25 Bedroom Rug Ideas for the Relaxing Space of Your Dreams

Take inspiration from these ideas for bedroom rugs that work for any design style.

white bedroom with bedroom rug

Jay Wilde

More than a place to lay your head each night, the bedroom is a personal and private area to make your own. It should be a refuge of calm—a place to escape, practice self-care, collect your thoughts, and rest. A relaxing color palette and the right lighting are key for setting a relaxing mood, but soft, sumptuous textures are what give a bedroom real appeal. Soft bedding and lush pillows are a must-have, but consider bringing the cozy textures underfoot as well.

A soft bedroom rug awards your feet a well-deserved moment of luxury, particularly if you don’t have carpet. Rugs immediately invite warmth and comfort to a space and provide a layer of thermal and acoustic insulation. They’re also an excellent tool for defining—or inspiring—your bedroom decor and color palette. Rugs can transform a space with minimal effort and expense, so check out these bedroom rug ideas to inspire your snug sanctuary.

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Layered Bedroom Rugs

white room with blue bed

Adam Albright

Who says you have to choose just one rug for your bedroom? Layer different styles of rugs on top of each other to create an exciting interplay of textures and colors. A large neutral rug underneath adds softness without overwhelming the space with too much color.

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Play with Pattern

midcentury bedroom black walls bed
Annie Schlechter

Persian rugs are effortlessly elegant and timeless. Play up the color scheme throughout the rest of the space, or keep things simple and let the rug's vibrant colors and patterns do the talking. Here, the dark accent wall adds interest without distracting from the intricate pattern of the rug.

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Colorful Bedroom Rug

white bedroom with white bed and yellow blanket


Evoke a laid back feel with a handwoven rug from a foreign land. Earthy colors, bold prints, and natural textures create a vibrant—but still relaxing—feel in this primary bedroom.

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Keep It Neutral

white bedroom with cream bed

Max Kim-Bee

Rugs don’t have to be bold to be beautiful, especially in a bedroom. Muted neutral rugs add depth with a quiet layer of gentle pattern and soft texture. Here, the black and white rug adds softness and interest without overwhelming the neutral bedroom.

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Bedroom Rug on a Budget

green bedroom with a dog

Dane Tashima

You don’t need to spend much on an oversized rug to make your bedroom feel luxurious. A small rug at the foot of your bed is enough to bring an inviting sense of warmth and comfort to the space.

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Cohesive Bedroom Rug

white bedroom with pink and neutral bed

Julie Soefer

Use a rug to reinforce your bedroom’s theme. Here, the rattan rug elevates the tropical look set by the palm leaf ceiling light, rattan ottoman, and headboard. 

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Bedside Rug

bedroom with green fern wallpaper

Carson Downing

A rug doesn't need to take up the entire room to be functional. A small bedside rug or runner is just as effective and an excellent way to economize without compromising style.

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Add Plush Textures

black four-poster bed with damask wallpaper in master bedroom
Joyelle West

A soft, luxurious, high-pile rug exudes opulence, and your feet will thank you for it—especially if you're placing it over hard floors. Live large with an oversized rug that fills most of the room, leaving at least 8 inches of space between the edges of the rug and the walls.

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Create a Focal Point

white bedroom with blue accents and orange striped space rug
Dera Burreson

Make the rug the hero piece of your space with bright colors and patterns in an otherwise pared-back scheme. Rugs are a great way to introduce and celebrate an accent color, like the bright orange striped rug seen here.

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Place a Rug Strategically

white bedroom with green geometric walls

Rug placement can be tricky, but a safe bet is to run the length of the rug against the width of the bed and under the front two-thirds, like this one. This makes the rug look bigger and anchors the bed while delivering warmth and softness underfoot.

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Low Maintenance Bedroom Rug

patterned moulding painted teal

Jacob Fox

Make your life easier with a low-pile rug that’s easy to clean. Low-pile rugs are often cheaper and longer-lasting without compromising on quality, and you might even find one you can shove in the washing machine, too.

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Layer a Bedroom Rug on Carpet

white bunk bed with white and black rug below

Seth Smoot

Don’t let wall-to-wall carpeting be a deterrent from a bedroom rug. Instead, consider it an opportunity to introduce a pop of color or pattern to the space and add an extra layer of comfort—or protection—to the carpet.

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Striped Bedroom Rug

bedroom with black chalk wall

Edmund Barr

Stripes are an all-time classic when it comes to rugs, and you can rest assured this universal favorite will never go out of style. Be it a traditional or contemporary bedroom, a striped rug is always a safe bet.

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Color Coordinate

white bedroom with rustic bed


Choose a rug color that coordinates with the rest of the furnishings, like bedding, upholstery, and curtains. Don’t make it too matchy-matchy; just focus on maintaining a cohesive palette and mixing texture and pattern, like this muted blue, green, and neutral bedroom scheme.

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Add Color and Pattern

bedroom with blue bed and pink pillows

Kim Cornelison

Rugs offer the perfect platform to introduce accent colors and patterns to a neutral bedroom. Use the colors from the rug to guide the rest of your bedroom decor, from bedding and scatter cushions to vases and other trinkets.

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Contrasting Bedroom Rug

rustic bedroom with white bedroom rug

Victoria Pearson

A rug that contrasts the color of your floor won’t go unnoticed. Opt for a white or cream rug against dark timber or a black or navy one to contrast white painted floorboards or a fluffy carpet. 

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Faded Bedroom Rug Ideas

bedroom with floral wallpaper

John Granen

Faded rugs add character and charm to a cozy, relaxed bedroom. Their subdued color and barely-there pattern award them a versatile quality, while the distressed finish gives them a lived-in vintage feel.

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Farmhouse Bedroom Rug

white bedroom farmhouse wreaths

Jason Donnelly

Farmhouse chic is all about finding beauty in simplicity. A vintage rug in a muted, neutral palette with a nature-inspired pattern is the perfect way to infuse a bedroom with rustic country charm.

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Contemporary Bedroom Rug

bedroom with mint green walls

Adam Albright

Geometric rugs are a match made in heaven for modern and contemporary bedrooms. Dress your floor with bold colors, curves, and abstract shapes to add a bold feel to any style bedroom.

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Keep It Simple

blue bedroom with white rug

Brie Williams

Rugs don’t need to take over the entire bedroom floor. A small rug that peeks out from under the bed is enough to do the job, especially in smaller rooms or bedrooms where there's already a lot going on.

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Large Bedroom Rug

bedroom with yellow bedding and geometric rug

Brie Williams

Patterned rugs add depth, interest, and texture to a bedroom and hugely influence the overall look and feel of the space. Note how this rug's geometric pattern and autumnal colors nicely set the tone for the rest of the mid-century modern bedroom scheme.

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Round Bedroom Rug

green botanical bedroom salmon accents pineapple sconces
Hector Sanchez

This round rug feels unexpected and perfectly counterbalances the rectilinear shape of the room while adding to the relaxed tropical feel of the room. Round or oval rugs are a great bet for small bedrooms as they give the illusion of more space.

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Rustic Bedroom Rug

bedroom with wood paneling and black, gray and white accents

John Bessler

No rustic decor is complete without a sheepskin rug to sink your feet into each morning. Small and easy to move around, the shaggy rug is practical and adds instant warmth and coziness to a bare wooden floor. 

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Pair with Curtains

four poster bed against a wall with green curtains

Hector Sanchez

Not all rugs have to be a centerpiece. Make your rug lie low by choosing a shade that’s a close match to the color of the floor, like this jute rug and wood floor.

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Large Bedroom Rug Ideas

white bedroom with bedroom rug

Jay Wilde

Ensure the rug size is suitable for the size and shape of the room. A tiny rug in a big bedroom or a big rug in a small bedroom will look strange and throw the space off balance. Here, a large rug adds texture and dimension to the open space of an even larger bedroom.

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