The 11 Best Furniture Polishes of 2023

Our top pick is Pledge’s Enhancing Polish, which is easy to use and has a powerful orange scent.

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Best Furniture Polishes of 2023

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Regardless of whether the wood furniture in your home is brand-new, decades old, or somewhere in between, it’s just a matter of time before even the highest-quality pieces will lose some of their natural sheen. When that happens, there’s no need to panic—just reach for a bottle of furniture polish, and your items’ shine will be restored in no time.

“We find that there are two reasons people polish their furniture: to spruce it up because company is coming, or to slow the entropy, i.e. preserve the wood,” says Bernard Mumford, master craftsman and owner of Mumford Restoration. Using a reliable, top-notch furniture polish now and then is necessary to clean your wood furniture and keep your most-loved pieces gleaming and without signs of dust, fingerprints, dirt, and more. 

To find the best furniture polishes on the market, we researched numerous options meant for various surfaces and purposes. We considered each polish for application method, ingredients, recommended surfaces, and scent. Our top pick is the Pledge Enhancing Polish due to this product’s easy spray-on application, fast-acting formula, and versatile use.

Best Overall

Pledge Enhancing Polish

Pledge Enhancing Polish


Why You Should Get It: This easy-to-use spray works quickly.
Keep in Mind: The orange scent might be a bit strong for some.

If you’re looking for a top-tier furniture polish that can be used on numerous surfaces and leave your items smelling great, look no further than our top pick, Pledge’s Enhancing Polish. It’s an aerosol spray bottle that can be used on everything from granite, marble, and quartz to stainless steel, plastic, laminate, and wood, revitalizing each item and leaving a glossy coating in its wake (with no waxy buildup).

This polish has a lovely orange scent, so you can breathe in a fresh aroma while you use it to remove dust and fingerprints from your furniture—just be warned that the scent might be a bit strong for those who tend to prefer more subtle smells. Still, the formula works quickly and effectively, only requiring you to shake the bottle, spray it on the desired finished and sealed surface, and wipe it off soon after.

Best of all, the polish comes in a pack of three, so you can stock up and avoid having to buy more anytime soon. There’s so much to love about this versatile, easy-to-use furniture polish, which is why it earned our number one spot.

Price at time of publish: $18

Product Details: Application Method: Spray | Recommended Surface: Wood, leather, marble, granite, stainless steel, quartz, plastic, laminate (non-floors) | Scent: Orange

Best for Wood

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish & Conditioner

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish & Conditioner


Why You Should Get It: It contains beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil and can be used on new items and antiques.
Keep in Mind: It might leave some excess oil on your furniture.

If you’re primarily focused on restoring shine to pieces of wood furniture, consider this top-rated pick from Howard Products. This liquid formula is designed specifically to bring the luster back to wood, thanks to ingredients that include gentle yet protective carnauba wax and beeswax.

This furniture polish also contains multiple conditioning oils that help prevent the wood from drying, fading, and cracking over time. It can be used on finished and unfinished wood surfaces, newer items, and antiques. As a bonus, the orange oil scent will leave your home smelling fresh and citrusy.

On the downside, you may need to use this polish more often than others; it’s recommended for use about every four weeks or whenever the wood starts to look a bit faded. Also, because it’s oil-based, you may need to wipe off some excess and be careful not to slip if it’s used on wood floors.

Overall, however, this is a trustworthy and effective furniture polish that’ll undoubtedly bring back the shine to dining room tables, cabinets, wood doors, and more.

Price at time of publish: $10

Product Details: Application Method: Liquid | Recommended Surface: All types of wood | Scent: Orange

Best Wipes

Pledge Expert Care Wood Wipes

Pledge Expert Care Wood Wipes


Why You Should Get It: This product is ideal for delicate furniture and hard-to-reach areas.
Keep in Mind: This is not the most cost-effective option.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of spray bottles or liquid containers, we recommend opting for furniture polish wipes, like this great option from Pledge. The wipes can be used on various surfaces, including leather, marble, stainless steel, granite, quartz, plastic, laminate, and wood, protecting items and adding shine.

The wipes come in a pack of 24, so they’re convenient but not as cost-effective as other options. They’re very easy to use, as you just need to wipe and dust any parts of your furniture where you can spot fingerprints, smudges, and other messes. They have a refreshing lemon scent and won’t leave any waxy buildup behind.

Pledge wipes are especially great to use on more delicate pieces of furniture that require a gentler touch or areas in your home that would be hard to reach with a liquid or spray bottle. Just make sure to note that the oil-based formula may leave some excess, so you might need to clean your furniture (and your hands) a bit after using the wipes.

Price at time of publish: $7

Product Details: Application Method: Wipes | Recommended Surface: Wood, leather, marble, granite, stainless steel, quartz, plastic, laminate (non-floors) | Scent: Lemon

Best for Leather

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner


Why You Should Get It: It’s a water-repellent formula that’ll soften and protect items.
Keep in Mind: It has no scent and can’t be used on vinyl or suede.

Got some gorgeous leather furniture you want to keep shiny and protected? Pick up a leather-centric polish like this option from Leather Honey, which is designed specifically to restore sheen to old and dry leather. It’s a water-repellent formula that can also work on outdoor leather furniture since it helps protect the items from the damaging effects of snow and rain.

You can use this non-sticky liquid polish to clean leather furniture and upholstery, of course, but also on leather clothing, accessories, and even car interiors. After spot-testing, just apply a small drop of the conditioner onto a cloth and coat the leather item with a thin layer to see the quick and impressive results. It should soften and add shine in no time, and its effects can last up to six months, so you won’t need to reapply it often.

This formula is odorless, so if you prefer a scented polish, this won’t be the one for you. And be careful to only use it on real leather—not suede, vinyl, or faux leather—or you’ll risk damaging your items.

Price at time of publish: $28

Product Details: Application Method: Liquid | Recommended Surface: Leather | Scent: None

Best Protective

Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish

Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish


Why You Should Get It: The cream formula is easy to use, and the woodland scent is pleasant and not overpowering.
Keep in Mind: It can only be used on wood.

If your main goal is to protect your furniture from harm for years, we suggest checking out this polish from Guardsman. It’s geared specifically for wood, with a gentle yet powerful UV-absorbing formula that will clean, enhance, and, of course, protect your pieces from fading, sun damage, and discoloration over time.

This polish comes as a soft, rich cream, and to use it, you only need to massage it deeply into the wood surface, where it’ll start doing its magic. It’ll even help conceal and remove fine scratches, in addition to bringing the natural sheen back to the wood. There won’t be any oily residue left over for you to clean up, and the polish comes in an enjoyable woodland scent.

As said, this polish only works on wood, so it’s not the right choice for anyone looking to care for leather, suede, or other types of furniture. Also, you’ll need to make sure you’ve massaged the cream in completely to avoid leaving any streaks or accidentally missing spots.

Price at time of publish: $12

Product Details: Application Method: Cream | Recommended Surface: Wood of all types | Scent: Woodland

Best for Antiques

Milsek Antiques and Restoration Polish

Milsek Antiques and Restoration Polish


Why You Should Get It: It’ll help reverse damage from water rings, mildew, and waxy build-up.
Keep in Mind: It has a strong scent and can only be used on wood.

To keep your antique wood pieces looking their best, check out this furniture polish from Milsek, aimed at revitalizing older furniture. The formula is made with organic oils that add shine and preserve wood’s natural brightness while protecting it from dryness, sun damage, and humidity. You can also use it on wood accessories and frames, in addition to furniture, if your other wood pieces need enhancement.

This liquid polish won’t leave any waxy build-up and can help reverse damage caused by any wax build-up in the past. It also helps reverse damage from water stains and mildew (for furniture that might’ve been left in dank spaces like attics or basements).

To use the polish, just pour it onto a slightly damp cloth (included with the purchase) and apply it to the surface. Then apply the polish to a dry cloth and rub that on the surface, as well. After it dries, your wood will look new, and you won’t even need to buff off any remaining polish. 

As far as negatives, the lemon scent may be a bit too strong for some, and as mentioned, you can only use it on wood.

Price at time of publish: $11

Product Details: Application Method: Liquid | Recommended Surface: Wood of all types | Scent: Lemon

Best Eco-Friendly

ECOS Furniture Polish + Cleaner

ECOS Furniture Polish + Cleaner


Why You Should Get It: It works on wood, vinyl, and particle board.
Keep in Mind: It may leave behind some oily residue.

For shoppers that consider sustainability a top priority and for those that prefer using natural cleaning products, take a look at this excellent eco-friendly option from ECOS. It’s a plant-based liquid formula made entirely from olive oil, orange oil, water, and emulsifiers, and it’s free from harmful chemicals, animal testing, and much more. It has a natural orange scent that is fresh and not overpowering.

This formula can work on numerous surfaces, including wood, vinyl, and particle board, so you can use it to add shine to many different items of furniture in your home. Its natural ingredients will effectively and efficiently lift dirt, grime, oil, and grease while revealing and preserving the piece’s natural luster. Just spray the bottle from about 1 foot away, before wiping down the area with a soft cloth and you’ll see results immediately. 

Keep in mind that the oil-based formula can make floors pretty slippery, and leave some film if not fully wiped off after use. But if you’re willing to put in a bit more effort to ensure no oil is left behind, then you won’t regret opting for such an effective and environmentally-friendly furniture polish.

Price at time of publish: $12

Product Details: Application Method: Spray | Recommended Surface: Wood, formica, vinyl, particle board | Scent: Natural orange

Best Scented

Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2-in-1 Clean & Polish Spray

Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2-in-1 Clean & Polish Spray


Why You Should Get It: This product also works well on cabinets.
Keep in Mind: It’s an oil-based formula, so it can leave items slippery.

Sure, it’s most important that your furniture polish does its job well, but isn’t it even better when it leaves behind a refreshing scent? That’s why we love this polish from Orange Glo, which has an appealing orange scent that’ll make your whole home smell lovely after you put it to use. Plus, it comes in a pack of two, so you won’t need to restock for a long time.

This is a 2-in-1 polish, meaning it’ll work to remove any stains, scratches, and dirt left on your furniture while preserving the quality and luster of each piece. It’s important to note that it’s designed primarily for wood items, including hardwood cabinets and floors, so keep it away from any pieces made of leather or other materials. But as far as wood goes, this polish will make a huge difference in restoring shine and protecting your furniture from future damage.

To use, just spray the formula onto your wood furniture, wipe thoroughly, and wait to see the beautiful results. However, be mindful of how much you spray because any residual oil can leave your furniture and floors dangerously slippery.

Price at time of publish: $18

Product Details: Application Method: Spray | Recommended Surface: Wood of all types | Scent: Orange

Best for Dusting

Endust Multi-Surface Dusting Spray

Endust Multi-Surface Dusting Spray


Why You Should Get It: This product is easy to use and leaves items shining.
Keep in Mind: It can leave behind streaks if not applied consistently.

Watching your most loved pieces of furniture gather dust can be frustrating, which is why a product like this cleaner from Endust is so helpful. The spray will pick up and hold onto any dust it comes in contact with, in addition to erasing fingerprints, smudges, and dirt from your furniture. All that’ll be left after use is a beautiful shine and the spray’s fresh lemon scent.

This fast-acting, easy-to-use formula is ideal for furniture and other items made from wood, leather, vinyl, or stainless steel and car interiors, window sills, countertops, and more. To use it, spray a small amount onto a cleaning cloth and start dusting; you’ll be amazed by how much it picks up and how new and glossy your items will look afterward (with no build-up left behind!).

This spray comes in a pack of two for a reasonable cost. Just make sure that when using, you cover the area in question fully and consistently, so you won’t leave behind any streaks that will need to be cleaned up. 

Price at time of publish: $11

Product Details: Application Method: Spray | Recommended Surface: Wood, vinyl, leather, stainless steel | Scent: Lemon

Best for Oak

Old English Wood Conditioner & Cleaner

Old English Wood Conditioner & Cleaner


Why You Should Get It: It’ll bring out your furniture’s original sheen and protect it from damage.
Keep in Mind: It can only be used on sealed wood, not leather, suede, or other furniture materials.

Wood furniture can require extra special care, especially pieces made of gorgeous but delicate oak. This polish from Old English will keep your oak furniture protected from damage while bringing out and enhancing its original sheen. It can also be used on other types of wood, including maple, hickory, birch, and more, and on antique pieces that require even more gentle care.

The polish comes in a liquid formula made from mineral oil, which is used to clean and condition both light and dark wood, in addition to getting rid of fingerprints, wax stains, and more. It has a refreshing lemon scent that’ll leave a pleasant smell lingering in your home after use. The product can be applied by simply pouring a bit of the liquid onto a cloth or directly onto the piece in question.

As with oil-based formulas, this one can leave some residue, so you’ll want to make sure you wipe it up thoroughly after use. The only downside of this top-tier furniture polish is that it can’t be used on non-wood items.

Price at time of publish: $4

Product Details: Application Method:
Liquid | Recommended Surface: Wood of all types | Scent: Lemon

Best Beeswax

Cargen 100% Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish

Cargen 100% Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish


Why You Should Get It: It’s great for rejuvenating older wood furniture.
Keep in Mind: It takes a few hours to work before fully drying.

Furniture polish made from natural beeswax can be particularly effective at protecting wood’s shine and ensuring its longevity, and this option from Cargen is our favorite of the bunch. It’s a liquid formula that’s applied via a sponge (two of which are included in the package). To use, just moisten the sponge with the liquid and dab the sponge evenly on a piece of finished or unfinished furniture. Let the formula work for a few hours, and then wipe gently with a clean sponge or soft cloth.

This waterproof polish is ideal for removing wax and stains and rejuvenating the appearance of frequently used, older wood furniture. Its beeswax and mineral oil formula will protect against unwanted odors, stains, and moisture and leave the furniture looking smoother and fresher than ever. Plus, it’s hard not to love the light honey scent and natural origins of the polish.

This product does take a few hours to work, and you might need to re-apply fairly often to keep up the shine. But if that’s okay with you, you won’t regret picking up this powerful product.

Price at time of publish: $13

Product Details: Application Method:
Liquid, sponge | Recommended Surface: Wood of all types | Scent: Natural honey

The Bottom Line

We recommend the Pledge Enhancing Polish above all the other products we researched, thanks to its easy application, low price, and because it can be used on surfaces ranging from wood to leather to stainless steel.

What to Know About Furniture Polish Before Shopping


Furniture polishes come with a wide mix of ingredients for tackling different materials and cleaning projects. Polishes containing silicone and wax are great for removing dust and dirt and leaving shine, while oil-based polishes are ideal for tackling deeper stains and damage from years of use. Then there’s beeswax, which can be used on finished and unfinished wood and can help ensure the longevity of wood pieces.

Application Method

Some furniture polishes come in spray bottles, which can be applied by spraying the formula directly onto the furniture. Others come as liquids and must be poured onto a cloth and wiped clean. Cream polishes require more effort: These products work by deeply massaging the product onto the item. All these methods are effective, and which one works for you depends on how much time and effort you want to put into the cleaning process.

Recommended Surfaces

Not all furniture polishes are created equal. While some formulas are designed to work on multiple surfaces like wood, granite, stainless steel, and more, many others are geared only for wood and can damage other materials. Make sure to carefully read the label of your polish and only use it on its intended surface(s) to avoid damaging your furniture.

Your Questions, Answered

Should you use furniture polish on wood furniture?

That depends on the type of furniture polish, says Mumford. He recommends avoiding any that contain wax or silicone, as “over time, the use of these products can create a buildup on the surface resulting in a sticky, splotchy finish that can only be remedied by refinishing.” He suggests using a lemon oil-based polish instead, as it will keep the wood moist and “protect it from drying out” while also working to remove any wax/silicone build-up from previous polishes.

How often should you polish furniture?

The best practice is “once or twice a year,” says Mumford, as the polish should last for at least six months. If you want to polish your furniture more often, you can, but it’s not necessary. He adds that you can always use “a damp rag or duster” for spot cleans here and there, saving the actual polish for rare times when “the wood is looking dull, and the finish lacks its natural luster.”

How long does wood polish last (on furniture)?

The average time is about six months, according to Mumford. That said, every polish is different—some recommend that you use them every four weeks or even daily—so make sure to read the instructions on the packaging to determine the length of time your polish is expected to work.

Who We Are

This article was written by Rachel Simon, a writer for Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, The New York Times, and many other publications. She frequently covers home products and did significant research on furniture polishes for this story, including speaking to Bernard Mumford, master craftsman and owner of Mumford Restoration.

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