13 Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Add pattern, color, and texture to your bedroom with this favorite update.

blue and white bedroom with floral wallpaper
Photo: Annie Schlechter

Wallpaper has the power to completely transform a space. It’s a great way to add color, pattern, and texture, and the style possibilities are practically endless. Create an accent wall by installing wallpaper on only one wall, add wainscoting on the lower half to create a two-tone effect, or go all in by wallpapering your bedroom floor to ceiling. Whether you go bright and bold with saturated colors and large-scale patterns or prefer to stick with calming neutrals for a serene, calming vibe, wallpaper is a fun way to inject style and personality into your bedroom. Scroll down to see some of our favorite wallpapered bedrooms and gather inspiration for your own.

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Botanical Bedroom Wallpaper

tropical green yellow and brown bedroom
Carson Downing

A vibrant fern-print wallpaper accent wall establishes a forest theme in this stunning bedroom. If you're only using wallpaper on one accent wall, such as a wall behind a bed, pick one of the colors and repeat it on trim, floors, or the ceiling to help the accent wall feel intentional and cohesive. A leaf-print comforter and green accent pillow echo the wallpaper, while a wooden nightstand, woven headboard, leather stools, and jute runner balance the deep green color and bring in natural elements. To prevent the space from being too matchy-matchy and falling flat, incorporate accent colors, like the yellow and gray used here.

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Classic Grass Cloth

bedroom with textured wall and colorful pillows

David Land

Grass cloth is a timeless wallcovering choice. It brings texture and warmth to a room without being overpowering and works with various design styles, from traditional to eclectic. The classic wallpaper provides a neutral backdrop for this blue upholstered headboard without competing with its bold color and shape. Grass-cloth wallpaper works particularly well in bedrooms because of its subtle nature, the cozy feel it creates, and the layered effect it achieves. Some grass cloth wallpapers (like this Better Homes & Gardens Blue Faux Textured Grasscloth Peel and Stick Wallpaper, $37, Walmart) come in comforting shades of blue, green, or gray.

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Monochromatic Blue-and-White Bedroom

blue and white bedroom with floral wallpaper
Annie Schlechter

This traditional bedroom features a blue-and-white wallpaper with a small-scale floral pattern that establishes a monochromatic color scheme and serves as a backdrop for a stately royal-blue upholstered bed. When using a busy wallpaper, balance it with large doses of solid color—crisp white bedding and a tall headboard give the eye a resting spot and allow the patterned wallpaper to truly shine.

And don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns for an elevated, designer-style look. An oversize lumbar pillow features the same print as the wallpaper and contrasts the patterns on the nightstands, wall sconces, and accent chair for added visual interest.

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Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

bedroom with floral wallpaper and dog next to bed
Helen Norman

A delicate floral wallpaper adds a touch of sophisticated elegance to this bedroom. If you want to incorporate a botanical wallpaper (try Better Homes & Gardens Scalata Branches Peel and Stick Wallpaper, $35, Walmart) but don’t want it to be overwhelming, especially when it comes to a small-scale print, consider applying it to an accent wall. This creates a focal point that’s especially effective to highlight a bed frame, artwork, or seating area. Pull colors from the wallpaper to use around the room—a blue table lamp, mint-green throw blanket, and purple accent pillow all help tie in this floral wallpaper with the rest of the room. 

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Travel-Inspired Bedroom Wallpaper

bedroom with tree wallpaper and geometric pillows
Joe Keller

Tree-print wallpaper sets the tone for this global-inspired bedroom. A framed tapestry and three woven baskets emphasize a travel theme and continue a nature-inspired color palette. A bold, patterned headboard, mismatched throw pillows, and textured bed linens create a layered look that’s both interesting and cozy. Sometimes more is more, and in this case, a variety of patterns, textures, and materials are a winning combination. 

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Mural Wallpaper

bedroom with tree accent wall
Sarah Dorio

A scenic mural wallpaper gives this elegant bedroom a dreamy, grown-up fairytale-like quality. It’s the definition of timeless sophistication and suits traditional furnishings. The soft blue background, wispy taupe-and-white trees, and sweet birds bring a playful elegance, perfect for this neutral bedroom with pastel accents. The organic shape of the trees draws the eyes up to the ceiling, making the room feel bigger and highlighting a glass chandelier.

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Neutral Patterned Wallpaper

bedroom with geometric accent wall
David Land

A neutral diamond-print wallpaper is an elegant focal point in this serene bedroom. A solid white headboard breaks up the geometric pattern while a large area rug echoes the wallpaper's design. Brown and beige tones in the wallpaper are carried throughout the rest of the room in the layered bedding, solid curtain panels, and flooring. But neutrals don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can look incredibly sophisticated and luxurious when done right. Use texture and pattern (like this Better Homes & Gardens Peel and Stick Wallpaper Linear Square Geo, $36, Walmart) to add interest to a tone-on-tone bedroom and the result will be a high-end space with some serious designer flair.

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Blue- and-White Wallpaper

colorful bedroom with foliage
David Land

A playful blue and white leaf-print wallpaper surrounds an orange upholstered bed in this colorful bedroom. The two complementary colors give this room an energetic, eclectic feel. If you’re thinking about installing wallpaper but want to cut down on cost, try using it on an accent wall. Paint the rest of the walls the same color as its dominant shade for the appearance that you’ve wallpapered more than just that one wall. It’s a clever trick of the trade that will save you time and money without sacrificing style.

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Kids' Bedroom Wallpaper

bedroom with orange and red floral wallpaper
John Granen

A saturated red and orange floral wallpaper injects an energetic dose of color into this kids’ bedroom. It’s a bold yet elegant choice that creates the perfect backdrop for two vintage-style brass beds, a distressed wood toy chest, and a small nightstand with a sweet pleated table lamp. When using saturated color, balance it out with white bedding and window treatments, then add pops of the same color throughout the space to tie it in. Orange stripes on the area rug and touches of red and orange in the throw pillows are a visual nod to the wallpaper and continue the color scheme.

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Wallpaper as Art

bedroom with map wallpaper
Brie Williams

Wallpaper can also serve as artwork. Map-theme wallpaper sets the scene in this eclectic bedroom, providing a subtle backdrop for a bold Greek key headboard. Serene blues, whites, and tans paired with the large-scale maps to give this bedroom a relaxed vacation vibe. A low nightstand and a glass table lamp don’t obstruct the wallpaper, and a brown sisal area rug with a navy border helps ground the space. Every accent in the bedroom ties in the maps visually and thematically, from the blue accent pillows and throw blanket to the brass sailboat on the nightstand. 

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Lattice Bedroom Wallpaper

white, purple, and blue bedroom with dog on bed
John Bessler

Blue lattice wallpaper is an elegant choice in this kids’ bedroom. It adds just enough color and pattern to feel playful but is elevated enough to grow with your kids. The turquoise from the lattice is echoed through a Moroccan pouf, plush chair, and bell-shaped lampshade. Purple Ikat-style bedding and window treatments add a touch of pastel color and an additional layer of pattern.

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Bold Geometric Wallpaper

bedroom with geometric walls
David Land

A bold geometric wallpaper lends a clean, modern accent to this bedroom. Its straight lines and cool colors make a striking statement. Only using wallpaper on the top half of the walls breaks up the large-scale pattern to avoid looking too busy. Create stunning contrast by pairing geometric and organic patterns, such as this bedroom's wood mirror. Pairing a large-scale wallpaper print with a smaller pattern, like the one on the comforter, is another great way to add dimension.

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Calming Neutral Wallpaper

bedroom with muted textured wallpaper
Kim Cornelison

To create a serene bedroom, stick to a minimal color palette and use soft neutrals that promote relaxation. In this space, neutral brushstroke wallpaper frames a large window and helps highlight a vintage-style bed. The organic print helps break up solid white curtain panels, a white comforter, and neutral bedding. The soft beige color repeats in the nightstands, throw pillows, and area rug.

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