Sampler Pack

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Best Vegan

Compartés Vegan Dark Chocolate Assortment Gift Box

Compartés Vegan Dark Chocolate Assortment Gift Box


Why You Should Get It: The luxury gift set offers a tasty variety of chocolate-covered fruits and nuts that are suitable for vegan diets.

Keep in Mind: Some items in the gift box were left out or substituted.

This luxury chocolate gift set offers a variety of chocolate-dipped fruits and nuts that are suitable for vegan diets. The box includes chocolate-dipped apricots, pineapples, coconut pieces, orange slices, almonds, and pecans. The assortment comes in two sizes, medium and large, and both are packaged in a luxe black gift box.

During our taste tests, we couldn’t tell the chocolate was vegan since it tasted the same as regular chocolate. The chocolates tasted fresh, flavorful, and high-quality. The dark chocolate was sweet rather than bitter, and it paired nicely with the fruit varieties. We liked the variety of chocolates included in the gift box, and the arrangement inside the box was elegant and elevated. The chocolates were sizable but still bite-sized. 

The chocolates were shipped with three reusable gel ice packs to keep them cool and prevent melting. The chocolates are handmade daily, and the brand offers a “no melt” guarantee to ensure the products arrive in good condition. 

The additional snacks, like dried fruit and nuts, complemented the chocolate flavors, and all of the items tasted fresh. The assortment is all dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan, so this gift box is suitable for several dietary needs. 

The downside to the gift box was that some items pictured online were not included, like the chocolate-dipped pineapple pieces and pretzels. In our gift box, these items were substituted for candied ginger. There was also no guide in the gift basket to identify the chocolates. 

Price at time of publish: From $69

Compartés Vegan Dark Chocolate Assortment Gift Box

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

The Bottom Line

After ordering and tasting 25 different gift baskets in our testing lab, we chose these 11 options for every budget and taste. The Bonnie and Pop Dried Fruit and Nut Gift Basket is a great option for a last-minute gift since it ships quickly on Amazon. We also loved the Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits gift basket for a classic cheese and crackers option, or the Italian Market Snacks Tote for an affordable, yet luxurious, charcuterie basket. 

Our Testing Process

Our team of experts ordered and tested 25 different gift baskets in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa. We set a budget of $100 for each basket and noted whether the shipping cost was clearly stated on the website. We also looked for any additional or hidden fees. We kept track of when each  gift basket was ordered, the estimated delivery date, and when the basket actually arrived. 

When the baskets arrived, we assessed the quality of the packaging and presentation of the basket. We noted if any products were damaged and if perishable items were still fresh. We spent several weeks sampling each basket to evaluate the quality, freshness, and taste of the items. We brought in multiple testers for each basket to receive a variety of opinions on the flavor and taste of the products. 

We evaluated the variety or assortment of items in each gift basket, as well as the quality of each product. We looked for baskets that had customization options like different sizes or flavors. We also considered the ease of ordering the basket and the delivery experience, like whether the basket needed to be refrigerated immediately. Finally, we took into account the brand’s return, replacement, or refund policies if the basket arrived damaged or spoiled. 

testing gift baksets

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What to Know About Gift Baskets Before Shopping


Selecting a gift basket that has a wide assortment of items is a good way to guarantee that the recipient will find something they enjoy. Especially if you aren’t sure of the giftee’s exact preferences for food and drinks, it’s best to choose a basket that has a variety of options for them to sample. Additionally, some gift baskets may substitute items if something is out of stock. Frazier recommends checking the company’s policies on substitutions so you know exactly what you could receive in the basket. 


Delivery is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a gift basket. The freshness of the food or beverages is crucial to the quality of the basket. We preferred brands that offered a delivery guarantee or replacement of the basket if the items weren’t fresh when they arrived. Each brand will also have different shipping dates and delivery timelines, so always plan ahead to ensure the gift basket arrives on time. Particularly during holiday seasons, delivery may be delayed or take longer than usual. 


Gift baskets will vary in the number of servings, but they typically offer at least five servings. Some baskets, like the Compartes Vegan Dark Chocolate Assortment Gift Box, are available in more than one size, so you can select the amount that makes sense for your giftee. Keep in mind that the recipient may want to share the goodies with others if they live with family members or roommates.


According to Frazier, the minimum cost for a quality gift basket is between $55 and $75. The base price of the best gift baskets we chose ranged from $40 to $100, and the average price was $80. When evaluating the cost of a gift basket, look at the quantity and quality of items included in the basket. The packaging also makes a difference in price, as some gift baskets are packaged in reusable containers (like the Deluxe Exotic and Tropical Fruit Basket, which comes in a woven basket). Some brands will include shipping in the cost of the basket, while others will charge an additional fee for shipping.

Other Gift Baskets We Tested 

Harry & David Classic Gourmet Gift Basket

We thought the cheese in the Harry & David gift basket was very high quality, and there was a wide variety of items. We also liked the reusable basket and large jar of chutney it included. However, we thought some of the prepackaged snacks were bland, particularly the almonds and cookies. We didn’t include it as one of the best gift baskets due to the lower quality and freshness of some items. 

The Ultimate Beer Gift Crate

We loved the freshness of the food and the craft beer in this gift basket, especially because the beers were canned only a few months before it arrived. However, it was one of the more expensive gift baskets we purchased with a price of $85 before shipping. Overall, we thought the price was a little too high for the small quantity of items included. 

Ice Cream Jubilee Ice Cream & Sundae Toppings - 4 pints

We were impressed by the variety and freshness of the ice cream flavors in this gift basket, even after they were refrozen. The products were well-packaged to stay cold during shipping. However, with only four pints of ice cream and three topping options, we didn’t think the items justified the $100 price tag for the gift basket. 

testing gift baskets

Better Homes & Gardens / Dera Burreson

Your Questions, Answered

Can you return a gift basket?

Return policies vary from brand to brand, but most will offer a return policy that covers damage to the basket, missing items, or food that arrives spoiled. Typically, you can’t return a gift basket just because you don’t like the taste or assortment of items, so be sure you’re happy with the products included before you make a purchase. Before ordering a gift basket, check the company’s website and look for a generous return policy or refund options.

Can you customize gift baskets?

Some brands have a variety of options to customize the gift basket, whether that be the type or quantity of products included in the basket, the style of the basket, or the message attached. The Olive & Cocoa Italian Market Snacks gift basket offers two options for the basket itself, for example: It can be gift wrapped in a handcrafted wood crate or a canvas tote. Other brands will have pre-set options to choose from, so they aren’t as individualized. The Cheryl's Cookies Bow Gift Box, for example, can be ordered in quantities ranging from 12 to 200 cookies, but the types of cookies are not customizable.   

Can food spoil in a gift basket?

Gift baskets should be shipped quickly enough to prevent spoiled food or reduced quality of the products. If you order a gift basket and the food arrives spoiled, contact the company directly to request a refund or replacement. “In most cases, you can return [a gift basket],” Frazier says. “It’s best for the consumer to take a picture to validate the problem with the gift basket.” If there is a problem with the order, many companies will send a replacement without the need to return the original basket. 

Some gift baskets, like the Mochidoki Signature Collection ice cream basket, should be refrigerated or frozen immediately upon arrival to their destination. To prevent the food from spoiling before it arrives to the recipient, the gift basket should be delivered at a time when it can be brought inside quickly.

Who We Are

Molly Blanco is an editorial apprentice for Dotdash Meredith. For this article, she thoroughly researched the best gift baskets and important features to consider when purchasing a gift basket, then compared her research to testing insights gathered from our lab in Des Moines, Iowa. She also talked with Shirley George Frazier, gift basket expert and owner of Gift Basket Business, about how to choose the best gift basket for your needs. 

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