The Best Garage Door Companies for Secure Installation

Precision Door Service offers customers several custom options and exceptional service.

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Garage doors not only provide service and security but are often an important design element of a home’s exterior as well. While aesthetic is certainly a major consideration regarding garage doors, functionality is also key. This is especially important when you need to replace or repair your garage door, as you’ll likely need the services of a garage door installation company. 

Garage door installation companies have unique skills that allow them to place, repair, or remodel your garage door and opener in nearly any situation. The best garage door installation companies perform those functions quickly and thoroughly while also offering warranty-backed options and services at a reasonable price. To assist you in making an informed decision about your garage door project, we researched the best garage door installation companies based on these criteria. 

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Best Garage Door Installation Companies of 2023

Best Overall: Precision Door Service

Precision Door Service

 Precision Door Service

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 40 states
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime parts and labor
  • Custom Options? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Allows clients to custom-build their garage door

  • 24-hour callback policy for repairs

  • Company uses its own employees for installations and repairs

  • Can only book appointments on the phone

Why It Made the List 

Precision Door Service carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, making it a garage door installer that’s hard to beat in several categories. The company is available in 40 states and is our best overall winner due to its comprehensive services. The company offers a full line of customizable garage doors that are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Additionally, the service has a 24-hour callback policy in the event something is missing from your garage door. 

The company’s website allows you to custom-build your door and provides an instant initial price estimate. Precision Door Service won’t start work on your project until you sign the final price quote after your free onsite evaluation. Before and after repair work is complete, a highly trained company technician will explain the details of the work in understandable terms. The company is available 24/7 for emergency repair services, and a live operator always answers the phone.

Most Accessible: The Home Depot

The Home Depot Logo

Courtesy of The Home Depot

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Warranty: 1-year labor
  • Custom Options? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Widely available across most parts of the country

  • Offers convenient customization and ordering process

  • Allows clients to finance their garage door

  • Doesn’t perform emergency services

Why It Made the List

As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, there’s a good chance you’re not far from a Home Depot. With nearly 2,000 locations across the country, the company has the widest availability among all garage door installation companies on our list. Whether you’re at a retail location or looking online, Home Depot offers customers several customizable garage door buying options via its online design and quote tool. 

When purchasing a new garage door through Home Depot, the company will send a local, licensed, and insured independent contractor to perform the installation. If your budget is a little tight, financing your garage door installation is also an option. Bear in mind that you can hire garage repair through Home Depot, but its contractors are typically unavailable for emergency service without an appointment.

Best for Emergencies: Aladdin Doors

Aladdin Garage Doors

 Aladdin Garage Doors

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 11 states
  • Warranty: 1-year labor and varied parts warranties
  • Custom Options? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Guarantees same-day service for emergency calls before 2 p.m.

  • Offers longer than standard warranties on some parts

  • Free onsite consultations are available

  • Is only available in 11 states

Why It Made the List 

In the unfortunate event that your garage door breaks down, getting a service to come by ASAP can be a pain. However, when you call Aladdin Doors before 2 p.m. for an emergency repair, a technician will be there that day, or your service call will cost you nothing. The company is limited to just 11 states, but clients near an Aladdin Doors location will have access to 24/7 after-hour emergency repair service at the same cost as regular-hour services.

Aside from its impressive emergency services, Aladdin works with six manufacturers to offer a wide selection of customizable garage doors. The installers and technicians in most locations are company employees that Aladdin trains, certifies, and insures (although some locations may use subcontractors). The service also offers a garage door maintenance plan to ensure that your door looks great and performs at its best.

Best for Commercial: Overhead Door

Overhead Door

 Overhead Door

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Warranty: Variable parts and labor warranties
  • Custom Options? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Offers commercial services and branded products

  • Is available in 50 states through contractors and distributors

  • Has over a century of experience

  • Does business only through distributors in some areas

  • May charge for estimates

Why It Made the List 

Founded in 1921, Overhead Door is a leader in both manufacturing and installing garage doors for commercial purposes. The corporation has several locations across the country, and the brand is available through over 450 distributors and installers. Some commercial garage doors the company specializes in are rolling service, high speed metal, sectional steel, Thermacore, and more.

While Overhead Door’s availability is certainly impressive, do note that some facilities may only offer services through a separate distributor instead of the company itself. Additionally, product warranties are highly variable, with durations lasting from one year to a product’s lifetime. Most of the time, your installer will provide free price estimates, but that may not always be the case, so be sure to double-check with a rep beforehand.

Best for Financing: Lowe’s


Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Warranty: 1-year parts and labor
  • Custom Options? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Financing options include monthly payments

  • Is available online and in over 1,700 stores

  • Offers several garage door types and options

  • Emergency repair service isn’t available

  • Garage door installation isn’t the brand’s specialty

Why It Made the List 

Garage door installations can be costly, but Lowe’s offers a competitive set of financing options to give your wallet some relief. Lowe’s consumers can choose from several monthly payment plans for their garage door installment with 36, 60, or 84-month terms. Additionally, Lowe’s offers a branded credit card, and the company backs up everything with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

The company allows you to shop for and customize your garage door online or in any of 1,700+ store locations using its application. Clients can choose from dozens of types and designs from the Wayne Dalton brand in numerous colors, sizes, accents, and more. Remember that Lowe’s is, first and foremost, a retailer of all things related to home improvement, including garage doors, and will not perform your actual installation or repair. Instead, the company will hire an independent contractor to provide this service for you.

Best Brand Selection: Garage Door Medics

Garage Door Medics

 Garage Door Medics

Key Specs

  • Nationwide Availability: 3 states
  • Warranty: 1-year parts and labor
  • Custom Options? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Offers products from several garage door manufacturers

  • Offers $99 flat-rate service calls

  • Provides 30-day repair warranty

  • Is only available in three states

Why It Made the List 

With a collection of products from over 20 big-name manufacturers like Overhead Door, Clopay, and LiftMaster, Garage Door Medics has the largest garage door brand selection of all the competitors on our list. Installation prices vary depending on the type and design of the door you choose. However, the Garage Door Medics’ sales team will also be happy to help you select options for your custom door designs, and the company backs its work with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.  

Despite its solid catalog, the company is only available in three states, including select cities in California and the Dallas/Fort Worth and Boise areas. While we wish this company were more readily available, anyone living in those areas will benefit from the company’s 24/7 emergency services. Additionally, in the event you need service for an out-of-warranty product, the company will send a technician over at a flat rate of $99 plus parts and place a 30-day guarantee on the repair.

Final Verdict

Service, selection, and options galore lift Precision Door Service above the crowd as our choice for the best garage door installation company. Instead of contractors, company employees do all the work at Precision, even middle-of-the-night and weekend emergency calls. Installations are  backed by the company’s warranty and callback promise for the first 24 hours after the work is complete. While the company may not operate in a few states, it still has a sizable service area that covers most of the U.S., making it more accessible than some other competitors on our list.

Compare the Best Garage Door Installation Companies

Company Nationwide Availability Warranty Custom Options? Emergency Services? Free Estimate?
Precision Door Service
Best Overall
40 states Limited lifetime parts and labor Yes Yes Yes
The Home Depot
Most Accessible
50 states 1-year labor Yes No Yes
Aladdin Doors
Best for Emergencies
11 states 1-year labor and variable parts warranties Yes Yes Yes
Overhead Door
Best for Commercial
50 states Variable parts and labor warranties Yes Yes Can Vary
Best for Financing
50 states 1-year parts and labor Yes No Yes
Garage Door Medics
Best Brand Selection
3 states 1-year parts and labor Yes Yes Yes

Reasons to Hire a Garage Door Installation Company

Although there are some DIY-friendly garage door maintenance tasks, such as replacing the weatherstripping or lubricating the guide wheels, installing a garage door, and repair work are jobs best left to the pros. There are several complex components all working together to make sure your door is operating properly. Hiring a garage door installation company helps ensure that you don’t accidentally damage these components, possibly damaging or breaking your door. On top of this, there are other beneficial reasons to hire a garage door installer:

  • To assess your garage door and components to determine if repair or replacement is needed
  • To perform emergency services 
  • For efficient and safe garage door opener installation and repair
  • Professional installation is often necessary to maintain a warranty

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Installation Company for You 

Your garage door’s function and appearance are vital components of how your home serves you and your family. To avoid leaving anything to chance, consider the following factors when choosing the best garage door installation company.


In addition to simply being located nearby, it pays to investigate potential garage door installation candidates to determine if the company offers the type and style of garage door you want. If you’re in need of maintenance or repair, you can also check to see if the company can  provide these services within an acceptable time frame.


If you’re uncertain of exactly which garage door to choose, it’s best to look for a garage door installation company with a wide selection and custom options. Also, consider the company’s willingness to offer expert advice and suggestions, as this will help you make the most informed decision.


Check online and local reviews to whittle down your list of candidate companies. Also, ask family, relatives, and neighbors what brand they’ve used for their garage door installation and what their experience was like with their selected company.


Whenever hiring a company or individual to work inside your home, it’s a good idea to gather at least three quotes to compare. Ensure the options are comparable between each quote and remember that the cheapest installation estimate isn’t necessarily the best in all cases.

How Much Does a Garage Door Installation Usually Cost?

Garage door installation costs vary widely from around $500 to over $4,500. While this is a general price range, things can cost more or less depending on several factors, including material, size, type and style, and customization options.


The primary material of your garage door is typically the most significant cost factor. Most garage doors are made from steel, aluminum, composites, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Steel garage doors are the most budget friendly, starting at around $300 plus installation, with a high-end price of about $1,700. Garage doors made with wood tend to be more expensive, starting at $1,000 for the door alone. The other material costs land between those extremes, increasing in price as you move up the durability scale.


It’s not surprising that the larger your garage door, the more it will cost simply because of the additional material requirements. By percentage, a single-car garage door will cost slightly more than half the cost of a double-car door. Expect to pay between $300 and $2,000 for a single, and at least $500 for a double door. You’ll also have to pay extra if you plan on installing a special-order or custom-sized door.

Type and Style

Garage doors come in various types and styles. Sectional doors with horizontal articulated panels are the most common and have the smallest price tags. Single panel, roll-up, and sliding garage doors are available at slightly higher prices with varying installation costs.

Customization Options 

Any custom options you choose for your garage door will affect the cost of installation and repairs. Custom-design doors often come with premium price tags due to the extra work that needs to be put in. For example, installing insulated garage door panels can increase the door cost by a couple hundred dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do garage doors last?

    A well-maintained garage door can last a lifetime as long as the primary material holds up. Additionally, most garage door parts are easily replaceable as they wear out. Typically, it’s best to replace your garage door before it’s 30 years old—you usually want to do this at the 15-year mark.

  • What type of garage door is most durable?

    Steel is the most durable garage door material in terms of sheer strength. However, it’s prone to dents, and scratches can develop rust if not addressed immediately. Fiberglass garage doors nearly equal the strength of their steel counterparts and resist denting but are difficult or impossible to repair if they suffer heavy damage.

  • Can you replace a garage door without replacing the tracks?

    Garage door rails are pretty universal, and unless a particular door calls for proprietary rails, you could, technically, replace the door without replacing the tracks. However, garage door tracks wear over time. If it’s time to replace the garage door, it’s likely time to replace the tracks as well.

  • What is the labor cost to install a garage door opener?

    A new garage door opener costs between $125 and $500 depending on whether it’s chain, belt, screw, or direct-driven. Residential garage door opener installation costs $260 on average, but  expect to pay between $290 and $900 to replace a garage door opener.

  • How long does it take to remove and replace a garage door?

    Removing the old door and installing a new one, including track replacement and installing a door opener, can take up to six hours for a professional to complete. However, this can take less time depending on the job’s complexity.

  • Is a belt or chain garage door better?

    Belt-driven and chain-driven garage door openers both have strengths and weaknesses, and it can be hard to say which is better. Chain-driven door openers are noisy during operation but can handle heavy garage doors, are less expensive to purchase, and arguably last longer. Belt-driven models are quieter and are easier to maintain, but are more expensive and may have a shorter lifespan than a well-maintained chain-driven unit.

  • Will the garage door open if the power goes out?

    Your garage door opener won’t operate without electrical power. If it has no power, it simply won’t turn on. However, many garage door openers now have a battery backup, so the door will continue to operate several times under battery power during a blackout. Every garage door opener also has an emergency release that allows you to operate the door manually if necessary.


We researched several garage door installation companies to determine which brands offered the best services, customization options, and more. We evaluated each service based on the following criteria:

  • Nationwide availability
  • Warranty periods
  • Customization options
  • Repair and maintenance options
  • Estimate cost
  • Online accessibility
  • 24/7 emergency service availability
  • Customer service accessibility

Garage door installation companies that serviced a wide range of states, had generous warranty periods, and presented multiple customization options were awarded extra points during our scoring phase. Additionally, companies that offered repair, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services were ranked favorably. Any garage door installation companies that excelled in a specific category were given their respective superlative on this list.

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