A Guide to the Best Chimney Repair Companies Across Several U.S. States

Explore options in the New York metropolitan area, Midwest, and Texas.

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best chimney repair companies

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You might not think about your chimney often, but the emergence of a new crack, a smoky smell, or another concern could warrant a chimney repair. Several parts of a chimney can break down over time, including the mortar joints, bricks or stones, or the top crown. Any issue should be addressed sooner rather than later to avoid creating a bigger problem.

Chimney repair companies can typically repair any part of your chimney, from the crown to the fireplace, but that’s not always the case. It is important to choose a company that offers a wide range of services, so it can complete the entirety of the repair. Look for companies that work on chimney crowns, flues, and masonry. You may even need a contractor to perform a complete rebuild.

To help your search, we gathered our top choices for the best chimney repair companies in the New York metropolitan area, Midwest, and Texoma (aka Texas and Oklahoma). Even if you don’t live in one of these regions, use our evaluation criteria to find a qualified company in your area.

Best Chimney Repair Companies of 2023

Best for New York Metropolitan Area: Mr. Chimney

mr. chimney logo

Key Specs

  • Locations: New York and Connecticut
  • Free Estimate? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Provides a wide range of services in addition to chimney repair

  • Friendly technicians evoke a positive customer experience

  • Also offers asbestos and animal removal services

  • Does not service New York outside of the NYC metro area

Why It Made the List

Mr. Chimney is a licensed and insured chimney contractor, offering a complete range of chimney services (since 1969). The company covers many counties in and around the New York City metro area, including Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, Ulster, and Greene Counties, as well as the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. It also extends service to Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Mr. Chimney offers an exhaustive list of maintenance services related to chimney repairs, from the basics like flue relining and waterproofing to more advanced services like masonry repairs and repointing. Additional services include asbestos remediation, animal removal, and carbon monoxide solutions.

In addition to chimney repairs, Mr. Chimney works on fireplaces, wood stoves, dryer vents, and commercial projects. The company is available 24/7 for chimney-related emergencies and holds a Certified Chimney Professional (CCP) designation from the National Chimney Sweep Guild. The CCP badge ensures that chimney professionals are up to date with codes and standards, in addition to having full knowledge of proper service and maintenance for chimneys. Reviews from past clients note exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. Technicians not only make the required chimney repairs, but they also walk you through the entire process and explain how to properly maintain your chimney for years to come.

Best for Pennsylvania: Wells & Sons Chimney Service

Wells & Sons Chimney Service logo

Wells & Sons Chimney Service

Key Specs

  • Locations: Pennsylvania
  • Free Estimate? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Long-standing, family-owned business with years of experience

  • Offers stucco, brick, and stone masonry repairs

  • Professional and punctual customer service

  • Does not service northern or western Pennsylvania

  • Does not offer chimney rebuilding

Why It Made the List

Since 1979, Wells & Sons Chimney Service has been providing chimney repair services to the Pennsylvania counties of Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Berk, and Lehigh. It is one of the largest chimney and masonry companies in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. The company offers three different categories of work: chimneys, masonry, stucco, and fireplaces. You can hire Wells & Sons to repair and install chimney crowns (for repointing and relining) and to take care of rust, brick, and stucco repairs. 

Wells & Sons boasts dependability and responsiveness, answering emergency chimney requests within 24 hours. It has also invested in new technologies and training to improve all-around quality and customer service. Clients back these claims up with reviews stating that technicians arrived on time, provided transparent information, and exuded professionalism. The company holds certifications and memberships with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), and others. Estimates are free except for quotes related to property sales.

Best for Lake Michigan Region: Chimney Monkey

chimney monkey logo

Key Specs

  • Locations: Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana
  • Free Estimate? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Hundreds of positive reviews from past clients

  • Also offers gutter cleaning and pressure washing services

  • Customers can book services directly online with transparent pricing

  • Does not service Illinois outside of the Chicago metro area

Why It Made the List

For more than a decade, Chimney Monkey has supplied its services to Cook County (Chicago being its largest city) and Lake County, Illinois, as well as bordering areas in Wisconsin and Indiana. The company’s repair services are straightforward, providing both expert and professional chimney care.

Chimney Monkey has options for everything related to chimney repairs: chimney crowns, masonry and flues, and even entire chimney structures. The company also provides gutter cleaning and pressure washing services to get your entire exterior in tip-top shape. Other available offerings include chimney sweeping, chimney inspections, and dryer vent cleanings.

Chimney Monkey offers free quotes and 24/7 emergency services, all bundled up with a satisfaction guarantee. Hundreds of positive reviews from repeat customers mention a timely and quality experience. You can book services directly on the company’s website and even view the expected cost.

Best for Ohio: Accurate Chimney and Fireplace

Accurate Chimney and Fireplace logo

Accurate Chimney and Fireplace

Key Specs

  • Locations: Ohio
  • Free Estimate? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Cleanliness guarantee

  • 10% discount on services for seniors, police, fire, military, and veterans

  • Team members exhibit experience and professionalism

  • Does not service areas outside of central Ohio

Why It Made the List

Accurate Chimney and Fireplace started its company in 2017, but members of the team have more than 15 years of experience in chimney cleaning, fire safety, and residential construction. The company services the central Ohio region, specifically Franklin, Pickaway, Madison, Union, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, and Fayette Counties. 

Outside of standard chimney repair services, Accurate Chimney and Fireplace offers leak resolutions and waterproofing, smoke backup solutions, smell solutions, and water heater backdraft repair. Seniors, police, fire, military, and veterans are eligible for a 10% discount, along with a cleanliness guarantee for all customers that ensures your house will remain safe and clean. 

Accurate Chimney and Fireplace boasts an abundance of positive reviews for its services, with accolades of quality experiences. You can count on the team for 24-hour emergency services, but you need to schedule all services by phone.

Best for Texoma: Brushers Chimneys

brushers chimney company logo

brushers chimney company

Key Specs

  • Locations: Texas and Oklahoma
  • Free Estimate? Yes

Pros & Cons

  • Focuses only on chimney-related services

  • Transparent pricing for some services available online

  • Professional and polite technicians complete thorough repairs

  • Does not offer chimney rebuilding

Why It Made the List

Brushers Chimneys is a locally owned operation with team members who have more than 15 years of experience. The majority of its work is performed in Houston, but it also services Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi, along with parts of Oklahoma.

The company’s service offerings focus entirely on chimneys, setting it up as an expert in its field. It offers almost any chimney work, including maintenance services, with the exception of chimney rebuilding. While Brushers Chimneys does not advertise 24/7 emergency repair services, it will make same-day repairs as availability allows.

Customer reviews describe a professional and polite technician experience, as well as competitive pricing and thorough repairs. The price of basic services, like chimney and air duct cleanings, are displayed directly on its website. You will need to call or request a quote online to get pricing for all other services.

Final Verdict

Due to a lack of chimney repair companies that provide services nationwide, we chose to highlight companies in states that request these types of services most often. Each company was chosen for its wide service area within the state, years of experience, positive customer reviews, and more. When searching for the "best chimney company near me," choose companies that possess these markers to ensure a positive experience.

Compare the Best Chimney Repair Companies

Company  Locations Free Estimate? Years in the Business Emergency Services?
Mr. Chimney
Best for New York Metropolitan Area
New York and Connecticut Yes Since 1969 Yes
Wells & Sons Chimney Service
Best for Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Yes Since 1979 Yes
Chimney Monkey
Best for Lake Michigan Region
Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana Yes Since 2013 Yes
Accurate Chimney and Fireplace
Best for Ohio
Ohio Yes Since 2017 Yes
Brushers Chimneys
Best for Texoma
Texas and Oklahoma Yes Since 2021 No; however, same-day repairs are available

Guide to Finding the Best Chimney Repair Companies Near Me

Many homeowners begin their search online for “the best chimney services near me,” but may not be entirely sure what they’re looking for. Our evaluation criteria will help you weed out the qualified chimney experts from the not-so-professional ones.

Wide Range of Services

Some contractors advertise chimney repair offerings but only provide limited services, like chimney cleanings and simple mortar repairs. Ideally, you should work with a chimney-specific repair company that offers a wide range of services, so it can complete all the necessary work you need without hiring a separate contractor. Choose a repair outfit that offers chimney crown repairs, flue replacements, brick rebuilding, and more.

Positive Customer Reviews

Any reputable company should have several glowing online reviews from past clients. If customer testimonials aren’t available on the web, request recommendations directly from the contractor. You can also head to the Better Business Bureau to see if they have a listing with any additional feedback. While a few negative comments are likely with any business, make sure the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive and that people recommend working with the company.

Upfront and Transparent Pricing

Reliable chimney repair companies should be upfront about pricing from the very start. The company should provide a clear and detailed estimate for the cost of the chimney repair work. Once you choose to move forward, ask for a written contract, signed by both parties, that clearly explains the cost and scope of services.

Emergency Services

While it's not necessary to hire a chimney repair company that offers emergency services, it is something to consider. It might benefit you to align with a company that has firsthand experience with your home in the future.

Additional Services

You may find yourself in need of animal removal, asbestos removal, gutter cleaning, or pressure washing sometime down the road. Hiring a chimney repair company that can tackle these extra services could prove beneficial. Some companies may also service pellet stoves, gas fireplaces, and furnaces, providing one-stop-shopping for many of your home maintenance needs.

What Services Do Chimney Repair Companies Offer?

While the services offered by different chimney repair companies vary, it is important to choose one that can complete the entire scope of your repair. A full-service chimney company should offer the following:

  • Flue Repair: A flue (the inside chamber of the chimney) is lined with either metal, clay tiles, or concrete. Over the years, the flue liner will break down and need to be repaired or replaced. Chimney flue liners prevent creosote buildup that can produce carbon monoxide, so it is important to keep them in tip-top shape. 
  • Masonry Repointing: Chimneys made with masonry (i.e., bricks or stones) will need to be maintained as the masonry wears away over time. Repointing is the process of replacing the mortar in the joints between the bricks, and it can be performed by most chimney repair companies. 
  • Chimney Cap Repair: The chimney cap (also called a crown) is located at the top of the chimney, and because of its location, it’s very vulnerable to the elements. The chimney cap often needs to be repaired and/or replaced during a home’s lifetime, including the flashing around the cap that seals the chimney to the roof.
  • Chimney Rebuilding: A chimney that has been declared “structurally insufficient” will need to be rebuilt, whether partially or completely. Rebuilding is a complex project that requires lots of experience and patience from trained experts.
  • Chimney Waterproofing: It’s fairly easy for water to seep through the cracks, joints, or holes in a chimney. Waterproofing a chimney involves sealing any gaps or openings with a waterproof sealant.
  • Chimney Cleaning: Routine chimney cleanings and maintenance can help avoid costly repairs. Many chimney repair contractors offer an annual chimney cleaning service, an inspection, and recommendations for necessary repairs. During this service, the chimney will be swept with a brush, and minor issues will be fixed.

How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs Repairing or Replacing?

Most issues with a chimney can be repaired, except for structural problems that could cause a collapse. If a chimney is leaning or tilting, visibly crumbling, significantly cracking, or displaying signs of water damage, stop using it immediately and contact a chimney specialist to evaluate its structural integrity. On the other hand, issues such as worn mortar joints, rust, foul smells, spalling bricks, or efflorescence (white staining) can typically be easily repaired.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Chimney?

Repairing a chimney typically costs anywhere from $160 to $750, but significant repairs can cost as much as $1,800. The cost ultimately depends on the complexity of the issue. Making small cosmetic repairs to a chimney’s cap or mortar joints will be much less expensive than fixing a chimney that has structural issues, like leaning or substantial cracking. Search the web for a “chimney technician near me” and ask for an inspection and price quote to determine the cost for your specific repair.

Questions You Should Ask Local Chimney Repair Companies

Before hiring a chimney repair service, consider the vetting process. We recommend asking contractors the following questions: 

  • How long has your company been in business, and how much experience do you have?
  • Are you licensed and insured to perform this type of work?
  • What chimney repair services do you offer?
  • What does your chimney inspection process look like?
  • Does your inspection process include a camera inspection?
  • How soon after the initial inspection will you provide a list of recommended repairs?
  • Can you provide a sample inspection report?
  • Do you provide a written quote and contract?
  • How soon can you schedule the chimney repair work?
  • How long do you expect the repair project to take?
  • Can you provide testimonials from past clients?
  • What kind of training do the repair technicians receive?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your work?
  • Do you offer emergency chimney repair services?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to repair a chimney top?

    Repairing a chimney top, also known as a crown, can cost anywhere from $150 to $300. Chimney crowns are typically made of concrete and have an important job—keeping water and pests out of your chimney. If either of these nuisances is getting in, search the web for the “best chimney repair company near me” and request an inspection.

  • Can the inside of a chimney be repaired?

    Yes, the inside of a chimney can be repaired. Chimney repair contractors have an arsenal of equipment capable of reaching inside chimneys to fix problems. First, the contractor will inspect the inside of the chimney with a video camera. Depending on the findings, they can then repair damaged mortar joints, resurface the walls, or reline the chimney flue, all without having to remove any of the chimney walls or physically crawl inside.

  • What is the most common cause of chimney deterioration?

    The most common cause of chimney deterioration is water damage from rain, snow, or leaks. Over time, water will cause the mortar joints, and even the bricks themselves, to wear. Other environmental conditions, such as extreme winds or falling trees, can also cause chimney damage. You can prevent water damage, or at least slow down the process, by waterproofing your chimney and keeping up with annual cleanings and maintenance.

  • How long should a chimney crown last?

    A chimney crown has a substantial lifetime. Most last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. Chimney crowns must be installed properly in the first place to last this long, which makes it important to hire only the best contractors for the initial task. You can also prolong the life of a chimney crown by having your chimney cleaned at least once a year and addressing any necessary repairs.

  • How often should a chimney pipe be replaced?

    A chimney pipe (the flue liner inside a chimney) should be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Using a chimney with a worn or damaged flue liner creates a potential fire risk. When you move into a new home, have the chimney flue inspected before using the fireplace. If it has been 15 years or more since your chimney flue has been replaced, contact a local chimney contractor to inspect the flue and determine its condition before use.

  • Do chimneys need to be cleaned every year?

    Most chimney experts recommend cleaning your chimney every year, although some say it depends on how often you use your fireplace. To err on the side of caution, an annual chimney cleaning ensures your chimney is safe and ready to use. Schedule a recurring chimney inspection in the fall, just before using your fireplace regularly for the colder season.


To compile this list of the best chimney repair companies, we reviewed more than 30 services using the following set of criteria:

  • Years in the business and years of combined experience among contractors
  • Services provided
  • Customer reviews
  • Access to customer service
  • Estimate process
  • Emergency options
  • Certifications with chimney associations
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