Double Duty: The Best Wrinkle + Acne Blasters

Lily Silk Pillowcase
Peanut butter and jelly -- those are two things that should coexist -- but not wrinkles and acne on your face. According to dermatologists, around 20 percent of adults are dealing with these two separate skin woes simultaneously. Women get the brunt of the breakouts thanks to fluctuating hormones around their periods, during pregnancy, or after quitting birth control pills. But with the right arsenal of products -- derms recommend a cleanser, treatment, and a moisturizer -- you can effectively battle both for a glowing complexion. Here are eight finds that blast zits and wrinkles!

The Multitasker: Murad Acne and Wrinkle Reducer ($58)

Salicylic acid and silver citrate put the kibosh on acne-causing bacteria, while retinol works to smooth out lines and fire up collagen production.



The Multitasker: Lancome Huile Douceur Remove-All Deep Cleansing Oil ($37)

Oil dissolves oil, and by using the right kind (this one contains antioxidants like White Lotus), you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently, and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones, says Stuart Kaplan, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist.

The Multitasker: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Clear Skin Cream ($12.99)

A smart product to incorporate into your nighttime regimen, this combines retinol and salicylic acid to treat breakouts and fine lines while you sleep.

The Multitasker: Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough ($41)

New studies suggest that antioxidants may help treat acne, in addition to preventing wrinkles, says Joshua Zeichner, M.D. This mini bottle of serum contains glutathione (an antioxidant that the body produces naturally), plus vitamins C and E.

The Multitasker: Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini Peel ($22.99)

If you have fine lines and acne, facial peels may be a better option for exfoliating skin than scrubs. Peels blast bacteria, slough away dead skin cells, and dissolve excess oil. An added bonus is that glycolic acid, which is the base for many peels, has been clinically proven to stimulate collagen production.

The Multitasker: Apple Cider Vinegar ($2)

Kim Laudati, a holistic esthetician in New York, suggests using apple cider vinegar as a spot treatment. Shake the bottle to activate the enzymes, saturate a cotton swab with the vinegar, and dab it on the blemish before bedtime to kill surface bacteria that causes acne without drying the skin around it.

The Multitasker: CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion A.M. ($14.69)

To be sure you're picking a skin hydrator that also has line-fighting benefits (but doesn't leave a greasy film), look for anti-aging ingredients that hold onto moisture like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. This dermatologist favorite has both.

The Multitasker: Lilysilk Silk Pillowcase ($32)

Switch to a silk (or satin) pillowcase and wash it regularly, says Laudati. This material won't trap as much acne-causing grime, plus skin glides over it easily contributing to fewer wrinkles over time.

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