The 8 Best Carpet Brands of 2023 for the Perfect Home Floors

Find the best carpets for every style, need, and budget from brands like Mohawk Flooring, Shaw Floors, StainMaster, and more.

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Adding carpet to your home not only improves its visual appearance, but it can also make the place feel more warm, cozy, and functional. The best carpet provides better insulation than hard flooring types to keep your home warm in the wintertime, and it also has sound-dampening qualities to reduce noise. Plus, this flooring type is also pretty easy to clean, provided you have a powerful and effective vacuum on hand. 

“Carpet can be a great investment and really enhance a space if done right,” says Cameron Johnson, founder and CEO of Nickson Living. 

The best carpets are available in an array of styles and materials, such as nylon, polyester, wool, or cotton. You can also get them in a vast selection of colors and patterns, making it easy to truly personalize your space. However, not all carpet is created equal, and since it fills such a large surface area in your home, it’s important to evaluate which carpet is best for your needs. 

We’ve created a list of the best carpet from brands like Mohawk, Anderson Tuftex, Karastan, and more. Whether you prefer a fluffy, high-pile carpet for added texture in your space or an unobtrusive, low-profile carpet that can handle a ton of foot traffic, you’ll be able to shop for the best styles for your home. 

Here are the best carpet brands.

Mohawk Flooring Carpet & Carpet Tile

Mohawk Durable Style Pottery Berber/Loop Carpet


Why You Should Get It: The company provides thousands of different eco-friendly carpet styles and offers stellar customer service.
Keep in Mind:
Mohawk doesn’t offer installation services, and you can’t buy directly from the manufacturer.

The Mohawk Flooring brand is a trusted name for good reason. The carpet and flooring manufacturer provides a wide selection of products to choose from and a great warranty on all its products. You’ll be able to shop a massive selection of carpets in all sorts of materials, styles, and colors, making it easy to find the best carpet for your needs. All Mohawk products are made in the USA, and, as an added perk, the company allows you to order free samples. This means you’ll be able to see the carpet in person, compare it to other options, and place it in your home before purchasing the full yardage. 

Mohawk carpets are known for being stain-resistant and wear-resistant, making them work well in high-traffic areas in your home like hallways and living rooms. Plus, if you spill, the durable fibers are easier to scrub clean than other types, so pet accidents, food spills, and other mishaps on your floors don’t have to become a permanent fixture. 

Many of Mohawk’s carpets come in loop, cut, patterned, and soft-twist textures, so you can find a specific style that looks (and feels) best without trouble. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t offer installation services, so you’ll need to hire a third-party professional if you don’t want to install the carpet on your own. 

Price at time of publish: From $2 per square foot

Product Details:

Materials: Polyester, nylon, and triexta | Type: Loop, pattern, texture, twist | Durability: Wear-resistant and stain-resistant | Care: Vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar, spot clean, and deep clean | Price Range: $2 to $15 per square foot

Karastan Rugs and Carpet

Whitemere carpet


Why You Should Get It: Each carpet and rug product is carefully inspected to ensure quality. 
Keep in Mind:
The carpet can be difficult to find online.

Karastan has been in business for almost 100 years, and its high-end carpet is resilient, durable, and truly beautiful. We love that each rug and carpet product from Karastan is made by artisans and carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality. Shop a wide selection of synthetic carpets, which come in a variety of colors and patterns to add visual interest to your space. 

The patented SmartStrand carpets are designed to resist stains, including pet-related messes, and the manufacturer even has a lifetime warranty on its carpet to ensure pet stains don’t ruin it. 

You can’t buy carpets directly from the company’s site; however, you can find the brand's many colors, patterns, and textures at a variety of retailers, including Rug Studio, Avalon Flooring, and more. 

Price at time of publish: Varies

Product Details:

Materials: Wool, wool blend, and nylon | Type: Loop, pattern, texture | Durability: Wool and wool blends are crush- and static-resistant, and nylon carpets have built-in stain and soil protection | Care: Vacuuming, spot cleaning, and deep cleaning | Price Range: $3 to $9 per square foot

LifeProof Collinger II - Color Cloudswept Indoor Texture Gray Carpet

Color Cloudswept Indoor Texture Gray Carpet


Why You Should Get It: LifeProof’s carpets are stain-resistant, so they won’t absorb messes as easily as other brands. 
Keep in Mind:
The brand doesn’t offer as many colors and patterns as others. 

Manufactured by Mohawk Flooring and sold exclusively at The Home Depot, LifeProof has a selection of over 1,200 carpet styles to choose from that cater to a variety of budgets. The brand offers options that start at around $2 per square foot, but most are priced in the $3 to $6 range. 

We love that the carpet is easy to find and order online, and it can be delivered as soon as the next day, depending on where you live. The brand offers triexta, nylon, and polyester options, and LifeProof’s carpets are stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a pet accident or spill ruining your new carpet. The carpet’s spill shield technology prevents spills and debris from settling into the carpet, making it easy to scrub or vacuum out.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, neutral carpet for your home, LifeProof is your best bet. However, homeowners who want a textured or patterned carpet will likely find more options from other manufacturers. 

Price at time of publish: From $1.79 per square foot

Product Details:

Materials: Triexta, nylon, and polyester | Type: Texture | Durability: Stain-resistant, Nanoloc spill shield | Care: Vacuuming twice a week, professional cleaning once a year to comply with warranty requirements | Price Range: $1.79 to $7.19 per square foot

Anderson Tuftex Carpet

picture purrfect night swim carpet

Anderson Tuftex

Why You Should Get It: The company offers three major collections to choose from at different price points and design styles. 
Keep in Mind:
The company makes only nylon carpets.

Carpet in your home doesn’t have to be boring—the nylon carpet offerings from Anderson Tuftex are chic and modern. The company has three main collections to choose from, including classic carpet styles at a budget-friendly price point, a carpet collection with stunning textures and patterns, and a pet-friendly line designed to survive common pet messes

Though the company makes only nylon carpets, options at Anderson Tuftex are beautiful and durable, making it easier to find the best carpet for your style and budget. You’ll be able to shop loop, pattern, and cut pile carpets, so there are plenty of types to choose from. 

The brand also has a selection of carpets specifically for stairs, whether you want to go full coverage or simply add a runner down the middle. These can also be customized. For a more eco-friendly approach, shop Anderson Tuftex’s Anso High-Performance PET range, which is all made using recycled plastic bottles (up to 76 of them per square yard!).

Price at time of publish: From $2.49 per square foot

Product Details:

Materials: Nylon | Type: Loop, pattern, cut pile | Durability: Built-in stain protection, pet hair resistance | Care: Vacuum, spot clean | Price Range: $2.49 to $14 per square foot

Shaw Floors Luxe Classic Heirloom 00122 Carpet

luxe heirloom carpet

Shaw Floors

Why You Should Get It: You can choose from three different carpet backing types. 
Keep in Mind:
Shaw’s carpets are available only through Lowe’s and select retailers.

Shaw Floors offers six carpet collections with over 350 styles in total. Though you can’t buy from Shaw Floors directly, the brand offers design services to ensure you buy the best carpet for your needs. The website has plenty of helpful tools such as space planning and a color visualizer, and you can order free carpet samples from the site to see your favorite styles in person before buying. 

The company offers carpets in the loop, twist, and patterned textures. Nylon, polyester, and Anso high-performance carpets are available in a choice of three backings: ClassicBac, designed for commercial spaces with a superior tuft bind strength; SoftBac, a flexible and wrinkle-free backing system; and LifeGuard, which has been designed to be easy to clean and reduce odor for pet owners.

Price at time of publish: From $2.14 per square foot

Product Details:

Materials: Nylon, polyester | Type: Pattern, loop, texture, twist | Durability: Spill-proof technology | Care: Vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush, spot clean | Price Range: $2.14 to $12.30 per square foot

StainMaster Carpet

Spanish Sky carpet pattern


Why You Should Get It: The brand offers durable, cost-effective carpets with 4,000 different options. 
Keep in Mind:
The Essentials carpet has only a 10-year warranty, and it doesn’t cover installations on stairs.

Available exclusively at Lowe’s, StainMaster is still one of the best carpet brands for quality carpet on a budget, with prices starting under $2 per square foot. StainMaster has 66 nylon offerings, which are widely considered the best carpet type when it comes to durability, as well as polyester options. StainMaster has over 4,000  different designs, styles, and color options to choose from, making it easy to find the best carpet to match your home.

The PetProtect line of carpets comes with a 25-year warranty on pet stains, making it a desirable option for anyone with animals in the house. The Active Family and TruSoft carpet collections are both comfortable and resilient, even in households that get a lot of foot traffic, so we recommend installing these in your hallways or living rooms. Finally, StainMaster’s Essentials line of carpets is the most budget-friendly option offered. Just keep in mind that this carpet isn’t as durable as others offered by StainMaster so you’ll need to replace it sooner. It comes with only a 10-year warranty. 

Price at time of publish: From $1.93 per square foot

Product Details:

Materials: Nylon, polyester | Type: Texture, loop, frieze, plush, pattern | Durability: Carpet cushion, spill protection, PetProtect | Care: Vacuuming, spot cleaning | Price Range: $1.93 to $11 per square foot

Proximity Mills Flooring

By the Sea in Excellent

Proximity Hills Flooring

Why You Should Get It: The carpets offered are affordable, durable, and beautiful, and there are hundreds of options available.
Keep in Mind:
The company offers only nylon carpets.

If you want a luxe carpet without the high-end price tag, we recommend shopping for one of the many carpet types from Proximity Mills. The company offers 22 different collections, including loop, cut, and cut-and-loop carpets.  Proximity Mills also provides deluxe washable carpet tiles that are designed to look like a one-piece carpet when laid out. The company's site has a helpful floor visualizer tool so you can see what the carpet will look like in your home before you buy. 

Though the company offers only nylon carpets, these are extremely well-made and of excellent quality. They have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds)—harmful chemicals often found in carpet and flooring—so you can rest assured knowing your home’s air quality isn’t being negatively impacted by installing the carpet. The carpet is also certified CRI Green Label Plus for added peace of mind, which means that the product has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets the standard for low emissions.

When it comes to durability, Proximity Mills’ carpets are incredibly long-lasting, and products come with a 20-year residential warranty. Like most of the best carpet brands, you can’t buy directly from the manufacturer’s site, but you can use the find a retailer tool to see where to buy near you.

Price at time of publish: From $4 per square foot

Product Details:

Materials: Nylon | Type: Cut and loop, cut, loop | Durability: Dent-, stain-, and fade-resistant | Care: Vacuuming, spot cleaning | Price Range: $4 to $8 per square foot

Why You Should Get It: Phenix carpets have an antimicrobial layer to protect against bacteria growth, and there are around 1,500 carpet styles to choose from.
Keep in Mind:
The polyester carpet isn’t as durable as other options.

Phenix provides high-quality residential carpets in a large selection of colors, designs, and textures. The brand’s wide variety of carpets features a Microban antimicrobial layer that protects against mold and bacteria growth in the fibers of your flooring, keeping the carpet cleaner and odor-free for longer. Phenix Flooring’s carpet also has a special technology that helps the carpet look more fluffy and natural (read: more high-quality), even though it’s made from synthetic materials. 

With around 1,500 different carpet styles, Phenix’s selections are made of either nylon or polyester, and they can come with solid colors, patterns, low and high piles, and more. The polyester options are less expensive than the nylon collections, making them a great pick for anyone on a budget, but keep in mind that they aren’t as long-lasting. 

The brand also offers two SureSoft collections, which contain recycled plastics and have a super cozy and comfortable feel. The PetPlus selection works well for pet owners because it’s extra-durable and designed to resist stains and odors from pet-related messes. 

A handy virtual decorator tool on the manufacturer’s website can help you choose the best carpet for your space, and there’s also a helpful installation guide if you want to put the carpet in yourself.

Price at time of publish: From $1.75 per square foot

Product Details:

Materials: Nylon, polyester | Type: Pattern, loop | Durability: Antimicrobial, stain-resistant, pet resistant | Care: Regular vacuuming and professional steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months for warranty requirements | Price Range: $1.75 to $5 per square foot

What to Know About Carpets Before Shopping


The best carpet can be made from a variety of materials, but depending on the style you’re looking for, the pile height and plushness you desire, and your budget, some carpet materials may be better for your home than others. 

  • Nylon: This synthetic material is an economical yet highly durable carpet option. It is resilient, has superior stain resistance, and is easy to maintain. These carpets sometimes have a higher overall cost and may not be as soft as some other options.
  • Polyester: This carpet is typically less expensive than other types, quite soft, and water- and stain-resistant, making it great for homes with pets or children. However, this type of carpet is generally not as durable as other options and can be prone to getting worn and matted. 
  • Olefin: This is a synthetic polypropylene type of carpet that is good for use in entryways and areas near the outdoors since it’s moisture- and mildew-resistant. However, it’s not durable enough for heavy traffic areas and is prone to matting.
  • Wool: Carpet made of wool looks incredibly plush when installed in your home and is naturally fire-resistant. This type of carpet tends to be more expensive but is durable, so you won’t have to install new carpet nearly as quickly as with other options. For a cheaper alternative that looks and feels similar, opt for a wool-blend carpet.
  • Cotton: This carpet is extremely easy to clean and makes for a soft, plush texture underfoot. However, cotton carpets are prone to staining due to the material’s absorbent nature, so it’ll be harder to get pet messes and stains out compared to other types. 
  • Triexta: This budget-friendly carpet is durable, resilient, and long-lasting. It’s also eco-friendly, as it’s made from corn sugar and not petroleum. It’s fade-resistant too. 


If you’re going to take the time and money to buy the best carpet, you likely want it to last a long time. Whether you own pets, have children in the home, or want to install carpet in a high-traffic area of your house, the best carpet will be able to stand up to daily wear and tear for many years before needing a replacement. 

Nylon is generally known for being the most durable type of carpet for residential use. These carpets are good for use in places with heavy foot traffic and for households with kids and pets. Some carpet manufacturers treat their nylon carpet with a protective coating, which helps it to be more stain-resistant, too. 

The least durable type of carpet tends to be olefin, which is a less expensive but mildew-resistant polypropylene material. While it limits the growth of mold and bacteria, it’s prone to get matted down. Similarly, high-pile carpets can be difficult to keep looking fresh and fluffy due to the long fibers that hold debris easily. We recommend using these carpet types in low-traffic areas of the home like bedrooms. 


Carpets are available in many different designs and colors, from solid-hued options and marbled designs to other styles with funky patterns and textures. Modern carpets can feature designs such as stripes and geometric patterns, which add movement and visual interest to a space. More traditional carpet styles may have florals and paisley designs built into the fibers. 


Almost all carpets can be kept clean with routine vacuuming and once-a-year professional carpet cleaning. Keep a powerful vacuum cleaner on hand to tackle dirt, hair, and more that can get trapped in your carpet fibers. We also recommend using carpet spray cleaners to deal with pet messes, food spills, and other stains as they happen. 

Some carpets, such as nylon carpets, have a coating that helps prevent stains and dirt from getting absorbed into the fibers and creating a permanent mark. 

You’ll most likely notice wear and tear first in high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, and entryways. If your carpet appears faded and looks heavily worn in certain areas, it’s probably time to buy a new carpet for your home.

Density and Fiber Construction

Fiber construction refers to how the carpet is woven; these can either be cut pile, loop pile, or a combination of the two. A cut-pile carpet has its ends sheared off. These ends can sometimes be tufted, creating a soft surface texture. A loop pile’s carpet fibers, instead of being cut to a certain length, are looped back into the carpet’s backing. This style isn’t usually as soft as a cut pile option. Cut-and-loop pile, also known as a sculptured pile, combines these two weaving methods for a more textured finish.

The amount of fiber used within a cubic yard of carpet determines its pile density. Carpet with a high density is typically more durable than looser carpet types, but many dense carpets aren’t as soft. Materials such as triexta can still provide a high density—and therefore higher durability—without compromising on comfort.

Another thing to think about is the pile’s height. High (or deep) pile carpet is extremely soft and cushiony, and most people prefer this carpet type in bedrooms. Those with small kids or pets, however, might want to be wary of a high pile carpet, as these can be the hardest to clean. A low pile carpet makes it easier to remove dirt and debris since the fibers are shorter and your vacuum’s brush roll has a higher chance of reaching all the hidden gunk. Most people opt for a medium pile carpet for areas such as the hallway and living room, as this option is still comfortable but not too hard to keep clean.

Your Questions, Answered

What is the best way to clean a carpet?

“Keeping your carpet clean requires a little upkeep,” Johnson says. “Regularly vacuuming the carpet to remove dust and debris is a good practice. Also, keeping a can of carpet cleaner or investing in an electronic carpet cleaner can be a good idea to remove stains and spots.” 

We recommend investing in a powerful vacuum to help keep your carpets in top condition, then supplementing your routine cleaning with a once-a-year professional carpet treatment. Johnson suggests renting a professional carpet cleaning machine from your local hardware store or hiring an expert to do the task for you. 

How do you know how much carpet you need for your space?

“If you are installing new carpet, the first step is to measure the space,” Johnson says. 

Carpet is typically sold by the square foot, so you will want to measure the length and width of the space and multiply them together to get the square footage of the room. You should also measure and account for closets or other areas that you may want to carpet and repeat the exercise.

“As a general rule of thumb,” Johnson says, “you should then increase the final number by 10 percent to ensure you have enough materials—the carpet may have to be cut and otherwise manipulated to fit neatly in your space. You may have a bit of extra carpet left over, but that can come in handy for repairs down the road.”

How do you install new carpet?

Installing new carpets on your own can be a little tricky unless you are experienced at home renovations. However, it can be accomplished with a little hard work and some research. You could also ask the customer service department at your local hardware store for some installation advice.

“After you measure the room, you will want to prepare the floor for installation by removing the old carpet if necessary, removing baseboards, and removing doors to the room,” Johnson says. “You will then install carpet tack strips around the perimeter of the room—this will ‘attach’ the carpet to the floor. Next, install the carpet padding, cut the carpet, lay the carpet, and stretch it. The last step is to put the room back together with baseboards, doors, etc.”

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