8 Vaseline Beauty Hacks You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Petroleum jelly: It's much cooler than it sounds. From makeup to manicures, learn new ways this medicine cabinet staple can change your beauty game.

1. Make your makeup last longer

Create a dewy look that stays in place all day by mixing Vaseline with loose eyeshadow or blush. 

2. Remove your eye makeup effortlessly

Dab Vaseline onto a cloth or cotton round and wipe gently over closed eyes. Bonus: The moisture it leaves behind reduces the appearance of fine lines.

3. Save your skin from DIY hair dye

Run a finger covered with Vaseline along your hairline to protect skin from excess coloring solution. If only we could slather it on our bathroom rugs!

4. Create your own moisturizing scrub

For your face, mix 2 Tbsp. Vaseline with 1 Tbsp. fine sugar. Massage the multitasking exfoliant/moisturizer in a circular pattern. Rinse and reapply a thin layer of straight Vaseline to dry skin as needed. For the body, follow the same procedure but mix 2 Tbsp. Vaseline with 1 Tbsp. sea salt. 

5. Nail your nail polish

If your non-dominant hand paints with the accuracy of a toddler (you know it's true), swab Vaseline on the skin around your fingernails to prevent polish from going rogue. Once you've got flawless digits, rub Vaseline on the rim of your nail polish lid to prevent it from sticking the next time you open it.

6. Get softer skin overnight

Before bed, spread Vaseline over your hands and/or feet. Cover with gloves or socks, get your beauty sleep, and voila! You'll wake up to soft, supple skin.

7. Break in shoes without the blisters

Before stepping into those cute new pumps, coat your heels in Vaseline to prevent rubbing. 

8. Sub for mascara in a pinch

You'll be surprised by how Vaseline (carefully) applied to your eyelashes can make them look longer and thicker – minus the raccoon eyes (more on that here).

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