25 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Upgrade a Blank Space

Refresh your bedroom with these decorating ideas that beautify blank walls.

credenza in bedroom with framed gallery of prints from Black artists on wall above

David A Land

The right wall decor can make a bedroom feel warm, welcoming, and inspired. The good news is that it's easy to spruce up bedroom walls by scrolling your camera roll and blowing up photography from your latest trip or putting your hat collection to work. Don't feel obligated to go overboard on bedroom wall decor, though. A simple piece that you love placed above the bed or dresser might be all you need to punch up your bedroom style.

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Display Vintage Platters

spare bedroom with antique 4-poster bed, green painted walls and ceilings, an brass trays hung on the wall

Brie Williams

Add a storied patina to your space with a collection of antique silver platters. Whether hung in a set of three or several more, the lustrous tones work well with cool colors like greens, blues, and even purple. For more impact, choose a variety of shapes and sizes, including round and oval, with varying details such as etching, scalloped edges, and ruffle trim. 

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Draw a Fine Line

view of bed with gold pillows, white picture above bed

John Merkl

For a minimalist look, a simple black-and-white drawing adds a graphic touch to a bedroom. It’s an approach that works well for various styles, whether styled cohesively in a simple space or juxtaposed in a maximalist bedroom. Framing minimalist bedroom wall decor in white also allows simple shapes to stand out.   

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Rethink a Hat Rack

main bedroom with apothecary-style dresser, open shelving unit, leather butterfly chairs with sheepskin throws, plaid blanket, and vintage fireplace mantel with layered artwork

Dane Tashima

Make your hat collection functional in more than one way. Hang a series of hooks and put hats on display when not shading you at the beach or while gardening. Not only will their texture add warmth and dimension, but as a bonus, your hats will always be within arm’s reach. 

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Infuse Dramatic Details

Throw blanket and pillows on bed

David A Land

Midcentury-inspired wall sculptures are minimal yet highly impactful. Gilt metal adds warmth while the fanned bursts keep the area open, airy, and unobstructed. Hang metallic bedroom wall decor in a sunny spot to maximize the piece’s gleaming finish. 

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Go with Natural Materials

Fur rug by bed at home with pink throw and wooden artwork

Erin Kunkel

Sculptural wood pieces add warmth and interest to a bedroom. A horizontal shape will mimic the lines of a bed, while unique turnings add an extra layer of interest. Choose a shade or stain of wood that coordinates with your bedroom's color scheme: a dark-hued wood for bright and bold, or a pale or unfinished wood for lighter, neutral spaces. 

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Petal Power

Bedroom with shiplap white walls, navy headboard, aqua side table and blue/white accents; Blanket and pillows on bed against shiplap wall with decor

Jim Franco

Nature-inspired floral motifs can add feminine touches or exuberant bursts to a bedroom wall. Plus, they're a great way to bring outdoor touches inside. Stick with simple shapes for bedroom wall decor that doesn't distract, or incorporate a dramatic shape or finish for a statement piece.

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Spell It Out

master bedroom with neutral colors and two signs saying "live by the sun" and "love by the moon"

Seth Smoot

Aspirational quotes or sayings are a meaningful way to begin and end the day. Bedrooms should be a place for relaxation and rejuvenation, so choose words or phrases that energize you in the morning and help you unwind at bedtime. Choose minimal frames and monochromic color schemes to avoid overwhelming the space. 

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Feature a Favorite Hobby

bedroom with gray tufted headboard, teal accent wall, orange polka dot rug and surfboard decor - Interior of bedroom at home


Whether hung individually or as a collection, skateboard decks are the ultimate multifunctioning art for kids’ bedrooms. Decks come in various colors, styles, and illustrations. Create a curated, cohesive look by choosing similar shades or patterns. Or go eclectic with bold graphics in various colors. 

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Fall for Nature's Wonders

a bedroom with a green wall and leaf wall art

Nicolas Gourguechon

Bring the outdoors into your bedroom with botanical leaves and prints. Whether framed individually or as a single piece of art, bursts of green inject energy into a room. Botany prints can be found at flea markets, torn from the pages of old books, or created from our DIY tutorial.

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Have a Pom-Pom Party

girls bedroom with painted dresser; framed artwork on wall and pink striped walls

Dane Tashima

Bedroom wall decor also comes in the form of ceiling-hung mobiles. This perfectly oversized tiered pop-pom art adds dimension and a welcome pop of color against a pink and white striped wall. Select shades that both blend in with the backdrop and provide a bit of contrast, too.  

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Have Fun with Florals

a teal jewel toned room with pressed flowers as wall art

David A Land

You don’t have to say farewell to your cut flower garden when summer ends. To create a whimsical flora and fauna theme in your bedroom, forage flowers, leaves, and fronds in various colors, shapes, and sizes and dry them between sheets of paper weighted by books or bricks. Collect frames in different shapes and sizes from the thrift store or flea market and hang them as a gallery wall.

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Add Coastal Elements

bedroom with coral headboards, royal blue chest of drawers, and bold blue/green floral shams

Brie Williams

Few things are more relaxing than the calming sounds of waves crashing against the shore, and paintings and illustrations of sea life are a great way to add some serenity to a bedroom. Realistic depictions in soft, neutral hues will lend the space a soothing touch. 

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Maximize Light

 refined, but rustic bed in corner of small beach cottage with curtains on rods around the bed for privacy

Max Kim-Bee

Adding a mirror to your bedroom is practical, but it’s also a smart way to layer light into the space while simultaneously making a room feel bigger. (The larger the mirror, the more the light will bounce around the space.) For a crisp look, choose a simple frame. For a statement, choose a piece with embellished edging.

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Think Outside the Frame

white walled bedroom with blue bedding and shelves

David Greer

Balance intricate textiles with woven wall decor, like an oversized basket or flat mat. Soft yet structured, these naturally warm pieces easily become the centerpiece of a bedroom, plus they’re a cinch to install. 

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Emphasize Small Wonders

bedroom with soft gray fabric bed, pale walls and natural colored wood/glass nightstand

Matthew Williams

You don’t have to hang large artwork to make a statement in the bedroom. A trio of photographs in small, neutral frames adds a touch of color above the bed. Inject a relaxing vacation vibe by choosing your photography from a favorite trip or beloved local destinations. Make sure to choose backdrops with a similar color palette for a cohesive look.

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Layer in Woven Wall Decor

bedroom corner with modern soft blush colored armchair and macrame hanging

Matthew Williams

Like shag rugs, woven wall hangings have seen a resurgence since their groovy peak in the ’70s. Tactile and textural, these modern iterations are often knotted from rope and unfinished wood beads to create a cozy layer directly over a bed. 

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Display Houseplants

caned headboard with a shelf with plants over it

If you’re a plant parent, chances are you’ve made space in your bedroom for some favorites. Rather than scatter plants throughout the room, hang a shelf above your headboard and organize them using small pots. Choose a shelf that runs the length of the bed and make sure to install it on a stud for sturdiness.

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Showcase Kid Favorites

kids bedroom with mustard yellow pillows, waxed canvas slipcovers over spindle bed frame, and muted tones of black, beige, navy and white

Ali Harper

If you have a child who can’t get enough of vehicles, embrace their affections by dedicating a bedroom wall to cars, trucks, tractors, sailboats, scooters, and more. While large in scale, the simplistic white backdrops and tonal frames lend a refined feel to the children's bedroom wall decor. To make it a DIY, recruit your kids to help draw or color favorite vehicles before framing. 

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Scroll Your Phone Photo Albums

a neutral wood bedroom with black and white accents

John Bessler

Whether new or vintage prints, simple black-and-white photography feel soothing in a neutral bedroom. To hang as a duo, select photos with similar landscapes or themes. Choose a white or cream mat, and select a narrow frame that allows the artwork to shine.  

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Use a Muted Palette

bedroom with black walls and pink accents

Anthony Masterson 

With their muted colors and naturally muted tones, watercolors add an exceptionally tranquil atmosphere to bedrooms. Soothing colors include white, black, gray, blue, and pink; here, several of these shades are featured side-by-side in the framed artwork and collection of bed pillows.

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Install Floating Shelves

a white room with pops of color like a skateboard and a lamp


Practical and functional, floating shelves are a great way to balance storage with display. Ideal for styling books, plants, and other easy-to-access objects, these off-the-floor units feel open and airy, too. 

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Cue Color

monochomatic bedroom with pink, blush and fuchsias

Karyn Millet

If color makes you happy, then your bedroom should reflect what brings you joy. Tonal spaces, like this hug of a pink bedroom, double down on a hue, layering it in varying shades of the same color. In this bedroom, a floral painting and modern print feel cohesive in similar hues.

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Hang a Gallery Wall

credenza in bedroom with framed gallery of prints from Black artists on wall above

David A Land

Add interest to a gallery wall by adding organic elements in the same tones. Here, portraits and graphic illustrations in coordinating shades of black, tan, orange, and white coordinate with a woven basket mounted as bedroom wall decor. The contrasting texture draws the eye up and adds a sculptural touch. 

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Showcase Dark Florals

two-tone wall color with gray upholstered bed; white bedding; and bedside table with gold leaning mirror, lamp and decor

Brie Williams

Not all florals need to be bright and colorful. Choose billowy blooms against a black backdrop for a moody take on botanicals. This look works especially well if the bedroom has dark walls, like black or a deep navy.

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Hang Your Hat

bedroom with a shiplap ceiling and concrete gray wall

Cody Ulrich

A single, wide-brimmed sun hat can function as bedroom artwork, too. Opt for one that's big and billowy, like a hat you might buy on vacation. Rather than stuff it in the closet to collect dust, display it as a beloved souvenir instead.

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