The 7 Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators of 2023 To Save Space In Your Kitchen

The best counter-depth refrigerators have the capacity of a standard-depth refrigerator while sitting flush with your cabinets for a built-in look.

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Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators

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For a built-in refrigerator feel without the hefty price tag, counter-depth refrigerators are an excellent substitute. Counter-depth refrigerators are more shallow than standard-depth refrigerators, and while you may be sacrificing a bit of storage space, you’ll also be getting a refrigerator that sits nearly flush with your cabinets and counters.

The standard depth of a counter is anywhere from 25 to 28 inches (with the overhang of the countertop being 1.5 inches), so counter-depth refrigerators are oftentimes less than 31 inches deep. 

We’ve rounded up the best counter-depth refrigerators for your home, from ultra-affordable models that don’t break the bank, to counter-depth refrigerators with all the bells and whistles.

Best Overall

LG Smart Counter-Depth MAX French Door Refrigerator

LG LRFLC2706S 27 cu. ft. Smart Counter-Depth Max French Door Refrigerator


Why You Should Get It: This refrigerator doesn’t skimp on space with 26.5 cubic feet of storage. 

Keep in Mind: It doesn’t have an external water or ice dispenser.

Counter-depth refrigerators tend to have less storage space than standard-depth refrigerators because they are made to sit flush with your cabinets. The LG Smart Counter-Depth Max is the exception, and that’s one of the reasons it’s our pick for best counter-depth refrigerator overall.

It has 26.5 cubic feet of storage space, which is the largest amount of storage on our list and as much as a standard fridge, while still laying flush with your cabinets for a built-in feel. 

This refrigerator has adjustable shelves to create the storage solution that makes the most sense for your home. It includes two crisper drawers for your fresh fruits and vegetables, plus a full length deli drawer. It also has six door shelves, two of which are made to hold large containers like a gallon of milk or liters of soda. 

The LG Smart Counter-Depth Max also has special features to keep your food at the optimal temperature. The metal interior helps maintain the internal temperature, and there is built-in technology that can sense any fluctuations in temperature and automatically adjust.

We also love the door cooling feature, which delivers a blast of cool air to the door of your fridge, ensuring the groceries you’re storing there are also staying chilled. 

This stainless steel refrigerator is easy to clean, thanks to its fingerprint proof finish that keeps the surface from gathering fingerprints, which is a common complaint with appliances made of the material. 

Although it doesn't have an external water dispenser, it does have an internal water dispenser that you can use at the push of a button. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your fridge open while in use and that it is separate from the ice maker. 

Price at time of publish: $1,898

Product Details: Dimensions: 40 x 70.25 x 31.625 inches | Depth: 25 inches | Total Capacity: 26.5 cubic feet

Best Budget

LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

LG LBNC15231V 15 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


Why You Should Get It: It has an automatic ice maker and door cooling technology.  

Keep in Mind: This refrigerator only has a total 15 cubic feet of space.

The LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is the best counter-depth refrigerator for those who are looking to get a built-in look without the built-in price tag. Though it has less storage space than a standard refrigerator, it prioritizes function. 

It has two shelves for storage, and one of those shelves slides back or folds upwards, so it’s easy to place a large pot of food, or even drink bottles into the refrigerator without worrying about space. It also has a produce drawer, which can be used for your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rather than a pull-out drawer, the freezer has a swing door, but it has roll-out drawers that still make grabbing your frozen foods easy. Neither the fridge or freezer compartment has handles—they use pocket handles—so your refrigerator has a seamless finish.

The LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator has a multi-air flow freshness system, which uses digital sensors to monitor the inside of your fridge, and helps to keep your groceries at their best by maintaining humidity and temperature levels.

Like our best overall pick, this refrigerator also has technology to keep the temperature of the groceries stored on your fridge door as fresh and cool as those stored in the interior. 

Though this model is budget-friendly, it still has an automatic ice maker, which comes with a manual ice tray, so you don’t have to worry about filling up your own trays and making ice by hand. 

Keep in mind that this refrigerator only has 15 cubic feet of space, which is a fairly compact space. But because it prioritizes storage options within its small space, it’s the best counter-depth refrigerator for those looking for a budget-friendly option.  

Price at time of publish: $1,168

Product Details: Dimensions: 27.38 x 66.125 x 27.625 inches | Depth: 27.625 inches | Total Capacity: 15 cubic feet

Best Splurge

GE Profile French Door Refrigerator

GE Profile PYE22KYNFS 22.1 cu. ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Best Buy

Why You Should Get It: It has adjustable storage solutions, making it customizable. 

Keep in Mind: It’s 31 inches deep, making it one of the deepest refrigerators on our list.

Our pick for the best counter-depth refrigerator to splurge on is the GE Profile, because it has plenty of features—seen and unseen—that take your refrigerator to the next level. 

The GE Profile has 22.1 cubic feet of storage, and it makes the most of it with adjustable shelves for more or less space. In the main compartment, it has moveable shelves, which include a quick space shelf you can slide out of the way to make space for a tall item.

On the door of the fridge, there’s also a drop-down tray, which is the perfect place to store your eggs. It also has a full-width, temperature-controlled drawer that has different settings for keeping beverages, deli, and meat items cool. The shelves are also spill-proof, keeping the mess contained until you can clean your refrigerator

This refrigerator has a water and exterior ice dispenser, which on its own may not seem novel, but it has a hands-free autofill setting so that you can walk away from your refrigerator, and the dispenser will fill up your bottle for you. If you frequently host dinners or gatherings, you’ll also love that there’s also an option for a second ice maker, which can be installed separately. 

While still considered a counter-depth refrigerator, the depth is 31.25 inches, making it one of the deepest refrigerators on our list. Be sure to measure your space to ensure it is a good fit before purchasing a refrigerator

Price at time of publish: $2,600

Product Details: Dimensions: 35.75 x 69.875 x 31.25 inches | Depth: 31.25 inches | Total Capacity: 22.1 cubic feet

Best French Door

Samsung 3-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator

Samsung 17.5-cu ft Counter-depth Smart French Door Refrigerator

The Home Depot

Why You Should Get It: It has special settings to chill your favorite wine or blast your meat in the freezer. 

Keep in Mind: At 17.5 cubic feet, this counter-depth refrigerator doesn’t have as much storage space as other options on our list.

We love this French door refrigerator because it has a sleek and modern look to complement a contemporary kitchen. This French door refrigerator has a stainless steel finish and no external handles (they’re recessed so you don’t see them) but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a pain to keep clean.

It’s also coated in a fingerprint-resistant finish that keeps prints at bay, and if they do happen to appear, they’re easily wiped away—no special sprays necessary. 

One feature that stands out with this refrigerator is its Power Cool & Freeze setting. At the touch of a button, Power Cool quickly cools down your groceries or even wine.

It’s great for when you are putting away your groceries and have left the fridge doors open for too long. Power Freeze sends a blast of cold air to the freezer, making it ideal for quickly making ice or refreezing ice cream that got too soft. 

This refrigerator uses Twin Cooling Plus, which is Samsung’s technology that optimizes your refrigerator and freezer’s temperature and humidity by cooling them individually. This keeps odors from mixing and allows the air being circulated to stay humid and fresh. 

You can also choose to have WiFi embedded into your refrigerator so that you can keep track of your refrigerator from anywhere using your smartphone. It will even alert you if you’ve left the door open. 

Keep in mind that, at 17.4 cubic feet, it is one of the smaller refrigerators on our list in terms of storage. 

Price at time of publish: $1,298

Product Details: Dimensions: 33 x 70 x 28.13 inches | Depth: 28.13 inches | Total Capacity: 17.5 cubic feet

Best with Ice Maker

Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

Samsung RF23A9671SR/AA 23 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

Best Buy

Why You Should Get It: It has two ice makers and a beverage center. 

Keep in Mind: Its freezer compartments are smaller than a standard freezer, so it may pose storage problems.

Looks are deceiving with this counter-depth refrigerator. Though its exterior is simple (not a handle or exterior ice maker in sight), it’s what’s inside that counts. The Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerator is our choice for best counter-depth refrigerator with an ice maker because it not only includes two ice makers, it also has a hidden beverage center. 

The beverage center, which is hidden behind one of the doors, includes a water pitcher that automatically refills and even gives you the option of infusing the filtered water with a flavor. The beverage center opens into your refrigerator’s door shelves, so it’s a handy place to store your coffee creamer, orange juice, or favorite drinks for quick access. 

As for what makes the Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerator’s maker so special: it makes two types of ice. One tray holds traditional cubed ice, and the other holds smaller ice bites which are perfect for quickly chilling your favorite mocktail or cocktail. 

Because it has four doors, there’s flexibility with how you use the compartments. The top two doors open into the refrigerator, but the lower right storage space can be used as a freezer or more fridge space. All you need to do is choose from five settings, depending on the type of food you’re looking to store. 

Due to the refrigerator’s flexible spaces, each freezer compartment is more narrow than a traditional freezer, so even if you choose to use both lower compartments as frozen food storage, you may have to get creative. 

Price at time of publish: $2,800

Product Details: Dimensions: 35.875 x 71.875 x 28.5 inches | Depth: 28.5 inches | Total Capacity: 22.8 cubic feet

Best Side-by-Side

Frigidaire Gallery Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire Gallery 22.3 cu. ft. 36 in. Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator


Why You Should Get It: It has deep shelves, so you don’t lose space with this counter-depth model. 

Keep in Mind: It is 31 inches deep, so be sure to measure your counters before purchasing.

Counter-depth refrigerators tend to lose some precious storage space due to the fact that they’re usually a bit more shallow than standard-depth refrigerators. This side-by-side model has deeper shelving, so that you can get that standard-depth storage, without giving up precious space in your kitchen. 

Also helping to optimize your storage is Frigidaire’s SpaceWise Organization System, which includes three removable glass shelves and an adjustable gallon door bin, all of which can be moved along the door or within the fridge for a customizable fit. Additionally, it has a slim-design ice maker that makes up to 9 pounds of ice. 

The Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator also has technology in place to keep your food fresh for longer. For example, the CripsSeal Plus Crispers—which block out dry air and use a filter to reduce gas that produce can create—helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

It also uses Frigidaire’s EvenTemp Cooling System, which monitors temperature fluctuations and works to keep the temperature in your fridge and freezer as consistent as possible. 

This counter-depth refrigerator also has an external water and ice dispenser, which features a tall water pocket, so that you can easily refill a water bottle. This is also where you’ll find your fridge controls, which are on a touch screen for easy access. 

Like the GE Profile French Door Refrigerator, this is a deep counter-depth refrigerator at 31 inches.  

Price at time of publish: $1,349

Product Details: Dimensions: 36.125 x 68.625 x 31 inches | Depth: 31 inches | Total Capacity: 22.3 cubic feet

Best Without Freezer

Danby Designer Freezerless Refrigerator

Danby Designer 11.0 cu. ft. Freezerless Refrigerator


Why You Should Get It: It has adjustable shelves for customizable storage. 

Keep in Mind: It’s the shortest refrigerator on our list at 60 inches tall.

Not looking for a fridge-and-freezer combo? Our pick for the best counter-depth refrigerator without a freezer is the Danby Freezerless Refrigerator. This scratch-proof stainless steel model looks sleek, but it also offers 11 cubic feet of dedicated refrigerator space. 

The internal space is customizable thanks to the adjustable shelving, which includes one half-depth shelf and four full-depth shelves. This refrigerator has integrated door shelving, with five shelves that have room for tall bottles, as well as a pull-out vegetable crisper and cover.

The shelves and drawer are made of glass, which makes them easy to clean. You can use the refrigerator’s thermostat to set it to your desired temperature. This refrigerator is also Energy Star-certified, which is especially good news if you’re using it as an extra refrigerator in your home.

We also like that it has a reversible door, which means that it can be mounted to open to the left or right depending on what your preference is. It has a depth of 26 inches, so it will sit flush with most countertops. It doesn’t have exterior handles, which gives it a sleek and cohesive look.

If you’re going for a built-in look, this refrigerator is only around 60 inches tall, which means it might leave a gap in the top of your cabinetry if you have built-ins. 

Price at time of publish: $799

Product Details: Dimensions:  23.94 x 58.78 x 26.06 inches | Depth: 26.06 inches | Total Capacity: 11 cubic feet

The Bottom Line

Overall, we’ve chosen the LG Smart Counter-Depth MAX as the best counter-depth refrigerator overall because, though it is smaller than a standard-depth refrigerator, it still has 27 cubic feet of storage. 

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly model, the LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is our pick.

What to Know About Counter-Depth Refrigerators Before Shopping


Dimensions of counter-depth refrigerators typically differ from standard-depth refrigerators. This is because they are made to sit flush with your countertops and cabinets, so they are usually more shallow than standard-depth refrigerators. Counter-depth refrigerators are typically less than 31 inches deep, as countertops tend to be 25 to 28 inches deep. Some countertops also have an inch or so of overhang. 

Because they’re more shallow, some models opt to be a bit wider or taller than standard-depth refrigerators, measuring at about 30 to 36 inches wide and sometimes 70 or more inches tall. This helps create more storage space in the refrigerator’s interior. 


Counter-depth refrigerators are meant to give your refrigerator a built-in feel, which is largely in part to their reduced depth. Most countertops have a depth of less than 31 inches, so these refrigerators often measure below that as well, oftentimes being as shallow as 24 to 25 inches deep.

Standard refrigerators are usually around 30 to 36 inches deep and can stick out quite a bit past your countertops. We should note that not all counter-depth refrigerators sit completely flush to your countertops, as many need just an inch or two of space for the doors to open and close. This results in a nearly-flush finish, with an inch or two of overhang. You should be sure to measure to get as perfect a fit as possible. 

Total Capacity

Your refrigerator’s capacity measures the interior space available to store your groceries and food, and it is measured in cubic feet. Your refrigerator is measured in its total capacity—that’s including the refrigerator and freeze.

The capacity for counter-depth refrigerators tends to be less than that of a standard-depth fridge because of its lack of depth. Typically, counter-depth refrigerators have a total capacity of around 20 to 23 cubic feet. 

Your Questions About Counter-Depth Refrigerators, Answered

What are the typical dimensions of a counter depth refrigerator? 

Standard-depth refrigerators are usually 30 to 36 inches deep or more, while counter-depth refrigerators are about 24 to 31 inches deep. There are instances where counter-depth refrigerators are also taller than standard-depth refrigerators in order to make up for some of that lost space. In some cases, they add some space with their width—counter-depth refrigerators are typically between 30 to 36 inches in width. 

Do you lose space with a counter depth refrigerator? 

Yes and no. You lose some depth with a counter-depth refrigerator because they sit flush with your cabinets, and can often be up to 6 inches more shallow than a standard refrigerator. 

Standard refrigerators can have anywhere from 22 to 31 cubic feet of space, while counter-depth models usually have between 20 to 23 cubic feet of storage. The best counter-depth refrigerators, however, will find ways to maximize the space that they do have or even add some space in the width or height of the refrigerator to make up for the lack of depth. 

How much should you expect to spend on a counter depth refrigerator?

The prices of counter-depth refrigerators may vary, with some—like the LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator—costing under $1,300. In other cases, though, these appliances tend to cost anywhere from $1,300 to nearly $4,000, depending on the features that are included in the appliance. 

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