The 9 Best Convection Ovens of 2023 for Quick and Even Cooking

KitchenAid’s Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven is our favorite pick because of its large capacity, sleek design, and intuitive settings.

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Best Convection Ovens of 2023

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When it comes to cooking food quickly and evenly—even across multiple racks—nothing gets the job done quite like a convection oven. These appliances rapidly circulate hot air to accelerate roasting and baking, which results in better browning and crisping of your favorite recipes. These ovens preheat quickly to save you time in the kitchen, and you can cook meat, vegetables, casseroles, and even desserts with this handy appliance.

When shopping around for the best convection ovens on the market, there are several things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to consider the size of your space and how large of a convection oven your kitchen can accommodate. According to Frederik De Pue, chef and owner of The Henri in Washington, D.C., and Flamant in Annapolis, MD, it’s also important to consider what you intend to use your oven for most often. 

“The first question people should ask themselves when buying a new oven is, ‘what is comfortable for me?’," De Pue says. “Pricing grows fast once you add all that is needed to build a kitchen. Buying one single stove that fits your needs can save lots on installation costs.”

We created a list of the best convection ovens on the market for every kitchen and recipe.

Best Overall

KitchenAid Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven


Best Buy

Why You Should Get It
  • It’s a large-capacity range, with true convection, five heating elements, warm zone, and it self-cleans, too.

Keep in Mind
  • It can be easier to accidentally burn yourself with flat-top ovens.

If you’re looking for a new range, our top pick for the best convection oven will make a reliable addition to your kitchen. The KitchenAid Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven was thoughtfully designed to make your life easier, whether you cook on a daily basis or only when entertaining guests.

Its true convection ability provides quick and even cooking, roasting, and baking, and there are five heating elements on the cooktop to multitask. There’s even a warming zone to keep dishes toasty while you finish up the rest of the meal. 

It has a sizable capacity of 6.4 cubic feet, which means that you can put several foods on different racks and have them all cooked evenly at the same time. This range also converts the correct convection temperature for you, saving you the hassle of calculating the difference between it and a conventional oven.

The self-cleaning setting gets the oven spick and span in less than an hour—no scrubbing needed. Plus, its sleek flat-top design allows you to easily wipe it clean after every use. 

Though it’s a freestanding range, this KitchenAid has an average 30-inch width that can easily slide in between your kitchen cabinets for a seamless look. When it comes to appearance, this oven has a sleek appearance, satin-textured handles, and a tall built-in backsplash with a digital display. It’s available in stainless steel, black fingerprint-proof stainless steel, or white to suit any kitchen style. It also features a lower storage drawer for all those trays, racks, and extra pots and pans. 

Keep in mind that the back panel is quite tall compared to other ovens, so it may stick up above your existing backsplash. It’s also important to pay attention to whether or not the surface of your convection oven is hot or not. Because of its flat-top design, it can be easier to accidentally burn yourself or to set something down while the cooktop is still hot. 

Price at time of publish: $1,599

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 27.7 x 29.8 x 47.13 inches | Capacity: 6.4 cubic feet | Maximum Heating Temperature: Not listed  | Wattage: Not listed | Product Weight: 178 pounds

Best Budget

Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Countertop Convection Oven



Why You Should Get It
  • This small but mighty countertop oven has an impressive capacity.

Keep in Mind
  • It tends to get quite hot on the outside—have those oven mitts at the ready.

Around the same size as your average microwave, the Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Countertop Convection Oven is a budget-friendly way to get the benefits of a convection oven without having to change out your existing range. Though it only has an approximate one-cubic-foot-capacity, there are two adjustable cooking racks that can accommodate two 12-inch pizzas, two 13-inch casserole or cake tins, or 12 slices of bread for toasting.

There’s a revolving rotisserie function that allows you to roast a whole 5-pound chicken of in it comfortably. It comes with all the rotisserie accessories (lifter and skewer) you’ll need, along with two cooking racks, two baking pans, and a broiler rack—quite impressive extras given the unit’s price. This toaster convection oven has an automatic shut-off after two hours for safety and peace of mind, and there’s a removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

It’s extremely user-friendly, with just three knobs to change the temperature, function, and timer, and a single red indicator light that lets you know when it’s on. As our pick for the best convection oven for those on a budget, this little Hamilton Beach unit has a sleek look that won’t be an eyesore in the kitchen, and it’s great for those who don’t cook large quantities on a regular basis.

For avid chefs, this can still come in handy and serve as an extra little oven, a backup to your range, or a place to bake the desserts while your main oven is dealing with the first courses.

This small appliance can get quite hot when in use, so use extra caution when working near it, and keep it well out of reach from children and pets. 

Price at time of publish: $109

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.54 x 20.62 x 13.11 inches | Capacity: Not listed | Maximum Heating Temperature: 450°F | Wattage: 1,500 watts | Product Weight: 22.93 pounds

Best Splurge

Cosmo Commercial-Style Gas Range with Convection Oven



Why You Should Get It
  • It has a wide variety of capabilities to effectively cook nearly any recipe.

Keep in Mind
  • You’ll have to purchase a propane converter separately if you don’t have a natural gas supply.

Ideal for larger households, cooking enthusiasts, and even professional chefs, this commercial-style gas range with a convection oven from Cosmo is our splurge-worthy pick of the best convection ovens.  Its sleek, contemporary design lends itself well to a wide variety of kitchen styles, and its precise cooking capabilities make it well worth the price tag. 

This 36-inch range features a six-cubic-foot oven capacity, so there’s plenty of room to cook for a crowd—whether you’re hosting holiday dinners or meal prepping multiple dishes at a time. Six sealed gas burners range in size and heat capacity, ranging from 9,000 to 18,000 BTUs, making it ideal for a wide range of cooktop needs.

Its rapid and powerful fans allow for even and speedy convection cooking, and a removable backsplash makes it simple to convert from a freestanding range to a slide-in model. Two oven racks and six rack positions let you cook multiple dishes at a time or fit a large dish inside without any trouble. 

We also love the Cosmo Commercial-Style Gas Range and Convection Oven for its superior safety features such as a cooling ventilation system that helps rapidly dissipate heat once you’re done using the appliance. It also has a cool-to-touch handle that helps you avoid getting burnt and a thick, triple glass door. 

The oven is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a mirrored finish for an elegant touch in your kitchen. It also has a black porcelain cooktop and a stainless steel handle. The range’s seven knobs are backlit with blue LED lights, and there’s a large see-through door with oven lights so you can easily see how your cooking is coming along.

It’s made for a standard natural gas connection, but you can purchase a propane converter separately if you’d like all the benefits of gas cooking but don’t have a natural gas supply at home.

Price at time of publish: $2,600

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.31 x 36 x 36.6 inches | Capacity: 6 cubic feet | Maximum Heating Temperature: 500°F | Wattage: Not available | Product Weight: 235 pounds

Best with Air Fryer

Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range with True Convection


Best Buy

Why You Should Get It
  • The smudge-proof stainless steel makes this oven super easy to keep clean.

Keep in Mind
  • The optional ReadyCook Air Fry Tray must be purchased separately.

If you prefer air-frying your favorite recipes instead of deep-frying them, the Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range with True Convection is a great convection oven with built-in air fryer capabilities. This freestanding oven offers faster, more even baking compared to traditional ovens thanks to its third heating element and powerful convection fan that distributes the heat throughout the oven. 

The oven’s air-fry mode gives you all the cooking benefits of countertop air-fryers—such as fast and easy cooking, crispy “fried-like” foods, oil-free meals—with none of the arduous cleanup. The cooktop sports five elements in various sizes, with a large, 3,000-watt quick-boil element that can heat up a pot of water in mere minutes. There’s also a warming zone to keep food hot while all members of the family settle down at the dinner table.

We love that the oven is simple but modern, with a smudge-proof stainless steel exterior that’s easy to keep clean. This means you won’t have to worry about constant marks on your appliance. The conventional oven setting also has fast pre-heating, and a temperature probe is conveniently included. Inside, there are several rack positions that allow you to cook multiple dishes at once.  

To keep the interior of your oven clean, use one of several self-cleaning functions, including a quick steam clean. The drawer underneath this oven allows you to store all your baking trays. Although you don’t have to use one, there is an optional ReadyCook Air Fry Tray that promises to achieve perfectly crispy results every time, but this doesn’t come with the oven.

Price at time of publish: $1,249

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 48x30x25.75 inches | Capacity: 5.7 cubic feet | Maximum Heating Temperature: 550°F | Wattage: 900 (convection element) | Product Weight: 185 pounds

Best Small

Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 4-in-1 ToastWave



Why You Should Get It
  • You want the benefit of convection cooking without having to give up your existing range.

Keep in Mind
  • The glass on the door is dark and there is no interior lighting, so you can’t see what’s cooking inside.

It may be small, but the Galanz Countertop ToastWave Convection Oven is actually four useful appliances in one handy package. This microwave, convection oven, air fryer, and toaster oven is the perfect solution to small-kitchen woes with a budget-friendly price to boot. 

The microwave has an inverter and sensor to both cook and heat foods quicker and more evenly than competing models, and it can also defrost, and broil dishes.  You can perfectly cook toast and grilled cheeses to your liking—light, medium, or dark—with the toaster oven setting, and the true convection allows you to cook your favorite recipes or enjoy baked goods. The air fryer allows you to fry dishes with little to no oil, and it even comes with an air-fry kit which is super easy to clean. 

The machine is black with a dark door that, unfortunately, isn’t see-through,  so you won’t be able to keep an eye on your dishes without opening the door. However, we like its stainless steel-finished design with a user-friendly control panel that features one main control knob and touch-sensitive buttons.

There are 11 power levels, and the display shows the clock and cooking time. The appliance comes ready to use straight out of the box, with no assembly required, and the instructions are straightforward. Also included is a silicone cooking mat and a silicone-based (non-Teflon) non-stick turntable tray. 

Price at time of publish: $400

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.25 x 21.25 x 12.56 inches | Capacity: 1.2 cubic feet | Maximum Heating Temperature: Not listed | Wattage: 1,000 watts | Product Weight: 40.2 pounds

Best Large

GE Double Oven Convection Electric Range


Best Buy

Why You Should Get It
  • The included heavy duty oven racks.

Keep in Mind
  • The baking elements are exposed, making them harder to scrub clean by hand.

With the largest capacity on our list of the best convection ovens, the GE Double Oven Convection Electric Range boasts an impressive 6.6 cubic feet of combined cooking space in its two ovens. The two ovens work independently of each other, allowing you to simultaneously cook multiple dishes using different settings and at different temperatures. 

The sleek, flat cooktop has five heating elements—one of which is a handy warming zone to keep foods warm while other dishes are still cooking. The smaller, upper oven has a capacity of 2.2 cubic feet, which is perfect for cooking casseroles, baking desserts, or making pizza. However, the bottom oven has a 4.4-cubic foot capacity and can comfortably hold up to three trays of food, or even a large 24-pound turkey. 

The oven includes three heavy duty racks. The lower oven also has air fry mode, which is suitable for using with broil-safe cookware (darker pans are recommended for better browning and crisping.)

Both ovens offer quick preheating in 5 to 7 minutes, bright interior lights, preheat notifications, and audible preheat signals to make your time in the kitchen more user-friendly. Note that the heating elements on this oven are exposed, which makes it more tricky to scrub it clean by hand than other models on our list. However, the oven is capable of cleaning itself with two modes: steam clean and self clean.

The steam clean function removes light messes in just 30 minutes without the need for cleaning detergents or chemicals, and you can leave the racks in, too, to release any stuck-on residue.

Price at time of publish: $1,348

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.25 x 29.88 x 47 inches | Capacity: 6.6 cubic feet | Maximum Heating Temperature: 550°F | Wattage: Not listed | Product Weight: 204 pounds

Best Settings

LG Electronics Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Fan Convection Electric Range Oven


Best Buy

Why You Should Get It
  • It’s a reasonably-priced conventional range with convection cooking, air frying, self-cleaning, and smart capabilities.

Keep in Mind
  • It may not be worth the price tag for someone who won’t use the Wi-Fi features.

Whether you cook a lot or prefer to stick to the basics, the LG Electronics Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Fan Convection Electric Range Oven is a great appliance for any home. This smart appliance is Wi-Fi enabled, and once connected to an app on your phone, you can operate the oven, set timers, and check how your dinner is cooking remotely. 

The app provides instructions that make cooking meals super intuitive, and it even allows you to troubleshoot if you face any issues. You can even operate it with voice command via Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

The LG Electronics Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Fan Convection Oven has an impressive capacity of 6.3 cubic feet, allowing you to cook for a crowd without any trouble. It has five cooktop elements on the stovetop, two that you can adjust based on the size of the pan you’re using, and indicator lights let you know when the surface is still hot so you don’t burn yourself. There’s also a warming zone to keep your dishes hot after cooking.

The window on the oven’s glass door is quite large, so you can see everything going on inside with no blind spots, better ensuring even cooking. It comes with two standard racks, and there’s also a roomy storage drawer at the bottom.

Easy-to-use glass controls make operating this range a breeze, and its smooth fingerprint- and smudge-resistant stainless steel finish is easy to clean by simply swiping it with a soft cloth. Keep in mind that, if you don’t intend to use the Wi-Fi connected features very often, you’ll be able to find a convection oven with everything you need at a lower price. We don’t recommend this model to someone who wants an appliance without bells and whistles. 

Price at time of publish: $1,049

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.88 x 29.88 x 46.5 inches | Capacity: 6.3 cubic feet | Maximum Heating Temperature: 550°F | Wattage: 3,400 watts (bake element)  | Product Weight: 157 pounds

Best Safety Features

Samsung Smart Five-Element Electric Range with Air Fry Convection



Why You Should Get It
  • If safety features are at the top of your priority list with any appliance, you’ll appreciate this oven’s child-lock and auto-shut off settings.

Keep in Mind
  • It’s a slide-in range.

Samsung’s Smart Electric Range with Air Fry Convection is a superb choice if you’re after a sleek, modern, and reliable slide-in range. It boasts helpful and user-friendly features like dual convection heat distribution, five cooktop heating elements with dual-sized surfaces for both small and large pans, and air-fry technology with an included air fryer.

A large 6.3-cubic foot capacity allows you to cook several courses at once, and its wide-view windowed door lets you clearly see what’s cooking inside. 

As our choice for the best convection oven with safety features, this range has a built-in timer ensuring you never overcook your meals, a hot surface indicator letting you know that the cooktop is not safe to touch, and a child lock that won’t allow the oven door to open when it’s on.

There’s also an adjustable automatic shut-off option that will shut the oven down after extended use. Additionally, there’s a delay start option and a Sabbath mode that will disable the lights, audible alerts, and only allow the bake feature to work.

The oven’s steam clean function can get a quick clean without chemicals in just 20 minutes, and the self clean option provides for a deeper clean—which is recommended around once a month, depending on oven use.

The hidden baking element makes for even easier cleaning, and the exterior is made from fingerprint-resistant stainless steel that allows you to wipe away smudges with ease. The oven comes with a one-year warranty on parts, and five years for the electric cooktop.

Keep in mind that this oven is a slide-in range, not a freestanding model, so it may not work in some kitchen spaces. 

Price at time of publish: $1,799

Product Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 29.94 x 36 x 36.75 inches | Capacity: 6.3 cubic feet | Maximum Heating Temperature: 550°F | Wattage: Varies | Product Weight: 174 pounds

The Bottom Line

The KitchenAid Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven is our top pick for the best convection oven. This is a beautiful freestanding range with true convection to cook quickly and evenly, and it even converts the convection temperatures automatically for you. It features a large 6.6-cubic-foot capacity, five cooktop heating elements, and a self-cleaning capability.

What to Know About Convection Ovens Before Shopping

Dimensions and Capacity

There are many different types of convection oven on the market, and the dimensions and capacity of each depend on the style you go for. Countertop convection ovens are typically similar in size to an average microwave, around 15 to 20 inches in width and 12 to 17 inches high, with a capacity of anywhere from 0.5 to 1.6 cubic feet.

Slide-in and freestanding ranges with convection are usually sized at 30 to 36 inches in width and 30 to 47 inches in height. Capacity for these ranges can start at around five cubic feet and go all the way up to 6.5 cubic feet—or even more for commercial, professional-grade ranges.

“The space one has in their kitchen often dictates the size of the oven they might have to work with,” De Pue says, "but for me, it is nice to have at a width of at least 24 to 30 inches.”

Maximum Heating Temperature

The best convection ovens usually have maximum temperature capacities of 450°F to 550°F. According to De Pue, this should be more than enough for your recipes. 

“Most of these ovens come with the same options, from convection baking, roasting, broiling, air frying, etc., and there is so little in general that requires the maximum temperatures to cook,” De Pue says.

Your Questions, Answered

What should you cook in a convection oven?

The best convection ovens can be used to roast meats and vegetables, make baked goods such as cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries, and even casseroles too—provided they’re covered so as to not lose too much moisture. You can even use it to toast bread and grill sandwiches.

“Convection ovens are pretty much great for everything we want to bake, ranging from pastries to whole fish and roasts,” De Pue says. “I will generally cook with convection, so the item in the oven is cooked evenly and in a shorter time.”

Can you put glass in a convection oven?

“Yes, you can put glass in a convection oven,” De Pue says, as long as the overware is oven safe up to the temperature required. “There are glass oven trays like Pyrex, which are suitable,” he says.

How is a convection oven different from a conventional oven?

The main difference between a conventional oven and a convection oven is that a conventional oven has heating elements at the top and bottom of the oven, whereas a convection oven also has a fan that helps circulate the hot air throughout the oven. This allows you to put several dishes in the oven on different racks and cook them evenly without the need for rotating.

“A convection oven provides a more even cooking experience,” De Pue says. “Conventional ovens either bring heat from the bottom or top of the oven, so the items tend to cook unevenly.”

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